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The Ultimate 2021 Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide

December 16, 2021

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Tis the season to be jolly and reward the nicest lovers with something naughty. Sex toys are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or just because! While it depends on who you’re giving this sexy gift to—a partner with whom you wanna spice things up—or perhaps a recently single friend who could benefit from some solo, toe-curling orgasms?

Or maybe you have a naughty gift in mind for yourself (because it has been a long year, and you totally deserve it!); we’re here to help you nail down the sexiest holiday gifts available this season. 

Read below for The Ultimate 2021 Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide and the hottest sex toys to add to your cart right now!


If you’ve been searching for a little something to jingle your bell, then search no further… Essenza is your toy! 

This (rather pretty) potent pleasure tool is unique in that it doesn’t just vibrate — it actually thrusts in and out to mimic penetrative sex AND adds external stimulation to the mix. 

Offering 7 Thrust Speeds and 3 External Vibration Modes, the Essenza will help you find the ~right vibe~ and explore the pleasure points you never knew existed!


Get your Essenza Here



You know, you’ve heard it before: Size doesn’t matter. It’s really more about how you use it. Need an example? Look no further than the BOOSTER BULLET

This travel-friendly vibe is ideal for the pal or roommate who needs to get theirs when they’re home for the holidays (or trying to have a sneaky session near an S.O.’s family. 

With 20 arousing vibration modes, this ultra-hygienic, 100% waterproof vibe will certainly help you ring in the new year with a bang.


Get your Booster Bullet Here



Momenta is a set of kegel balls that doubles as a sex toy that you can use with a partner. 

Whether using them for pelvic floor exercise or as a sex toy (or both), simply insert them into your vagina and experience the sensual combination of vibrations and rattling, blended for harmonious strength and stimulation. 

To remove them, lightly pull the string they’re attached to or alternatively, crouch and squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out. The Momenta is lightweight, compact, waterproof, and wirelessly controlled. 

Best of all, these magical balls are super discreet and quiet, so your in-laws (or anyone else) will be none the wiser as you really enjoy Christmas lunch with a cheeky grin on your face.


Get your Momenta Here



Keen to blow his mind, elevating his solo sessions or better yet, while you’re making love? Well, Forto’s Vibrating Ribbed Plug may be the answer! 

This anal plug features a stimulating ribbed design and 10 powerful vibration modes to activate his sensitive P-spot for some out-of-this-world sensations. A tapered head allows for easy insertion, while a gracefully flared suction base keeps the plug right where it needs to be. 

Add this gift onto his gift list, and he’ll soon be saying “Ohhhhhh” with a capital O!

Vibrating Ribbed Plug Here



The cock ring is a sure winner when it comes to general crowd-pleasers. So, if you know that’s the case, why only get one when you can get three? 

The three-piece C-ring set from Forto can be worn individually—or you can play around, with one around the penis, the others around the testicles. 

No matter what combo you select, you can be sure they’ll do a fine job maintaining a stronger and harder erection, making sex more pleasurable for both the wearer and the lucky person on the receiving end.


Get your 3 Pice C-Ring Set Here



Created with all booties in mind, this no-frills anal plug offers a realistic look with a cleverly curved shaft for prostate stimulation

The base is a pull ring that fits between the cheeks for extended wear, or you could add a bullet vibe into the ring and send vibrations through the toy’s body while inserted! 

Made with 100% silky-smooth premium silicone, this slinky toy is excellent for penetrative anal-sex prep and provides a fun way to add more sensation to solo play. 

With this curved plug locked and loaded, you’ll be one step closer to activating pleasure in a hole new way.

F19 Curved Plug

Get your Curved Plug with Pull Ring Here



Want to transform your boring old human finger into an orgasmic pleasure unit? Enter DIONI, our fabulously funn finger vibrator, and your new BFF! 

If your masturbation sessions regularly require fingers, this toy is a great way to integrate some vibration into your normal masturbation routine. 

It also makes it really easy to stroke your vulva and clitoris (or the underside of a penis during a blow job) in a ‘natural’ way, while also benefiting from a vibration. 

DIONI is waterproof, wireless, and offers 20 vibrating modes to send you straight to orgasmic heaven.  


Get your DIONI Here



Made from ultra-hygienic silicone, the Funn beads’ gradually tapered design is soft to the touch and easy to clean when you’re done getting down and dirty. 

This toy provides unparalleled pleasure by stimulating your hardest-to-reach erogenous zones, gratifying your deepest desires. 

More than just anal beads, FUNN beads offer a selection of 20 different vibration modes, are waterproof, and quiet as a whisper… the only noise that’ll be heard emanating from your bedroom will be the sound of ear-shattering orgasms!



Get your Funn Beads Here



This one comes (pun intended) highly recommended by many happy customers who often remark that the Turbo Rabbit is just like a guy… but only the good part! 

Featuring 360 degrees of rotation, eight vibration modes, and a turbo speed button, this toy is serious about providing some really intense pleasure

The dual-stimulating heads offer external stimulation while the realistically sculpted shaft provides continuous waves of G-spot bliss. You can also custom-set the vibrations to vibe internally, externally, or simultaneously. 

As if that’s not enough, the Turbo Rabbit is also wireless, waterproof, and harness compatible (making it perfect for partner play). Trust us, life will take on a whole new meaning once the Turbo Rabbit earns a spot on your bedside table.


Get your Turbo Rabbit Here



This swanky little toy was engineered to sync with the vulva, providing ultimate pleasure to the G-spot with its curved tip and the clitoris with the rabbit ears. 

Equipped with a remote, Pirouette packs 8 powerful rabbit vibration modes and 360º rotation technology into an elegant design made from premium liquid silicone. Other features include a turbo-boost button, whisper-quiet vibrations, and easy charge-ability. 

Plus, both the toy and remote are 100% waterproof (an essential feature since you’re going to get WET AF) and just plain gorgeous. Who could resist?


Get your Pirouette Here

Happy Holidays!

If being on the naughty list is bad, we don’t want to be good. This is the season for making all things festive, and that definitely includes what transpires in the bedroom (And all the more reason for us to want all these marvelous sex gadgets to help us end 2021 on a high note!) 

Besides, this year requires as much redemption as possible — and if some sexy bedroom gadgets get us there, so be it!

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