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4 Must-Know Tips for Taking Care of Your Sex Toys

June 9, 2021

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Although most people technically realize they should have a care and cleaning routine for their sex toys, some are more proactive about following one than others. Learning how to maintain your collection correctly is one of the best possible things you can do for both your health and the lifespan of your toys, though.

After all, your toys do get up close and personal with your most intimate regions. Ensuring you sanitize them thoroughly makes it a lot less likely that you’ll unwittingly give yourself an infection. Wise care, cleaning, and storage will help your toys last a lot longer, as well, meaning you’ll have a lot more quality time with your favorites to look forward to. Here are some great tips to start with.

1.      Clean your toy every time you use it.

If you only take one tip on this entire list to heart, make sure it’s this one. It’s more than just a good idea. It’s absolutely essential to keep harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes from breeding on your toy or contaminating other toys you own. Even if you only use your toys on yourself or a spouse, it’s still essential for that reason. Make sure you dry them thoroughly before putting them away, as lingering moisture can harm your toy.

If you want to be really diligent about cleaning, consider giving your toys a quick wash before each use, as well. Even if you’re careful about storage, many toys still tend to pick up lint, animal hair, dust, and all sorts of debris. A nice pre-wash prevents all of those things from coming into contact with your body.

2.      Keep an excellent spray-on toy cleaner around.

Naturally, it’s not always convenient to jump straight up and race to the sink to wash your sex toy immediately after orgasm. A spray-on, wipe-off toy cleaner is a great option to keep on hand for times like those. It’s just as good for sanitizing your toys as a thorough wash with soap and water but infinitely more convenient.

Spray-on toy cleaners can come in handy during your enjoyment of your sex toys, as well. It makes it much easier to quickly clean a toy before switching from anal play to vaginal or before passing the toy to anyone else who may be present. Condoms are also great in a pinch for keeping your play sanitary in every way it needs to be.

3.      Invest in some silk bags to keep on hand.

Once your sex toys are cleaned and dried, don’t just chuck them into your goodie drawer and call it a day. Not only are your toys more likely to pick up dirt and debris that way, but it’s generally not good for your toys to sit while in contact with one another. They can warp, become discolored, or otherwise lose their integrity.

If you don’t keep your sex toy in the original box it came in or use a storage bag that came with it, you might want to consider purchasing a silk bag or a nice case for it instead. Your toy will stay clean, safe, and out of contact with anything that could damage it. If you tend to maintain an entire collection of toys, consider keeping a variety of bags on hand. Then there’s always one ready and available when you add a new plaything to your repertoire.

4.      Thoroughly inspect your toys regularly.

A really high-quality sex toy from a trusted brand like FemmeFunn can last you for years, but even the best options out there won’t last forever. It’s essential to replace your toys on time, as some forms of wear and tear can render them unsafe to use. Performing a thorough inspection on your entire collection once every month or two should be enough to keep on top of things. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Pockmarks, tears, or split seams in silicone toys, as these mean your toy can’t be considered non-porous anymore
  • Cracks or chips in hard materials like plastic or glass, as they can easily catch delicate skin or otherwise injure you
  • Compromised rubber plugs, O-rings, or battery compartments in waterproof toys, as they can no longer be considered waterproof
  • Motors that seem to be getting louder, as this can be a sign a toy is getting ready to go completely kaput
  • Frayed cords, batteries that no longer hold a charge well, and other signs that your toy’s power source is no longer what it used to be
  • Discoloration, warping, and any other type of physical integrity loss

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved vibrator or other toy, but it’s crucial for your sexual health to retire older toys promptly. Think of it as a good reason to fall madly in love with something new or add to your collection!

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