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5 Terrific Reasons to Buy Your Next Sex Toy Online

August 11, 2021

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The experience of buying a sex toy has undoubtedly come a long way over the past decade-plus. Gone are the days when you had to choose between buying one from a brick-and-mortar shop while hoping no one you knew saw you going in or coming out or making do with a “back massager” from Sears.

Yes, there are many more traditional sex shops and toy emporiums out there to choose from if you’re in the market for a new rabbit vibe or set of Kegel eggs. But there’s a lot to love about letting your fingers do the walking and buying your next favorite go-to option online. Here are a few good reasons to consider it yourself.

1.      You can keep things private.

Naturally, there’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about owning, buying, or using a sex toy. But sometimes, you want to keep the contents of your nightstand drawer between you and any partners you ever invite along for the ride. That’s harder to do when you go the brick-and-mortar route.

Shopping for toys online lets you keep your private business private, though. Online sex toy retailers understand what a big concern this is for many of their customers, so discretion is a big deal to them. Think non-descript packaging that won’t leave anyone the wiser as to what’s inside, including the mailman!

2.      You have plenty of selection.

An offline sex toy store needs to pick and choose what’s kept in stock carefully. Yes, you’ll have ongoing access to the most popular options that appeal to the most people. But things get a little trickier if you’re looking for something really specific or want to explore completely new territory.

It’s an entirely different ballgame when you choose to shop online instead. You’ll find just about everything you can imagine for sale, not to mention quite a few things you never even knew existed. Some online sex toy sellers like to go big and offer just about everything there is under the sun. Others specialize in specific types of toys – like high-end luxury toys or toys made just for couples. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re just a few clicks away from finding it.

3.      You can do thorough homework before you buy.

A new luxury vibrator has more in common with a new smartphone or a cutting-edge computer than it does any other type of purchase. It’s not the type of thing you buy on a whim. It’s a piece of electronic equipment that represents an investment in an essential part of your life. You don’t want to settle for just any old thing, so you’ll need to do your research before making a decision.

Naturally, you can’t test drive a sex toy before you put your money down. But you can read plenty of reviews from other people who have tried the exact toy you’re considering. They’ll let you in on everything that toy can do, as well as be honest about what it can’t. You’ll be able to make a truly informed decision and wind up with a toy that will genuinely curl your toes.

4.      You can really take your time.

It simply doesn’t get more convenient than shopping online when you want to go at your own pace. You don’t have to plan a shopping trip around traffic patterns, potentially restrictive store hours, crowds, or your work schedule. Instead, you can shop whenever it’s convenient.

Really in the mood to take your time and browse to your heart’s content? Brew yourself a cup of your favorite tea, grab your laptop, and browse as long as you like at home after work or whenever you have a free moment. Just want to take a quick look-see on your coffee break? Hit up your favorite site anytime and anywhere via your phone. It’s up to you and only you.

5.      You get to enjoy the sweet anticipation.

Have you ever noticed how the best part of a major holiday like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween isn’t usually the day itself? It’s getting to spend the days leading up to it getting more and more excited about what’s to come. Treating yourself to a little something online is a lot like that, too.

Knowing that you’ve got something special headed your way in the mail instead of just more bills and junk mail feels great in and of itself. It gives you something to look forward to, plan for, and – if you plan on sharing the toy with a partner – get excited about along with someone else.

One successful purchase you love is all it takes to leave you hooked on the experience of buying sex toys online. Just make sure you buy from a trustworthy, top-tier brand like FemmeFunn, a brand synonymous with concepts like quality and good customer service. You’ll be glad you did!

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