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5 Reasons to Add a Bullet to Your Sex Toy Collection

June 23, 2021

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Who says you need to limit yourself to just one option when you’re into sex toys? You can be head over heels in love with your go-to rabbit vibe and still have room in your life (and your nightstand drawer) to add some fantastic alternatives to your sex toy collection. However, while some toys may not exactly be for everyone, there are also those out there that fit well into anyone’s sexual repertoire.

A vibrating bullet is the type of toy that’s so versatile, it has something to offer just about everyone. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of adding one to your sex toy collection, whether you currently own a sex toy or not.

1.      Bullets are great for exploring your body.

No two pleasure sessions are exactly alike. Sure, sometimes you just want a quick orgasm on demand, so you stick to what you know works. But other times, you’re in the mood to experiment a little and discover some new sensations that feel good, too. A vibrating bullet is a perfect fit for both of those moods.

When you’re looking to add something for powerful clitoral stimulation that you know gets you off reliably to your sex toy collection, the bullet’s pinpoint-accurate design delivers. However, its versatile shape lends itself well to full-body exploration, as well. Try using the bullet to stimulate your G-spot, tease the outside of your anal area, or activate various parts of your body to discover new erogenous zones.

2.      Ideal for introducing a partner to toys.

Lots of folks think about bringing a toy into the bedroom to enjoy with their partners, but it’s naturally got to be the right option. If the other person is entirely new to toys or a little gun-shy about trying one for the first time, the giant Day-Glo rabbit you already use on yourself might not be an ideal choice to get started with.

Bullet vibes are perfect choices for those looking to introduce their partners to playing with toys. They’re small, versatile, and designed for many types of stimulation, so there’s no pressure to insert them unless that’s what you want. They’re non-representational, so they won’t offend or intimidate those who don’t like the idea of phallic toys, either.

3.      Bullets are perfect for taking on the go.

If you’re like many people, you’re always on the move, so you need at least one toy in your collection that’s capable of going wherever you go. Wand massagers, rabbits, and similar toys are great for home use, but they’re not all that portable. They take up a lot of space in an overnight bag or a carry-on. They’re also the furthest thing from discreet, so if a TSA agent or a traveling companion gets a glimpse of it, there’s no mistaking what it is.

Vibrating bullets were positively made for taking on the go. They’re compact, lightweight, and space effective. It’s also not immediately apparent they’re sex toys. You can easily slip one into your carry-on luggage if you’re headed somewhere. You can tuck your bullet into your pocket, purse, or glove compartment to keep close at hand “just in case,” as well.

4.      Easy to use during intercourse.

If you and your partner enjoy integrating a toy into foreplay or general love play, it’s only natural to want to see if toys can take intercourse to the next level, as well. Of course, some types of toys work better for this than others. Wearable vibrators or vibrating cock rings are made specifically for use during intercourse, but bullets are just as effective.

Try wedging your bullet between the two of you as you move together and enjoy yourselves. Despite being small, a high-quality vibrating bullet can deliver some robust vibrations that can help both you experience a stronger, more satisfying orgasm. Alternatively, you can take turns guiding the bullet where one or both of you would like it most as you play.

5.      There are always more possibilities to explore.

An excellent bullet doesn’t just bring plenty of possibilities to the table as is. Additional accessories like sleeves and attachments let you explore even more different sensations and ways to play with your bullet after you add it to your sex toy collection. Some bullets – like FemmeFunn’s Versa Bullet, to name just one example – are even made to work well with specially-designed coordinating accessories.

And if you choose the right bullet, there are few limits to where and how you can play. Whisper-quiet bullets make it easy to enjoy a little discreet fun in a semi-public spot or in situations where someone might otherwise overhear what you’re doing. Waterproof bullets let you take your pleasure into the shower, tub, pool, or sauna.

With a toy as versatile as a vibrating bullet in your sex toy collection, the only limits on the fun you can have are those set by your imagination. Try one, and see for yourself!

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