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Are You a Rebound: How To Tell and What To Do About It

July 17, 2019

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When it comes to dating, fooling around, and everything in between, just about anything goes these days. However, while you may not exactly be thinking about forever with your current paramour just yet, you still need to know where you stand, especially if there’s a chance they may be on the rebound from their last relationship. Here’s how to tell and what to do next if that turns out to be the case.

Is Being a Rebound Girl Really That Bad?

Rebound relationships aren’t inherently bad in and of themselves. Sometimes a little casual fun with someone new is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting over a really bad breakup. Being the one to help someone else out of that situation can be enjoyable in its own way as well. It’s when you don’t know you’re someone’s rebound (or they refuse to be honest with you about it) that things get dicey. That’s why it’s so important to figure out where you stand once and for all. Then you get to decide what you want to do next. Otherwise, you’d honestly be better off staying in with Netflix and your favorite FemmeFunn vibrator.

Signs That Point to a Rebound

While some people knowingly hop into rebound situations with someone new and are deliberately not being honest about their intentions, some people don’t really know that’s what they’re doing. Scope your match out for the following signs that a rebound is super likely, if not definite.

  • No Waiting Period:
    Everyone’s different when it comes to dating. Some people really are ready to get back on the horse very soon after a breakup, but most people really need an intermediate period of a couple of months to get their bearings first. We get it. Sometimes we meet really awesome people when we least expect it, but if it looks like this person ran straight into the arms of the first person who’d have them (you), then you could be a rebound.
  • Encounters with Their Ex:
    Anyone can coincidentally run into their ex when they’re out and about with someone new. If it’s something that seems to happen a lot though, it’s likely that your new love interest is deliberately trying to show this person how thoroughly they’ve moved on by taking you places where they know you’ll bump into each other. No, thanks.
  • Constant Comparisons:
    We’re all guilty of talking about our exes sometimes, especially if a breakup is still relatively fresh, but they shouldn’t be coming up in conversation constantly. Your new person definitely shouldn’t be comparing the two of you. Even if they’re allegedly doing it to point out ways, you’re so much better than their ex, it’s still a red flag that they’re not over whatever went down between them.
  • Social Media Overkill:
    Along the same lines of constantly running into their ex, does your new partner seem like they’re posting about you on social media a little too much? Does it feel like every post has something to do with you or like they’re trying way too hard to prove how happy they are now without their ex? If so, they’re probably trying to make someone jealous or hoping word gets back to their ex via mutual friends.
  • Sex and Not Much Else:
    So, things are great between the two of you in the sack. In fact, you go at it all the time, and it’s the kind of sex that really curls your toes. While having amazing sex on the regular is definitely nothing to sneeze at, it’s not the proof you may be hoping it is that your partner only has eyes for you. In fact, if there’s little else to your relationship despite the fact that it hasn’t been made clear that this is just a casual thing, there’s probably some rebound energy at work there.

What to Do Next

So, let’s say you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that you’re almost definitely a rebound girl. Now it’s time to decide what you want to do next. It’s entirely possible that you don’t really mind all that much. Maybe you’re not looking for anything serious right now either and are happy to take advantage of the opportunity to nail someone smoking hot for as long as they’re into it. If so, you’re totally within your rights to just let things run their course naturally.

However, if you’d rather not waste your time and energy on someone who’s just really not that into you after all is said and done, it’s time to have a talk with the person. Let them know your concerns and see what they have to say for themselves. Then wish them well and go your own way if you don’t like their answer. There really are plenty of fish in the sea, and no one fish is worth the emotional roller coaster being a rebound can result in.

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