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Not everyone in the world needs to know you are using a sex toy. Luckily, tech has come a long way since the beginning of sex toys. We have a wide range of toys that are so discreet that you can literally carry them around anywhere and everywhere. Whether you want to ease your travel anxiety, it’s your first time using a toy, or you feel a little shy, or you are a private person, discreet toys are a perfect fit for you. You can surely carry them around easily without letting anyone know.

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  • BEST Bougie Bullet - Discreet Vibrator Bullet - FemmeFunnBougie-Bullet-Vibrator-Light-Blue-Model-Image

    Bougie Bullet

  • BEST Booster Bullet - Small Sex Toy Bullet - FemmeFunn

    Booster Bullet

  • BEST Diamond Wand - Versatile Vibrator Wand - FemmeFunnDiamond-Wand-Vibrator-Purple-Model-Image

    Diamond Wand

  • Funn Beads - Vibrating Anal Beads - FemmeFunnFunn beads by femme funn

    Funn Beads

  • Bunny Massager - Mini Bunny Vibrator - FemmeFunn

    Bunny Massager

  • Funn Plug - Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug - FemmeFunnFunn plug by Femme Funn

    Funn Plug

  • BEST Ultra Bullet - Best Small Vibrator Bullet - FemmeFunn

    Ultra Bullet

  • Poly Massager - Mini Massager Wand - FemmeFunn

    Poly Massager

  • Stubby 2 - Pink Rabbit Massager - FemmeFunn

    Stubby 2 Rabbit Massager

  • Nubby - Pressure Play Mini Vibrator Massager - FemmeFunnFemme Funn's Nubby Massager in pink

    Nubby Massager

  • NEW unda vibrator in dark green side viewwoman holding unda dark green vibrator


  • NEW model with bougie wand in green

    Bougie Wand