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Magnetic Charging

Charging your sex toys doesn’t have to come with a lot of hassle. At Femme Funn, we have a huge selection of magnetic charging toys. You don’t need to worry about plugging the charger into the right socket. Electromagnetic induction will provide electricity to the portable device which allows you to charge them anywhere and everywhere. This makes your entire experience of using sex toys seamless. Do you know what the best part is? Your toys are constantly charged whenever you need them. Putting the toy in its case is definitely easier than finding the socket to fit.

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  • BEST Bougie Bullet - Discreet Vibrator Bullet - FemmeFunnBougie-Bullet-Vibrator-Light-Blue-Model-Image

    Bougie Bullet

  • BEST Booster Bullet - Small Sex Toy Bullet - FemmeFunn

    Booster Bullet

  • BEST Best Magic Wand Vibrator - Ultra Wand Vibrator - FemmeFunnUltra-Wand-Vibrator-Turquoise-Model-Image

    Ultra Wand

  • Bunny Massager - Mini Bunny Vibrator - FemmeFunn

    Bunny Massager

  • Poly Massager - Mini Massager Wand - FemmeFunn

    Poly Massager

  • Stubby 2 - Pink Rabbit Massager - FemmeFunn

    Stubby 2 Rabbit Massager

  • Nubby - Pressure Play Mini Vibrator Massager - FemmeFunnFemme Funn's Nubby Massager in pink

    Nubby Massager

  • NEW unda vibrator in dark green side viewwoman holding unda dark green vibrator


  • NEW model with bougie wand in green

    Bougie Wand

  • NEW


  • Triple Action Rabbit and G Spot Toy - Klio - FemmeFunnKlio thumping rabbit vibrator by Femme Funn


  • Ultra Wand XL - Personal Massager Wand - Femme Funnultra wand xl vibrator by femme funn

    Ultra Wand XL