Rachel’s Bachelorette Party: Gifting FemmeFunn Toys

It’s finally that time that all the girls have been waiting for: their best friend Rachel’s bachelorette party in Mexico! Rachel and her five friends have been planning this trip for over six months, so they were very excited to hit those warm sandy beaches. Rachel’s closest friend, Abby, was looking around for the perfect waterproof Gspot vibrator to buy her as a bachelorette gift. She wanted to purchase a product that was both powerful and sensational because Rachel loves playing with toys in the bedroom. While browsing the web, she came across Femme Funn’s most powerful bullet on the market. The Ultra Bullet mini massager sparked her attention, and Abby decided to buy one in turquoise for Rachel.

Revealing the Ultra Bullet

Arriving in Mexico, the women were drinking margaritas, dancing by the pool, and chatting with other visitors of the hotel. They were having a blast, and Abby could not wait to give her best friend the perfect sex toy as a gift later that night. She knew that Rachel would love this product, and was eager to explain all the features the bullet has and the sensations it gives. After a fun-filled afternoon of playing fun bachelorette games and partaking in activities by the pool, it was time to head back to the room to open gifts.

Rachel began opening up her friends’ gifts, where she received some sexy lingerie, furry handcuffs, beauty products, and more. But, none of her friends’ presents will compare to what she was about to receive from Abby. After opening the gift, her eyes instantly grew larger with excitement. She held the Ultra Bullet in her hand and felt the smooth and silky silicone material wrapped around the toy. Abby explained that there was silicone both inside AND outside the product, with entirely no plastic used. Since she did her research on the product before purchasing, she began to explain all of the perks it offers.

She went on by saying that there were 20 different vibration modes to the Ultra Bullet. Rachel began pushing all of the different modes to test it out and loved every one of them. All of the women in the room were extremely jealous of the Ultra Bullet and said they would order one from Femme Funn once they arrived back home.

“Is the Ultra Bullet massager waterproof?” Rachel asked. Abby answered back, “yes, the toy is 100% waterproof and fully submersible. Meaning, you do not have to worry about it getting wet. You can even take it into the bath for playtime when you want to unwind and relax, and give yourself a massage.”

Putting the Ultra Bullet to Use

Later that night when Rachel was alone in the bedroom, she tested out the Ultra Bullet toy in the bath. She found herself feeling sensations that she had never felt before. The extremely powerful massager felt like magic and made her orgasm several times in a row. She just could not wait to use her sex store items again the very next morning.