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A Quick Start Guide for the Anal-Curious

Anal sex has a reputation for being something men are super into but that women don’t enjoy. But, what if you’re different? What if you like the idea of bringing your back door into the mix and would love to give it a try? How can you be sure it’s something that’s truly for you, and where should you start once you do decide you’re ready?

Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings that can add a lot to a play session when stimulated, but there’s definitely an art to getting backdoor play just right. Here’s a look at what any anal-curious pleasure seeker should know before deciding they’re all in, so to speak.

What to Know Before You Start

Even when you love the idea of backdoor play, it’s normal not to know exactly what to expect when you’re brand new to it. There are enough horror stories out there to give anyone pause, but you should know that they’re not the norm. Anal play may not be for everyone, but nothing about it is supposed to be unpleasant in any way. Here are a few facts to consider.

Anal sex is not going to stretch you out.

If you’re not used to them, the sensations involved in anal play – up to and including anal sex – can feel strange and unusual. Some of them can make you feel stretched or filled but know that anal play doesn’t “stretch you out” in any way. Your anal opening is strong, elastic, and resilient. It’s made to stretch to accommodate even a large bowel movement before bouncing right back, so trust that it can accommodate a finger, a toy, or a penis to the same degree.

It’s not supposed to hurt.

Anal sex only hurts or is uncomfortable if forced or otherwise approached incorrectly. It’s not supposed to be painful in any way, shape, or form. Make sure you’re fully aroused and comfortable before attempting anal play or backdoor sex. Also, use plenty of lube – preferably an ultra-thick formula designed with anal sex in mind.

Anal Sex can result in an orgasm.

Everyone’s different, so don’t sweat it if it never happens for you, but anal orgasms have been known to happen. This is an extremely nerve-rich area we’re talking about, so it’s definitely possible. Anal stimulation can also make the clitoral orgasms you may be more used to feel stronger and deeper.

How to Ensure a Pleasurable Experience

So, now that you know what to expect from your first experiences with anal play, it’s time to consider how to get started. It’s important to know that you don’t have to be interested in full-on, penetrative anal sex to benefit from backdoor play. Lots of people like it, but others prefer milder external stimulation or some combination of the two. Play it by ear, and keep the following tips in mind.

How clean do you need to be?

Some people do like to go the extra mile and give themselves a full enema to ensure they’re clean as a whistle before anal play, but this isn’t necessary. Some people may even find enemas irritate their intestines and sensitive skin. Do make sure you’ve had a bowel movement recently, and wash up a bit with some soap and water beforehand. Beyond that, it’s up to you.

Experiment on your own first.

Although it’s okay if you and your partner want to explore anal play together, many people find engaging in a little self-experimentation ahead of time to be useful. Try exploring the area with your fingers or a small anal-safe toy to start with. The Pyra is an excellent anal toy to start with. Experiment with both external and internal stimulation, so you get a feel for what you like. Use what you learn to communicate your way through an experience with a partner later if you decide to go that route.

Talk things through.

Whenever you’re looking to put something new on the table as far as your sexual repertoire with a partner, it’s essential to talk it out thoroughly first. Ensure they’re as excited about the idea as you are and that you’re on the same page about what to try. If you’re new to anal play, having a safe word is something to consider. It’s the best way to make sure both parties are 100 percent comfortable with everything that’s happening from beginning to end.

Once you’ve explored the possibilities your back door has to offer, take a moment to decide how you feel about it (and how your partner feels if they were involved.) You’re allowed to decide it’s not for you. You’re allowed to decide you like it, but not as something to do all the time. You’re also allowed to decide it’s totally your jam and to want to explore it even further. Ultimately, you’re the boss of your own pleasure!

4 Types of Adult Toys Every Woman Should Try

Pleasure – it’s something everyone deserves to experience, and if you’re like most people, you’ll take as much of it as you can get. A good orgasm is incredible with a partner. It’s great when enjoyed on your own as well. However, pleasure may be at its best and most satisfying when there’s an incredibly well-designed adult toy involved.

That said, every woman owes it to herself to explore the possibilities as far as what’s out there when it comes to the full, wonderful world of adult toys. The following are just a few types to try on your own, with your partner, or both. You’ll be glad you did!

1.      Rabbit Vibrators

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking to clitoral stimulation, if that’s what does it best for you, blended orgasms are too good to miss out on. Nothing delivers on that promise quite as well as the now-iconic rabbit-style vibrator. Rabbit vibes come equipped with both a G-spot-pleasing inner arm and an outer arm complete with a clitoral tickler. This powerful one-two punch approach to pleasure is famous for producing earth-shattering orgasms.

Rabbit vibes have come a long way since they first hit the scene years ago, so be sure to explore your options, like the Ultra Rabbit, thoroughly. There are lots of different shapes and designs out there to try. Some rabbits even come with additional features, such as surface texturing or the ability to twirl or gyrate for even more sweet sensation when you play.

2.      Anal Toys

Many women hesitate at the idea of exploring anal play, and it’s not hard to understand why. Anal play of any kind, especially full-on anal sex, can be uncomfortable if not correctly handled. However, your nerve-rich anal area is much too full of potential to not at least explore the possibilities. Start by experimenting on your own with an anal toy, like the Funn Beads, and plenty of lube. There’s plenty of time to bring a partner into the mix later on.

When it comes to anal toys, you’ve got a variety of options to choose from, each with its unique sensations it brings to the party. Anal effects of arimidex beads are an approachable but very pleasurable way to see what the nerves in that area are capable of. However, a small anal vibrator makes a great first option for those new to anal play as well.

3.      Kegel Toys

Naturally, you already know you should be doing your Kegels every day. Kegels make sex more pleasurable to both you and your partner by making you tighter, helping you orgasm more regularly, and making your orgasms more intense when you do have them. They make you less likely to develop urinary incontinence later in life as well. Knowing you want the benefits of Kegels in your life is easy. It’s remembering to do them often enough to make a difference that’s a challenge.

Adding a Kegel toy, like Momenta, to your repertoire may be the easiest way to make sure you never forget to do your pelvic floor workout ever again. Although they come in lots of different formats, most resemble a pair of weighted balls to one degree or another. You insert them into your vagina and hold them there using the power of your muscles, and they’re highly effective. They can also be highly pleasurable, as they come equipped with vibrators, an internal structure that rattles and rolls, or both. In other words, they’re the best of both worlds!

4.      Vibrating Bullets or Eggs

When it comes to versatility, it doesn’t get much better than small external vibrators like bullets, eggs, or the many unique shapes in the FemmeFunn Buddies collection. They come equipped with the same powerful motors and silky outers you love about other types of luxury vibrators. Their compact dimensions and versatile designs leave lots and lots of room for creativity, though. Try running yours over all of your most sensitive sweet spots and seeing what happens.

Small, portable vibrators are also terrific for bringing into the bedroom to try with a partner. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a vibrator meant to penetrate the body, especially if they’re new to adult toys in general. The smooth, inviting contours of a bullet, egg, or similar shape glide like silk over every curve of anyone’s anatomy, bringing every sensitive nerve ending to life as it does so. They’re also great for traveling, taking on the go for some naughty fun, and more.

Of course, there are many more types of adult toys out there, but the above are some great choices for starting your pleasure journey. Do yourself a favor and explore as many different types and styles as you can. Your body is packed with immense potential to feel and express pleasure. Why not enjoy it to the fullest?

FemmeFunn Funn Beads: The Ultimate Anal Toy for the Backdoor-Curious

For years, anal sex had a reputation of being something that was only enjoyable for men. For women, anal was supposed to be painful, degrading, and just unpleasant on every possible level. If they did it at all, they did it to please their male partners, as opposed to because they got genuine enjoyment out of it themselves.

These days, while anal sex and backdoor play may still be taboo to some, it’s a lot more commonly enjoyed than it used to be, and definitely not just by men. More women are learning that when it’s approached correctly and with care, anal stimulation can be phenomenally pleasurable for everyone involved. Here’s a closer look at why it’s worth exploring for yourself, as well as why FemmeFunn’s Funn Beads is the perfect toy to get you started.

Why Some Women Love Anal 

Whether you’ve already given anal play a try yourself or are simply curious about what it could do for your intimate life, women who swear by it want you to know why. The following are among the most common reasons anal can be absolutely amazing for women.

  • Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings with the same direct connection to your brain’s pleasure centers as your genitals. That means the potential for big pleasure, up to and including orgasm for many female anal lovers.
  • The mild taboo factor adds a hint of naughtiness to the mix that many women really enjoy.
  • When it comes to a woman’s orgasm, multi-point stimulation can be the key to super powerful orgasms that really curl toes. Anal stimulation can be as powerful when combined with classic clitoral stimulation as G-spot or nipple stimulation can be.
  • Adding an anal toy to the mix during intercourse not only adds to a woman’s pleasure as she enjoys herself, but it can make her feel tighter and intensify the entire experience as a result.

The key to great anal play is patience, relaxation, and plenty of good lube. Try it that way yourself, and you just might come to understand what so many women feel is so incredible about it.

Why Funn Beads Should Be Your Go-To Anal Toy Choice

If you’re brand new to anal play or simply prefer to explore the sensations involved on your own before you try it with a partner, FemmeFunn’s Funn Beads gives you a wonderful way to explore the best of what backdoor pleasure has to offer. Here’s a closer look at why it’s the anal toy to beat, hands down.

Versatile Design

The toy design team at FemmeFunn knows that a great toy brings more to the table than orgasms on demand. Funn Beads are lightweight, compact, and so easy to handle. It also features an amazing design that lets you explore the potential of your back door in more ways than one.

For instance, the firm but flexible shaft features appealingly pronounced ripples. This lets you use Funn Beads the way you would a classic anal probe if you wish. However, it also doubles as a set of anal beads and triples as an anal plug. Explore a wide variety of different sensations and play styles, the better to learn how your back door likes to be stimulated.

Powerful Vibrations

What’s better than a beautifully designed sex toy to experiment and explore with? One that vibrates, of course. Funn Beads are powered by one of FemmeFunn’s signature motors and features 20 different vibration modes to try. You’ll love the process of discovering how each setting treats your nerve endings to an entirely new experience.

Controlling your Funn Beads couldn’t be simpler thanks to a user-friendly one-button design either. It’s conveniently located at the base of your toy, so access is always easy, whether you’re playing alone or handing the reigns over to a partner for the evening.

Flexible Play That Fits Your Life

If you’re one of the many women who doesn’t care to limit enjoyment of her toys to her bedroom late at night, long after everyone else has gone to bed, you’re in luck with Funn Beads. Like many luxury toys in the FemmeFunn collection, it’s made to fit into your life by letting you play the way you want to.

  • A small, lightweight design makes it easy to take your Funn Beads on the go, whether that’s to a lover’s house for the night or across the country on a business trip.
  • The motor may be powerful, but it’s also whisper quiet for discreet, private play that’s nobody’s business but yours.
  • Funn Beads are waterproof as well, so definitely don’t be afraid to take your fun into the shower, bath, or hot tub with you.

And of course, Funn Beads are body-safe, so you can enjoy your pleasure in the knowledge that nothing about it is jeopardizing your health. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

4 Reasons to Make FemmeFunn Your Toy Brand of Choice

A sex toy may be mostly a means to an end for some women, but what about those of us who can’t help but get excited about all the possibilities a good toy can really bring to the table? What about the women who are really serious about taking control of their own pleasure and exploring the full potential of their sexuality?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’ve seen one vibrator, you’ve seen them all. The FemmeFunn catalog is all about exploring and embracing as many possibilities as you like when it comes to your personal pleasure. Here’s a closer look at why FemmeFunn is the toy brand to beat for empowered women everywhere.

  1. FemmeFunn nails next-level takes on classic designs. 

If you’ve been around the block a time or two when it comes to sex toys in general, then the chances are pretty good that you already know exactly why certain toy styles are as popular as they are. Take the classic rabbit-style vibrator, to name just one example. It’s second to none when it comes to helping women have the powerful blended orgasms their bodies crave. However, even something awesome can always be improved.

FemmeFunn has a real knack for taking time-tested designs and maximizing their full potential on a level meant to satisfy even the most discriminating toy lovers. For instance, FemmeFunn’s take on the rabbit vibe enhances the design you already love with a powerful rotation function, multiple rotation speeds, and 360-degree turbo technology, making it better than ever.

  1. No two toys are exactly the same.

You won’t find any filler toys or duplicates in the FemmeFunn catalog. Each option is specially designed to deliver a completely unique pleasure experience unlike the one you’d get from any other toy on the market, including other toys in the FemmeFunn family. That means that whether you’re looking for your next one and only, “does it all” sex toy or are ultimately aspiring to build a bigger, more expansive collection, you’re bound to find something that fits the bill.

There are no extraneous features on any of the toys in the FemmeFunn collection either. Every nuance, divot, bump, and curve are there to add to your use experience on one level or another. In many cases, a FemmeFunn toy comes attached to multiple ways to explore your body (or someone else’s), so you never run out of new ways to enjoy your experience.

  1. FemmeFunn toys epitomize excellent craftsmanship.

FemmeFunn is famous for being a luxury toy brand, a manufacturer that specializes in creating the best sex toys on the market using some of the very best materials on earth. As touched on above, a lot of tender loving care goes into the design process of each toy before it’s deemed worthy of a permanent spot in the catalog. Every single one is unique and occupies a class all by itself. Some will remind you of incredible toy options you’ve enjoyed in the past, but none of them will be exactly like anything else you’ve ever used before.

You can also rest easy in the knowledge that FemmeFunn toys are made from the best materials and components available. Think buttery smooth medical-grade silicone that perfectly hits that sweet spot between firm and flexible, as well as powerful motors that never let you down or leave you hanging. You’ll find some of the latest and greatest sex toy technology present and accounted for in FemmeFunn’s celebrated catalog to boot.

And did we mention that they’re pretty? Graceful curves, elegant shapes, and beautiful designer colors ensure that each of your new toys will be as much a treat to look at and hold as it will be to play with.

  1. Push boundaries on your own or with a partner.

At FemmeFunn, we don’t see a woman’s sexuality as something she only discovers once. It’s something that grows, evolves, and changes with her as she lives out her life and learns new things about who she is as a person. We also believe a really well-rounded collection of toys makes it easy and fun to keep on pushing boundaries and exploring new sensations indefinitely, both on one’s own and with a sexual partner.

In addition to a wonderful collection of vibrators and stimulators, FemmeFunn is proud and pleased to also offer a wealth of other options. Experiment with the most lifelike dildos on the market when you check out our Vortex collection or get to know your back door with our selection of anal toys. FemmeFunn even carries an entire line of sophisticated sex toys for men, so there’s truly something here for everyone.

Something wonderful happens when you make the decision to unlock your full sexual potential with next-level toys that are up to the challenge. Isn’t it time you experienced the difference for yourself?

Orgasms on the Go: Discreetly Traveling With Sex Toys

It’s completely understandable if the mere thought of traveling with a sex toy fills you with anxiety, especially if you’ve never done it before. To begin with, it’s definitely a tricky process. Not only are sex toys not actually legal everywhere you might want to go, but we’ve all had nightmares about suspicious TSA agents whipping out our favorite vibrating dildo right in front of everyone.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resign yourself to going through your next vacation or weekend getaway toyless. You just need a little know-how in your corner. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to take your favorite adult toys on the go safely and discreetly. You’ll be traveling with yours like an absolute pro in no time.

Is a Problem Really That Likely?

“What if airport security mistakes my toy for a bomb?” “What if that super-expensive vibrator I got for Christmas gets confiscated and I never see it again?” “What if the security agent takes my vibrator out of my bag and asks me about it in front of everyone?” All of these are common concerns people have about traveling with their toys, but we have good news for you. Major problems are actually really unlikely.

The great majority of TSA agents have seriously seen it all when it comes to the things people travel with. Your favorite rabbit vibe, butt plug, or strap-on doesn’t even come close to being the strangest or most scandalous. It’s also highly unlikely that a sex toy would cause a problem big enough to actually ground a plane or land you in jail. If you’re still worried though, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Know your destination
    Here in the 21st century, it’s perfectly legally and acceptable to own a sex toy almost everywhere, especially within the United States. However, some destinations (like Saudi Arabia and India) have restrictions in place that you’ll want to be aware of before you pack your bags. Otherwise, you risk having your toy confiscated once you’ve arrived. Make sure all your bases are covered in advance with some quick research on your destination of choice.
  2. Know when to carry on and when to check
    If you’re thinking of packing your toy in your carry-on bag, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with TSA rules on what’s appropriate. Small, discreet toys are unlikely to raise any red flags or even draw any notice. (The same goes for items like rope or leather harnesses.) However, anything longer than 7 inches, anything pointed, or anything that could possibly be considered weapon-esque should be checked just in case.
  3. Plastic bags are your friends
    Regardless of whether you’re going to check the bag that contains your toy, it’s a good idea to prepare for the possibility of an inspection. Plastic bags are perfect when it comes to that, as they allow the inspecting agent to get a decent look at your items without actually having to touch them directly. Remember, they’re used to seeing toys in people’s luggage, so they won’t bat an eye. If you’re worried the agent won’t actually recognize your item as a sex toy, you can always include a brief note explaining it.
  4. Play it cool  
    Do your best to avoid appearing anxious or nervous. Otherwise, you might make TSA agents suspicious and increase the chances of having to undergo an inspection. Just stay cool, calm, and collected instead. There’s nothing wrong with being an empowered woman who’s taken control of her own pleasure by making sex toys a part of her life. In the event anyone does ask you about yours directly, just say “that’s my sex toy” as if it’s the most normal thing in the world (because it is).
  5. Make sure your toy stays off
    If your toy of choice is something electric and battery operated, you’ll want to prevent the possibility of it switching itself on accidentally. If it contains removable batteries, take them out before packing your toy. If the battery isn’t removable, you can let the charge run all the way down before traveling if you’re worried. Many modern toys come equipped with on/off locks that really simplify this process, so consider investing in a toy that has this feature for taking on the go.
  6. Know the 3-ounce rule
    Now you know you can totally travel with your favorite vibrator or dildo, but what about your lubes, massage oils, and other liquid goodies? You actually can take those with you, but the same 3-ounce rule that applies to items like shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries applies, meaning the container can’t be any bigger than that in volume. Stocking up on travel-sized portions of your favorite products is an easy way to make sure you’re good to go.

Of course, if you have specific questions or are concerned about anything in particular, you can always contact the airport and ask just to be on the safe side. They’ll be more than happy to help.

What Else Should I Consider?

Of course, getting your toys past a curious TSA agent may not be your only concern when it comes to taking your sex toy on the go. The following scenarios cover some of these other possibilities.

  1. “I want to be extra discreet”
    Maybe you’re going away on a business trip and really want to eliminate the possibility of your sex toy being spotted by a nosy coworker. Maybe you’re off to visit your parents for the weekend and really want to keep your intimate habits hush-hush. Consider purchasing a toy that’s cleverly designed to look exactly like an everyday item no one would think twice about (e.g. a tube of mascara or a lipstick). That way you’re covered even if someone comes into direct contact with it.
  2. “I’m not comfortable bringing expensive toys with me”
    Lots of people dislike even the possibility of a valuable, favorite item winding up lost, confiscated, or damaged. If that sounds like you, consider bringing a couple of disposable toys along for the ride instead (or picking up a couple at the drugstore once you arrive). Options include mini finger vibes, vibrating cock rings, and more. You’ll still get to enjoy a little buzzworthy fun while you’re away, but with zero worry about losing a pet item you consider irreplaceable.
  3. “I want to surprise my partner with a new toy once we get there” Planning a romantic getaway that involves something special, but don’t want to pack it in your luggage and risk spoiling the surprise? Consider putting together a parcel with your items in it and shipping it straight to your hotel, beach house, or resort. Alternatively, you can shop for something new at your favorite online toy emporium and have the vendor ship it straight to your hotel in an unmarked package. (Most toy stores use discreet packaging anyway to protect the customer’s privacy.)

As you can see, discreetly and confidently traveling with a sex toy is a lot less nerve wracking than you’d think. The key to a great sexual experience with toys that goes smoothly for everyone is preparedness. Where will you be traveling to with your favorite toys this year?

Use Femme Funn’s Adult Toys With These Sex Positions

If you thought adult toys were solely used for personal pleasure, there is a whole new world you have yet to discover. The best part about adult toys is you can practically use them in any sexual situation, like having intercourse with your partner. Femme Funn’s anal waterproof flexible plugs make it easy to choose your favorite sex position and feel ultimate sensations. If you were looking for a toy that pleases both parties, a vibrator with powerful vibration modes could assist with multiple orgasms. Want to find out which sex positions can work best with our toys? Continue reading to find out!

3 Sex Positions That Are Adult Toy-Friendly

1. The Classic Missionary Position: Since this position is one of the most intimates, adding a pleasure toy into the mix can make it even more magical. Regardless of who is on top or bottom, you both should still feel maximum pleasure from your sex toys. If you use a toy that vibrates, you can ride up and down to feel the sensation rubbing against your clitoris. Missionary position also gives both parties more control over the toy and its movements, so it stays in place.

2. The Cuddly Spooning Position: Let’s face it, we all love to spoon in bed. Once you take it from behind during spooning sex, your partner will need to lift your leg up for more comfort. Since this position could often time use an extra kick to it, grab your vibrator and start massaging your clit while your partner thrusts. You can pleasure yourself and your partner at the same time with the vibrator, as the adult toy operator has complete control. Adding the toy to your spooning sex can ensure multiple orgasms and uncontrollable pleasure.

3. The Reverse Cowgirl Position: Both females and males love this position equally. For women, you feel that the penis is inserted deeply and you have full control of the ride. For men, you get a great view of your partners behind, while they do all the work on top. Adding a pleasure toy to the reverse cowgirl can stimulate more intense feelings in the clit, the penis, and balls. Inserting a butt plug while riding on top can give you more intense feelings, and your partner can push it inside you for more fullness & tightness.

If you haven’t jumped on the anal waterproof flexible plug bandwagon, it might be time to reconsider. Using an adult toy during intercourse can result in extra pleasure and even multiple orgasms for both parties. Femme Funn has a vast selection of different toys to pick from, that will be sure to rock your world in the bedroom!

Where Do I Find Anal Sex Toys For Sale?

Anal toys have several wonderful benefits for the human body that give you ultimate pleasure. If you are curious whether to buy FemmeFunn butt plugs, this blog may help you figure out if it is right for you. Discovering anal waterproof flexible plugs is like discovering a whole different world. In this post, we will help explain exactly how these special toys work, how they will give you uttermost satisfaction, and some safety tips.

Why Buy Anal Waterproof Flexible Plugs?

Let’s start with the basics- butt plugs give you a whole new level of play. If you have never used a butt plug before, we definitely suggest starting off with a small one, and moving up once you are ready. This may hurt you in the beginning if you start off right away with a larger-sized toy, which is why we provide a variety of sizes. Whether you are using these toys for anal intercourse preparation or just for foreplay, both ways will definitely improve bedroom experience. If you are kinky and curious, butt toys are definitely something we suggest experimenting with, either alone or with a partner.

silicone anal toy

One of the great benefits of a butt plug is that you are able to be hands-free, while still feeling pleasure and heavy sensation. Meaning, this toy can be left inside while you are playing in other ways. The main feeling that anal toys provide is that full feeling down there. The pressure that you will feel from the insertion of this toy will be phenomenal. Many people enjoy the extra pressure because it allows more individuals to feel the climax quicker than normal.  Feel free to have intercourse or please your partner while the butt plug is working and in action.

FemmeFunn’s butt toys are made of either stainless steel or silicone. The silicone plugs are our most popular, because of the smooth and silky feeling it gives off when in use. They come in different shapes, including anal bead plugs with vibration modes, pointer silicone plugs, cone-shaped plugs, and more. Plus, they come with safety handles so you do not need to worry about your toy getting stuck in your buttocks.

buy cheap anal toys

Last but not least, since your purchased toy will most likely be made of silicone, it is important to keep it clean. Our products are always 100% waterproof, so washing them with lukewarm water after use and gentle soap or our cleansing products is necessary. You do not want to risk not taking care of the toys because you are inserting them into your body. Dirt and bacteria can build up and eventually give you infections or other types of illnesses if not taken care of.

Are you curious about anal sex toys for sale? FemmeFunn has a huge selection of anal toys that you will love to play with! Shop FemmeFunn butt plugs here.

Angela’s Delightful Funn Plug Experience

Angela has always been a fan of anal plugs with multiple vibration modes. Using these pleasure toys were her absolute favorite, and needed a change from her regularly used toys.  She asked for professional recommendations as to where to buy funn plugs. A sex toy expert recommended FemmeFunn, as they offer an exciting and compelling toy- the Funn Plug. The Funn Plug has 20 powerful vibration modes to pick from, and this intrigued Angela even more.

Anal Plugs with Multiple Vibration Modes

The sex toy expert told Angela all of the reasons to consider a vibrating butt plug. Here is what she mentioned:

  1. Angela would get orgasms that are mind-blowing. Since there are many different vibrating options, each orgasm Angela would feel should be exciting and thrilling. Who doesn’t love having orgasms that are mind-blowing? The expert continued by saying that some users of the butt plug get multiple orgasms at once, which is intense and satisfying.

Anal toys online

  1. Angela would have the most potent play time in the bedroom. With all the different vibrating options, this is no regular anal plug toy. Each mode offers a new sense of pleasure, and you can play around with each option until you find one that gives you utmost satisfaction. Every time you use the vibrating Funn Plug, you will be able to withstand some of the more intense and powerful options.


  1. Angela would have an easy time using the Funn Plug. This toy is small, lightweight, and fully submersible. This plug was built on three main ideas: being easy, being powerful, and being convenient to use. Angela will not have to worry about the product being heavy or weighing her down. She could travel with the plug, take it in her purse, or tuck it away at home without taking up too much space.


  1. Angela could experience a heating sensation from her anus while using the vibrating butt plug. She explained that because the plug has a tight and comfortable fit, the vibrating modes will help you feel the heat, which could result in a quicker and more powerful orgasm.


Once Angela purchased the Funn Plug, she put the pleasure toy to the test. The next day, the sex toy expert gave Angela a call to see what she thought of it. Angela explained that the plug was incredible and everything she had hoped it would be. Although she used this product alone in the bedroom, she does plan on bringing a friend over to use it during intercourse. Using the product during sex will offer Angela double penetration and extra pleasure. The material of the Funn Plug was soft, smooth, and comfortable on her skin. The small and lightweight product made it easy for her to insert it and remove whenever she pleased.

5 Reasons To Shop For Sex Toys Online

Shopping for sex toys online can be slightly tricky if you do not know what you are looking for specifically. Although there are many sex shops out there to walk into, shopping online for adult toys is much more fun and thrilling experience. Whether you are looking to buy funn plugsvibrator with memory function, etc., FemmeFunn is the place to be shopping. In this post, we will share with you all the reasons to purchase your new adult toys online.

5 Benefits Of Purchasing Online

Pleasure toy shopping online is much easier than going in person at the store. With this, you can quickly read reviews, chat online with a live representative, and get more information. Here are more reasons to get you comfortable with selecting your perfect adult toy online!

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1. Remember that hundreds of sex toy lovers are shopping around at the same time as you. People search for sexy toys every minute on the internet, so you are not alone while you are choosing to begin your new journey in the bedroom! At FemmeFunn, you will feel remarkable, enchanting, and sexy. Our products will satisfy you any moment of the day, where you won’t need another partner to make you feel good. This is why so many individuals shop our products. The feeling you will get once you put our Vortex toys or Funn Plugs in your cart and checkout will be full of excitement. Knowing that people all over the world may be purchasing the same toys as you, should give you a sense of comfort.


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Best Beginner Anal Toy: Funn Plug vs Beads

Discrete silicone anal plugs are used by many people all over the world, whether alone or with a partner at your side. Since they come in many different styles and sizes, it may be confusing to know which one is the best beginner anal toy for you. At FemmeFunn, our anal toys will cater to all of your cravings and desires. Our two leading anal toys, the Funn Beads & the Funn Plug both offer different features that have similar feelings with memory function. If you want to know which unique toy is more applicable to you in the bedroom, continue reading to find out!

Best Beginner Anal Toy: Comparing/Contrasting

To determine the best beginner anal toy, we’ll evaluate two of the most common products: anal beads and butt plugs. Let’s start with anal beads, and what they’re all about. The beads have different-sized circle “beads” on the toy that are flexible as you insert. It is suggested to start with these if you are a complete beginner, or even intermediate. The good thing about the Funn Beads is that you can start off with the smallest size bead, and work your way up. Inserting the entire toy is not ideal for the first few times, as you need to let your anus get used to the feeling. Beads help stretch out your hole so that you can handle bigger toys and bigger beads later on. Once your hole is more stretched, anal sex should be fun, painless, and a game changer for orgasms. The anal toy can be used by you on yourself, or on your partner too.

To insert anal beads, we recommend being laid down in bed or on the couch where you are completely relaxed. Lubricants are required, as it will make the process smooth and easy. Taking your lube, rub it on the Funn Beads and yourself for extra pleasure. Once the lube is on and in place, pop in each anal bead until you are most comfortable with the size.

The Funn Plug offers a similar feeling, as it helps stretch the anus for more intense play time. The good thing about this adult toy is that it won’t slip out unless you lightly tug it out. Meaning, you can wear this comfortably while you are having intercourse with your partner for extra pleasure and satisfaction.

Having the Funn Plug inserted while having sex can even give you multiple orgasms, discovering feelings you may have never felt before! Some people walk around with the plug for hours at a time, just to feel the fullness while attaining daily activities. You can wear it for a walk with your dog, while cleaning your house, working on your laptop, etc.

Beads VS. Plug Comparison

  • Both made of 100% silicone
  • Both are 100% waterproof
  • Both have 20 powerful vibration modes
  • Flexible
  • Quiet
  • Discreet
  • Small & lightweight

Beads VS. Plug Contrast

  • Plug: $89.99, Beads: $99.99
  • Plug: shorter Beads: longer
  • Beads: more stretching sizes

Are you ready to get your playtime on in the bedroom and decide which is the best beginner anal toy for you? Our Funn Plug will help get you started, and give you ultimate satisfaction!

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