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5 Simple Ways to Look and Feel Sexier Starting Right Now

There are two types of people in the world – those who admit they’d like to feel sexier and those who aren’t being honest with themselves. Being able to command attention and turn every head in the room just plain feels good. Everyone knows or has met someone who positively radiates sex appeal without even trying and has wondered what it would be like to be the same.

Feeling and coming across as effortlessly sexy isn’t necessarily about having a perfect figure or a face that looks like it belongs in a magazine. Sexiness does come more naturally to some people than others, but it’s also something you can learn with enough practice. Here are some great tips for getting started.

1.      Understand that “sexy” is relative.

No two people will have exactly the same ideas as to what makes a particular person sexy. One person may think girl next door-style innocence is the sexiest thing in the world, while someone else might absolutely melt for in-your-face flirtatiousness. People have different ideas about what makes someone’s face, body, demeanor, and attitude sexy, as well.

Don’t waste your energy trying to please everyone (or anyone, in particular, for that matter.) What do you like best about yourself? What features and traits attract the most compliments from other people? Those are the traits that contribute to your own unique “sexy factor,” so focus on playing those up.

2.      Channel your inner confidence.

Although no two people are indeed going to agree on everything that makes a person sexy, confidence is one secret ingredient that’s on almost everyone’s list. Like sexiness, confidence is the type of thing that’s hard to put a finger on, but it is something anyone can cultivate.

It starts with accepting yourself, learning to love the unique person you are, and genuinely believing that you’re sexy. The belief part is critical, as — without it — you’ll never quite get to where you want to be. People instinctively know when someone’s putting on an act, so there’s no way to fake confidence. If you believe you’re red hot sexy, it will show in a way that demands other people think so, too.

3.      Laugh often, and have fun always.

There’s something genuinely infectious about a person who always looks like they’re having a good time. Everyone likes having fun and feeling happy, so they’re naturally drawn to folks who look like they know what that’s all about. Also, laughter and smiles are incredibly sexy no matter what the setting.

One surefire way to look, feel, and seem sexier no matter what you’re doing is to have a good time doing it. Enjoy the moment with wild abandon. Don’t be afraid to let other people hear and see your joy. You never know who might find themselves charmed beyond redemption.

4.      Make it a point to give (and demand) respect.

Sexy, confident people know their value. Even if they’re also the humble type, they don’t allow others to take them for granted or treat them as an option when they know they deserve to be a priority. Always treat yourself and others with respect, and demand that those you keep company with do the same.

As with believing that you’re sexy, knowing in your heart that you truly have worth ensures you’ll be treated well. Surround yourself with people who also agree that you’re valuable and worthy. They’ll help your confidence and sense of self-love to grow, making you even more irresistible.

5.      Treat yourself to sexy things.

Sexy people who believe they’re worth it take good care of themselves from the inside out. They make it a point to eat right and work out because they love feeling healthy and being good to themselves. They dress in a way that makes them feel attractive, and they’re always careful to practice good grooming, as they know a great impression is often about those little details.

They also buy themselves little treats that make them feel sexy instead of always waiting for someone else to do it. Don’t buy or wear sexy lingerie only when you know someone else will see you in it. Buy it for yourself, and bask in the beautiful feeling that comes with wearing it when you want. Do the same with items like satin sheets, luxurious perfumes, fun adult toys, or anything else that helps you feel sexy and irresistible.

Ultimately, the best way to be one of the sexy people is to start thinking like one and treating yourself like one. Sexy people are comfortable in their own skins. They know what makes them unique, and they play those things up. They also get that life’s about enjoying yourself to the fullest. They love themselves, they love their lives, and they own it! Start doing the same, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re where you want to be.

Sexting 101: Why You Should Be Doing It and How to Become Great at It

If you haven’t made the leap yourself yet, there’s never been a better time to get into sexting. The current need for social distancing and responsible isolation makes sexting an extraordinarily terrific way to keep the sizzle in your relationship if you can’t be together in person. Skillful sexting is a great skill to have under your belt anytime, though.

Learn it to get through the pandemic satisfied. Keep it going indefinitely to add an incredible new dimension to your relationship. Here are some tips to get you started. You’ll be sexting like a long-time pro in no time.

Why Learn to Sext?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking sexting is something only the tech-savviest people out there like to do. Sexting can add some serious heat to any relationship. Here are just a few reasons to give it a try.

  • It’s a powerful way to show someone you’ve been missing them and stay intimate when life requires you to be apart physically.
  • It makes for excellent all-day foreplay while one or both of you are at work.
  • If you’re shy, sexting can offer you a great way to explore, express, and discuss your fantasies with your partner.
  • Once you get the hang of things, sexting makes you feel fantastic – sexy, assertive, and desirable – so it’s great for your self-esteem.

A Quick-Start Guide for Newbies

Although there’s nothing wrong with making things up as you go along when it comes to sexting, everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t sweat it if it doesn’t feel like second nature right away. Once you get the ball rolling, a good sexting session tends to unfold pretty organically. The following cues are good places to start.

Reflect on a recent time you were together.

When you’re at a complete loss for ideas, this is a good go-to, as you already have something to go on. It’s also an honest, easy way to let your partner know what you love most about being intimate with them in person. If you’re looking to get your sext on with someone you haven’t been physically intimate with yet, laying out a few simple ideas about how you picture it happening is a good substitute.

Pay them a sexy compliment.

Everyone loves a good compliment once in a while and paying your partner a few of the sexy variety can be a great way to get a spicy long-distance exchange going. Tell them how hot you think they are when they’re naked or how amazing their skin feels when you’re cuddled up close in bed together. If they rock your world in the bedroom, let them know and follow up by telling them you’ve been thinking about how they handle you. Then take it from there.

Give them a little peek.

Sometimes a naughty little hint is all it takes to get a sext party started, especially if you float it out there as a preview of coming attractions to enjoy later on. Are you wearing something sexy that’s bringing out the vixen in you? Tell them, or – better yet – show them. Have you just scored a killer deal on some sexy new bedroom wear? Let them know and tell them how badly you want to model it for them later.

Tell them what you want.

Everyone has fantasies, and you likely have more than a few of your own that star your partner. Why not share a few? Not only will it make for some exceptionally titillating sexting, but it could lead to some spicy hands-on experimentation in the bedroom later on. Tell them what you wish they would do to you or what you’ve love to be doing to them. Tell them what goes through your head when you’re getting down and dirty with your favorite vibrator while missing them. Then enjoy every minute of what happens next.

You can also try prompting your partner to take the lead if you’re really too shy or nervous to start things yourself. Questions are a great way to do this. You can ask about anything from what they like best about hooking up with you to what they fantasize about when you’re not together.

Elevating Your Sexting

Once you get the basics down, great sexting is all about ensuring both parties involved have a fantastic time. The best way to do this is not to take the whole thing too seriously. Sexting should be flirty and fun – something to smile about, not treat like a job or a major responsibility. Do your best to keep things light-hearted.

It’s also best to be honest. Yes, you’re using your imagination and sharing fantasies, but make sure they’re fantasies you really do have. Don’t over embellish in the hopes of impressing them. Just be the sexiest possible version of yourself you can be.

How to Master the Art of Playing Hard to Get

Playing hard to get is something just about everyone has been told to do when they want someone in particular to look their way. It’s not always clear what that means though. Figuring out how to do it right is even tougher to figure out, but it’s well worth your while to learn anyway.

When it’s done right, playing hard to get works like a charm for one simple reason. Whether they know it or not, people like to feel they’ve worked for what they have and that includes relationships or meaningful encounters with other people. There are even numerous studies out there that back up the theory that playing hard to get works. Here’s how to get it right.

Draw Things Out When It Comes to Sex

Sure, there’s nothing quite like a super-hot one-night stand when you’re looking to scratch that familiar itch. However, there’s a lot to be said for letting the sexual tension build over time and simmer on the back burner for a while, even if you’re ultimately only interested in something casual with the person.

Spend a little time getting to know each other – your likes and dislikes, your turn-ons and turn-offs. Fan the flames a little. You’ll enjoy the anticipation and waiting will give them something to look forward to. When you do finally have sex, don’t let it become part of your routine together right away either. Treat it like a special treat instead.

Don’t Shower Them With Attention

When you like someone, it probably feels like the most natural thing in the world to give them what they want. If they’re smitten with you, they want you all over them and you probably want to be all over them… but that’s not exactly playing hard to get. Resist that urge at all costs, but without swinging to the opposite extreme.

Yes, you’ll give the person your attention. You’ll flirt with them and you’ll share your little electric moments. However, the trick is to give them just enough attention to keep them interested and wanting more, but not so much they’re getting everything they want. Remember, successfully playing hard to get is about making the person work for it a little.

Don’t Be an Open Book Either

Everyone has a friend who’s in the habit of telling every potential partner their entire life story, usually within the first couple of dates. It’s hardly uncommon for people like that to have trouble landing more dates after that point and the reason why is obvious. No one wants to be flooded with information about someone the minute they start getting to know them.

A little mystery, on the other hand, goes a very long way. Yes, tell the person about yourself, but give just a little bit at a time. Let the person have the fun of wondering about you and getting to know you slowly, one nugget of information at a time. You should certainly save the truly personal things for later on in your relationship.

Maintain a Space of Your Own

People who are great at playing hard to get truly value their independence. They like seeing and talking to another person they might be interested in, but they’re not keen on being around someone 24/7. They’re especially protective of their living spaces and other aspects of their personal lives.

The idea is to let this person know you want them, but also to make it clear that you don’t need them to feel happy and fulfilled. Spend time alone doing the things you like to do and have your friends or family over as often as you normally would. If you do have the person over to your place, set clear boundaries and limit the amount of time they spend there. Letting them make themselves at home where you live is the polar opposite of playing hard to get.

Show You’re in Demand

Social proof is a very powerful thing when it comes to making someone want something. Again, people want what they can’t have, especially if they can see everyone else wants it too. Show them your time is valuable and that your life is full of other people who want to be part of it.

Go out with your friends. Have fun on the weekends. Continue to fill your free time with activities that you love. Do get together with the object of your affection when you feel like it. Don’t skip your workouts, nights out with your squad, or anything else you have going on to spend time with them.

Play your cards right, be patient, and it won’t be long before you find out just how well playing hard to get works when it comes to grabbing and holding someone’s interest. It’s all about playing the game the right way.

Flirting 101: How to Make Sure They Can’t Get You Off Their Mind

If you’re like most people who like to flirt, it’s not just the witty, sexy banter you love. You also like the idea of staying on that person’s mind long after you and that other person have gone your separate ways for the day. Whether you’re looking to make a serious impression on someone new you’re dating or just want to be better at chatting up hot strangers, it’s easier than you think to make sure that person just can’t stop thinking about you.

Making a Great First Impression

Whether or not you want a chance encounter to turn into more, it’s true what they say about first impressions. You only have one chance to make a really good one, and the key to doing that without fail is confidence. Here’s how to make sure yours is dialed up to the max in the most appealing possible way.

  • Eye Contact

So many of the hottest flirtations start with a positively electric gaze from opposite sides of a crowded space. That can’t happen unless you’re comfortable with eye contact. The next time you spot someone you like, do your best to lock eyes with them. Flash a sexy, but casual smile right before slowly looking away. If they’re interested, they’ll see it as the “in” they need to make the next move.

  • Compliments

Despite how simple and easy it is to pay another person a compliment, people really don’t do it often enough. That means most people don’t receive compliments anywhere near as often as they’d like, so making sure you’re different in this regard is a great flirting strategy. What you compliment the person on is up to you. Just make sure to say something sincere that you truly mean.

  • Physical Contact

Touch is a subtle but very powerful way to let someone know you’re thoroughly enjoying your interaction with them. It doesn’t have to be anything weird. A fleeting but cleverly timed touch on the arm will do. So will “accidentally on purpose” allowing your knee or shoulder to graze against theirs as you stand or sit together. If there’s already some seriously sizzling conversation flying back and forth, you can even gently touch the person’s neck, face, or hand if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Be Forward

It’s 2019, so strength and empowerment are among the sexiest characteristics a woman can have. That said, you don’t have to wait for the other person to make the first move unless you want to. If you notice someone sexy checking you out from the other side of a bar or club, go ahead and send a drink their way. If you’re chatting someone up and really want it to continue some other time, ask for their number (or find a slick way to give them yours).

Taking Things to the Next Level

So, let’s say you’re already made your first impressions a while ago, but you’d really like to kick things up a notch. Maybe you’d like to get a more regular flirtation started with an acquaintance, or perhaps you’re hoping for an eventual date or hookup. Try the following moves to make sure your attempts to interact more often aren’t mistaken for mere friendly conversation.

  • Single Them Out

Flirting tends to be a lot more powerful (and harder to mistake for mere friendly banter) when it’s done one on one. Find a way to pull your target away from the rest of a group or crowd so the two of you have a chance to focus only on each other for a moment or two. It’s a lot easier to make the impression you want to without all those other distractions in play.

  • Be Thoughtful

People like to be around people who make them feel good (meaning seen, considered, and appreciated). They also can’t help but think about such people when they’re not around. Making sure you’re on your target’s mind can be as simple as demonstrating a little thoughtfulness. Did they mention an upcoming job interview or doctor’s appointment the last time you chatted? Ask them how it went. Do they seem a little down today? Offer to take them out for a burger or a couple of drinks.

  • Get Your Text On

If you’ve exchanged phone numbers or added each other on social media, definitely use the power of texting or instant messaging to your advantage. Settle on a conversation starter and open your dialogue. Always end with a question to prompt them to text back. Once you’re chatting, feel free to turn up the flirt factor. Emoji can be a fun, sexy way to make sure the other person totally gets your point.

At the end of the day, people that stay on your mind are people that make you feel good and leave you wanting more of that feeling. Make them feel sexy, funny, smart, or alluring and the rest will take care of itself.

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