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The Magic of the female orgasm: Five reasons why you should prioritize regular orgasms

Have you ever pondered: Why do orgasms feel so good?

The question is pretty straightforward; the answer, however, is a little trickier. Whether you get there with a partner or with the help of a sex toy, we all know that some orgasms just hit the spot differently. But, why?

According to recent Pleasure Center statistics, women require an average of 14 minutes during partnered sex to hit the Magic O – compared to an average of 8 minutes during masturbation. So, does this mean that there are different kinds of orgasms? The short answer – of course! 

When we have sex, what we experience physically sends information through our nerves to our brain which, in turn, responds by creating hormones that increase our pleasure. As a result, the term “post-orgasm glow” was coined to describe the euphoric sensation you feel after having great sex.


First and most importantly, what exactly is an orgasm?

When a woman is aroused, blood rushes to the clitoris, vagina, and nipples, causing a full-body sexual flush, while the pulse rate and blood pressure rise. This creates a warm sensation that generally emerges from the pelvis and extends throughout the body.

Funn Fact: At the moment of orgasm, certain areas of your brain that control emotion shut down. The area that processes fear is deactivated, and your ‘vigilance for danger’ switch also turns off momentarily.

Orgasms can vary in intensity, differ by sex position, and feel different for everyone. The female orgasm is not just an emotional and psychological response, but also a physiological one. Essentially, orgasms are a bodily phenomenon that varies from person to person. 

Have you noticed a difference in the intensity of your orgasms from month to month? That’s also normal! It can change depending on a variety of things, such as your bond with your partner, sexual arousal, and so on. Have you recently learned how to talk about a fetish and are interested in trying out bondage, pegging, or watching porn? 

It’s possible these factors could influence the intensity of your orgasms. Similarly, re-learning how to be intimate with your lover may make the experience more intense and special.

Types of orgasm

The two most common forms of orgasm are clitoral and vaginal.

Many female orgasms are caused by clitoral stimulation — this is the most prevalent type of orgasm in women. According to Live Science, researchers have now found evidence that these two main types of orgasms (FYI, we’re not kidding, there are other types of orgasms, such as coregasms!) are separate phenomena.

Some experts also believe that the front wall of the vagina is intrinsically related to the clitoris, making it difficult to stimulate the vagina without simultaneously activating the clitoris.  Brain scans of masturbating women show that various orgasms stimulate distinct sensory cortexes in the brain. 

This could explain why women who suffer spinal cord injuries (disrupting communication between the clitoris and the brain) can still have orgasms when stimulated vaginally. 

Women who have regular orgasms tend to have lower resting heart rates and are less prone to employ maladaptive psychological coping methods than those who do not; while stimulating the elusive g-spot (through vaginal rather than clitoral stimulation) raises a woman’s pain threshold. 

Emmanuele Jannini, professor of Medical Sexology, says that a woman should understand her own body, but should not regard an orgasm as a race. He adds: “Seeing the vaginal orgasm as a must, as a duty, is the most effective way to lose the happiness of sex!”

Funn Fact: Approximately 70% of women have faked an orgasm. However, there are several surefire ways that your partner can spot whether it’s genuine. These include retraction of the clitoral hood shortly before orgasm, a racing heart, dilated pupils, and spasms in the vaginal muscles. It’s really hard to believe that the fairer sex has gotten away with it for so long!

Come as you are, er, as you can…

Your brain produces oxytocin during orgasm. This is a ‘feel-good’ hormone involved in social bonding, which partially explains why orgasms may feel so fantastic and bring you closer to the person with whom you had them. 

Similarly, because orgasms are so satisfying, some people utilize coupled sex or masturbation to alleviate chronic stress symptoms. Since oxytocin promotes relaxation, climaxing may make it simpler to wind down after a long stressful day.

According to research conducted by neurologist Adam Safron, rhythmic stimulation affects your brain activity during climax, which explains why orgasms may feel so darn good! Without getting too technical, sexual stimulation basically focuses our neurons to the point that we enter a trance-like state. This meditative state enables us to focus entirely on the pleasurable sensation. 

Now, that’s taking the meaning of mind-blowing orgasm to a whole new level!

After reviewing related studies, Dr Safron developed a model demonstrating how rhythmic sexual activity affects brain rhythms. Stimulating certain nerves in a specific way and at a specific pace, in a continuous motion, drives our neurons to focus on the activity and synchronize their activity to it. So, effectively, our neurons join in on the fun. As the stimulation continues, this synchronization extends throughout the brain, allowing it to concentrate exclusively on the experience the body is feeling. This is referred to as neural entertainment, (which seems rather apt, if you ask us!)

But, while all this sciencey stuff is great, let’s get to the real reason why you’ve kept reading:

Five fabulous reasons why you should prioritize regular orgasms

1. You’ll feel relaxed

As anyone who has ever been rendered speechless following an earth-shattering orgasm will confirm, they possess some pretty strong sedative properties. That’s because climaxing increases prolactin levels, a potent relaxant hormone that, when paired with the endorphins, can induce sleepiness.

2. Orgasms have the potential to boost your mental health.

During sexual stimulation and orgasm, the brain produces, and releases molecules called neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. These substances are beneficial to your general physical and mental well-being. According to researchers, these chemicals can help alleviate stress, improve sleep, boost immunity, and elevate mood.

3. Orgasms can promote a healthy body image.

Have you ever thought about how body image could be connected to sexual health? Well, it turns out that these two concepts are far more intertwined than we may think. Our body image can have a major impact on our mental health, which in turn, influences our behavior toward ourselves and others. A positive self-image and self-love may be promoted via more fulfilling orgasms, which can improve your sexual functioning and sex in general.

4. Orgasms are great for your skin

Since orgasms increase oxytocin (a hormone that communicates pleasure) and reduce cortisol (a hormone that signals stress), you’re less likely to break out or develop rashes if you have regular orgasms. The Big O also has some instant skin benefits. Orgasms produce a radiant flush on the face by boosting blood and oxygen flow to it. You may even notice that your increased oxygen intake stimulates collagen formation – say hello to collagen and goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles!

5. Orgasms keep things healthy down there

Finally, when you have an orgasm, blood and nutrients flow to your vagina, which helps maintain things down there in good working order. It has also been reported that women who orgasm once a week are more likely to have regular menstrual cycles that last 26 to 33 days than those who have less or more irregular sex. 

Healthy vagina = happy vagina!

There you have it … make pleasure a priority! 


Meet the Momenta: An Innovative Approach to Kegel Balls

If you’re like most women, then chances are you’re aware of the benefits of making Kegel exercises a part of your ongoing self-care routine. Not only do Kegels help you tone and maintain the muscles of your pelvic floor, but they can improve your sex life, as well. (Think stronger orgasms and a tighter fit!)

Adding a set of Kegel balls to the mix can help you get more out of your Kegel sessions and elevate the experience in various ways. However, not all the options out there on the market are created equally. The incredible Momenta from FemmeFunn is one pick that you’re unlikely to regret, though. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of using Kegel balls, as well as the perks of using the Momenta, in particular.

Why Add Kegel Balls to the Mix?

Most women understand that Kegels are basic “clench and release” moves designed to tone and activate the pelvic floor. However, many women aren’t always sure whether they’re doing them correctly, targeting the right muscles, or benefiting the way that they should be. Kegel balls take a lot of the guesswork out of the process, as they’re specially designed to locate and target the right muscles accurately.

Many Kegel ball options are designed to bring some additional pleasure to the table while you’re using them, as well. Momenta Kegel Balls are one of these options, so you’ll definitely want to give it a second look if you want your Kegels to be more than just another item on your daily to-do list.

Sensation Sure to Curl Your Toes

The Momenta makes the process of getting in your daily Kegel session positively orgasmic thanks to a suite of delectable sensations you’ll love. First, the Momenta’s unique design produces a pleasant rattling sensation that feels just like heaven when applied to all those sensitive internal nerve endings. Just slip it into place, and enjoy the ride as you go about your daily business.

A multi-function vibration feature even further enhances the Momenta for even more naughty fun. A powerful FemmeFunn motor delivers deep, rumbling vibrations that are sure to hit you just right. It also comes equipped with ten different functions to explore and experiment with. Last but not least, there’s a handy memory feature, as well, so your Momenta is always ready to pick things up right where you last left off.

Deliciously Practical and User-Friendly

Some sex toys may be complicated and come attached to a bit of a learning curve, but you can rest easy in the knowledge the Momenta isn’t one of them. A foolproof design slides in easily with a bit of lube (if you need it) and settles into place naturally, so you don’t have to guess at whether it’s in the right spot.

A slim-fit stem connects the double-ball body of the Momenta inside you to the controls that sit comfortably on the outside, so fine tuning your experience is always simple. The Momenta is made of ultra-premium medical grade silicone, as well. Not only does it feel velvety smooth against your skin, but it’s body-safe and practically effortless to care for. Elaborate cleaning routines simply aren’t part of the mix when you choose the Momenta.

Fits Comfortably into Your Life

You only need to limit your use of the Momenta to private, at-home solo use if you want to. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and gel with a wide variety of situations.

Compact, ultra-portable dimensions mean your Momenta Kegel Balls are capable of going wherever you go. Take it with you in your carry-on luggage or overnight bag, so you’re never without it when you go out of town. Slip it into your purse, your glove compartment, or pocket on your way out the door, so it’s always at the ready.

Your Momenta’s also a perfect fit for a little discreet, naughty fun anytime and anywhere. Its wirelessly controlled motor is powerful, but it’s also whisper-quiet, so no one knows you’re enjoying a little something special except for you. It’s also waterproof, so feel free to enjoy your next Kegel session in the shower or tub. You’ll love what it does for your morning routine!

How to Have the Strongest Orgasms of Your Life

So, you’ve finally mastered the fine art of having an orgasm whenever you want one. Now it’s officially time to raise the bar when it comes to their quality. Toe-curling, earth-shattering orgasms that make you swear your life just changed aren’t flukes the way you might think.

You can enjoy stronger orgasms any time you like if you know how to go about it, both on your own or with your partner. Here are some tips and techniques to try that will help you get there. The explosive orgasms you’re after will be regular occurrences before you know it.

Get serious about those Kegels.

Your pelvic floor muscles play a critical role in the overall strength of your orgasms, so Kegels aren’t just a good idea. Getting into the habit of doing them regularly will give your sex life a serious boost on several levels. You’ll be tighter and more toned down there, so you’ll really feel your partner, vibrator, or fingers inside you. When it’s orgasm time, you’ll also climax a lot harder. Using a Kegel exerciser like the Momenta is a great way to tone those muscles.

If you enjoy penetrative sex or play with a partner, you won’t exactly be hearing any complaints from them, either. Not only will they be thrilled to see how thoroughly you’re enjoying yourself, but you’ll feel incredible from their end of things.

Pay attention to your breathing.

Your breathing may not seem like something that would make a massive difference in the quality of your orgasm, but it does. It can also make the process of getting aroused in the first place easier, quicker, and more effective.

Try experimenting with different breathing patterns the next few times you’re chasing an orgasm. See what happens with your body when you switch from short, quick breaths to long, deep ones and back again. You may well find that specific breathing techniques make you orgasm harder or get you to that point a lot more quickly.

Consider a vibrator upgrade.

Many women assume one vibrator is just as good as another, so they consistently go for the cheapest, most basic options. They’re also doing themselves a serious disservice when it comes to the quality of their orgasms. Better vibrators have motors that are more powerful and are made of materials that convey the vibrations better. That alone is enough to lead to orgasms that are noticeably more powerful and satisfying.

Better-quality vibrators (like the ones you’ll find in the FemmeFunn catalog) often involve designs that are more innovative and thoughtful, as well. Many come equipped with unique features that stimulate you better or help you unlock hidden sweet spots, as well. FemmeFunn toys, in particular, are especially good at elevating the quality of your average orgasm, so it’s well worth taking one for a spin.

Hit the gym more often.

Staying on top of your exercise regimen is about more than looking good and being responsible for your health. It makes you better and more efficient at just about anything physical, as well. This totally includes sex of all kinds, partnered and otherwise. To begin with, it makes you stronger, more flexible, and capable of really going the distance when it’s time to get down and dirty.

It also improves your circulation quality by leaps and bounds – something that’s directly related to how often and how powerfully you climax. How you stay fit is entirely up to you, so don’t sweat it if morning jogs or traditional gyms aren’t your things. Dancing, walking, and just about anything else that gets you moving counts, so go ahead and think outside the box.

Experiment with new approaches.

Sex is most satisfying when it’s fresh, fun, and exciting, so staying out of ruts is essential if you’re serious about keeping those orgasms healthy and robust. If you have a partner, make it a point to switch things up regularly. Experiment with different positions. Change things up when it comes to location. Take turns sharing fantasies and looking for new ways to push your boundaries, both individually and as a couple.

You’re not off the hook when it comes to your solo sessions, either. Getting to know your body and discovering how it likes to be touched isn’t something you do once, and then you’re done. Keep experimenting and trying different things. Take different lubes for a spin, dabble in temperature play, actively look for new erogenous zones, and try different types of toys. The variety will keep things exciting and ensure your orgasms keep on curling your toes.

Having the ultimate orgasm is something that can happen anytime you like. It’s all about discovering which techniques and approaches work best for you. The best way to do that is to practice, practice, and practice some more – something you no doubt won’t mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today, and upgrade your orgasms for good.


How to Have the Most Powerful Orgasms of Your Life

Although any orgasm is pretty much always a win, they aren’t all necessarily equal. Some orgasms can fizzle out without ever bringing that wow factor to the table. Others leave you shaking, gasping for breath, and seeing stars. It’s that second type of powerful orgasms that most people are after when they’re in the mood to come.

Thankfully, you can drastically increase your likelihood of having those super-intense orgasms with a little practice and know-how. (Go big or go home, right?) Here’s a look at how to go about it.

Pay attention to your health.

If you’re not the type of person who thinks of exercise as fun, then it’s probably easy to forget sex is exercise. In other words, you’ll get a lot more out of sex – including the orgasms you have – with a healthy, well-cared-for body in your corner. So, if you’ve been looking for some motivation to get back into your workouts, consider this it.

Yes, exercise leads to higher self-esteem and confidence in spades, but that’s not all. It builds strength, flexibility, and stamina – all significant pluses in the sex department. Exercise improves circulation, as well, which is essential for those powerful orgasms you crave. And don’t forget to support your workouts with a healthy, balanced diet! You can’t expect your body to be its best without high-quality fuel in the tank.

Don’t neglect your pelvic floor.

There are only advantages to taking care of your pelvic floor by staying on top of your Kegels. For the uninitiated, you do a Kegel by clenching the same muscles you would use to hold in a urine stream or a bowel movement. Aim for 2-3 sets of 10-15 Kegels every day, and it won’t be long before you’re noticing a huge difference down below. Use Kegel balls like the Momenta for added benefits.

Keeping your pelvic floor strong leads to better, more powerful orgasms, as well as makes it easier to prolong or delay orgasm should you wish to. A strong pelvic floor also means you’re less likely to develop incontinence later in life, that you’ll recover from childbirth more quickly, and more.

Experiment with different self-pleasure techniques.

Variety is more than just the spice of life. It’s also the key to maximizing your body’s orgasm potential. If you masturbate the same way every time, your body gets used to it and learns what to expect. Keeping your body surprised, on the other hand, teaches you how to orgasm in lots of new and different ways. It helps you explore new techniques for intensifying your orgasms, as well.

Experiment with going au naturel and using fingers only versus masturbating with a vibrator or other sex toy. Don’t assume you have to stop at owning just one sex toy, either. Consider maintaining an entire collection filled with toys that all bring a different type of sensation or stimulation to the table.

Don’t rush through foreplay.

Most sex-loving folks understand foreplay is important, but they also tend to underestimate how awesome it can be in and of itself. When you do it right and allow yourself to get lost in it, foreplay’s a blast. Plus, indulging in enough of it practically guarantees a killer orgasm when it is eventually time to get off.

Don’t assume that foreplay has to start right before you’re about to get down and dirty, either. Try treating yourself and your partner to an all-day teasing session to really get the fires burning. Take turns sending spicy texts or sexy selfies all day. Enjoy some banter as to what you’d like to do to each other later on. You won’t believe how hot it’ll make the sex later.

Pay attention to how you breathe.

Believe it or not, the way you breathe can affect a lot about the intensity of the orgasms you have, so it’s well worth experimenting a little. Start by becoming aware of the way you breathe when you’re at different levels of arousal. Then observe how the pleasure you’re feeling changes when you switch up your breathing.

Some people find shorter, quicker breaths help heighten the arousal process. Others swear by slower, more languid breathing to make an orgasm sing. Still, more people enjoy holding their breath altogether for short periods, especially when they’re focused on getting close to orgasm. Find out what works for you to give you that all powerful orgasm.

Use edging to your advantage.

Just like foreplay gives your body plenty of time to reach peak arousal, edging can practically guarantee you a world-changing orgasm when the time comes. Try it. Bring yourself right to the brink of cumming before backing off and letting the tension subside. Then do it again.

Continue for as long as you can stand it. Then prepare to have your world rocked. Edging is a great way to tease your partner and make their orgasm more satisfying, as well. Play to your heart’s content. It won’t be long before you’ve hit your stride and are an expert at having record-breaking powerful orgasms.

4 Types of Adult Toys Every Woman Should Try

Pleasure – it’s something everyone deserves to experience, and if you’re like most people, you’ll take as much of it as you can get. A good orgasm is incredible with a partner. It’s great when enjoyed on your own as well. However, pleasure may be at its best and most satisfying when there’s an incredibly well-designed adult toy involved.

That said, every woman owes it to herself to explore the possibilities as far as what’s out there when it comes to the full, wonderful world of adult toys. The following are just a few types to try on your own, with your partner, or both. You’ll be glad you did!

1.      Rabbit Vibrators

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking to clitoral stimulation, if that’s what does it best for you, blended orgasms are too good to miss out on. Nothing delivers on that promise quite as well as the now-iconic rabbit-style vibrator. Rabbit vibes come equipped with both a G-spot-pleasing inner arm and an outer arm complete with a clitoral tickler. This powerful one-two punch approach to pleasure is famous for producing earth-shattering orgasms.

Rabbit vibes have come a long way since they first hit the scene years ago, so be sure to explore your options, like the Ultra Rabbit, thoroughly. There are lots of different shapes and designs out there to try. Some rabbits even come with additional features, such as surface texturing or the ability to twirl or gyrate for even more sweet sensation when you play.

2.      Anal Toys

Many women hesitate at the idea of exploring anal play, and it’s not hard to understand why. Anal play of any kind, especially full-on anal sex, can be uncomfortable if not correctly handled. However, your nerve-rich anal area is much too full of potential to not at least explore the possibilities. Start by experimenting on your own with an anal toy, like the Funn Beads, and plenty of lube. There’s plenty of time to bring a partner into the mix later on.

When it comes to anal toys, you’ve got a variety of options to choose from, each with its unique sensations it brings to the party. Anal effects of arimidex beads are an approachable but very pleasurable way to see what the nerves in that area are capable of. However, a small anal vibrator makes a great first option for those new to anal play as well.

3.      Kegel Toys

Naturally, you already know you should be doing your Kegels every day. Kegels make sex more pleasurable to both you and your partner by making you tighter, helping you orgasm more regularly, and making your orgasms more intense when you do have them. They make you less likely to develop urinary incontinence later in life as well. Knowing you want the benefits of Kegels in your life is easy. It’s remembering to do them often enough to make a difference that’s a challenge.

Adding a Kegel toy, like Momenta, to your repertoire may be the easiest way to make sure you never forget to do your pelvic floor workout ever again. Although they come in lots of different formats, most resemble a pair of weighted balls to one degree or another. You insert them into your vagina and hold them there using the power of your muscles, and they’re highly effective. They can also be highly pleasurable, as they come equipped with vibrators, an internal structure that rattles and rolls, or both. In other words, they’re the best of both worlds!

4.      Vibrating Bullets or Eggs

When it comes to versatility, it doesn’t get much better than small external vibrators like bullets, eggs, or the many unique shapes in the FemmeFunn Buddies collection. They come equipped with the same powerful motors and silky outers you love about other types of luxury vibrators. Their compact dimensions and versatile designs leave lots and lots of room for creativity, though. Try running yours over all of your most sensitive sweet spots and seeing what happens.

Small, portable vibrators are also terrific for bringing into the bedroom to try with a partner. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a vibrator meant to penetrate the body, especially if they’re new to adult toys in general. The smooth, inviting contours of a bullet, egg, or similar shape glide like silk over every curve of anyone’s anatomy, bringing every sensitive nerve ending to life as it does so. They’re also great for traveling, taking on the go for some naughty fun, and more.

Of course, there are many more types of adult toys out there, but the above are some great choices for starting your pleasure journey. Do yourself a favor and explore as many different types and styles as you can. Your body is packed with immense potential to feel and express pleasure. Why not enjoy it to the fullest?

Take Your Daily Kegels to the Next Level with the Momenta

With people becoming increasingly comfortable talking about their bodies and about sex, it’s not surprising that Kegels are relatively common knowledge these days. Consisting of simple clenching exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere, Kegels come attached to multiple benefits for women who make them a regular part of their routines.

Even better, the right adult toy – like the incredible Momenta from FemmeFunn – can turn your daily Kegels into the habit they should be satisfying and effective. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of doing Kegels regularly and how the Momenta can ensure you get the most out of yours.

What Are the Benefits of Daily Kegels?

Think of Kegels as a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. They may not be as visible as your biceps or your traps, but they’re no less important for that fact. In fact, Kegels come attached to multiple unique benefits like the following:

  • They help counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting, repetitive movements, and inactivity on the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • They help you recover from childbirth and pregnancy faster.
  • They reduce your risk of developing conditions like urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic hip pain, and lower back pain.
  • They can make sex positively fantastic for both you and your partner by making your vaginal canal feel tighter and intensifying orgasm.

For best results, shoot for performing three sets of 10-15 Kegel clenches daily. And of course, since no one can tell you’re doing them, they can be done literally anywhere and anytime.

How Can Kegel Balls Help?

Also known as Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls can be a wonderful way to make your daily Kegels more effective, not to mention a lot more fun. In their purest form, they’re pairs of weighted balls that are placed inside the vagina and held there using the pelvic floor muscles. However, there are many alternative types you can try as well.

Some Kegel balls contain smaller balls inside of them that are designed to roll around as you go about your day, causing a pleasant rattling sensation, as well as elevating the positive muscle-building effects of wearing them in the first place. Others come attached to a vibrator function to bring even more pleasure to the table.

Kegel balls as a collective can make the exercises more effective, as well as encourage the muscles to activate in different ways as they work to keep the balls in place. The pleasure factor attached to certain models can add an incentive to do them regularly as well – perfect for those who have trouble remembering.

What Sets the Momenta Apart from the Pack?

If you’ve been in the market for a set of Kegel balls long, then you don’t need to be told there are all almost too many options out there on the market to choose from. However, the toy geniuses of FemmeFunn outdid themselves when they came up with the Momenta. Here’s a closer look at why the Momenta deserves to be your choice.

Incredible Stimulation

The Momenta is an absolute must for those who like the pleasure possibilities the right Kegel toys bring to the table. It features ten different vibration functions to enjoy, each more intensely toe-curling than the last. Best of all, the Momenta combines those vibrations with the useful rattling feature many Kegel balls have to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Handy Remote Control

Controlling your Momenta experience couldn’t possibly be easier thanks to a handy ergonomic wireless remote. An easy one-touch button design makes activating and adjusting the vibration feature super simple and intuitive. Try wearing your Momenta all day and activating the vibrations when you could use a naughty little jolt. Alternatively, you can hand the controls to a partner and let them take a turn in the driver’s seat.

Portable and Discreet

Kegels are like any other type of exercise in that the more often you do them, the greater the benefits. Momenta is lightweight, compact, and totally portable, so it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go. It’s also wonderfully quiet and discreet for something so powerful. That means there’s nothing stopping you from wearing your Momenta as you go about your day and even treating yourself to some discreet pleasure should the mood strike you right. It’s waterproof too, so you can even wear it in the shower.

Like all of the toys in FemmeFunn’s luxury toy catalog, the Momenta is made from premium materials that not only convey sensation like a charm, but are completely body-safe. In other words, there are few limits to the many ways the Momenta can benefit you should decide to add it to your collection. Make it part of your personal self-care routine today!

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