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5 Reasons to Add a Bullet to Your Sex Toy Collection

Who says you need to limit yourself to just one option when you’re into sex toys? You can be head over heels in love with your go-to rabbit vibe and still have room in your life (and your nightstand drawer) to add some fantastic alternatives to your sex toy collection. However, while some toys may not exactly be for everyone, there are also those out there that fit well into anyone’s sexual repertoire.

A vibrating bullet is the type of toy that’s so versatile, it has something to offer just about everyone. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of adding one to your sex toy collection, whether you currently own a sex toy or not.

1.      Bullets are great for exploring your body.

No two pleasure sessions are exactly alike. Sure, sometimes you just want a quick orgasm on demand, so you stick to what you know works. But other times, you’re in the mood to experiment a little and discover some new sensations that feel good, too. A vibrating bullet is a perfect fit for both of those moods.

When you’re looking to add something for powerful clitoral stimulation that you know gets you off reliably to your sex toy collection, the bullet’s pinpoint-accurate design delivers. However, its versatile shape lends itself well to full-body exploration, as well. Try using the bullet to stimulate your G-spot, tease the outside of your anal area, or activate various parts of your body to discover new erogenous zones.

2.      Ideal for introducing a partner to toys.

Lots of folks think about bringing a toy into the bedroom to enjoy with their partners, but it’s naturally got to be the right option. If the other person is entirely new to toys or a little gun-shy about trying one for the first time, the giant Day-Glo rabbit you already use on yourself might not be an ideal choice to get started with.

Bullet vibes are perfect choices for those looking to introduce their partners to playing with toys. They’re small, versatile, and designed for many types of stimulation, so there’s no pressure to insert them unless that’s what you want. They’re non-representational, so they won’t offend or intimidate those who don’t like the idea of phallic toys, either.

3.      Bullets are perfect for taking on the go.

If you’re like many people, you’re always on the move, so you need at least one toy in your collection that’s capable of going wherever you go. Wand massagers, rabbits, and similar toys are great for home use, but they’re not all that portable. They take up a lot of space in an overnight bag or a carry-on. They’re also the furthest thing from discreet, so if a TSA agent or a traveling companion gets a glimpse of it, there’s no mistaking what it is.

Vibrating bullets were positively made for taking on the go. They’re compact, lightweight, and space effective. It’s also not immediately apparent they’re sex toys. You can easily slip one into your carry-on luggage if you’re headed somewhere. You can tuck your bullet into your pocket, purse, or glove compartment to keep close at hand “just in case,” as well.

4.      Easy to use during intercourse.

If you and your partner enjoy integrating a toy into foreplay or general love play, it’s only natural to want to see if toys can take intercourse to the next level, as well. Of course, some types of toys work better for this than others. Wearable vibrators or vibrating cock rings are made specifically for use during intercourse, but bullets are just as effective.

Try wedging your bullet between the two of you as you move together and enjoy yourselves. Despite being small, a high-quality vibrating bullet can deliver some robust vibrations that can help both you experience a stronger, more satisfying orgasm. Alternatively, you can take turns guiding the bullet where one or both of you would like it most as you play.

5.      There are always more possibilities to explore.

An excellent bullet doesn’t just bring plenty of possibilities to the table as is. Additional accessories like sleeves and attachments let you explore even more different sensations and ways to play with your bullet after you add it to your sex toy collection. Some bullets – like FemmeFunn’s Versa Bullet, to name just one example – are even made to work well with specially-designed coordinating accessories.

And if you choose the right bullet, there are few limits to where and how you can play. Whisper-quiet bullets make it easy to enjoy a little discreet fun in a semi-public spot or in situations where someone might otherwise overhear what you’re doing. Waterproof bullets let you take your pleasure into the shower, tub, pool, or sauna.

With a toy as versatile as a vibrating bullet in your sex toy collection, the only limits on the fun you can have are those set by your imagination. Try one, and see for yourself!

6 Creative Ways to Use Your Bullet Vibrator

Every toy lover is different when it comes to what they like best. Some are all about the toe-curling blended orgasms that a rabbit brings to the table. Others love the sheer power of a really great wand massager. But some toys are so versatile, they’re an excellent fit for anyone’s repertoire.

The classic vibrating bullet is an excellent example. Bullet vibrators are small, multi-faceted, and a great fit for a wide variety of activities. They’re also adaptable enough to open the door to a multitude of possibilities. Here are a few clever options to consider.

1.      Add dimension to intercourse.

As incredible as intercourse can be with a partner, it’s all too common for orgasm anxiety to get in the way of having a perfect time. If you’re not the one worried about giving one, you might well be the one worried about having one. It’s easy to get up in your head to the point where you’re not enjoying yourself to the extent you could be.

Adding a bullet vibrator to the mix helps take the guesswork out of having as many orgasms as you like, so you’re both free to relax and have a good time. Try wedging it between the two of you as you make love or letting it glide over all your favorite hot spots during foreplay. Be as innovative as you like.

2.      Introduce a partner to sex toy play.

Although more people than ever love adult toys and have their share of experience using them, there are plenty of people out there who are new to the idea. They’re curious about toys, but they’re bashful about saying so or don’t quite know where to start.

If that sounds like your partner, a vibrating bullet makes a great introduction to the beautiful world of sex toys. Vibrating bullets are non-representational and don’t require penetration to do their job, so the intimidation factor is minimal. They’re also compatible with anyone’s anatomy, so they’re never a bad fit.

3.      Take it on the go.

Your vibrating bullet is the perfect traveling companion, so don’t be bashful about letting it go wherever you go. It’s portable enough to slip into your purse or an overnight bag at a moment’s notice. Bullet vibrators are also discreetly designed, meaning it’s not immediately apparent they’re sex toys. This makes them great fits for taking on trips, even if you’re traveling by plane.

Many of the best bullets on the market today also come equipped with whisper-quiet motors, so your options are wide open when it comes to where you enjoy your next orgasm. Keep one in your glove compartment to take the boredom out of gridlock. Or stash one in your pocket and surprise a lover with it if a date ever gets hot and heavy.

4.      Discover new hot spots.

Sure, bullets are great for stimulating your clit or even your G-spot but don’t feel the need to stop there unless you want to. The sleek, silky outer casing of your bullet, its small size, and its versatile shape make it perfect for gliding over every curve or exploring your every dip and valley, so go ahead and explore.

Try using your bullet vibrator to stimulate sensitive areas like your inner thighs, the backs of your knees, or your nipples. Many people enjoy a little buzz across the curves of their buttocks, over their stomach, or near their anal area, as well. Schedule a little exploration sometime on your own or with a partner. You won’t be sorry.

5.      Change up your vibrator settings.

If you’re like many toy lovers, you know it’s easy to fall into a rut in the settings department. You find your favorites. You learn which ones are a sure thing when you’re really serious about getting there. You get set in your ways and completely forget that your top-of-the-line bullet probably has at least ten other settings to offer.

Try deliberately changing things up and exploring how new settings affect your favorite sweet spots. You can also try adding an attachment or other accessory to the mix to bring even more nuance to your play sessions. Go wild, and put your bullet through its paces!

6.      Get even more adventurous.

Consider trying out a bullet that comes equipped with a remote control for even more naughty fun. Enjoy it on your own for some tremendous hands-free play, or hand the reins over to a partner and enjoy the ride. You can even slip your bullet vibrator into your panties before going out in public together and turning an entire evening out into incredible foreplay.

The right bullet vibe can be positively world-changing if you pick the right option. Go for a luxury bullet vibrator from a top vendor like FemmeFunn for the best experience possible, and find out what a difference quality can really make!

6 Next-Level Sex Toy Categories Worth Exploring

Even the simplest, most rudimentary sex toy is likely to elevate your pleasure experience quite a bit. Still, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice if you only ever stick with the basics and never think outside the box. Your options are wide open when it comes to the sheer variety out there on the market today, so you’ve got plenty to choose from.

There are toys designed to enjoy with your partner, toys capable of introducing you to entirely novel sensations, and so much more. What you choose to add to your personal pleasure chest is up to you, but any of the following are next-level sex toys worth exploring if you’re looking for a terrific all-around experience.

1.      Rabbit Vibes

If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking a rabbit for a spin, you’re in for a real treat. With a rabbit firmly in hand, you don’t have to choose between external clitoral orgasms and deep, toe-curling G-spot orgasms anymore. You can combine the two for phenomenal, blended orgasms you’ll have to experience to believe.

Our catalog is packed with wow-worthy rabbits to try, including the Delola, the Booster Rabbit, and the Essenza. Pick your favorite or add several to your pleasure chest, so you’ve got an option on hand for every possible mood.

2.      Anal Toys

Anal play may not be on everyone’s sexual wish list, but you definitely don’t want to knock it until you try it. Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings that can really pack a punch when stimulated just right, and anal toys provide an enjoyable, approachable way to explore to your heart’s content.

Start small with something like a small butt plug or anal vibrator. Then gradually work your way up to more challenging toys like anal-safe dildos. And don’t forget the lube! It’s the key to satisfying, comfortable anal play that will leave you screaming, “oh yes.”

3.      Mini Vibes

When it comes to sheer versatility, you can’t beat a toy that falls into this category. Think staples like vibrating bullets and vibrating eggs! We even have our own irresistible take on mini vibes – the FemmeFunn Buddies collection. No two options are alike, so many pleasure seekers find they like maintaining an entire collection instead of settling on just one favorite.

Mini vibes are great options for using with a partner, as they leave the door wide open when it comes to creativity. They’re also very approachable, even for those who are brand new to playing with vibrating toys. They’re portable and discreet, as well, so they’re perfect for taking along on all your travels.

4.      Wand Massagers

If you like the idea of a non-penetrative toy like a mini vibe but are interested in something with a little more oomph, it’s hard to go wrong with a wand massager. Wand massagers come equipped with features like powerful motors, flexible heads, and superior versatility that make them a must for any toy collection.

And if you think adult wand massagers sure do look a lot like the muscle massagers you’ve seen at Sharper Image or Sears, it’s not a coincidence. They actually can be used for the same purpose to an extent, making them a perfect fit for erotic body massages that soothe the cares of the day away right before taking you or a partner straight over the edge with a happy ending.

5.      Remote Controlled Toys

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had an extra set of hands (or a lot more flexibility) when you’re cruising toward ecstasy with your favorite toy, you’ll want to give a remote-controlled option a try. Remotes make it easy to stay comfortable while intuitively controlling your experience via a simple one-touch system. Craft the experience of your dreams from start to toe-curling finish!

Remote controlled toys are also terrific options to explore with a partner. Try handing the remote over to them, encouraging them to go wild, and enjoying the ride. Then switch places, if you like.

6.      Luxury Sex Toys

Regardless of the style you go for, it’s important to remember that sex toys are more than just objects to stow away in your nightstand, just in case. They’re investments in your personal pleasure, so quality makes all the difference in the world.

Luxury toys are made of better materials that convey sensation more efficiently and won’t jeopardize your health. They come equipped with more robust motors – sometimes two or more, depending on the toy. They’re expertly crafted by top toy designers you can trust with your experience, as well.

You’ll love what a little experimentation does for your sex life, whether you’re with someone these days or flying completely solo. A well-rounded collection of quality sex toys is always a wise decision.

7 of the Best Bullet Vibrators by FemmeFunn

1. Ultra Bullet

Ultra Bullet

The Ultra Bullet was initially designed with one clear goal in mind – to blow every other bullet on the market entirely out of the water. Not only is it among the most powerful vibrating bullets on the market today, but it’s small enough to take it on the go and use it wherever you like.

Handy one-touch button controls let you intuitively explore 20 different vibration settings. A convenient memory function remembers where you left off the last time you played and gets you right back to it in a flash. The Ultra Bullet is even waterproof, so you can confidently take it with you the next time you want to pamper yourself during tub time.


2. Booster Bullet

Booster Bullet

If you love the idea of the Ultra Bullet but want to experience the most potent possible version of what it brings to the table, then you don’t want to miss out on the Booster Bullet. It’s got everything pleasure-seekers love about the Ultra – the sleek design, powerful but quiet motor, and impressive variety of settings. However, it also comes equipped with our famous boost button.

Use the Booster’s intuitive one-touch operation system to experience as many of its 20 vibration settings as you like. Then, when you’re ready, hit the boost button for a world-changing burst of extra oomph.


3. Bougie Bullet

Bougie Bullet

The Bougie Bullet is FemmeFunn’s love letter to discriminating toy connoisseurs everywhere, and it shows. Coated with sleek, irresistible anodized aluminum, it’s got some seriously sexy good looks going on. You’ll also love the way it glides over your skin and conveys powerful vibrations like an absolute dream.

Experiment with 20 delicious vibration settings, our signature boost button, and a flawless memory function that always remembers exactly where you left off in your adventures. Enjoy your Bougie Bullet in the tub, take it along with you on vacation, or bring it into the bedroom to enjoy with your lover in style.


4. Versa Bullet

Versa Bullet

The Versa is one of the latest newcomers to our catalog, and it’s also one of our most powerful masterpieces yet. Smooth and delightfully compact, the Versa is easy to take with you anywhere. Just slip it into the inside pocket of your purse, your glove compartment, or your pocket, and enjoy it at your leisure! Whisper-quiet operation and discreet dimensions won’t leave anyone the wiser.

An ultra-powerful motor delivers deep, rumbling vibrations that are sure to satisfy. Put it through its paces using the handy ergonomic remote to explore seven different settings, each more powerful than the last.


5. Versa P

Versa P

Our new and powerful Versa bullet was designed with adventurous toy lovers in mind, so there are three different Versa pleasure sleeves to explore in addition to the bullet itself. The Versa P comes with both the Versa and the uniquely shaped P sleeve.

The P sleeve is all about versatility, so you can use it to stimulate yourself or a partner in a variety of different ways. It’s tapered for a user-friendly experience and textured to awaken every last one of your nerve endings. It also comes equipped with a flared handle base to keep you in the driver’s seat at all times.


6. Versa S

Versa S

The Versa S package pairs the Versa with our legendary S sleeve. The S is all about deep, penetrating stimulation that satisfies unlike anything else. It’s exquisitely designed to take the guesswork out of locating and activating the G-spot, in particular.

The S also features a robust suction cup base that makes it easy to indulge in a little hands-free action. And if you feel like getting your partner involved in your fun? Your Versa S is fully harness-compatible, so go ahead and let your imagination run wild.


7. Versa T

Vers T

If you love the way the teasing, gentle fluttering of a lover’s tongue feels against your sensitive anatomy, then the Versa T is the Versa for you. The T’s innovative design perfectly mimics the shape and stimulation style of an eager tongue.

And, of course, you’ll enjoy all seven of the Versa’s powerful vibration settings, the convenience of our intuitive remote control, and a level of power you’ll have to experience to believe. Fall madly in love with the T attachment, and then explore the others, right here at FemmeFunn!



4 Types of Adult Toys Every Woman Should Try

Pleasure – it’s something everyone deserves to experience, and if you’re like most people, you’ll take as much of it as you can get. A good orgasm is incredible with a partner. It’s great when enjoyed on your own as well. However, pleasure may be at its best and most satisfying when there’s an incredibly well-designed adult toy involved.

That said, every woman owes it to herself to explore the possibilities as far as what’s out there when it comes to the full, wonderful world of adult toys. The following are just a few types to try on your own, with your partner, or both. You’ll be glad you did!

1.      Rabbit Vibrators

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking to clitoral stimulation, if that’s what does it best for you, blended orgasms are too good to miss out on. Nothing delivers on that promise quite as well as the now-iconic rabbit-style vibrator. Rabbit vibes come equipped with both a G-spot-pleasing inner arm and an outer arm complete with a clitoral tickler. This powerful one-two punch approach to pleasure is famous for producing earth-shattering orgasms.

Rabbit vibes have come a long way since they first hit the scene years ago, so be sure to explore your options, like the Ultra Rabbit, thoroughly. There are lots of different shapes and designs out there to try. Some rabbits even come with additional features, such as surface texturing or the ability to twirl or gyrate for even more sweet sensation when you play.

2.      Anal Toys

Many women hesitate at the idea of exploring anal play, and it’s not hard to understand why. Anal play of any kind, especially full-on anal sex, can be uncomfortable if not correctly handled. However, your nerve-rich anal area is much too full of potential to not at least explore the possibilities. Start by experimenting on your own with an anal toy, like the Funn Beads, and plenty of lube. There’s plenty of time to bring a partner into the mix later on.

When it comes to anal toys, you’ve got a variety of options to choose from, each with its unique sensations it brings to the party. Anal effects of arimidex beads are an approachable but very pleasurable way to see what the nerves in that area are capable of. However, a small anal vibrator makes a great first option for those new to anal play as well.

3.      Kegel Toys

Naturally, you already know you should be doing your Kegels every day. Kegels make sex more pleasurable to both you and your partner by making you tighter, helping you orgasm more regularly, and making your orgasms more intense when you do have them. They make you less likely to develop urinary incontinence later in life as well. Knowing you want the benefits of Kegels in your life is easy. It’s remembering to do them often enough to make a difference that’s a challenge.

Adding a Kegel toy, like Momenta, to your repertoire may be the easiest way to make sure you never forget to do your pelvic floor workout ever again. Although they come in lots of different formats, most resemble a pair of weighted balls to one degree or another. You insert them into your vagina and hold them there using the power of your muscles, and they’re highly effective. They can also be highly pleasurable, as they come equipped with vibrators, an internal structure that rattles and rolls, or both. In other words, they’re the best of both worlds!

4.      Vibrating Bullets or Eggs

When it comes to versatility, it doesn’t get much better than small external vibrators like bullets, eggs, or the many unique shapes in the FemmeFunn Buddies collection. They come equipped with the same powerful motors and silky outers you love about other types of luxury vibrators. Their compact dimensions and versatile designs leave lots and lots of room for creativity, though. Try running yours over all of your most sensitive sweet spots and seeing what happens.

Small, portable vibrators are also terrific for bringing into the bedroom to try with a partner. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a vibrator meant to penetrate the body, especially if they’re new to adult toys in general. The smooth, inviting contours of a bullet, egg, or similar shape glide like silk over every curve of anyone’s anatomy, bringing every sensitive nerve ending to life as it does so. They’re also great for traveling, taking on the go for some naughty fun, and more.

Of course, there are many more types of adult toys out there, but the above are some great choices for starting your pleasure journey. Do yourself a favor and explore as many different types and styles as you can. Your body is packed with immense potential to feel and express pleasure. Why not enjoy it to the fullest?

Meet the Nubby Massager: Your New Favorite All-Purpose Toy

Naturally, you love your trusty rabbit vibrator, but sometimes life calls for something a bit more versatile. That’s when it’s nice to have an excellent all-purpose massager on hand – exactly why the FemmeFunn Buddies collection exists. Each buddy brings its own set of irresistible sensations to the table, so you may well want to add more than one to your pleasure chest.

However, even the most well-rounded collection needs to start somewhere. The Nubby Massager is one of the most popular of the FemmeFunn Buddies for several good reasons. Here’s a closer look at what makes it unique and unlike anything you’ve ever used before.

Rediscover All Your External Sweet Spots

If you’re a sucker for powerful, satisfying external stimulation, you’ll fall in love at first use with the Nubby Massager. Its exquisite design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Plus, one end features a subtly angled, textured bulb that’s ideal for awakening all those sensitive nerve endings that are just aching to be touched.

The nubby texture is ideal for stimulating hot spots like your clitoris or your nipples, but don’t be afraid to experiment and explore. Try running the Nubby Massager over every inch of your most intimate areas to discover new erogenous zones and ways to pleasure yourself.

Powerful Multi-Functional Motor

Shape and texture are only part of what makes a vibrator a keeper. You also need a powerful motor that comes complete with plenty of incredible settings to explore. Rest easy in the knowledge that the Nubby Massager’s motor is every bit as powerful as you could want. (It’s is a FemmeFunn vibe, after all.) Cycle through seven different vibration settings, each one more powerful and intense than the last.

Plus, the Nubby features some of the smoothest, most velvety ultra-premium silicone on the market – perfect for conveying vibrations unlike anything else. It feels like a dream against your sensitive skin. It’s body-safe to boot, so it’s guaranteed not to harm your health or irritate your system.

Portable and Discreet

Sure, you’ll probably spend most of your quality time with your Nubby Massager rocking and rolling in the privacy of your bedroom, but wouldn’t it be nice to leave your options open? At just 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, the Nubby couldn’t be easier to take on the go and enjoy wherever you like. Slip it into your overnight bag or your suitcase for easy access to pleasure wherever life might take you next. Stash it in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment, so it’s at the ready should that familiar naughty mood strike you out of the blue.

The Nubby Massager may be powerful, but it’s also whisper-quiet, so you can shamelessly enjoy your next orgasm anywhere you like. Treat yourself to a quick pleasure session anytime without your roommates or children being any the wiser. They won’t hear you going to town on yourself, even if your walls are paper-thin. Be a little naughty whenever you can steal a moment away at any point during your day. With the Nubby Massager in your corner, no one will know (so long as you can stifle your moans of pleasure, that is).

Get a Little Creative With a Partner

A versatile vibe like the Nubby Massager is too good to keep to yourself. Vibrators are becoming increasingly popular ways to take sex with a partner to entirely new levels. However, not everyone is comfortable with toy designs that are insertive or phallic, especially if they’re new to playing with toys in general.

The appealing curves and contours of the Nubby Massager glide effortlessly over every dip, peak, and valley of any person’s sensitive anatomy. You can start reasonably innocently with a soothing muscle massage and let things drift naturally into more intimate territory once you’ve got your partner all warmed up. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, though! The Nubby Massager makes unlocking your innermost desires fun and straightforward.

Enjoy Your Next Orgasm Anywhere

Not only is the Nubby Massager cordless and easy to recharge thanks to a handy charging pod, but it’s waterproof as well. Keep it juiced up to capacity, and it’s always ready to take with you wherever your fantasies lead you next, including into wet and wild territory. Take it with you into the shower in the morning to start your day with a bang. Make your next hot tub hang-out with your partner extra buzzworthy with a little surprise play.

With the Nubby Massager at the ready, absolutely anything goes. Put it through its paces on your own or add it to a shared pleasure chest with your partner. Like all the toys in the FemmeFunn collection, The Nubby is for pleasure seekers who love feeling good on their own terms. Make it part of your sensual repertoire today.

Meet the Booster Bullet: Versatile, Powerful Pleasure Done Right

Do you believe that life’s sweetest little pleasures really do come in small packages? If so, then the chances are pretty good that you’ve owned a bullet vibrator before. Bullet vibes are second to none when it comes to sheer versatility, so they’re perfect for pleasure seekers who love to explore and experiment. However, it’s important to understand that not all of your options are created equally.

FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet isn’t like any other bullet vibrator you’ll find for sale out there on the market. Like every toy in the FemmeFunn catalog, the Booster was designed with a truly next-level use experience in mind. Let’s take a closer look at how the Booster Bullet can help you take your future play sessions to exciting new places.

Why Try a Bullet Vibe?

If you’re new to bullet vibrators in general, then you’re really in for a treat when you finally try your first one. Although bullet vibrators can vary somewhat when it comes to actual design and size, they’re collectively named for their recognizable bullet-esque shape. This makes them small, smooth, sleek, and relatively non-representational for the most part.

There are few limits to what you can do with a bullet vibe for that reason. You can easily slip one into a pocket, purse, or glove compartment and take it on the go, meaning your next orgasm is only ever as far away as you want it to be. They can be used to generate powerful clitoral orgasms or stimulate a wide variety of erogenous zones. They’re popular first toys for couples to use together as well, as they’re easily integrated into foreplay or lovemaking.

In other words, FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet takes everything that’s already good about using a bullet vibrator and makes it positively great.

Unbeatable Power

The original Booster Bullet quickly became the gold standard to beat regarding power when it first appeared on the market, but the latest incarnation FemmeFunn’s been putting out there is even more powerful. To begin with, the motor really packs a punch, even in comparison to other similar toys that promise a supercharged experience. Creamy, top-tier silicone and a sleek, contoured design amplify that power by conveying sensation unlike anything else.

That power means the Booster delivers no matter what type of pleasure experience you’re looking to have, so it’s an appropriate choice for everyone. Are you new to vibrators and looking for a toy that will take the guesswork out of exploring your body and unlocking its secrets? Are you looking for something that will make you orgasm hard, fast, and consistently? The Booster Bullet is what you’ve been waiting for, guaranteed.

Multiple Modes and Settings

When it comes to the average bullet, you’d usually count yourself among the lucky if yours came with at least a couple of different speeds and settings to experiment with. The Booster Bullet actually features 20, each one more powerful than the last, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that one of them will be just right for every mood, situation, and occasion.

A simple, touch-button control system located in the base of your Booster Bullet makes exploring all of the settings a simple, intuitive process, even in the heat of the moment. It even comes complete with FemmeFunn’s famous boost button for those times you need a little extra oomph to push you over the edge in style. The Booster has a memory feature as well, so it’s always possible to pick up exactly where you left off whenever you wish.

Versatile, Portable, and Flexible

You’d think that a toy as powerful as FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet would need to be much larger than your average bullet vibe in order to accommodate all those powerful features, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Booster is as small, sleek, and lightweight as any bullet you’ve ever fallen in love with in the past. (In fact, it fits easily into the palm of your hand.) That makes it easy to take your bullet on the go.

  • Slip your Booster into your purse in the morning along with your keys, lipstick, and other daily essentials to ensure you’re ready the next time an unexpected pleasure opportunity arises.
  • Sub in your Booster for your usual go-to toy when you’re getting ready to travel or go out of town. It will take up a fraction of the room in your luggage and won’t raise suspicion with airport security.
  • Got a partner who’s curious about using toys together? The Booster Bullet is perfect, as it lends itself well to an infinite number of play scenarios without being insertive or overtly phallic.
  • Your Booster is 100 percent waterproof as well, so bath time officially just got a little sexier.

In other words, the Booster Bullet is one of the most popular, celebrated toys on the market for many good reasons. Experience it for yourself firsthand at FemmeFunn.

FemmeFunn Funn Buddies: An Appealingly Collectible Way to Explore Your Body

Knowing how to give yourself an orgasm is one thing. Being open to a nearly limitless number of possibilities when it comes to experiencing pleasure is another. That said, no collection of luxury sex toys should ever be considered complete without at least a couple of options that can be used to stimulate multiple body parts in a variety of different ways.

The Funn Buddies Collection was created especially for pleasure seekers who are interested in unlocking their body’s full intimate potential. Each buddy is specially designed with a different set of sensations in mind and can be used to explore multiple erogenous zones. They can be used to take your solo sessions to a new level or used with a partner when it’s time to experiment a little. With the right tools in your capable hands, the only limits you have to worry about are the ones set by your imagination.

Why Choose Funn Buddies?

Like all of the luxury toys in the FemmeFunn catalog, the Funn Buddies Collection was designed with several key principles in mind. They were designed to be powerful, fun, and user-friendly – the kind of toy that fits seamlessly into your sex life. Each one features:

  • Simple one-touch operation that won’t slow you down when thing get heated.
  • Whisper-quiet operation for discreet use anywhere and anytime.
  • Seven amazingly powerful settings to explore, each more intense than the last.
  • Full waterproofing for those times you’d love to take your toy into the shower or tub.
  • Small size and lightweight, portable design for pleasure that goes where you go.

Meet the Funn Buddies

Not sure which buddy to add to your collection first? Have a closer look at what each one brings to the table, consider the possibilities, and take your pick. Start with the one you’re most interested in, and build your collection from there. Collect them all for maximum fun!

Stubby Massager: The Stubby Massager is the buddy for you if you don’t want to choose between external and internal stimulation. A smooth, curved finger-like tip does an amazing job of activating your clitoris or nipples, but it’s also cleverly designed to find and activate your G-spot as well.

Stubby Massager

Nubby Massager: A deliciously nubby, rounded tip makes the Nubby Massager ideal for stimulating all of your favorite external hot spots. It’s undeniably perfect for activating your clitoris or nipples, but definitely don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Nubby Massager

Stubby 2 Massager: Last but not least, there’s this clever take on the Stubby Massager, the Stubby 2. Like the original Stubby, it’s capable of pleasuring you both externally and internally. However, it features a varied design that’s perfect for adding nuance to any play session.

Stubby 2 Massager

Bunny Massager: The Bunny Massager is a clever take on a multi-purpose external stimulator that’s sure to curl your toes. Let the bunny’s ears wander where they may. You’ll love the way the space between them is just right for hugging your nipples or your clit when it’s time to kick things up a notch.

Bunny Massager

Poly Massager: The Poly Massager’s name is hardly an accident. A long, slender stimulator with a pleasantly bulbous tip is a perfect fit for a multitude of sensations you might want to explore. Stimulate your clit, your nipples, and every other sensitive place you love to be touched. Then, if the mood strikes, let the tip wander inside you for even more naughty fun.

Poly Massager

Explore Your Fantasies

Whether you decide to commit to just one or two of the buddies that suit you best or can’t resist scoring the whole collection, you’ll love what they do for your intimate life. Although there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy them, you might want to consider the following.

  • Use your favorite buddy to treat yourself or your partner to a soothing full-body massage. Start with the sore, tired muscles in the neck, shoulders, or limbs. Then finish with a happy ending for the record books.
  • Run a hot bath at the end of a long day complete with candles, music, scented bubble bath, and a glass of your favorite wine. Then treat yourself to a long, comforting soak that ends when you’re ready. Make sure you bring one of your waterproof buddies, as no bath is complete without the right toys.
  • Bring your buddies into the bedroom the next time you and your partner are in the mood to experiment. Take turns using each buddy to explore each other’s bodies. Treat each other to a steamy (and educational) self-service show if you like. Make love with a buddy strategically placed between you to intensify the experience. Be creative. Repeat!

At the end of the day, there are lots of ways to put your Funn Buddies to work for you. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

Think Outside Your Bedroom: 7 Great Places to Get Naughty ASAP

If you and your partner are like most people, you’re probably in bed the great majority of the times you have sex. It’s really not hard to understand why either. A couple’s bed is someplace comfortable, safe, and relatively private. Since it’s where the two of you both end and begin your days, it’s definitely convenient as well.

It also gets pretty boring after a while, so it pays to think outside the bed every so often. The following are just a few great places to get frisky that not only aren’t your bedroom but bring their own benefits and perks to the table as well. We highly recommend trying all of these at some point or another (if you haven’t already)!

1. The Car

If you’re new to having sex outside of a classic bedroom setting, the car is an ideal location to start with. It’s kind of public, so it definitely delivers when it comes to that “naughty” feeling. However, it also offers you a pretty high degree of privacy, especially if you’re careful about where you park it first. It opens the door to some serious spontaneity as well. Keep some blankets in the trunk and perhaps a small sex toy or some lube in the glove compartment so you’re always ready to get down and dirty should the mood strike unexpectedly.

2. A Party

Some parties definitely offer a lot more opportunity to possibly get dirty than others, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open and exercise some caution. Party sex is totally hot though, so it’s well worth trying if you get the chance. If you’re the guests, look for a chance to sneak away unnoticed into the corner of the garden or an empty room to enjoy a quickie. If you’re the hosts, try getting it on in the kitchen or on the sofa mere minutes before your guests arrive instead. Nothing puts you in the mood to have fun quite like a naughty little secret the two of you can reflect on all night!

3. The Office

As with party settings, the feasibility of this option may vary according to circumstance. It probably wouldn’t be a fit if you work in a cramped cubicle or an open office setting, but if you have a private office all to yourself? Game on! A little creativity also goes a very long way, so keep that in mind. Try enticing your partner into an all-day sexting session to enjoy in between meetings or investing in an ultra-discreet sex toy to keep in your bag should you need to relieve a little tension when your lunch hour rolls around. You’ll definitely leave the office with a little more pep in your step.

4. The Great Outdoors

There’s something primal about the feeling of fresh air on your skin as you’re making love that just can’t be paralleled. Don’t assume that the beach at night is your only option when it comes to getting down and dirty au naturel though. The woods can be just as terrific a place to get your groove on should you get the chance. To begin with, trees provide plenty of leverage for getting creative with your positions. They can offer you lots of coverage just in case someone else happens along as well. Plus, there’s nothing like sex to give you a second wind during a hike or make a weekend camping trip a little more memorable.

5. A Fancy Hotel Room

Spending a night or two in the lap of luxury isn’t just good for the soul once in a while. It can be a pretty sexy way to enjoy each other in the flesh as well. A beautiful, posh hotel room is the ultimate place to spend a honeymoon, a Valentine’s Day, or a special anniversary. Not only will you have a lush, comfy high-end bed to crash in at the end of the day, but with a little forethought, you could also be getting busy in a Jacuzzi, a private pool, or a luxury balcony now and again. Order in some room service, pop a bottle of champagne, and see where the night takes you!

6. A Seedy Motel

On the other hand, there’s also something to be said for a cheap motel. Cheap motels are classic places to come together if you enjoy that naughty, “we shouldn’t be doing this” feeling. They’re inexpensive and convenient places to crash for the night if you’re on the road, as well as great places to pass a passionate lunch hour now and again. Sleazy motels are also great settings to explore roleplay scenarios or even just enjoy a refreshing change of pace for no particular reason.

7. The Stairs

In the mood to switch up the setting, but don’t necessarily feel like leaving the house? Try looking at your trusty staircase with fresh eyes. The stairs are a great place to experiment with challenging new positions, especially if the two of you have a large height difference between you. They’re perfect places to enjoy that super-hot, “got to have you right now” type of sex as well. And just so you know, any staircase will do the trick, just in case you do want to take things to the next level and get more risqué someday. Let your imagination wander a bit and see where it takes you!

Orgasms on the Go: Discreetly Traveling With Sex Toys

It’s completely understandable if the mere thought of traveling with a sex toy fills you with anxiety, especially if you’ve never done it before. To begin with, it’s definitely a tricky process. Not only are sex toys not actually legal everywhere you might want to go, but we’ve all had nightmares about suspicious TSA agents whipping out our favorite vibrating dildo right in front of everyone.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resign yourself to going through your next vacation or weekend getaway toyless. You just need a little know-how in your corner. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to take your favorite adult toys on the go safely and discreetly. You’ll be traveling with yours like an absolute pro in no time.

Is a Problem Really That Likely?

“What if airport security mistakes my toy for a bomb?” “What if that super-expensive vibrator I got for Christmas gets confiscated and I never see it again?” “What if the security agent takes my vibrator out of my bag and asks me about it in front of everyone?” All of these are common concerns people have about traveling with their toys, but we have good news for you. Major problems are actually really unlikely.

The great majority of TSA agents have seriously seen it all when it comes to the things people travel with. Your favorite rabbit vibe, butt plug, or strap-on doesn’t even come close to being the strangest or most scandalous. It’s also highly unlikely that a sex toy would cause a problem big enough to actually ground a plane or land you in jail. If you’re still worried though, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Know your destination
    Here in the 21st century, it’s perfectly legally and acceptable to own a sex toy almost everywhere, especially within the United States. However, some destinations (like Saudi Arabia and India) have restrictions in place that you’ll want to be aware of before you pack your bags. Otherwise, you risk having your toy confiscated once you’ve arrived. Make sure all your bases are covered in advance with some quick research on your destination of choice.
  2. Know when to carry on and when to check
    If you’re thinking of packing your toy in your carry-on bag, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with TSA rules on what’s appropriate. Small, discreet toys are unlikely to raise any red flags or even draw any notice. (The same goes for items like rope or leather harnesses.) However, anything longer than 7 inches, anything pointed, or anything that could possibly be considered weapon-esque should be checked just in case.
  3. Plastic bags are your friends
    Regardless of whether you’re going to check the bag that contains your toy, it’s a good idea to prepare for the possibility of an inspection. Plastic bags are perfect when it comes to that, as they allow the inspecting agent to get a decent look at your items without actually having to touch them directly. Remember, they’re used to seeing toys in people’s luggage, so they won’t bat an eye. If you’re worried the agent won’t actually recognize your item as a sex toy, you can always include a brief note explaining it.
  4. Play it cool  
    Do your best to avoid appearing anxious or nervous. Otherwise, you might make TSA agents suspicious and increase the chances of having to undergo an inspection. Just stay cool, calm, and collected instead. There’s nothing wrong with being an empowered woman who’s taken control of her own pleasure by making sex toys a part of her life. In the event anyone does ask you about yours directly, just say “that’s my sex toy” as if it’s the most normal thing in the world (because it is).
  5. Make sure your toy stays off
    If your toy of choice is something electric and battery operated, you’ll want to prevent the possibility of it switching itself on accidentally. If it contains removable batteries, take them out before packing your toy. If the battery isn’t removable, you can let the charge run all the way down before traveling if you’re worried. Many modern toys come equipped with on/off locks that really simplify this process, so consider investing in a toy that has this feature for taking on the go.
  6. Know the 3-ounce rule
    Now you know you can totally travel with your favorite vibrator or dildo, but what about your lubes, massage oils, and other liquid goodies? You actually can take those with you, but the same 3-ounce rule that applies to items like shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries applies, meaning the container can’t be any bigger than that in volume. Stocking up on travel-sized portions of your favorite products is an easy way to make sure you’re good to go.

Of course, if you have specific questions or are concerned about anything in particular, you can always contact the airport and ask just to be on the safe side. They’ll be more than happy to help.

What Else Should I Consider?

Of course, getting your toys past a curious TSA agent may not be your only concern when it comes to taking your sex toy on the go. The following scenarios cover some of these other possibilities.

  1. “I want to be extra discreet”
    Maybe you’re going away on a business trip and really want to eliminate the possibility of your sex toy being spotted by a nosy coworker. Maybe you’re off to visit your parents for the weekend and really want to keep your intimate habits hush-hush. Consider purchasing a toy that’s cleverly designed to look exactly like an everyday item no one would think twice about (e.g. a tube of mascara or a lipstick). That way you’re covered even if someone comes into direct contact with it.
  2. “I’m not comfortable bringing expensive toys with me”
    Lots of people dislike even the possibility of a valuable, favorite item winding up lost, confiscated, or damaged. If that sounds like you, consider bringing a couple of disposable toys along for the ride instead (or picking up a couple at the drugstore once you arrive). Options include mini finger vibes, vibrating cock rings, and more. You’ll still get to enjoy a little buzzworthy fun while you’re away, but with zero worry about losing a pet item you consider irreplaceable.
  3. “I want to surprise my partner with a new toy once we get there” Planning a romantic getaway that involves something special, but don’t want to pack it in your luggage and risk spoiling the surprise? Consider putting together a parcel with your items in it and shipping it straight to your hotel, beach house, or resort. Alternatively, you can shop for something new at your favorite online toy emporium and have the vendor ship it straight to your hotel in an unmarked package. (Most toy stores use discreet packaging anyway to protect the customer’s privacy.)

As you can see, discreetly and confidently traveling with a sex toy is a lot less nerve wracking than you’d think. The key to a great sexual experience with toys that goes smoothly for everyone is preparedness. Where will you be traveling to with your favorite toys this year?

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