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How to Upgrade Your Sex Life Like a Boss This Summer

Spending more time out in the sun can raise the body’s levels of chemicals like serotonin, potentially making it easier to become aroused and stay that way. For some people, the scent of sweat can trigger an animalistic response that makes them want to get steamy and sticky more often, as well. Here are some tips for making the most of all the sexy opportunities summer might bring your way this year and help upgrade your sex life like a boss.

Experiment with temperature play.

When the temperature rises, it only makes sense that staying as cool as possible would be on your mind. So why not let the urge to stay chilly inspire you in the bedroom? Playing with temperature can be an incredible way to discover new sensations and experiment a little, with or without a partner.

Take a favorite toy in a cold-safe material like glass or stainless steel and pop it into the fridge for a few minutes before playtime for a bold, bracing new experience. Alternatively, you can add a cooling lube to your repertoire for even more polar-esque fun.

Go skinny dipping with your partner.

If you and your partner have access to someplace you can safely and privately skinny dip, there’s no time like summer to take full advantage of it. A private backyard pool definitely does the job, but a remote spot at an out-of-the-way beach or lake might be a good fit, as well. So strip down, enjoy the experience for everything that it is, and let everything else unfold naturally.

Don’t have an outdoor oasis that’s right for skinny dipping in your immediate vicinity? Get creative. An outdoor shower isn’t a bad place to get down and dirty in a pinch. You can take advantage of any gentle summer rain that may happen to fall, as well.

Celebrate National Orgasm Day.

Not only is there such a thing as National Orgasm Day, but it just so happens to fall right smack in the middle of summer – July 31st, to be exact. It’s the perfect excuse to plan something extra naughty and sexy to enjoy with your partner or even on your own.

Try a romantic picnic dinner at the beach or the park. Time it so you’re there at sunset, bring a blanket to cover up with when the temperature drops, and get handsy underneath as you enjoy the beautiful sky full of colors together. Drive out to the middle of nowhere and make out in the car like you’re teenagers. Shop for a new toy together, and use it for the first time to celebrate. If it ends in an orgasm for one or both of you, it’s fair game!

Be naked or scantily clad as often as possible.

There’s nothing like the constant sight of a lover’s bare skin to get your pulse racing and inspire the sexiest of thoughts. And there’s nothing like hot sun and rising temperatures to make stripping down to the greatest extent possible sound positively heavenly.

Consider scheduling a lazy naked day at home the next time you’re able to make room in your schedule. Alternatively, you can use the rising mercury as an excuse to go about your day in your underwear, a skimpy bikini, or even your birthday suit. If your partner happens to get an eyeful of you looking scrumptious in the process, so much the better.

Seize a summer opportunity to exchange massages.

Have you ever noticed that summer comes complete with an unusual number of opportunities to give or receive an impromptu massage? Whether you’re helping your lover apply sunscreen to those hard-to-reach areas at the beach or treating an unfortunate sunburn with aloe vera gel a little later on, it’s not unusual for a lot of touching to be going on.

Consider letting an opportunity like that serve as a preview of coming attractions while you’re enjoying a day together. Or use a classic wand vibrator to treat your partner to a soothing muscle massage after a day of fun in the sun, complete with a happy ending. Be creative, and give your hands permission to roam where they may.

Summer is nothing if not a dreamy, sultry time that’s perfect for letting your mind wander and coming up with fun, imaginative new ways to enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to come up with some exhilarating scenarios of your own or to encourage your partner to do the same.

Epic Orgasms 101: How to Make Yours Better, Stronger, and More Satisfying

Orgasms come more easily to some women than others, so there’s no such thing as a bad one. But it also goes without saying that not all orgasms are equal. Some are so powerful, they practically leave you seeing stars, while others can be underwhelming.

The stronger the orgasm, the more satisfied it leaves you feeling, so it makes sense to want yours to be as strong as possible. Here’s a look at everything you need to know to improve the quality of your orgasms and walk away from every pleasure session fully satisfied from head to toe.

Adopt a mindful approach to masturbation.

If you’re like most people, you probably start your solo sessions with one end goal in mind – an orgasm – and there’s nothing wrong with that. A quick and dirty orgasm on your own terms is reason enough to spend a little personal time with your downstairs, but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

Mindful masturbation sessions that are more about exploration than simply getting off can be the key to having those life-changing orgasms you crave a lot more often. Set aside a good thirty minutes or so and decide you’re not going to focus on having an orgasm this time. Explore your entire body from head to toe using a variety of different toys, stimulation styles, lubes, or temperatures. The more you know about how your body truly responds to touch, the better.

Lockdown a solid Kegel routine.

The strength of your pelvic floor plays a massive role in how intense your orgasms are, so a consistent Kegel routine is an absolute must. As with other types of exercise, a quick squeeze session whenever you happen to remember isn’t going to do the job. Instead, aim for three sessions of 10-20 repetitions each per day.

The beauty of Kegels is that no one can tell when you’re doing them, so you can fit your sessions in anytime and anywhere. You don’t need any special equipment to do them, either, as a simple clench and release routine is enough to yield results. But Kegel balls or vibrating Kegel eggs can make the process more fun, so it’s well worth checking out your options.

Invest in better-quality sex toys.

If you’re trusting your orgasm to a toy that’s cheaply made, way too basic, or well past its prime, it’s almost a certainty that you’re not having the kind of orgasms you deserve. Quality matters when it comes to the toys you use, so better designs, more powerful motors, and ergonomic shapes make a massive difference.

Consider swapping out your bargain-basement cylinder vibe for a luxury option from a top manufacturer like FemmeFunn and see what happens. You can stick to one go-to toy if that’s truly what you prefer, but many women find it worthwhile to keep more than one around.

Try keeping a trusty rabbit vibe around for your own personal use, but a few additional options (like vibrating bullets or eggs) to use with a partner or take on the go.

Get comfortable asking for what you want.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure your partner has a good time when you’re getting down and dirty together, but keep in mind that your pleasure counts, too. It’s not uncommon for women to be so focused on their partner’s pleasure, that their own takes a hit, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re not there already, it’s time to get comfortable with being demanding in bed. Ask your partner for what you need to orgasm like a champ, whether that’s more foreplay, more time receiving oral, or a stab at a new position. Your partner wants to please you, but they’re not psychic. They need you to tell them what you’re in the mood for and give them feedback on what works best.

Turn foreplay into an all-day affair.

A terrific romp in the bedroom has a lot in common with a perfect meal. It’s great anytime, but it’s most world-changing when you’re starving for it. The next time you’re hoping to get frisky with your partner later, consider spending the day leading up to it stoking the fires.

Engage your partner with frisky texts or sexy selfies throughout the day, and watch what happens when you finally come together in the evening.

You can do the same even when you’re merely planning a solo session. Wear something that makes you feel sexy or sensual. Partake in some erotica that turns you on, or periodically let your mind revisit your favorite fantasies and sexy memories. Your orgasm is sure to be an explosive experience when you finally do get a moment to yourself. Try it and see!


5 Simple Ways to Look and Feel Sexier Starting Right Now

There are two types of people in the world – those who admit they’d like to feel sexier and those who aren’t being honest with themselves. Being able to command attention and turn every head in the room just plain feels good. Everyone knows or has met someone who positively radiates sex appeal without even trying and has wondered what it would be like to be the same.

Feeling and coming across as effortlessly sexy isn’t necessarily about having a perfect figure or a face that looks like it belongs in a magazine. Sexiness does come more naturally to some people than others, but it’s also something you can learn with enough practice. Here are some great tips for getting started.

1.      Understand that “sexy” is relative.

No two people will have exactly the same ideas as to what makes a particular person sexy. One person may think girl next door-style innocence is the sexiest thing in the world, while someone else might absolutely melt for in-your-face flirtatiousness. People have different ideas about what makes someone’s face, body, demeanor, and attitude sexy, as well.

Don’t waste your energy trying to please everyone (or anyone, in particular, for that matter.) What do you like best about yourself? What features and traits attract the most compliments from other people? Those are the traits that contribute to your own unique “sexy factor,” so focus on playing those up.

2.      Channel your inner confidence.

Although no two people are indeed going to agree on everything that makes a person sexy, confidence is one secret ingredient that’s on almost everyone’s list. Like sexiness, confidence is the type of thing that’s hard to put a finger on, but it is something anyone can cultivate.

It starts with accepting yourself, learning to love the unique person you are, and genuinely believing that you’re sexy. The belief part is critical, as — without it — you’ll never quite get to where you want to be. People instinctively know when someone’s putting on an act, so there’s no way to fake confidence. If you believe you’re red hot sexy, it will show in a way that demands other people think so, too.

3.      Laugh often, and have fun always.

There’s something genuinely infectious about a person who always looks like they’re having a good time. Everyone likes having fun and feeling happy, so they’re naturally drawn to folks who look like they know what that’s all about. Also, laughter and smiles are incredibly sexy no matter what the setting.

One surefire way to look, feel, and seem sexier no matter what you’re doing is to have a good time doing it. Enjoy the moment with wild abandon. Don’t be afraid to let other people hear and see your joy. You never know who might find themselves charmed beyond redemption.

4.      Make it a point to give (and demand) respect.

Sexy, confident people know their value. Even if they’re also the humble type, they don’t allow others to take them for granted or treat them as an option when they know they deserve to be a priority. Always treat yourself and others with respect, and demand that those you keep company with do the same.

As with believing that you’re sexy, knowing in your heart that you truly have worth ensures you’ll be treated well. Surround yourself with people who also agree that you’re valuable and worthy. They’ll help your confidence and sense of self-love to grow, making you even more irresistible.

5.      Treat yourself to sexy things.

Sexy people who believe they’re worth it take good care of themselves from the inside out. They make it a point to eat right and work out because they love feeling healthy and being good to themselves. They dress in a way that makes them feel attractive, and they’re always careful to practice good grooming, as they know a great impression is often about those little details.

They also buy themselves little treats that make them feel sexy instead of always waiting for someone else to do it. Don’t buy or wear sexy lingerie only when you know someone else will see you in it. Buy it for yourself, and bask in the beautiful feeling that comes with wearing it when you want. Do the same with items like satin sheets, luxurious perfumes, fun adult toys, or anything else that helps you feel sexy and irresistible.

Ultimately, the best way to be one of the sexy people is to start thinking like one and treating yourself like one. Sexy people are comfortable in their own skins. They know what makes them unique, and they play those things up. They also get that life’s about enjoying yourself to the fullest. They love themselves, they love their lives, and they own it! Start doing the same, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re where you want to be.

How to Elevate Your Solo Sessions

Most women fondly remember the day they started masturbating regularly for the sexual milestone that it is. Whether you use a toy or prefer to keep things au naturel, taking responsibility for your sexual pleasure is empowering on so many levels. It’s a powerful way to get to know your sexual self and come to a much higher understanding of your body.

But make no mistake about it. There’s always a way to make a good thing even better, and a good solo session is no exception. Here’s a look at a few tips, suggestions, and strategies to elevate your solo sessions.

Start (or add to) a sex toy collection.

If you’re still among the uninitiated when it comes to using a vibrator, consider this the sign you’ve been looking for that it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. While it’s true that vibrators are super helpful for those who have trouble reaching orgasm, you don’t have to need one to benefit from having it. Start with something simple and approachable like a magic bullet or a wand massager, and move up to more complex toys when you’re ready.

If you’ve been using a vibrator for a while now, it’s time to consider branching out a little. Treat yourself to a new toy that brings some intriguing or unusual sensations to the table. Upgrade an aging toy to something sleek, modern, and luxurious, capable of providing a world-class experience. It’s worth starting a sex toy collection at some point, as well, so there’s always an option on hand for the experience you’re craving.

Go the extra mile.

Many people see the value in setting the mood for a tryst with a partner, especially when a special occasion is coming up. They’ll break out the sexy sheets, light sumptuous-smelling candles, and pick out just the right playlist. They’ll plan lingerie ensembles, a perfect meal, and maybe even extras like a bubble bath or a massage.

But why should your partner have all the fun? You likely appreciate those special little touches as much as your lover does, so why not treat yourself. Schedule a me day and make up your mind to spend it indulging yourself, up to and including a sweet release at some point.

Add some porn or erotica to the mix.

Haven’t you heard? Porn isn’t just a guy thing anymore. Not only do women love watching other people get their sexy on just as much as men do, but they’re increasingly comfortable being open about it. Plus, the right porn can aid arousal and seriously elevate your solo session from okay to phenomenal in a heartbeat.

Don’t sweat it if the typical fare guys are into isn’t for you. Porn that’s female-driven and female-made is a thing these days, and it’s well worth seeking out. And if you’re into written material, there’s no underestimating the potency of some well-crafted erotica, either. Experiment with and explore different options until you find something you like.

Don’t forget the lube.

While lube is definitely helpful to keep on hand for keeping vaginal dryness at bay, you’re doing yourself a real disservice if that’s the only time you use it. Lube helps convey sensation like an absolute dream, whether you’re getting busy with a toy, your partner, or even just your trusty fingers.

There are also many, many different types of lubes out there to try. Some are scented or flavored for an extra layer of enjoyment. Others bring different sensations to the table, like cooling or warming. There are extra long-lasting lubes that are perfect for marathon play sessions, anal play, and more, as well. Just double-check to make sure your lube of choice is compatible with any toys you may also want to use.

Get your partner involved.

Masturbation doesn’t have to remain a strictly solo endeavor unless that’s the way you want it. Masturbating in front of your partner or side by side with them while they do the same is smoking hot and fun to boot. It’s fantastic to share as a form of foreplay, as well as prime fodder for fantasies to enjoy the next time you’re on your own.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or temporarily not under the same roof, masturbating over FaceTime together can also be a great way to stay connected and keep your relationship red hot. What better way to channel your inner exhibitionist?

As you can see, going solo doesn’t have to mean cutting out all the frills and fun little touches. Masturbation is an incredible way to elevate your relationship with your sexuality, a fun way to pass the time, and a healthy way to be good to yourself whether you have a partner or not. Explore it to the fullest, and elevate your solo sessions now!

Meet the Pirouette: An Elegant Tool for Serious Pleasure Lovers

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she’s totally been there and done that when it comes to the more basic vibrators out there. That’s when it’s time to take a step up and explore what a luxury vibe like the FemmeFunn Pirouette can do for your intimate life.

The Pirouette takes the magic of dual stimulation to the next level for incredible blended orgasms you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Here’s a closer look at why it deserves a spot in your growing toy collection.

Why Dual Stimulation?

Have you always been curious about blended orgasms but have yet to experience one of your own? Is finding your G-spot and learning how to stimulate it high on your sexual to-do list? Would you love a reliable way to have a robust, next-level orgasm whenever you want one? If so, you owe it to yourself to give a dual-stimulation vibrator a try.

Also known as rabbit vibrators, dual-action vibes combine the reliability of clitoral stimulation with the depth of G-spot stimulation to give you blended orgasms that are extra-strong and wonderfully satisfying. Plus, they’re ergonomically designed to take all the guesswork out of the process, so you get just to lie back and enjoy the ride.

Dual-stimulation vibrators like the Pirouette are an excellent fit for any type of play you may have planned. They’re a powerful way to take control of your own pleasure for sure, but they can bring a lot to partner play, as well. The Pirouette is a great fit for whatever you’ve got in mind.

Graceful and Effective Design

The Pirouette’s elegant curves are about more than good looks. Every dip and swell was expertly designed with your ultimate pleasure in mind. It’s also specially sculpted to fill you up without being overwhelming. Meanwhile, power motors and premium body-safe silicone combine to convey deep, penetrating vibrations right where you crave them most.

The Pirouette’s internal arm is gracefully arched to make finding your G-spot simple, easy, and effortless. No more wondering whether you’re hitting the right spot or not! It also swirls, twirls, and rotates a full 360 degrees once it’s inside you for even more delicious sensation.

An angled external arm is equipped with a double-pronged clitoral stimulator that’s perfect for tickling yours in all the right ways. FemmeFunn has done the hard work of figuring out the logistics, so all you have to do is enjoy.

Multiple Vibrations Modes to Try

If you’re used to bare-bones vibrators that only have one vibration mode to work with, then you’re in for a real treat with the Pirouette. It comes equipped with eight different vibration settings to explore and experiment with. Start low and slow before trying the higher settings if you like, or keep things ultra-intense all the way through.

When you’re ready to go over the edge with a bang or want a jolt of extra stimulation, try activating the Pirouette’s incredible boost button. It means several ecstatic seconds of stimulation over and above the highest vibration setting for a special treat you’ll love. And your Pirouette couldn’t be easier to control. A handy ergonomic remote keeps you comfortably in the driver’s seat even in the heat of the moment.

Play the Way You Want To

Of course, it’s not enough for a vibrator to be powerful, beautiful, and tons of fun to use. A genuinely next-level vibrator is versatile enough to fit seamlessly into your intimate life however you like to play, and the Pirouette does that and then some.

To begin with, its powerful motors also happen to be whisper-quiet. You get easy access to the stimulation you need without having to worry that you’re waking your children, roommates, or neighbors. The Pirouette is also waterproof, so you can enjoy it wherever you like, including the bathtub or the shower. It’s even harness-compatible to take the guesswork out of enjoying the good vibrations with a partner if strap-on play is something the two of you enjoy.

Unbeatable Quality and Craftsmanship

Vibrators have a lot in common with cell phones, computers, or cars in that they’re electronics you rely on for a lot. It’s to your benefit to invest in high-quality, high-performance options like the Pirouette if you’re serious about your pleasure. Discriminating women know that reliably satisfying pleasure is all about getting their hands on the best possible tools, and FemmeFunn has quality in the bag.

Next-level motors, premium medical-grade silicone, and cutting-edge technology are just a few of the things you can count on when it comes to any vibrating toy in the FemmeFunn collection, and the Pirouette is no exception. Add it to your collection today, and prepare to fall madly in love at first buzz!

7 of the Best Bullet Vibrators by FemmeFunn

1. Ultra Bullet

The Ultra Bullet was initially designed with one clear goal in mind – to blow every other bullet on the market entirely out of the water. Not only is it among the most powerful vibrating bullets on the market today, but it’s small enough to take it on the go and use it wherever you like.

Handy one-touch button controls let you intuitively explore 20 different vibration settings. A convenient memory function remembers where you left off the last time you played and gets you right back to it in a flash. The Ultra Bullet is even waterproof, so you can confidently take it with you the next time you want to pamper yourself during tub time.


2. Booster Bullet

If you love the idea of the Ultra Bullet but want to experience the most potent possible version of what it brings to the table, then you don’t want to miss out on the Booster Bullet. It’s got everything pleasure-seekers love about the Ultra – the sleek design, powerful but quiet motor, and impressive variety of settings. However, it also comes equipped with our famous boost button.

Use the Booster’s intuitive one-touch operation system to experience as many of its 20 vibration settings as you like. Then, when you’re ready, hit the boost button for a world-changing burst of extra oomph.


3. Bougie Bullet

The Bougie Bullet is FemmeFunn’s love letter to discriminating toy connoisseurs everywhere, and it shows. Coated with sleek, irresistible anodized aluminum, it’s got some seriously sexy good looks going on. You’ll also love the way it glides over your skin and conveys powerful vibrations like an absolute dream.

Experiment with 20 delicious vibration settings, our signature boost button, and a flawless memory function that always remembers exactly where you left off in your adventures. Enjoy your Bougie Bullet in the tub, take it along with you on vacation, or bring it into the bedroom to enjoy with your lover in style.


4. Versa Bullet

The Versa is one of the latest newcomers to our catalog, and it’s also one of our most powerful masterpieces yet. Smooth and delightfully compact, the Versa is easy to take with you anywhere. Just slip it into the inside pocket of your purse, your glove compartment, or your pocket, and enjoy it at your leisure! Whisper-quiet operation and discreet dimensions won’t leave anyone the wiser.

An ultra-powerful motor delivers deep, rumbling vibrations that are sure to satisfy. Put it through its paces using the handy ergonomic remote to explore seven different settings, each more powerful than the last.


5. Versa P

Our new and powerful Versa bullet was designed with adventurous toy lovers in mind, so there are three different Versa pleasure sleeves to explore in addition to the bullet itself. The Versa P comes with both the Versa and the uniquely shaped P sleeve.

The P sleeve is all about versatility, so you can use it to stimulate yourself or a partner in a variety of different ways. It’s tapered for a user-friendly experience and textured to awaken every last one of your nerve endings. It also comes equipped with a flared handle base to keep you in the driver’s seat at all times.


6. Versa S

The Versa S package pairs the Versa with our legendary S sleeve. The S is all about deep, penetrating stimulation that satisfies unlike anything else. It’s exquisitely designed to take the guesswork out of locating and activating the G-spot, in particular.

The S also features a robust suction cup base that makes it easy to indulge in a little hands-free action. And if you feel like getting your partner involved in your fun? Your Versa S is fully harness-compatible, so go ahead and let your imagination run wild.


7. Versa T


If you love the way the teasing, gentle fluttering of a lover’s tongue feels against your sensitive anatomy, then the Versa T is the Versa for you. The T’s innovative design perfectly mimics the shape and stimulation style of an eager tongue.

And, of course, you’ll enjoy all seven of the Versa’s powerful vibration settings, the convenience of our intuitive remote control, and a level of power you’ll have to experience to believe. Fall madly in love with the T attachment, and then explore the others, right here at FemmeFunn!



How to Spot and Avoid Sexual Red Flags

Ask anyone who’s survived a bad relationship or two, and they’ll tell you the same thing. They’ll say they should have seen it coming because all the red flags were there right from day one. With any luck, they go into their next relationship a little better prepared.

Not all relationship red flags have to do with the other person not supporting your goals or not wanting you to see your friends, though. Some of them make themselves apparent in the bedroom, so it pays to be aware. Here’s a look at some of the most common sexual red flags and what you should do if you spot them.

They have an unhealthy attitude toward your orgasm.

A good relationship partner understands that sex is about both people involved. They want to please you, and they care whether you’re having an orgasm as often as you wish. Avoid people who don’t care whether you get off and can’t be bothered to try to help you get there.

You’ll also want to be careful of people who seem obsessed with getting you there no matter what. A partner should be able to listen when you tell them it’s just not happening tonight without taking it personally. And no one should ever shame you or imply something’s wrong with you if you can’t orgasm through penetration alone, need a sex toy to get there consistently, and so forth.

They insult your body (or you worry they will.)

Even supermodels aren’t as perfect in real life as their flawlessly airbrushed photos might make them appear. Real people usually have flaws. They have cellulite, stretch marks, and armpit fat. Anyone lucky enough to be in bed with you should be mature enough to accept that, especially since it’s unlikely they’re perfect themselves.

It’s just as big a red flag if their actions outside of the bedroom make you feel like you can’t trust them to love your body as it is. Do they often make weird or unsettling comments about other women’s bodies? Do they practically break their neck staring at every stone goddess that walks by when you’re out together? If so, you’re probably right to wonder about their priorities.

They shame you for what you do or don’t like in bed.

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping things on the vanilla side if that’s what you prefer, there’s an entire world of sexual flavors out there to try. A particular partner may or may not be into exploring everything on your list, but they should never make you feel ashamed of what turns you on or laugh at any of your fantasies.

On the flip side, they shouldn’t pressure you to do things you’re not comfortable with, either. If your partner ever makes you feel like you can’t say “no” to something they want in the bedroom, that’s a big sexual red flag, run the other way. Their respect for you as a person should outweigh their desire to do whatever it is they have in mind.

The chemistry isn’t there on your end.

Sometimes a particular partner looks good on paper, but things never really come together when it’s time to get closer physically. Are you sometimes put off by kissing or making out with them for reasons you don’t totally understand? Maybe you don’t feel as excited as you usually would about the idea of being intimate with them or can’t get into things without pretending they’re someone else.

If not exactly a huge red flag, it’s still a subtle signal from your body that you’re not that into someone. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s still significant. Life’s too short to spend it with someone in your bed who makes you feel lukewarm at best about the idea of having sex with them.

You can’t seem to agree when it counts.

No two people will be exactly alike when it comes to their sex drives and bedroom preferences, but you should at least feel like compromise is possible. If you’re just so darned different that the two of you are basically taking turns feeling unsatisfied, that’s a sexual red flag and it might be time to rethink some things.

Are you in the mood to get down and dirty multiple times a week (or even per day) while they’re happy with only a couple of times a month? Is their absolute favorite bedroom activity something you find barely tolerable at best? Are they good at listening when you try to open specific topics up for conversation? If not, it might be a sign you’re not that compatible after all.

Relationships may not be all about sex, but the state of your sex life and the health of the rest of your relationship often go hand in hand. If things aren’t right in the bedroom, and you can’t seem to find any common ground with your partner, it might be time to reconsider.

Meet the Delola: An Elevated Approach to the Classic Rabbit

A basic, inexpensive vibrator may be perfectly fine when you’re brand new to sex toys, but there comes a day in every woman’s life when she’s ready for more. She wants to unlock her body’s full potential for experiencing pleasure, and she’s looking for the perfect tool to help her get there.

Rabbit vibrators are now famous for being game changers in this department. Robust and built to please, a good rabbit vibe is a woman’s best friend when it comes to achieving genuinely next-level blended orgasms. FemmeFunn’s Delola takes the classic rabbit to luxurious new levels you’ll want to experience firsthand.

Why Go After a Blended Orgasm?

The easiest, quickest way for most women to experience orgasm is through direct external clitoral stimulation. However, G-spot orgasms are great, as well, bringing a more profound quality to the experience. Now picture an orgasm that’s the best of both worlds – one that comes by combining external and internal stimulation. That’s a blended orgasm.

Although any orgasm can be a positively transformative experience, blended orgasms often feel deeper, more penetrating, and more satisfying. While you can undoubtedly experience them with a partner, it often pays to practice achieving blended orgasms on your own first, and the Delola is the perfect vibe for the job.

Irresistible Sculpted Design

Although power is a must in a rabbit-style vibrator, it’s critical not to underestimate the importance of shape. The Delola is beautifully sculpted and curved in all the right places, the better to make sure every last one of your nerve endings is fully awakened during your pleasure session.

  • A gracefully ribbed internal arm is perfectly angled to take all the guesswork out of finding, stimulating, and pleasing your G-spot. Pronounced ripples ensure every thrust, dip, and caress feels like a dream come true.
  • The Delola’s external arm was designed with just as much consideration for what your body likes. Once the internal arm is comfortably inside you, the external arm curves protectively over your clitoris. Additional rippling makes sure it indeed rubs you the right way as you enjoy yourself.

The Delola also features FemmeFunn’s signature premium silicone. It’s firm on the inside but soft, liquid, and velvety on the outside for a realistic feel that will take you over the edge in absolute style. And, of course, it’s body-safe, hypoallergenic, and an absolute snap to take care of. A little soap and water or a spritz of your favorite toy cleaner are all it takes to sanitize your Delola in preparation for your next pleasure session.

Powerful Multi-Function Motor

FemmeFunn’s celebrated line of signature vibrators is famous for its powerful motors and intuitive, user-friendly controls, and the Delola is certainly no exception. Supercharged motors are strategically placed to target deep, rumbling vibrations right where your body wants them most for a satisfying, effortlessly pleasurable experience every time.

Choose from eight internal and external vibration settings, each more intense and titillating than the last. Stick with one all the way through your experience or cycle through several via the Delola’s user-friendly touch-button controls. And for those moments that call for a little extra oomph, there’s always the boost button. Use yours to add nuance to your whole experience or right at the end to send yourself over the edge with a bang.

A Whole New World of Sensations to Explore

Whether vibrators are brand new to your self-pleasure routine or you’ve been swearing by them for a while now, the Delola has something magical to offer anyone. Experienced toy users will love how thoughtfully designed it is and marvel at how it improves upon a classic design by elevating it to new heights. Newbies will enjoy a world-class introduction to everything that makes toy-assisted play so wonderful.

Of course, this isn’t to say the Delola is strictly for solo pleasure. As is the case with any good sex toy, your Delola can also bring a new level of intimacy to partnered play. Ultra-hygienic, body-conscious silicone ensures a sanitary experience, while the sheer power of the Delola makes it capable of pleasing absolutely anyone’s anatomy. Just pick your favorite setting, and enjoy.

Play That Fits Seamlessly into Your Life

Some vibrators are more convenient than others when it comes to how and where you can play. A user-friendly, cordless design and splash-proof construction make it easy to enjoy the Delola on your own terms. Ample but manageable dimensions let you easily slip it into a purse or overnight bag for pleasure that travels with you. And when it’s time to power back up, you can revive your Delola via a handy magnetic charging system.

Naturally, everyone’s different and will enjoy different things about what a rabbit vibe brings to the table. However, if there is such a thing as a vibe capable of pleasing everyone, it’s the Delola. Find out why today!

How to Have the Strongest Orgasms of Your Life

So, you’ve finally mastered the fine art of having an orgasm whenever you want one. Now it’s officially time to raise the bar when it comes to their quality. Toe-curling, earth-shattering orgasms that make you swear your life just changed aren’t flukes the way you might think.

You can enjoy stronger orgasms any time you like if you know how to go about it, both on your own or with your partner. Here are some tips and techniques to try that will help you get there. The explosive orgasms you’re after will be regular occurrences before you know it.

Get serious about those Kegels.

Your pelvic floor muscles play a critical role in the overall strength of your orgasms, so Kegels aren’t just a good idea. Getting into the habit of doing them regularly will give your sex life a serious boost on several levels. You’ll be tighter and more toned down there, so you’ll really feel your partner, vibrator, or fingers inside you. When it’s orgasm time, you’ll also climax a lot harder. Using a Kegel exerciser like the Momenta is a great way to tone those muscles.

If you enjoy penetrative sex or play with a partner, you won’t exactly be hearing any complaints from them, either. Not only will they be thrilled to see how thoroughly you’re enjoying yourself, but you’ll feel incredible from their end of things.

Pay attention to your breathing.

Your breathing may not seem like something that would make a massive difference in the quality of your orgasm, but it does. It can also make the process of getting aroused in the first place easier, quicker, and more effective.

Try experimenting with different breathing patterns the next few times you’re chasing an orgasm. See what happens with your body when you switch from short, quick breaths to long, deep ones and back again. You may well find that specific breathing techniques make you orgasm harder or get you to that point a lot more quickly.

Consider a vibrator upgrade.

Many women assume one vibrator is just as good as another, so they consistently go for the cheapest, most basic options. They’re also doing themselves a serious disservice when it comes to the quality of their orgasms. Better vibrators have motors that are more powerful and are made of materials that convey the vibrations better. That alone is enough to lead to orgasms that are noticeably more powerful and satisfying.

Better-quality vibrators (like the ones you’ll find in the FemmeFunn catalog) often involve designs that are more innovative and thoughtful, as well. Many come equipped with unique features that stimulate you better or help you unlock hidden sweet spots, as well. FemmeFunn toys, in particular, are especially good at elevating the quality of your average orgasm, so it’s well worth taking one for a spin.

Hit the gym more often.

Staying on top of your exercise regimen is about more than looking good and being responsible for your health. It makes you better and more efficient at just about anything physical, as well. This totally includes sex of all kinds, partnered and otherwise. To begin with, it makes you stronger, more flexible, and capable of really going the distance when it’s time to get down and dirty.

It also improves your circulation quality by leaps and bounds – something that’s directly related to how often and how powerfully you climax. How you stay fit is entirely up to you, so don’t sweat it if morning jogs or traditional gyms aren’t your things. Dancing, walking, and just about anything else that gets you moving counts, so go ahead and think outside the box.

Experiment with new approaches.

Sex is most satisfying when it’s fresh, fun, and exciting, so staying out of ruts is essential if you’re serious about keeping those orgasms healthy and robust. If you have a partner, make it a point to switch things up regularly. Experiment with different positions. Change things up when it comes to location. Take turns sharing fantasies and looking for new ways to push your boundaries, both individually and as a couple.

You’re not off the hook when it comes to your solo sessions, either. Getting to know your body and discovering how it likes to be touched isn’t something you do once, and then you’re done. Keep experimenting and trying different things. Take different lubes for a spin, dabble in temperature play, actively look for new erogenous zones, and try different types of toys. The variety will keep things exciting and ensure your orgasms keep on curling your toes.

Having the ultimate orgasm is something that can happen anytime you like. It’s all about discovering which techniques and approaches work best for you. The best way to do that is to practice, practice, and practice some more – something you no doubt won’t mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today, and upgrade your orgasms for good.


5 Ways Using a Sex Toy Can Help You Beat the Blues This Winter

There are plenty of excellent reasons to make a luxury vibrator a standard part of your personal routine. Vibrators help you get to know your body better and discover a full range of pleasure-giving sensations. If you’re the type who likes to share your toys with your partner every so often, a good vibrator can keep sex exciting and satisfying for both of you.

Vibrators aren’t just good for your physical wellbeing, either. They help promote excellent mental health in a variety of ways, as well, so yours should definitely be part of your plan to keep the winter blues at bay this year. Here’s a closer look at how and why.

1.      You’ll sleep a lot better.

Even the worst problems have a way of looking solvable in the morning and with good reason. A good night’s sleep helps regulate your moods, allows your body to heal, and reboots your brain, so it’s ready for action the following day. However, longing for a good night’s sleep and getting one are two different matters.

Why not skip the sleeping pills in favor of a more natural method that’s much better for you? A romp with your vibrator before bed encourages your body to release calm-inducing hormones like oxytocin and other natural endorphins that help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The better you sleep and the more rested you are, the better equipped you’ll be to take winter by the horns this year.

2.      You’ll feel more body-confident.

If you’re like most people, the winter blahs have a way of eating away at your sense of confidence in your body. You’re more likely to indulge in too many extra cocktails and helpings of your favorite foods. You’re less likely to go the extra mile at the gym (if you make it to the gym at all.) Plus, there’s only so much snow and cold a person can take before they’re just over it. Not exactly a recipe for feeling like your best self!

Getting up close and personal with your favorite sex toys can help with that. Studies show people who masturbate at least once a week feel more connected to their bodies and better about their looks overall than those who don’t. What’s not to love about a body that can produce a sensation as incredible as an orgasm? Plus, sex of any kind (masturbation included) is excellent exercise, so it can help keep those extra winter pounds from adding up too much.

3.      You’ll lower your chances of developing seasonal depression.

The fact that you feel fantastic after having an orgasm that curls your toes isn’t your imagination. The better the orgasm, the bolder the rush of feel-good endorphins you experience as a result. Endorphins are natural mood boosters and pain relievers, so they’re potent ways to fight those winter blue, grey feelings that overtakes so many of us as the days get shorter.

Don’t be afraid to get as vigorous as you like when it comes to your play. The livelier your pleasure sessions happen to be, the higher their fitness value. Exercise is another powerful way to trigger an excellent endorphin rush, so go ahead and make it count.

4.      You’ll strengthen your bond with your partner.

If you’ve never brought your favorite sex toys into the bedroom to share with your partner and need a good reason to take the plunge, the cold months of winter are the perfect excuse. Couples who are in the habit of experimenting together tend to be closer overall and report more significant degrees of satisfaction with their sex lives.

What better way to beat the winter blues that can set in during the colder season than a few naughty play sessions with your beloved? Use waterproof toys to make warm, soothing couple’s bubble baths extra relaxing. Start a pleasure chest and take turns picking out new items to add to it during joint shopping sessions. Use toys to discover and share new sensations. Coming down with a case of the blues will be the furthest thing from your mind.

5.      It’s a great way to treat yourself.

Making it through a long winter in one piece isn’t impossible, but sometimes it’s easier when you treat yourself to the occasional indulgence. Sex toys pack a lot of potential in this department. In the mood for a little shopping therapy? Nix the urge to buy yet another sweater or pair of jeans and add something new, like the Delola, to your nightstand drawer instead.

In desperate need of an all-day pampering session? Start with some super-indulgent skincare and follow up with a long bubble bath complete with some waterproof toy play. Add some candlelight, a glass of wine, and your favorite music, and you’ll be feeling good as new in no time. Try it and see!

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Why Every Man Should Have a Prostate Orgasm Once in Their Lifetime The Magic of the female orgasm Strengthening your pelvic floor for better sex Sex Toys for Men – 5 Incredible Adult Toys for Men SEX TOY SHOWDOWN: Dildo vs Vibrator