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Sex Toys for Men: 5 Incredible Adult Toys Designed With His Needs in Mind

By now, just about everyone in the know has gotten the memo that sex toys aren’t just for women. They also make incredible additions to any couple’s bedroom repertoire. And there are more and more men out there discovering the many ways male-oriented toys can kick their pleasure experiences up a notch or two, as well.

Some of the best male sex toys on the market these days can be found right here at FemmeFunn in our Forto collection. So, whether you’re a guy shopping around for the perfect way to enhance your sex life or a considerate lover looking for the perfect naughty gift, you’ve come to the right place.

This list of sex toys for men is highly recommended by our many happy customers.

1.      Thruster

FORTO Thrusting-Prostate Vibrator With Box

Guys who’d love to own a lifelike motorized toy of their very own, but want something with a masculine look to it, will want to take a look at the Thruster. A natural design features a realistic head, robust ridging, and a wickedly curved shaft that’s perfect for activating your sensitive P-spot.

Irresistible real-feel liquid silicone feels like a dream come true and is body-safe, as well.

And best of all, the Thruster is powered by our trademark motor for the most profound, penetrating sensations. Cycle your way through seven different thrust speeds, each more intense than the last, for an unforgettable experience every time..

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2.      Vibrating Ribbed Plug


Whether you’re looking for a powerful way to elevate your solo sessions or want something to wear while you’re making love to your partner, it’s hard to go wrong with a good-quality anal plug.

Plugs are terrific hands-free ways to activate your nerve-rich backdoor, and Forto’s answer to a classic vibrating option is a must-have.

The Vibrating Ribbed Plug features a stimulating ribbed design made to activate all of your body’s hidden sweet spots. A tapered head makes insertion easy, while a gracefully flared suction base keeps your plug right where you want it.

Last but not least, a supercharged motor features ten different vibration modes for you to explore. Control your experience via the simple touch button at the base or via a handy remote instead.

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3.      3-Piece C-Ring Set


Although some male sex toys might not necessarily be a great fit for every toy-curious guy out there, a good cock ring is a strong exception.

Just about anyone with a penis can appreciate the benefits cock rings bring to the table, as they’re desirable to everyone. Plus, they’re simple, affordable, user-friendly, and approachable.

This three-piece C-ring set from Forto quite literally comes equipped with something for everyone. Choose from three different sizes ranging from average to robust. Stretchy, body-safe silicone expands up to twice its original size to fit even the amplest anatomy.

Stay hard, last longer, and experience more powerful orgasms right from your first play session.

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4.      F-19 Curved Plug with Pull Ring

If you’re looking for a backdoor toy with a little more versatility than your average anal plug has, then you’ll love this beautifully curved silicone option.

A classic phallic head gives you that lifelike experience you crave, while a pronounced curved shaft ensures that no nerve ending will be left unsatisfied by your play.

But the real gamechanger with the F-19 is the strong pull ring built right into the base. That ring makes this toy incredibly easy to guide and control as you play, turning it into an effective anal probe.

It also makes removing your F-19 when you’re finished with all your fun simple, easy, and effortless. Keep it all to yourself, or use it to show your partner a good time the next time you’re of a mind to share. It’s up to you!

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5.      Rattler Spade

If you like your anal plugs unmotorized but still appreciate a design that brings extra sensation to the table, explore the possibilities with Forto’s Rattler Spade. Available in three different sizes and two sophisticated colors, this buttery-smooth, user-friendly silicone plug treats you to that wonderfully full feeling you love.

The body of the plug also conceals a rattling ball for a notable boost in the stimulation department. A tapered tip makes it easy to slide your plug into place, while a flared base and a slimline stem make it comfortable to wear for as long as you like. Enjoy a unique combination of sensations while you have sex, partake in a solo session, or even just go about your day with your plug firmly in place.

Of course, these are just a handful of the sex toys for men available from the Forto line, but they represent a terrific sampling to start with. Then explore the rest of the Forto toys in our current catalog. You’re sure to find something that’s just what you’ve been looking to add to your toy chest!

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4 Reasons to Make FemmeFunn Your Toy Brand of Choice

A sex toy may be mostly a means to an end for some women, but what about those of us who can’t help but get excited about all the possibilities a good toy can really bring to the table? What about the women who are really serious about taking control of their own pleasure and exploring the full potential of their sexuality?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’ve seen one vibrator, you’ve seen them all. The FemmeFunn catalog is all about exploring and embracing as many possibilities as you like when it comes to your personal pleasure. Here’s a closer look at why FemmeFunn is the toy brand to beat for empowered women everywhere.

  1. FemmeFunn nails next-level takes on classic designs. 

If you’ve been around the block a time or two when it comes to sex toys in general, then the chances are pretty good that you already know exactly why certain toy styles are as popular as they are. Take the classic rabbit-style vibrator, to name just one example. It’s second to none when it comes to helping women have the powerful blended orgasms their bodies crave. However, even something awesome can always be improved.

FemmeFunn has a real knack for taking time-tested designs and maximizing their full potential on a level meant to satisfy even the most discriminating toy lovers. For instance, FemmeFunn’s take on the rabbit vibe enhances the design you already love with a powerful rotation function, multiple rotation speeds, and 360-degree turbo technology, making it better than ever.

  1. No two toys are exactly the same.

You won’t find any filler toys or duplicates in the FemmeFunn catalog. Each option is specially designed to deliver a completely unique pleasure experience unlike the one you’d get from any other toy on the market, including other toys in the FemmeFunn family. That means that whether you’re looking for your next one and only, “does it all” sex toy or are ultimately aspiring to build a bigger, more expansive collection, you’re bound to find something that fits the bill.

There are no extraneous features on any of the toys in the FemmeFunn collection either. Every nuance, divot, bump, and curve are there to add to your use experience on one level or another. In many cases, a FemmeFunn toy comes attached to multiple ways to explore your body (or someone else’s), so you never run out of new ways to enjoy your experience.

  1. FemmeFunn toys epitomize excellent craftsmanship.

FemmeFunn is famous for being a luxury toy brand, a manufacturer that specializes in creating the best sex toys on the market using some of the very best materials on earth. As touched on above, a lot of tender loving care goes into the design process of each toy before it’s deemed worthy of a permanent spot in the catalog. Every single one is unique and occupies a class all by itself. Some will remind you of incredible toy options you’ve enjoyed in the past, but none of them will be exactly like anything else you’ve ever used before.

You can also rest easy in the knowledge that FemmeFunn toys are made from the best materials and components available. Think buttery smooth medical-grade silicone that perfectly hits that sweet spot between firm and flexible, as well as powerful motors that never let you down or leave you hanging. You’ll find some of the latest and greatest sex toy technology present and accounted for in FemmeFunn’s celebrated catalog to boot.

And did we mention that they’re pretty? Graceful curves, elegant shapes, and beautiful designer colors ensure that each of your new toys will be as much a treat to look at and hold as it will be to play with.

  1. Push boundaries on your own or with a partner.

At FemmeFunn, we don’t see a woman’s sexuality as something she only discovers once. It’s something that grows, evolves, and changes with her as she lives out her life and learns new things about who she is as a person. We also believe a really well-rounded collection of toys makes it easy and fun to keep on pushing boundaries and exploring new sensations indefinitely, both on one’s own and with a sexual partner.

In addition to a wonderful collection of vibrators and stimulators, FemmeFunn is proud and pleased to also offer a wealth of other options. Experiment with the most lifelike dildos on the market when you check out our Vortex collection or get to know your back door with our selection of anal toys. FemmeFunn even carries an entire line of sophisticated sex toys for men, so there’s truly something here for everyone.

Something wonderful happens when you make the decision to unlock your full sexual potential with next-level toys that are up to the challenge. Isn’t it time you experienced the difference for yourself?

Sex Toys for Men: Why You Should Try Them and Where to Get Started

Although people tend to think of sex toys as being strictly for women, nothing could be further from the truth. According to one study conducted by Indiana University back in 2009, about 45 percent of all men between the ages of 18 and 65 have taken a vibrator for a spin at least once in their lives. Connections have also been made over the years between male vibrator use and better sexual function, as well as a higher likelihood to prioritize responsibilities like sexual health.

In other words, vibrator use for men is more than just an option that’s totally on the table these days. It’s one that’s well worth exploring whether you’re a man yourself or a woman with a male partner who’s open to experimentation. Here are some excellent reasons to give them a try for yourself, as well as some suggestions to start with.

Why Every Man Should Consider a Male Sex Toy

  • Unlock New Pleasure Zones 
  • There are two types of guys out there in the world. The first type has discovered their prostate in a sexual context and the second has no idea what they’re missing. Prostate stimulation is one of the most powerful ways to take the male orgasm to the next level, and the right toys can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding it.
  • Elevate Solo SessionsThese days, it’s socially acceptable and even fashionable for women to take pride in the fact that they enjoy self-pleasure and engage in it regularly. Options like male vibrators give men the opportunity to do the same thing, so they’re definitely inclusivity at its finest.
  • Be a Better Lover Masturbating with the right vibrator can be a game changer for women when it comes to learning how they like to be touched and becoming better at communicating in the bedroom in general. Regular toy use can help a man take his bedroom game to the next level as well. Among other things, it can help him learn to last longer and give him lots of ideas as to what he’d like to try the next time he’s in bed with his partner.

In other words, the right sex toy can be just as beneficial for a man as it is for a woman. It can help him explore and become comfortable with his body and everything it can feel when it comes to pleasure. It can introduce him to exciting new sensations that make both solo sex and partnered lovemaking better than ever as well.

A Few FemmeFunn Male Toys to Try

Although many of the toys in the FemmeFunn catalog were definitely made with women in mind, you won’t want to overlook our section of toys for him. We’re just as dedicated to helping men take their pleasure sessions to new heights as well and the following options are great choices to start with.

Vibrating Butt Plug

Whether you’re currently in the market for your first toy or have been experimenting for years now, our classic vibrating butt plug is always a wise pick. To begin with, it couldn’t possibly be more user friendly with its simple one-button operation system. Explore up to 20 different vibration modes, patterns, and intensities with ease. It’s compact, portable, waterproof, and quiet as well.

Rattler Spade

If you’re somewhat familiar with the experience a prostate stimulator or plug brings to the table, but would like to play around with some new sensations, then you’ll definitely want to take a second look at our Rattler Spade. It’s a silky-smooth plug made of premium body-safe silicone, so it’s similar to toys you may have used in the past. However, it houses an internal ball that rolls and rattles around inside as you move and play. Perfect for adding a little extra stimulation to many experiences!

Vibrating Anal Beads

Our vibrating anal beads are like two toys in one – a classic anal vibrator combined with the extra sensation of a bead string. Our stimulating beaded design opens the door to lots of play options while a 20-mode vibration function ensures no nerve ending will be left inactivated. You’ll love how flexible and discreet it is as well.

Of course, these are just a few of the many next-level products for men we offer here at FemmeFunn. Definitely don’t resist the urge to try others, either on your own or with your partner. Life’s too short and pleasure is too multifaceted not to explore all the possibilities!

Where Do I Find Anal Sex Toys For Sale?

Anal toys have several wonderful benefits for the human body that give you ultimate pleasure. If you are curious whether to buy FemmeFunn butt plugs, this blog may help you figure out if it is right for you. Discovering anal waterproof flexible plugs is like discovering a whole different world. In this post, we will help explain exactly how these special toys work, how they will give you uttermost satisfaction, and some safety tips.

Why Buy Anal Waterproof Flexible Plugs?

Let’s start with the basics- butt plugs give you a whole new level of play. If you have never used a butt plug before, we definitely suggest starting off with a small one, and moving up once you are ready. This may hurt you in the beginning if you start off right away with a larger-sized toy, which is why we provide a variety of sizes. Whether you are using these toys for anal intercourse preparation or just for foreplay, both ways will definitely improve bedroom experience. If you are kinky and curious, butt toys are definitely something we suggest experimenting with, either alone or with a partner.

silicone anal toy

One of the great benefits of a butt plug is that you are able to be hands-free, while still feeling pleasure and heavy sensation. Meaning, this toy can be left inside while you are playing in other ways. The main feeling that anal toys provide is that full feeling down there. The pressure that you will feel from the insertion of this toy will be phenomenal. Many people enjoy the extra pressure because it allows more individuals to feel the climax quicker than normal.  Feel free to have intercourse or please your partner while the butt plug is working and in action.

FemmeFunn’s butt toys are made of either stainless steel or silicone. The silicone plugs are our most popular, because of the smooth and silky feeling it gives off when in use. They come in different shapes, including anal bead plugs with vibration modes, pointer silicone plugs, cone-shaped plugs, and more. Plus, they come with safety handles so you do not need to worry about your toy getting stuck in your buttocks.

buy cheap anal toys

Last but not least, since your purchased toy will most likely be made of silicone, it is important to keep it clean. Our products are always 100% waterproof, so washing them with lukewarm water after use and gentle soap or our cleansing products is necessary. You do not want to risk not taking care of the toys because you are inserting them into your body. Dirt and bacteria can build up and eventually give you infections or other types of illnesses if not taken care of.

Are you curious about anal sex toys for sale? FemmeFunn has a huge selection of anal toys that you will love to play with! Shop FemmeFunn butt plugs here.

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