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Find Your Ideal Sex Toy According To Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the ideal sex toy is a complex undertaking. There are loads of factors to consider before you spend money on something you can’t always return if it’s not a good fit.

While using zodiac signs to pick sex toys may seem a little kooky at first, if you believe in the powers of the zodiac—or just relate to your sun, moon, or rising sign—it’s actually a terrific place to start your sex toy search. 

Typically, each zodiac sign is associated with specific personality traits that make it simpler to guess what someone is like (or likes) in bed. 

Alas, (in the name of good fun) we’ve taken things a step further… We’ve whittled down the best sex toys for every zodiac sign. Think of it as a selection of sex toys for a more personalized approach to some starry-eyed pleasure!

Whether you believe in the power of the stars or just think that it’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo, taking notes on these toys can provide you with an excellent blueprint for future gift-giving ideas and help decode the character traits of your orgasm. 

There’s a lot to learn from the joyful eclecticism of Aquarius, or Taurus’ taste for the finer things in life. From the luxury-loving and stubborn Taurus to the super sexual Scorpio, there’s a sex toy for every zodiac sign!

And, if you’re feeling hesitant about trying something new, just remember: It’s written in the stars.


The battering ram of the zodiac—the sign that leaps first and looks second! Aries seek to maximize their pleasure in the most efficient but also exhilarating way possible; fanning their fire through direct and precise touch directed toward their pleasure centers. 

This thrill-seeking fire sign, known for its energy, enthusiasm, and impulsivity, desires to be the greatest at everything, including self-pleasure. Aries people don’t have the time or inclination to be bogged down by elaborate fantasy scenarios or clumsy gadgets when masturbating.

When it comes to their ideal sex toy, Aries craves something powerful—in fact, the larger and more powerful, the better! The Essenza Thrusting Vibrator is a dual stimulation vibrator that targets the clit and the sensitive front wall of the vagina, often known as the G-spot. 


Made from body-safe silicone and 100% waterproof, the 7 thrust speeds and 3 external vibration modes will keep passionate Aries coming back for more!

Get your Essenza Here


Taurus is considered to be the zodiac’s most epicurean sign. This alluring earth sign adores tactile encounters that titillate the senses via touch, taste, sight, and sound. 

Taureans are exceptionally turned on by physical manifestations of romance since they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Tauruses demand an utterly sumptuous experience when it comes to self-gratification. 

Lighting candles, taking a warm bath, or applying a sensually scented moisturizer (or lube) is a pleasure-seeking Taurus’ idea of creating the mood for perfect foreplay.

Never one to shy away from anything luxurious, the oh-so-stylish Bougie Bullet is right up Taurus’ alley. 

Sleek and sophisticated, this bullet offers 20 vibration settings and a memory function so that you can pick up from where you last left off. 

Bougie Bullet Gift

Guaranteed to bring a piece of heaven to earth, this beautiful little bullet is 100% waterproof, whisper-quiet, and comes with a gorgeous magnetic charging case

Trust us, for a Taurean…it will be love at first sight.

Get your Bougie Bullet Here


Wild in bed and always down to broaden their sex lives in new and creative ways, Geminis often hunt for toys that will tickle their fancy in different and exciting ways. 

A sex toy with dual stimulation is theeee perfect match for this twin sign.

Providing ultimate pleasure to the G-spot with its curved tip and the clitoris with the rabbit ears, the Pirouette is the pleasure partner every Gemini needs in their life. 


Made from premium liquid silicone, the Pirouette is beautifully designed and features 8 powerful rabbit modes and 360 rotation technology. 

And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a turbo button, is whisper-quiet, and is easily chargeable. So, while it may be hard to keep a Gemini interested for very long, the Pirouette is sure to do the trick!

Get your Pirouette Here


Ruled by the intuitive, emotional moon, Cancerians are heartfelt, sentimental, and big on caring for their loved ones. Cancerians yearn to be needed and love intimacy, so the super-powerful Versa bullet vibrator is a welcome addition to any sort of solo or couple’s play.

It’s small but powerful and, when combined with the curved tip of the S sleeve, creates a seriously intimate moment between a Cancerian and their partner. The suction base is harness-compatible and sturdy, empowering you to explore various positions, deep stimulation, and G-spot orgasms. 


Spending time in good old H2O is a must for this sign, and for that reason, the Versa vibe is one Cancerians are sure to adore since it’s 100% waterproof and can easily be used in the bath or shower.

Get your Versa Bullet Here


Luxury is at the top of this fire sign’s list for romance, sex, and self-pleasure. Lion people, who are ruled by the vitality-bringing luminous sun, will spare no expense to enjoy themselves in bed. 

Naturally, they’d gravitate towards a powerful, rumbling wand vibrator that can work out every kink in their bodies, from the back of their necks to… well, you know where. 

As such, there’s no better toy for that job than the Ultra Wand, a perfect addition to the confident Leo’s bedside drawer! 


Compact and ergonomically designed, this wand brings magic into the lives of this fire sign. And since luxury is typically at the top of a Leo’s list, the hexagonal texture of premium, silky-smooth silicone (exclusive to FemmeFunn) adds to the pleasure, while using the boost button is sure to knock their socks off. 

Get your Ultra Wand Here


A mutable earth sign, Virgos are super-cerebral, so it can be hard for them to get out of their heads. They’re also stereotyped as fussy, but they’re really more detail-oriented. 

Virgos aren’t actually ruled by a staid virgin, but the harvest goddesses who pulled abundant goodness from the earth. 

Our super-efficient Virgo queens love natural goods and dedication. For these rather serious perfectionists, consider Momenta for toning Kegels as part of the morning routine. 


Waterproof, discreet, and wirelessly controlled, Momenta provides a sensual combination of vibrations & rattling, making for harmonious strength and stimulation and orgasms on demand.

Get your Momenta Here


Libras, who are ruled by the Goddess Aphrodite, are at their best when surrounded by beauty, and establishing perfect balance is their ultimate objective. 

Although Libras, as rulers of the seventh house of relationship, favor couples’ time over solo play, they would generally enjoy any toy that is aesthetically pleasing, discreet, and fun for all parties involved. 

With 20 arousing vibration modes and soft-to-the-touch silicone, the Booster Bullet checks all these boxes. 

The Booster Bullet’s pulse-pounding pleasure and excitement are balanced with the perfect amount of discretion—it comes with a magnetic charging case that can be used as a travel accessory and sleek, stealthy storage. 


Waterproof and travel-friendly, it’s ready for every intimate Libran adventure!

Get your Booster Bullet Here


Ruled by karmic Pluto, the planet of transformation and god of the underworld, Scorpio is an elusive sign hiding rawness under a cloak of profound mystery. 

Both a curse and blessing, Scorpios are born with a hypnotic aura and intense psychic abilities. 

Connecting body, mind, and soul, this water sign throbs with carnal desire and blood-red passion when in love. 

For Scorpio, it’s all about reaching those hard-to-reach places. Lola G is specifically designed with a curved head to help you reach your G-Spot (or if you have a penis, it’s perfect for prostate stimulation). 

And with 8 vibration modes and a boost mode to choose from, how could you go wrong?

Get your Lola G Here


Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is by far the most adventurous sign in the zodiac. Enthusiastic and optimistic, those born under the sign of the Archer long for travel and new experiences. 

Fire sign Sagittarius launches its many pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after intellectual and spiritual adventures. 

Dioni is sure to do the trick and turn the Archer on, especially since it can be used in different ways to satisfy this curious yet passionate sign. 


As one of the best finger vibrators on the market, Dioni is easy to use in both partnered and solo play and is both waterproof and wireless. 

It delivers exceptional performance thanks to a super powerful motor, 20 vibrating modes, and the boost function amp that are sure to rev any Sag’s engine and tantalize all their erogenous zones.

Get your Dioni Here


Ruled by serious Saturn, those born under the sign of the goat are naturally cautious and reserved. Known for being cool, calm yet driven AF, once Capricorn sets their sights on a goal, they’ll take steady steps to reach the top of that mountain. 

Practical and precise, things that make sense (and a tad more traditional) will sexually excite a Capricorn…And let’s face it, you can’t really get much more straightforward than the Wireless Turbo Rabbit.

The Vortex Series is FemmeFunn’s most traditional pleasure set and is perfectly crafted to replicate the human body. 


Featuring 8 vibration modes, 360-degree motion, and a realistic shape and feel, this wireless rabbit vibrator is sure to get the job done (in the best possible and pleasurable way!) 

Get your Turbo Rabbit Here


Innovative, progressive, and shamelessly revolutionary, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. 

They are ruled by the revolutionary Uranus and are natural-born visionaries and intellectuals. And yet, as they are logical and detached, Aquarius is frequently misunderstood. They love experimenting and acting on their wild, free-spirited wishes. 

Sex with an Aquarian is passionate, fun, and at times, a bit messy! With that being said, there’s a pretty good chance that our Aquarian friends might prefer anal play…and no toy does anal play quite like the Funn Beads.


Made from body-safe silicone, these anal beads are super flexible and are perfect for first-time anal play since they’re equipped with a safety handle and are easy to remove. 

For a sign who hates to feel constrained, slowly pulling out a string of 4 graduated anal beads allows for a terrific feeling of freedom and an awesome release that no Aquarian will forget in a hurry.

Get your Funn Beads Here


Ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams, Pisces is the most intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic sign of the entire zodiac. 

To Piscerians, partnered lovemaking and solo play is an opportunity to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. 

What better way for a Piscean fish to ride the waves of pleasure than with Delola, a dual-density rabbit vibe made to tease and please. 


Delola’s firm silky silicone body and wavy textures feature 8 internal and external vibration modes, which produce deep, pleasurable sensations that are totally in tune with Piscean energy.

Get your Delola Here

Your star-studded conclusion about your ideal sex toy

Whether you buy into astrology or not, you’ve got to admit that pairing your ideal sex toy with your particular star sign is fun. 

So while your zodiac may reveal a lot about your personality and sexual preferences, every single toy listed here is fantastic, and if you do happen to try them, you’ll definitely won’t have anything to lose!

In fact, you may just land up having the best sex of your life… and for that, you can thank the stars.

Top Tips to Maximize Your Masturbation Pleasure

Apart from making you feel fantastic and having a positive effect on your sex life, masturbation has a vast range of positive effects on your overall health and well-being. 

Despite this (and the fact that most individuals masturbate or will at some time), masturbation remains taboo, especially for those with vaginas. 

As a result, aside from porn and the rare sex scene on TV, learning how to masturbate in a way that gets you off while also helping you tune into your body isn’t something that is commonly taught or discussed.

For a long period of time, women’s sexual pleasure was viewed as something we provide to our partners rather than something we enjoy for ourselves. Thankfully, those dog days of putting your pleasure at the back of the line are over. 

Masturbation is natural, powerful, and empowering, and while experiencing an orgasm is an enjoyable side effect, it is far from the only one! Masturbation can also affect how good you feel about yourself, how secure you feel in your body, and how open and receptive you are to your partner.

So how do you make the best of your self-love sesh? Keep reading to find out how to maximize masturbation and make it simply magical!

Don’t make climaxing your goal

Now, this may sound a bit out there… but we’ll say it in any case. Often, the more you want an orgasm, the more difficult it is to achieve one. Some folk orgasm while masturbating, while others do not—or they may experience orgasm every so often. 

Our suggestion? Just relax and don’t place pressure on yourself to climax. While you may wonder what the whole point of the entire exercise is, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll get the same benefits from masturbation, such as stress reduction and the release of feel-good chemicals like dopamine, simply from self-pleasure, without orgasm.

By eliminating climax as a goal and concentrating on slowing down and exploring sensual contact, you learn about your body’s responses—what feels good, how your body responds to different types of touch, and what your body desires more of. 

It feels amazing to increase your self-awareness and be able to generate pleasure in your own body. So just go with the flow and give yourself a good ol’ dose of love (you’ll also increase your odds of getting off if you remove some of the pressure and just enjoy the experience!)

Practice mindfulness

Trust us; mindful masturbation is a thing! 

These days, it’s so easy to get caught up and preoccupied with all sorts of nonsense. While there’s a time and a place for everything, worrying about your laundry while showing your clit a good time is not it.

Although it may be super easy to become distracted by your surroundings, try to practice being present and in the moment. Deepen your breathing by holding your breath for 7-10 seconds at a time. Close your eyes and focus on how and what you’re feeling rather than what’s going on around you. 

Treat yourself

As emphasized in the points above, it’s vital to relax and be in the right frame of mind before you can relish your body and the magnificence it offers. 

Creating a transition period before masturbation by doing something nice and calming for the body (such as taking a lengthy shower or soaking in the bath) can help relax the mind. 

You could also prepare for the occasion by doing things like taking yourself out for dinner or donning your sexiest lingerie. Making yourself feel special will help you to feel like a million bucks (and in a great mood) when you start masturbating. 

Also, just like in partnered sex, you’ll want to make sure you’re turned on and have some lube handy. Whether you’re sexting or listening to porn (yep, it’s a thing!), warming up will make the process way more satisfying.

Choose a sex toy based on your preferences

When it comes to masturbation, there are a few different varieties, each with its specific pleasure function. If you’re new to sex toys, consider how you orgasm most reliably and choose a toy that delivers just that.

Clitoral vibration: This can range from little bullet vibrators to bigger wand-type vibrators. Bullet vibrators provide more targeted stimulation, whereas wand vibrations are more widespread. 

Wands provide the most power, but they lack the convenience of bullets, which are smaller, quieter, and more discreet in general.




Internal toys: Whether or not you believe in the existence of the G-spot, internal stimulation may be uber enjoyable for some individuals. While most people with vulvas orgasm or masturbate as a result of clitoral stimulation, adding an interior component can enhance the experience. 

Dildos and vibrators with a significant curve (the curve provides you with leverage to target spots where a partner’s penis might not.) are examples of items with a shaft designed to be inserted within you.

Combo internal/clitoral toys: The most classic example of these are rabbit-like toys, which have a shaft for penetration and dedicated “ears” to stimulate your clit simultaneously.

Anal toys: This includes anything from butt plugs, anal beads, or anal dildos. Since anal toys have a distinct flared base, you can always differentiate a butt toy from a vaginal toy.  

Combining butt toys with clitoral stimulation may be quite enjoyable for some people. Butt toys take masturbation to a new level, whether it’s wearing a butt plug for a sense of “fullness” or removing one anal bead at a time during a clitoral orgasm.

Alternate between your hands and sex toys

While a toy may have a higher orgasm success rate, using your hands to understand more about your body is a fab way to start. It’s also similar to the sensations produced by a partner’s hands. 

If you’re interested in partnered sex, using your hands will help you transition from one to the other more seamlessly and provide your partner information about how you want to be touched.

When you switch to using a vibrator, you’ll start feeling those (sweet) sensations that your fingers aren’t able to provide. Keep in mind that playing with a toy does not make you lazy. 

The truth is that today’s vibes and sex toys have so many distinct functions that focus on different ways of helping you orgasm that it’s well worth your time to try them all out and discover what gets you going.

Watch yourself 

Setting up a mirror and watching yourself get it on with yourself can give you the same rush you feel when trying on new lingerie. Furthermore, research conducted by the University of Texas at Austin discovered a correlation between good body image and sexual satisfaction. 

In other words, instead of concentrating on the parts of your body that you wish were more toned, focus on embracing and caressing those lovely curves. 

Remember this; you only get one body that allows you to experience all these amazing sensations. Cherish your bod, and you’ll soon notice this confidence permeate through the rest of your life.

watch yourself

Change up your positions

Masturbating in various positions, rather than resting on your back and using your fingers or toys, is an excellent way to stimulate your clitoris. Sit on your knees and push your clitoris on a vibrator, or move your body into a doggy position and simulate the position.

Or, you could try elevating your legs as high as possible (knees on shoulders) to assist you in reaching the interior parts of your clitoris or rolling on your stomach and seeing if it feels good to you.

Add some penetration into the mix

Some women don’t utilize penetration when masturbating, but if you want to try it, move your fingers in and out of you slowly—or fast if you prefer—while continuing to play with your clitoris. 

Start with sliding a finger between your lips to open things up, and then dab some lubricant on your fingertips if you want additional slickness. Slide your fingers back and forth from the vaginal opening to the clitoral aperture. 

Don’t go inside just yet; just tease yourself. Try a one-finger stroke, and then insert a couple of fingers inside your vagina, curling them slightly. They can be slid in and out.

You can also simply move your fingers in and out without touching the clitoris: the choice is entirely yours. Essentially, you’re simply looking for what you enjoy, and if it’s penetration with clitoral stimulation, do more of it.

You deserve to live your best life… always

Your most reliable sex partner throughout your life will be yourself. Which is fantastic because masturbating helps you figure out what you enjoy and encourages you to change things up—plus, it’s a (usually) drama-free relationship. 

Masturbation is akin to a pleasure lab, and what you discover during masturbation will be beneficial during partner sex and future solo forays. 

Giving yourself pleasure reinforces the message that you are deserving of it and that feeling good is part of your life’s toolkit. Aside from assisting you to sleep better, easing anxiety, and so on, masturbation can create the positive vibes you need to live your best life.

Let’s Get Fingered (In the Best Possible Way!)

Hands and sex toys make for awesome pleasure tools!

But let’s be frank, you can only move the former for so long (and so fast) until you inevitably start cramping up. Sex toys, as much as we adore them, may not always hit those *hard-to-reach* areas. 

Thankfully, the fingering vibrator has entered the sex toy arena. These tiny-but-mighty thimble-esque type sex toys combine the best of both worlds: They feature a narrow shape and are as movable as fingers, but with the power and stimulation of the best sort of vibing machine. 

As natural extensions of the hand, the best fingering vibrators can elicit a full-body quaking orgasm without you having to, well, raise a finger. 

If you learn anything today, it would be that if you want to take your solo or partnered playtime to another level and bridge the gap between technology and touch, a fingering vibrator is definitely the unsung hero you need in your sex life!

Before we detail how fingering vibrators work, it’s worth remembering that not all types of vibrators are the same for everyone (fingering vibrators included). 

With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to become a little touchy-feely with your own fingers first to help you discover what feels good for you, and only then think about what toy can intensify that specific type of stimulation.

What is a Fingering Vibrator?

Sitting comfortably on (or over) your fingertips, finger vibes are a great way to amp up a solo session or provide a buzzy sensation when touching your partner. 

As an extension of your body, a fingering vibrator is a great option for sex toy newbies since they offer a more natural feeling for individuals who are more accustomed to using their hands during sex (or masturbation) but want to level up the pleasure.

Another bonus: The fingering vibrator is discreet and affordable.  It makes touching oneself during sex exceedingly simple (a godsend for all those who require some clitoral stimulation to orgasm), and it’s practically foolproof to use.

When deciding on a vibrator, not all finger vibes are deemed equal, so don’t settle for the first one you stumble upon. Although it’s primarily a matter of personal choice, ideally you want to find one made of high-quality, body-safe silicone

Even better, look for a waterproof version for some hydro-infused playtime in the shower.

What are the benefits?

As obvious as it may sound, finger vibes can be used on any part of the body. Whether your partner has a vulva or a penis, a finger vibe can be the perfect addition to your next sexual rendezvous.

Providing extra sensation and sexual pleasure, these babies can boost arousal in many women. Another advantage is that they can help people reach orgasms more quickly and easily than merely using their fingers. And if you’ve never used any sort of vibrator before, little finger vibes are a great way to get started.

Finger Vibrator - Let’s Get Fingered

How are fingering vibrators used?

While wearing one, you can effortlessly touch yourself (or a partner) with the targeted tip of the vibrator itself, your fingers, or, honestly, both at the same time (when your fingertips aren’t holding onto a larger-sized vibrator, that is!) 

A fingering vibrator’s compact size also makes it easy to use in virtually any sexual position, whether you’re slipping it between yourself and a partner or beneath your body if your favored masturbation position is lying stomach-side down.

To get the most out of this vibrator, experiment with positioning and exploring all of your erogenous zones. Technically, any area of the body can be an erogenous zone, but the most common ones (apart from the genitals) are the ears, lower belly, neck, breasts, buttocks, and lower back.

To try them all out with a fingering vibrator, scan your body or your partner’s body while wearing one and see how you or they respond to its touch while adjusting your pressure and approach. 

Since a fingering vibrator provides pinpoint stimulation that you can regulate with the flick of your fingertips, you’ll be able to notice which parts light up with its touch quickly. 

Aside from providing for more precision, a finger vibe’s small size makes it easily transportable, allowing you to take this titillating tool everywhere.

If clit stimulation is your thing, this is the toy for you. They make it easy to stimulate your vulva and clitoris in a ‘natural’ manner while simultaneously benefiting from all those good vibrations. 

Essentially, this lovely little robot thing turns your ordinary human finger into an orgasmic pleasure unit. Pretty cool, huh?! 

When performing oral sex on your partner (with a vulva or penis), a fingering vibrator may offer an extra level of excitement and provide a brief rest for your mouth and neck if needed. (Um…if nothing else persuades you to use a vibrating finger, make it the promise of way less head-induced neck or tongue soreness.) 

Finger vibes can also be used to stroke the bottom of a penis or tickle the balls during a hand or blow job.

What about penetrative sex? They offer a great way to obtain intense clitoral stimulation with the least amount of ‘additional equipment’ between you.

Get Fingered - Dioni Finger Vibrator

Dioni. The Ultimate Pleasure Instrument

Dioni is the sweet vibe every clitoris needs. Designed to transform your finger into the ultimate pleasure instrument, this pocket-sized vibrator packs a punch by harmoniously blending human interaction and electrifying vibrations, bridging the gap between technology and touch.

Truth be told most finger vibes these days are either:

  • Just a sleeve with a detachable bullet inserted into it
  • Wired
  • Battery operated
  • Weak
  • A combination of the above

But, Dioni is different. 

Far superior to anything that’s existed on the market before, Dioni is the sweet vibe every clitoris needs. Designed to transform your finger into the ultimate pleasure instrument, this pocket-sized vibrator packs a punch by harmoniously blending human interaction and electrifying vibrations, bridging the gap between technology and touch. 

Conveniently fitting right over your finger, Dioni caters to whatever stimulation you’re into. It boasts 20 vibrating modes, and the boost function is guaranteed to take you over the edge. Forming a key pillar of the brand, Femme Funn is best known for producing high-quality products that are unparalleled in power—Dioni is no exception!

It’s super easy to use since there’s only one conveniently/comfortably located button and its targeted stimulation makes it great for beginners and advanced players alike. It’s also 100% waterproof, which is just great because who doesn’t like playing in the bath?

One of Dioni’s greatest features is its versatility. Its compact size ensures that it won’t get in the way and is completely discreet, so if you’re worried about your vibe ever being found, this is a fabulous non-sex toy-looking solution. 

You can use it by yourself or with your partner either during foreplay or as an addition throughout your entire playtime.

Whether you have a clitoris or a penis, you owe it to yourself to try this little dynamo out. By turning your finger into a vibrator, you’ll soon discover how to work your special type of magic. 

The pleasure lies at your fingertips and your vibrator.

Treat Yourself! Seven Sexy Sex Toys You Need This Valentine’s Day

Most women love receiving a stunning bouquet of Valentine’s flowers or a box of chocolate, but the novelty soon wears off after the flowers die and the chocolates are eaten. 

However, while this may seem sad, the same can’t be said for the good ol’ sex toy, aka the gift that keeps on giving. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon — don’t you want to make sure that you’re coming too? 

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect excuse to splurge on some new sex toys whether you’re single or in a relationship. Be it for yourself, your crush, SO, or you could decide to celebrate Galentine’s Day and shower your besties with some extra love.

If you’re unsure where to start, don’t be concerned; you’ve come to the best place. Understandably, with such a wide variety of sex toys on the market, most people may feel a bit overwhelmed. 

So, here are our pick of 7 Sexy Sex Toys and some hot tips to get you started: 

If you have a partner, consider a couple’s sex toy that you can use together during foreplay, or you could treat yourself to a for-one style that can be used as a gift for both of you. 

For instance, if you know you enjoy wand vibes, get one and ask your partner whether they’d be interested in using it on you or seeing you use it on yourself. 


February 14 may also present as the perfect day for singles to embrace solo sex by experimenting with a new toy (such as a rabbit) or leveling up with a fancier version of your preferred technique (like a silicone bullet vibe instead of a plastic one). 

There are no limits when it comes to self-love! 

If you’re still puzzled about what to add to your shopping cart, don’t stress we’ve made it simple for you! 

Here’s our guide to seven incredibly sexy sex toys you’ll need for a banging Valentine’s Day.

The Wand You WANT

Diamond Wand

What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than with a wand guaranteed to make your wishes come true? With a pointed yet rounded tip, textured and flexible body, and flared base, this waterproof vibe offers enough power and va-va-voom to take your pleasure to new dimensions. 

Together, its 21 powerful vibration modes and silky silicone allow its lucky user to experience targeted stimulation of the G-spot and other erogenous zones. Besides being 100% waterproof, this versatile little vibe is super cute, USB rechargeable, and guaranteed to make all your fantasies a reality.


Get your Diamond Wand

The dynamic finger vibe 


If you prefer the sensation of your partner’s fingers to that of a sex toy, slide Dioni over your finger, transforming it into a vibration conduit. 

Dioni delivers exceptional performance thanks to a super powerful motor exclusive to FemmeFunn. The 20 vibrating modes and the boost function amp up the pleasure and tantalize all your erogenous zones. 

Waterproof and wireless, there’s an amazing amount of versatility in its functions. You could, for example, use it to take a hand job from being vanilla to chocolate fudge flavor (metaphorically speaking!) 

Other fun options may include teasing the entrance of the vagina or anus while doing oral. 


Get your Dioni 

Sophisticated sensations

Bougie Bullet

You could toss this into your makeup bag, and no one would look twice (and the best thing is that only little old you knows that this is no lipstick, but rather a package of pure delight!) 

The Bougie Bullet offers 20 vibration settings, a memory function to resume where you left off, and a boost button to rock your world. The sexy little bullet’s sleek anodized aluminum body oozes elegance and is 100% waterproof.

And just when you thought this dynamo couldn’t get any better, you’ll be pleased to know that this is whisper quiet and comes with a magnetic charging case.


Get your Bougie Bullet

Pulsating Pleasures


Due to its silky liquid quality silicone texture, this rabbit vibrator is simply luxe. But it gets better. 

A patented thrusting mechanism produces real-feel motion with exceptional power, and with seven thrust speeds and three external vibration settings, you’ll never be bored. This is definitely one of the best ways to treat yourself this V-Day.

Get your Essenza

Vortex of Ecstacy

Wireless Turbo Rabbit

Turbo Rabbit, part of our Vortex collection, is one of the most innovative and spectacular toys on the market today! 

This wireless rabbit vibrator, which has been designed to replicate the human body, is equipped with dual-stimulating heads for external stimulation and our Super Turbo technology, which allows the item to circulate in a full 360-degree motion at a powerful speed. 

A realistic vibrator, with eight different vibration settings and sculpted G-spot accuracy, this toy will bring you to the brink of climax and satisfy all your carnal cravings.


Get your Wireless Turbo Rabbit

The Sweetest Anal Play

Honey Dipper Plug

Take your anal play to a new level of excitement with this fun Honey Dipper Plug! The Forto F-83 Honey Dipper Plug boasts a series of smooth ridges, adding a fun new feel to your anal play. 

The stout contour of the Honey Dipper Plug transitions into a small neck for comfortable use and an anchor base that fits securely between the butt cheeks. Just add some lube to this three-inch anal plug, and you’re all set to experience the ultimate backdoor pleasure.


Get your Honey Dipper Plug

Snug Yet Sexy

Liquid Silicone Cock Ring

Since it’s made of silicone, this cock ring is soft and comfy while remaining adjustable and snug. 

In comparison to metal penis rings, silicone rings are better for newbies because there is more leeway with the fit. The Liquid Silicone cock ring stretches up to 3x in size.

Liquid Silicone Cock Ring

Get your Liquid Silicone Cock Ring

Give a lil love

It can be easy to put pressure on yourself to make Valentine’s Day extra special with a grand gesture or big present. 

Still, we’re here to remind you that the most important Valentine’s Day gift is the time you spend sharing and expressing your love (either for yourself, your partner, or your gal pals). That being said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with “receiving gifts” being your love language

That being said, however you decide to spend Valentine’s Day this year, you can’t go wrong with a little something something that’ll leave you on Cloud #9. 


10 Funn Facts You Should Know About Your G-spot

Although deemed the cherry on the cake when it comes to insanely hot sex, the elusive G-spot is one of the most hotly disputed topics in the sphere of women’s sexual health

Yet, despite what you may have been told in your high school sex-ed class, the G-spot exists and is entirely accessible. The only problem is that few people can find it (with some critics insisting that it does not even exist!)

In the world of sex, erogenous zones, and other lovely things in life, the G-spot is like the VIP section of an exclusive nightclub—considered rather a big deal amongst those that get in and immensely frustrating for others who have yet to find the entrance. 

If you happen to be the latter, don’t despair. Just because you haven’t had a vaginal orgasm doesn’t mean it’s impossible! 

While some researchers believe that the G-spot is responsible for women experiencing orgasm during penetration, others purport that vaginal orgasms do not occur, often making it impossible to discern fact from fiction. 

To find out more about Club G-spot (where it is, how to find it, and other fun facts), we’re going to dig deep and go exploring. 

Here are our Top 10 Funn Facts about the holy grail of sexual hotspots:

Fact 1: The G-spot is about the size of a coin

The G-spot is a super-sensitive area within the vagina. Composed of erectile-like tissue, much like the clitoris, it’s roughly the size of a small coin (although it can grow in size when stimulated). 

Stimulating the G-spot feels fantastic and can lead to immense arousal, amazing orgasms, and even female ejaculation (we’ll get to that juicy part later!)

Fact 2: Finding the exact location can be tricky

While it is often assumed that the G-spot dwells in the upper wall of the vagina, the G-spot really lives on the inside of the vagina, approximately one to three inches from the vaginal opening on the front wall (this varies from person to person). 

To find it, lie down on your back, take a few deep breaths, and relax. Insert your finger roughly a finger’s length inside your vagina, palm facing up. Press firmly on the front wall of your vaginal wall or make a tickling movement with your finger. You’re at the right place if you feel a spongy spot (it may feel a bit wrinkled).

However, it should feel slightly different from the surrounding tissue. If you discover the spot, keep pressing or ”tickling” it until you start feeling aroused. 

Once you’ve located your G-spot, share your newfound hotspot with your partner. As part of foreplay, for example, guide and assist them in finding it with their fingers first. 

You can also stimulate your G-spot when having sex. Thankfully, this does not involve complex aerobatic stunts in your bedroom—simply changing the angle of the penis is often sufficient. 

Lean slightly backward when you’re on top, for example, to ensure that the penis brushes against the front wall of the vagina, where your G-spot is located. 

This, like discovering your G-spot, may require some practice. Don’t expect fireworks the first time you try, but keep going. 

Practice always makes perfect!

Fact 3: There’s a reason why hitting this zone feels so good…it’s part of Team Clitoris

From an anatomical standpoint, the G-spot is the clitoris’ back-end roots and is part of the clitoral network rather than a distinct place in the vagina. The little pea-sized nub where the inner labia meet is just the tip of the clitoris, which separates into two “roots” up to four inches long.

This implies that when you stimulate the G-spot, you’re actually stimulating a wider portion of the clitoris than we’re led to believe. Essentially, a G-spot orgasm isn’t a one-woman show – if you really want to heat up this zone, be sure to first start with the clitoris.

Fact 4: Some researchers still think that the G-spot is a myth

The question is whether the G-spot is an observable feature (like your clitoris) and a legit part of the body that might potentially be identified in an autopsy. This is still being looked into and research is ongoing in this regard.

Fact 5:  If you feel like you’re missing out, don’t stress; experiment with other erogenous zones!

For physiological, psychological, or emotional reasons, many women are unable to get their rocks off through the G-spot. 

However, experimenting with a vibrator can help put you on the right track to mind-boggling orgasms. Just don’t become too fixated with the G-spot; else, you risk depriving yourself of experiencing other pleasures. 

Remember that each person is unique and you may have other sexual preferences. For example, some women can experience orgasm through nipple stimulation alone!

Fact 6: When activated, the G spot can result in female ejaculation. 

Yeah, you read that correctly…a stimulated G-spot can cause a woman to squirt and reach vaginal orgasm. Female ejaculation is caused by fluid accumulation in the urethral sponge.  Ejaculation can occur if enough fluid accumulates and is followed by intense pressure (on both the G-spot and the clitoris). 

It won’t always happen—and, to be honest, it depends on how hydrated you are—but if squirting excites you, then go for it! Just remember to place a towel down before you get wet and wild.

Fact 7: The G-spot was named after a dude

This famous female erogenous zone was coined after a male gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg, who first referenced it in 1944.  

Fact 8:  The G-spot is known as the sacred spot in Tantric sex

According to Tantric Sex Couples Guide: Communication, Sex, And Healing by Jefferey Dawson, this magical little area is known as the “sacred spot” in Tantric sex since it is said to be the woman’s most emotional and sexual center.

Fact 9: There is such a thing as a G-shot

According to one American physician, special injections can make the G-spot larger and simpler to identify. According to Dr. Justin Salerno, 87% of women became more aroused after receiving the injection. 

He even conducts ‘G-shot parties,’ when groups of ladies gather to have their injections simultaneously. However, the advantages of the injections only last a few months, so if you want to continue enjoying the perks, you’ll have to fork out more than $1850 every four months. 

Other medical professionals have major reservations about the operation and advise ladies not to undergo it. It’s intrusive, and it hasn’t been studied by independent scientists or approved by government agencies. 

So, even if it claims to improve your sex life, you should think seriously about becoming involved in anything that might endanger your health.

Fact 10: The Cowgirl, Doggie Style, and Closed Missionary position best stimulate the G-spot.

Some sex positions work best to experience G-spot stimulation during sexual intercourse. 

Try positions that provide you with more control over your movements to figure out what kinds of stimulation you prefer. While there are other sex positions that can assist you in doing this, here are three to try:

  • Cowgirl

Allow your partner to lie on their back, then get on top of them and straddle them. This posture gives you entire control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of entry, allowing you to concentrate on locating your G spot. 

Rather than bobbing up and down, try moving back and forth to stimulate the G spot region against your inner vaginal wall. Change things up a bit, and don’t be shy to experiment with different angles and speeds. 

Level Up Your Cowgirl Stellar Ways to Make Being on Top Even Better


Learn how to level up your cowgirl with our Funn article,

Level Up Your Cowgirl: Stellar Ways to Make Being on Top Even Better







  • Closed missionary position

A variation on the standard missionary position, this position offers more stimulation without penetration depth. 

You’ll begin by lying on your back in the missionary position, then move your legs together. Your partner’s legs should then straddle yours, providing for a tighter squeeze. 

While this shallow penetration may not be as deep, it offers a tighter feeling — and more increased friction against your G spot — which may be what you need to reach orgasm.

  • Doggy style

Doggy style is another effective way to attain deeper penetration during sex. This position also makes it easier to switch the angle to best hit your G-spot. 

With your partner behind you, get onto your hands and knees. During penetration, experiment with changing the angle by leaning down on your forearms or pushing your hips backwards until you discover the best position. 

You can also try lying flat on your stomach with your legs dangling off the side of the bed and allowing your spouse to stand behind you and penetrate from there.

Do it for YOU and learn to rock your G-Spot

Contrary to popular belief, sex is not always quick and smooth sailing. Don’t be scared to take control of your sex life and discover what you prefer. 

If this means that you can find your G-spot and rock it, then, by all means, why not? But there is no rule that states there is only one way to orgasm. It may take some time to figure out what way works best for you, so be patient. 

Exploring your sexual preferences and body is vital to ensure a positive, pleasurable and enjoyable sex life. Don’t be ashamed or shy for wanting to experiment and figuring out what makes you tick. 

After all, life’s too short not to have great sex!

Sex Toy Evolution: From Stone to Silicone and Everything in Between

Since the discovery of the oldest known phallic-shaped object from 30,000 years ago, when our ancestors had carved eight-inch-long penises out of siltstone, sex toys have evolved significantly. 

To truly appreciate the magnificence of the modern sex toy, we’ve compiled a brief sex toy evolution timeline for you to see how far humanity’s favorite toy has come. 

29000  BC 

Fancy a Stone Phallus?

The earliest sex toy known to man dates back to circa 29000 BC. It is a paleolithic stone phallus discovered by archeologist Petra Kieselbach in southern Germany’s Hohle Fels Cave. 

It is unknown whether it was used as a dildo or more of an idol sculpture. However, because it resembles an actual penis, the way it is polished, and the substance used to make it (siltstone), experts assume it was used as a sex toy.

Stone Phallus

500 BC

Ben Wa Ball Magic

During the 500BC, the Ben Wa balls first appeared in Japan. They were referred to as the Rin no Tama. There was originally only one ball, and it was intended to improve the male’s pleasure during sex. 

This evolved into the well-known toy we know today, two balls used to assist women in strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Ben Wa balls first arrived in the West at the end of the 16th century.

Traditional Ben Wa Balls

300 BC


The earliest recorded use of a dildo dates all the way back to Ancient Greece when merchants sold something called olisbos (from the word meaning to slip or glide).

Made of stone, leather, or in some cases, wood, the olisbos evolved into an item purchased mainly by single women.

In what is now Balat, Turkey, Miletus was regarded as the olisbos’s manufacturing and distribution hub!



In Renaissance Italy, the Greek term olisbos morphed into the Italian word diletto, meaning “delight”.  The earliest allusion to the modern-day dildo is in Pietro Aretino’s Dialogues.   

Even when lubricated liberally with olive oil, the diletto was not as comfy as its modern-day counterpart. Yet, as proven by today’s thriving adult toy market, dildos have progressed (thankfully!) and grown in popularity.


Merrie Ballad of Nash

Thomas Nashe mentions a dildo in 1592 with Merrie Ballad of Nash. The poem is based on a young man who seeks to date a prostitute on Valentine’s Day and discovers that he is not up to the task; disappointed, she gives up and reaches for her little glass friend.


Le Tremoussoir

The clockwork vibrator, or tremoussoir, was created in France in 1734 and was accessible in the American colonies by the 1750s through medical equipment providers. 

Although the devices were quite pricey, they were purchased mainly by physicians; neither custom nor law prohibited their procurement by anybody who could afford them.



Marquis de Sade 

In 1791, Marquis de Sade published “Justine,” possibly the most notorious writer in the history of French literature, who was occasionally acclaimed as “the most free spirit that ever existed.” 

Marquis de Sade’s sexual works inspired the term “sadism” – the pleasure of cruelty – which was first included in a dictionary in 1834. 

His writings help found the BDSM movement and popularized many bondage items still in use today, like whips and handcuffs.


Goodyear Transforms the Sex Toy Industry

When Charles Goodyear accidentally discovered how to vulcanize rubber, he transformed the motor industry and the sex toy business. 

Vulcanization strengthened and improved the durability of rubber, which eventually resulted in its application in the manufacture of condoms, dildos, and other sex toys.


Vibrators Aplenty

Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville invented the first electromechanical vibrator; the medical profession had access to at least a dozen variants. 

There were melodic vibrators, counterweighted vibrators, vibratory forks, undulating wire coils called vibratiles, ceiling-mounted vibrators, table-mounted vibrators, floor versions on rollers, and portable devices that fit in the palm of the hand (and you thought today’s toys were varied from the weird and wonderful!) 

By the start of the twentieth century, whole operating theaters had been devoted to treating hysteria.

Hysteria Massagers


Porno Flicks 

The motion picture was invented, and it wasn’t long before pioneering filmmakers began making the first pornographic films. 

Several early films featured scenes of women masturbating with various sexual aids available at the time, including strap-on dildos and massagers.

1900 – 1920

Power to Vibrator!

The vibrator was electrified ten years before the vacuum cleaner and iron. More than 20 vibrator types were on the market by the turn of the century, powered by electricity, batteries, foot-power, or water. 

They were marketed in publications like Modern Priscilla, Women’s Home Companion, McClure’s, and Good Housekeeping at the time. Prices ranged from $15 to $200.


KY comes onto the Scene

KY Jelly was developed in 1904 and marketed as a “personal lubricant” in 1917. It was initially created to assist physicians doing pelvic exams, a function it continues to fulfill to this day. 

However, it was not until 1980 when KY Jelly became available for purchase over the counter. Nowadays, the market is flooded with a cornucopia of personal lubricants.


Thank goodness for latex

As vibrators began to feature in an increasing number of pornographic films, it became increasingly difficult for manufacturers to market them as massagers; and they gradually began to disappear from respected publications and mail-order catalogs of the day. 

In the 1930s, rubber latex was discovered (tapped from the Hevea tree). This form of rubber is softer, lighter, and more malleable than vulcanized rubber, which revolutionized condoms and diaphragms. It also paved the path for the continued popularity of latex sex toys.


Vibrators Revealed

In 1952, the American Medical Association concluded that hysteria was not, in fact, a disease. The disadvantage was that because the vibrator was no longer considered a piece of medical equipment, its real purpose could no longer be concealed.


Who Doesn’t Love Good Vibrations?

Joanie Blank, a sexual therapist, launched the first business dedicated to selling vibrators in a women-centered, sex-positive setting in 1977, naming it “Good Vibrations.” 

Late in the 1990s, Alabama followed Georgia’s lead and enacted legislation prohibiting the sale of sex toys, which is punishable by steep fines and even jail time. 

The restriction was struck down within a few years, despite the state’s contention that women lack a “fundamental or constitutional right” to sexually stimulating objects.


Sexy House Parties

Sex toys continued to evolve in the 1980s, with house sale parties providing access to women residing in remote areas.


Rise of Silicone

By the 1990s, silicone was becoming more popular, but the bulk of sex toys were owned and marketed by one man, Reuben Sturman, dubbed “The Walt Disney of Porn” for his firm that specialized in pornography and pleasure devices.


The Influence of Pop Culture

With the launch of the American TV show “Sex And The City,” sex toys were pretty much accepted or at the very least many of them became household names. 

The Pearl Rabbit, Pyrex Glass Dildos, Magic Wand vibrator, and Love Swing all became popular overnight.


Remote-controlled vibrators

As technology advanced, sex devices such as mobile phones and applications could be operated remotely, initially via Bluetooth, and then over the internet. 

Remote-controlled vibrators became the standard, and the camming sector boosted the popularity of tip-controlled vibrators.


Sex toys are a multibillion-dollar industry that can be accessed virtually anywhere, online or offline. And this market is expected to expand from $15 billion in 2015 to $52 billion by 2026.

What’s to come?

Smart sex toys already exist, with users able to connect their dildos and bullets to a phone app and control settings or use them remotely with partners. They may even witness their pleasure while masturbating in real-time. And sextech is poised to expand even further.

Virtual and augmented reality are gradually becoming mainstream, with sex toys set to become an integrated part of the total experience. Even more amazingly, they may offer the user what they want based on bodily readings and, like AI and wearable technologies, will remember user preferences.

Simply said, future sex toys may know you better than you know yourself – by predicting your preferences, the moment you’re about to climax, and the exact settings that get you there, and then allow you to analyze the data.

While we can only predict how sex toys will continue to evolve, one thing is for sure… Sex toys — no matter what size – are here to stay, and they’re only going to get better and better!

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Should You Pick a Sex Toy Based on Your Love Language?

We all know that honest, open communication forms the cornerstone of healthy relationships. While this is sometimes easier said than done, some smart strategies can help your communication along if it’s not up to scratch! 

All that’s required is an understanding of the five ‘love languages‘ (not to be confused with the romance languages – Oggi non-impariamo l’italiano!)

If you’ve never heard of love languages, don’t worry, neither did we until a short while ago.  The idea was initially popularized by relationship expert Dr Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Lasting Love. 

Published almost 30 years ago, this book serves as a guide for couples to discover, understand, and then talk using their partner’s ‘love languages’, considered the key to a happy and successful relationship.

Many relationship counselors and therapists employ the five love languages in their work with couples. Although they don’t always use that phrase exactly, it’s a framework through which they assist couples to understand one another more intimately – and, ideally, overcome conflict in relationships.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of love languages, Chapman theorizes that there are five basic ways humans display love in relationships, which can be summed up in a few essential actions:

  • Words of Affirmation: Using affirmative phrases that make someone feel loved and secure. “I adore how you always make me laugh,” “I’m proud of you,” and “I’m the happiest when you’re around” are just a few examples.
  • Acts of Service: Devoting your time to things that you know your partner would appreciate, such as filling up their gas tank, preparing a meal for them, and being ready to step in when they want assistance.
  • Gifts: This isn’t necessarily about materialism but rather about expressions of affection. The best presents are those that are the result of thoughtfulness and effort. 
  • Quality Time: Time is precious, and it’s best spent with your partner’s complete, undivided attention, whether over coffee or watching a movie together.
  • Physical Touch: Hugs, kisses, caresses, and other intimate touches that express love, capitalizing on human contact.

Technically, we “speak” all five love languages, but your dominant love language is the one that resonates the most strongly with you.

Now, let’s get to the exciting bit. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with this concept, continue reading to see how your love language relates to your sex life. 

In the spirit of all things funn, we’ve compiled a list matching each of the classic love languages with the sex toy that best exemplifies each gesture.

Words of Affirmation

While considered the most popular of the love languages, “words of affirmation” generally require the most tact. Here, it’s more about the actual words than just going through the motions. 

Verbalizing your thoughts and communicating what you love about your partner’s body and how much they turn you on is a surefire way to engage this particular love language. This can also be a gateway to other…ahem…activities. 

In that vein, we suggest giving CORA a try. Feel the rhythm as CORA thumps from within, your heart beating faster with each throbbing thrust of delight. 

Whatever gets you off, this toy is sure to deliver! After delivering sensational performance in ten thumping and vibrating modes, you won’t just be affirming your ecstasy  – you’ll be raving about your out-of-this-world experience for days afterward.


Get your CORA Here

Quality Time

To be clear, “quality time” does not refer to the hours you and your partner spend looking at your phones on opposite ends of the couch. Quality is the keyword here. Instead of allowing your thoughts to wander during sex to frivolities such as walking the dog or wanting to go grocery shopping, focus on being present. 

People can typically tell when their partner’s mind is elsewhere during sex, so forget about everything else and be present in the moment. Make eye contact with your partner, and take things slowly. Within that context, we offer a vibrator dedicated to ensuring that all of your time together is wonderfully enjoyable.

The Ultra Wand is an incredibly versatile and strong vibrator that can be turned up to be super powerful if that’s what revs your engine!  The soft premium silicone, flexible head, and comfy handle will feel fabulous in your hand. Enjoy the targeted sensations from 10 vibration modes, which may be intensified by the boost mode at any time. 

Get your ULTRA WAND Here

This is a perfect sex toy for couples to share – since you can take turns using the wand to stimulate your clitoris and other parts of your vulva, and your partner can use it on you or turn it on themselves. 

It’s robust, waterproof, tons of fun, and allows you both to spend quality time discovering all of your sweet spots.

Acts of service

Though sex should ideally be reciprocal, you should occasionally devote yourself to fulfilling all of your partner’s sexual cravings. This might involve oral sex if that’s what they’re into, or just prioritizing their pleasure over yours (of course, only do what you’re comfortable with!)

If acts of service are what make you tick, you’re likely interested in a toy that will surprise and thrill your lover at every turn. Variety is often touted as the spice of life, and with 20 various vibration settings, our Funn beads are sure to please. 

Made from body-safe silicone, these anal beads are super flexible and are perfect for first-time anal play since they’re equipped with a safety handle and are easy to remove. 

The sensation of slowly pulling out a string of 4 graduated anal beads, combined with some deeply satisfying oral, is sure to make for an almighty release that’ll be hard to forget.


Get your FUNN BEADS Here

Physical touch

Okay, while this is pretty obvious, don’t think physical touch is purely a sex thing. It’s about all forms of contact (think a hug or a foot rub on a bad day, a hand on the knee when they least 

expect it, a back massage). That said, the “physical touch” lover typically does feel that sex is among the most tried-and-true forms of intimacy. 

It also goes without saying that the way you touch your partner can make a huge difference during sex. This lover typically savors foreplay, and when it comes to sex toys, they use them like a sexual Jedi. 

So, if touch is your superpower, why not transform your finger into the ultimate pleasure instrument? 

By harmoniously blending human interaction and electrifying vibrations, Dioni bridges the gap between technology and touch. Waterproof and wireless, this ergonomically shaped toy adds fun to sex and conveniently fits over your finger to provide targeted stimulation.


Get your DIONI Here


It’s hard to imagine being the type of person who dislikes gifts. However, for people who speak this love language, mementos or tokens are more important than gifts adorned with a beautiful ribbon. 

The best part about this love language is that it’s mutually beneficial (think gifts that spice things up in the bedroom — seductive underwear, vibrators and blindfolds, or anything else that you think will get their pulse racing!)

When it comes to gift-giving, the Pirouette never disappoints! This vibe is a perfectly packaged present featuring 8 powerful rabbit vibration modes and 360º rotation technology. It has two motors targeting vibrations to your clit through the rabbit ears and G-spot via the internal vibrating shaft. 

This means that there are literally a whopping 36 different vibration combinations! Truly a gift that keeps giving.


Get your PIROUETTE Here

Feeling inspired for your next sexcapade? 

While the five love languages may seem a bit out there to some of us, the ultimate message is to be present with your spouse and express what feels best for you. 

You’ll rarely be dismayed if you follow that basic formula. Knowing and understanding your partner’s love language is the closest thing to seeing into their mind. 

It’s a road map for determining how they prefer to offer and receive affection, helping you to better understand them on a profound level. 

So, these holidays, rather than rushing to the closest store to buy a pre-made card or a random, last-minute gift, surprise them with something they love. You’ll definitely receive a bang (or 2, 6) for your buck!

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The Ultimate 2021 Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide

Tis the season to be jolly and reward the nicest lovers with something naughty. Sex toys are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or just because! While it depends on who you’re giving this sexy gift to—a partner with whom you wanna spice things up—or perhaps a recently single friend who could benefit from some solo, toe-curling orgasms?

Or maybe you have a naughty gift in mind for yourself (because it has been a long year, and you totally deserve it!); we’re here to help you nail down the sexiest holiday gifts available this season. 

Read below for The Ultimate 2021 Sexy Holiday Shopping Guide and the hottest sex toys to add to your cart right now!


If you’ve been searching for a little something to jingle your bell, then search no further… Essenza is your toy! 

This (rather pretty) potent pleasure tool is unique in that it doesn’t just vibrate — it actually thrusts in and out to mimic penetrative sex AND adds external stimulation to the mix. 

Offering 7 Thrust Speeds and 3 External Vibration Modes, the Essenza will help you find the ~right vibe~ and explore the pleasure points you never knew existed!


Get your Essenza Here



You know, you’ve heard it before: Size doesn’t matter. It’s really more about how you use it. Need an example? Look no further than the BOOSTER BULLET

This travel-friendly vibe is ideal for the pal or roommate who needs to get theirs when they’re home for the holidays (or trying to have a sneaky session near an S.O.’s family. 

With 20 arousing vibration modes, this ultra-hygienic, 100% waterproof vibe will certainly help you ring in the new year with a bang.


Get your Booster Bullet Here



Momenta is a set of kegel balls that doubles as a sex toy that you can use with a partner. 

Whether using them for pelvic floor exercise or as a sex toy (or both), simply insert them into your vagina and experience the sensual combination of vibrations and rattling, blended for harmonious strength and stimulation. 

To remove them, lightly pull the string they’re attached to or alternatively, crouch and squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out. The Momenta is lightweight, compact, waterproof, and wirelessly controlled. 

Best of all, these magical balls are super discreet and quiet, so your in-laws (or anyone else) will be none the wiser as you really enjoy Christmas lunch with a cheeky grin on your face.


Get your Momenta Here



Keen to blow his mind, elevating his solo sessions or better yet, while you’re making love? Well, Forto’s Vibrating Ribbed Plug may be the answer! 

This anal plug features a stimulating ribbed design and 10 powerful vibration modes to activate his sensitive P-spot for some out-of-this-world sensations. A tapered head allows for easy insertion, while a gracefully flared suction base keeps the plug right where it needs to be. 

Add this gift onto his gift list, and he’ll soon be saying “Ohhhhhh” with a capital O!

Vibrating Ribbed Plug Here



The cock ring is a sure winner when it comes to general crowd-pleasers. So, if you know that’s the case, why only get one when you can get three? 

The three-piece C-ring set from Forto can be worn individually—or you can play around, with one around the penis, the others around the testicles. 

No matter what combo you select, you can be sure they’ll do a fine job maintaining a stronger and harder erection, making sex more pleasurable for both the wearer and the lucky person on the receiving end.


Get your 3 Pice C-Ring Set Here



Created with all booties in mind, this no-frills anal plug offers a realistic look with a cleverly curved shaft for prostate stimulation

The base is a pull ring that fits between the cheeks for extended wear, or you could add a bullet vibe into the ring and send vibrations through the toy’s body while inserted! 

Made with 100% silky-smooth premium silicone, this slinky toy is excellent for penetrative anal-sex prep and provides a fun way to add more sensation to solo play. 

With this curved plug locked and loaded, you’ll be one step closer to activating pleasure in a hole new way.

F19 Curved Plug

Get your Curved Plug with Pull Ring Here



Want to transform your boring old human finger into an orgasmic pleasure unit? Enter DIONI, our fabulously funn finger vibrator, and your new BFF! 

If your masturbation sessions regularly require fingers, this toy is a great way to integrate some vibration into your normal masturbation routine. 

It also makes it really easy to stroke your vulva and clitoris (or the underside of a penis during a blow job) in a ‘natural’ way, while also benefiting from a vibration. 

DIONI is waterproof, wireless, and offers 20 vibrating modes to send you straight to orgasmic heaven.  


Get your DIONI Here



Made from ultra-hygienic silicone, the Funn beads’ gradually tapered design is soft to the touch and easy to clean when you’re done getting down and dirty. 

This toy provides unparalleled pleasure by stimulating your hardest-to-reach erogenous zones, gratifying your deepest desires. 

More than just anal beads, FUNN beads offer a selection of 20 different vibration modes, are waterproof, and quiet as a whisper… the only noise that’ll be heard emanating from your bedroom will be the sound of ear-shattering orgasms!



Get your Funn Beads Here



This one comes (pun intended) highly recommended by many happy customers who often remark that the Turbo Rabbit is just like a guy… but only the good part! 

Featuring 360 degrees of rotation, eight vibration modes, and a turbo speed button, this toy is serious about providing some really intense pleasure

The dual-stimulating heads offer external stimulation while the realistically sculpted shaft provides continuous waves of G-spot bliss. You can also custom-set the vibrations to vibe internally, externally, or simultaneously. 

As if that’s not enough, the Turbo Rabbit is also wireless, waterproof, and harness compatible (making it perfect for partner play). Trust us, life will take on a whole new meaning once the Turbo Rabbit earns a spot on your bedside table.


Get your Turbo Rabbit Here



This swanky little toy was engineered to sync with the vulva, providing ultimate pleasure to the G-spot with its curved tip and the clitoris with the rabbit ears. 

Equipped with a remote, Pirouette packs 8 powerful rabbit vibration modes and 360º rotation technology into an elegant design made from premium liquid silicone. Other features include a turbo-boost button, whisper-quiet vibrations, and easy charge-ability. 

Plus, both the toy and remote are 100% waterproof (an essential feature since you’re going to get WET AF) and just plain gorgeous. Who could resist?


Get your Pirouette Here

Happy Holidays!

If being on the naughty list is bad, we don’t want to be good. This is the season for making all things festive, and that definitely includes what transpires in the bedroom (And all the more reason for us to want all these marvelous sex gadgets to help us end 2021 on a high note!) 

Besides, this year requires as much redemption as possible — and if some sexy bedroom gadgets get us there, so be it!

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Traveling with your sex toy: Ten tips to help you fly under the radar

In a time where we’re bombarded with constant worry about work and everything else in between, the last thing you want to ever stress about is traveling with your sex toy

The easiest thing to do would be to leave your trusty vibe at home, but why would you do that when you can bring it along and have fun on your vacation? 

Yet, the struggle is real when you have to agonize over questions like, should you pack them in your checked luggage or your carry-on? What if a TSA agent pulls them out in front of everyone in the middle of the security line?

What if it starts vibrating in your bag, someone believes it’s a bomb, and they have to ground the plane only to discover it’s your vibrating dildo? Or, even worse, what happens if your luggage starts making weird sounds as you greet your parents or in-laws?

Fortunately, you can stop catastrophizing—there are precautions you may take to avoid this. While we all know that traveling, especially abroad, is never that simple—don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Consider this your handy traveler’s guide to navigating all the challenges when traveling with your sex toy.

Tip 1: Investigate whether sex toys are permitted at your destination.

Customs differ from one country to the next. Your beliefs may liberate you, but other countries out there won’t necessarily agree with your views.

Some countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and other Islamic countries, prohibit the importation of sex toys. Do your homework beforehand to prevent having your sex toy confiscated or, worse, being arrested.

However, should you choose to ignore our warning and take the leap in any case, take heed of tip #2!

Tip 2: Select toys that don’t look like sex toys

Imagine how mortified you’d be if an airport employee suddenly pulls out an 8-inch realistic dildo from one of your bags? Although it’s perfectly permissible, according to the TSA What Can I Bring Guide, being placed in that situation could be somewhat awkward.

If you’d rather not be caught in such a scenario, stick to small, discreet toys. And by discreet, we mean no realistic, phallic-shaped dildos! Also, since we’re always told to  “Pack light”  when traveling, the same rule applies to sex toys. 

Choose a toy that is little but powerful. Your ideal pick would be toys that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (or less) but can deliver pure pleasure in minutes. Better yet, consider these charging cases which aren’t only super inconspicuous but also double as storage cases!

Further, if you’re packing uber light (and smart), you could always smuggle kegel balls for a really pleasant flight!

Tip 3: Quiet toys are preferable

When traveling, you never know how thin the walls will be, so pack quieter toys just in case. Think Diamond wand or Bougie bullet

Diamond-Wand-Vibrator-Turquoise-Bottom-View Bougie-Bullet-Vibrator-Rose-Gold-Main-Image

Tip 4: Drain the batteries (or opt for toys with a standby/ travel lock)

You don’t want any questionable vibrations in your luggage that airport staff will inspect. Remember, when traveling with a sex toy, you need to stay well under the radar. Any unwelcome attention may cause unnecessary anxiety.

Always remove any batteries from your sex toys before flying to prevent unwanted buzzing. Pack them separately from your toy, but remember to carry them with you. 

Otherwise, you’ll be spending your vacation with a lifeless toy. If you have a rechargeable toy, drain it before bringing it with you. 

Alternatively, you could opt for toys such as Cadenza, Plua and, Pyra, which have a standby mode or travel lock feature. 

Cadenza-Thrusting-Vibrator-Side-Profile  Pyra-Vibrating-Ribbed-Butt-Plug-Small-Dark-Purple-With-RemotePlua-Vibrating-Butt-Plug-Dark-Purple-With-Remote

Tip 5: Check-in or carry-on?

To be honest, whether you check in or carry on is entirely up to you. Check-in comes typically at an extra cost, but if you’d rather not face airport security while they rummage through your belongings, the additional expense may justify the convenience!

This could be especially true if you’re flying with a lot of sex stuff, if what you’re traveling with makes you feel particularly uneasy, or if you’re passing through an area where people may be more judgmental.  

Also, just because you’re checking in baggage doesn’t mean no one will look through your belongings after check-in (for security), so someone might see a strange-looking dildo, but at least you won’t have to look them in the eye. 

Nevertheless, if that does ever happen, remember this: Airport security sees all sorts of crazy stuff on a daily basis. After seeing plenty of sex toys on x-ray, they become pretty desensitized. 

And even if your toy is odd in appearance, the chances are that they have probably seen something similar before!

Tip 6: Place your toys in a clear plastic bag. 

Store your toys in a clear plastic bag or container. Besides being more sanitary that way, should your toys be pulled out of your bag, your toys will be seen, and there will be no need for unnecessary touching of your stuff! You never know where those grubby fingers have been, so for your own protection, zip them up.

Tip 7: Wrap in clothing and other soft items.

Vibrators and other electronic sex toys can turn on by accident when their buttons or switches bump something into your bag. Avoid this by wrapping your vibrator with clothing or other soft materials. 

This is quite useful if you don’t want to drain the battery because you’ll inevitably forget to charge it when you need it. This may also apply to non-electronic toys (such as dildos, plugs, or BDSM goods), which you can hide by wrapping them in your other clothes.

Tip 8: Don’t forget your lube and toy cleaner!

Two liquids are always essential for a good time: lube and sex toy cleaner. BUT, remember that liquid restrictions for carry-ons also apply to lube, especially if you’re flying. To be safe, stick to the 3-ounce rule. Make sure it’s no more than 100 milliliters/ 3.4 ounces. 

Anything above that may be considered risky, and it could be confiscated or disposed of.  If you play it safe and store your lube in travel-sized bottles, small bottle versions or even samples, no one should bother you!

Handy FYI: These days, many hotel soaps contain moisturizer — and moisturizer usually means oil, and oil equals destroyed silicone sex toys… and that could prove a costly mistake.

Tip 9: Condoms

Whether you’re accompanied by a significant other or not, bring an ample supply of your favorite condoms with you. Imagine getting all revved up just to have your night ruined by a lack of condoms. 

Though you may certainly buy some at a convenience shop, your preferred brands may not be available, which may be a real pain in the butt (and not in a good way!) You can also use condoms on your sex toys to make cleanup easier. 

Pack plenty of your favorite condoms if you’re traveling abroad. Size and quality vary widely from country to country, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. 

Tip 10: Keep calm and carry on

If you’re new to flying with a sex toy in tow, make every attempt not to act all fidgety. Airport personnel is trained to detect suspicious behavior. You haven’t done anything wrong, so relax. You only have a sex toy in your suitcase, not a weapon! 

Maintain your cool and remain calm. You’re hardly the first person to travel with a sex toy, so don’t act as if you’re carrying something illegal in your luggage.

And if the worst-case scenario really does occur and airport security searches your suitcase, simply state the truth. You’ve got a vibrator in your bag. So what? Traveling with a sex toy doesn’t make you a criminal. 

Rather, it just indicates that you are at ease with your sexuality and self-expression. Nothing is wrong with that. Be self-assured and own it. Save yourself from further questioning or snooping by remaining calm and confident in your responses.

Good vibration, funn vacation

Regardless of how society perceives them, sex toys rock and you’re perfectly normal owning one (or more!)  You may take every measure to ensure that your toys aren’t discovered, but the reality is that your attempts to do this may not always work. Your sex toys may still be found in your luggage no matter how hard you try to conceal them.

The most straightforward approach to avoid humiliation is to avoid being embarrassed in the first place!

Sex is a natural aspect of life. Wanting to have an orgasm while on a trip is not a sin! If the worst happens and your luggage is detained, or your bag is searched, keep your cool and be calm. Don’t freak out. 

If you come across inappropriate behavior, contact your local embassy and file a formal complaint. Always remember that you have rights. You should never be harassed simply because you want to enjoy your sexual freedom. Now, worry no more and go enjoy your travels!

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SEX TOY SHOWDOWN: Dildo vs Vibrator

What is the difference between a Dildo and a Vibrator, and which is better?

As the stigma surrounding sex supposedly decreases with each passing year, sex positivity continues to grow. Yet, we still haven’t managed to eradicate a few obvious and fundamental truths in our society, namely that sexual education is seriously lacking, and openly discussing sex is still frowned upon. 

Despite the wealth of information available these days, confusion and bashful looks abound when certain (dare we say, risqué) topics are openly discussed. Heaven forbid we bring up the topic of masturbation! And yet, while sex toys have been with us for eons, the lack of knowledge about these nifty little gadgets is glaringly obvious. 

From the assumption that sex toys are only used by females to not knowing the difference between dildos and vibrators, we totally understand why people are inclined to get their wires crossed. As sad as that is – don’t despair – we’ve got you covered!

So, what is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?

Let’s start with what makes them similar: they’re both sex toys, they’re both used for masturbation, and they’ve both been around for a while! 

The main difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that a dildo does not typically vibrate unless it is accompanied by an extension, such as an insertable bullet vibrator

Dildos have also been around for a far longer time than vibrators. In fact, the oldest known dildo dates back 28,000 years. Humans have always enjoyed a little Ménage à moi, so it makes sense that we’ve been carving stuff into penises for a very, very long time.

It also stands to reason that humans being humans, we were bound to vibe things up at some stage. Despite the legendary tale that Cleopatra had the first vibrator created for her (which comprised a gourd holding trapped bees), the first officially documented vibrator was invented as a medical device (reserved solely for men!) in 1883. 

What is a Dildo?

Although the etymology or origin of the word is unclear, it is thought that dildo could come from English diddle which, in the 16th Century meant “to trick” and then “masturbate” from the 1950s onwards. A more likely explanation is that the word comes from the Italian diletto which means “pleasure” and “beloved”.

Dildos, which generally do not vibrate on their own, are most often used for sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth. However, they can be used in an array of ways—everything from general arousal to strap-on play to pegging. Dildos also can serve as both a prosthetic and/or extension. 

But a dildo isn’t battery operated, so it doesn’t pulsate, vibrate, or move in any way. While this can encourage sexual arousal, it basically leaves it up to the user to find their way to Pleasure Town.

While most dildos are phallic-shaped, some come in other rather unusual shapes. In fact, recent trends show that the freaky flag continues to fly high when it comes to the vast selection of dildos currently on the market. 

With everything from crocodile dildos to inflatable dildos to ice cream dildos you can put in the refrigerator for temperature play, if you can imagine it – it probably exists! Double dildos are also popular, providing an opportunity for dual penetration either for one person or single penetration for two people.

And since we’re talking about all-things-dildo, did you know that the phrase “How to make a homemade dildo” is an extremely popular search on Google? Obviously, this is something we’d fervently discourage. 

Firstly, any porous material can harbor bacteria and other nasties which could result in a rather unpleasant infection. Secondly, having to rush to the ER, only to explain to medical staff why you have a household item (like a bottle or a toothbrush) stuck in your vagina or rectum could be slightly awkward. Thirdly, the only place edible items like bananas, cucumbers and pineapples need to be shoved is in your mouth.

Our advice? Don’t get creative here…. DIY is great – but in this case, the only thing that you should be doing yourself – is yourself.

Although dildos were initially made from wood, teeth, stone, and ivory during the Paleolithic era, the good news is that we’ve (thankfully) progressed since then. 

Dildos are now available in a range of sizes and materials, providing maximum comfort and pleasure. However, since phthalates and parabens may be present, it is always a good idea to check the components of a dildo. 

As a rule, stick to dildos made of nonporous (read: fully cleanable) body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone, ABS plastic, or stainless steel.

Dildo vs Vibrator - Realistic Sex Toys

What is a vibrator?

Unlike a dildo, a vibrator does exactly what the name implies – it vibrates! 

B.O.B, Buzz Nightgear, Pocket Rocket, Chick Stick, Faffy Buzzer, the vibrator goes by many a name, the list of which is endless – and for good reason!

Vibrator use has become increasingly mainstream thanks in part to popular culture. One of the most famous vibrator pop culture moments was an appearance of a rabbit vibrator on a Sex and The City episode aired in 1998. 

Charlotte, who is introduced to the rabbit vibrator, soon finds herself unable to do anything other than drown the bunny, and her friends decide to stage an intervention. That one TV episode was responsible for the massive surge in rabbit vibrator purchases across the globe in the early 2000s.

With almost 53% of women admitting to using one in this survey, the adult vibrator market is projected to expand by $5.22 billion between 2021 and 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 12%.

Vibrators come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and densities. With vibrators the options are endless! While it’s true that some vibrators can be shaped like a penis (in other words, it’s a dildo that vibrates), but certainly not all. Instead, vibrators come in different shapes to target erogenous areas and vibrate to produce scream-into-pillow-type orgasms.

Offering a variety of benefits and features that help to physically stimulate and sexually arouse the user, some vibrators can be used:

  • Externally (for example, FemmeFunn’s Ultra Bullet which is designed to stimulate the clitoris). 
  • Internally (such as Femme Funn’s Cadenza),
  • Dual purposes for blended orgasms (like the legendary booster rabbit) are designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation on the outside whilst also stimulating within.
Ultra Bullet
Booster rabbit Vibrator
Booster Rabbit








With just 18% of women having an orgasm via penetration alone, no wonder why research indicates that half of the women in the US have used a vibrator! A vibrator provides the necessary clitoral stimulation required for most individuals with clitorises to climax.

Vibrators “act as power tools for intense orgasms,” sexpert Jenni Skyler says, “Especially for busy, tired, stressed, or lower-libido women, a vibrator kicks arousal into gear way faster than most any other means.” 

More than just providing excellent bean maintenance, they are also reliable and never get tired, as long as you have a charging cable or new batteries!

Our verdict

Both vibrators and dildos are fantastic sex toys, particularly when you consider the plethora of functions and limitless potential for orgasms each one offers.

While dildos are ideal for those who desire deeper penetration that they can physically control, the absence of vibration and external features may make it more difficult for some individuals in their quest to achieve the perfect, toe-curling orgasm. 

Vibrators, on the other hand, have pulsing or vibrating features that can provide deep stimulation anywhere they are used. 

Even though dildos and vibrators differ in their origins and functions, both play crucial roles in the history and future of human sexuality. One thing’s for certain though — no matter which toy you ultimately decide to go with, you’re guaranteed to elevate your playtime and own your sexual pleasure.

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