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Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toy Materials

Shape, size, function, and design quality aren’t the only factors to consider when choosing a new sex toy. The materials your sex toys are made from are just as important, if not more so, so never make the mistake of assuming one option is just as good as another.

Each material comes attached to its unique benefits and advantages. Some materials are also much safer from a health standpoint, while others should probably be avoided altogether. Certain materials are superior fits if you want your toys to last as long as possible, as well. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know to make an intelligent, informed decision you can feel good about on every level.

Are Some Toy Materials Really Unsafe?

The very concept of a sex toy that might actually be unsafe to use as intended seems unbelievable. Such toys are out there, though, and the material they’re made from is the typical culprit. Some options contain potentially harmful chemicals that have been linked to serious conditions like cancer, fertility loss, or hormonal disturbances. Others can cause allergic reactions, itching, burning, and even tissue damage.

The most widely found chemicals of this nature are called phthalates. Phthalates are used in the first place to bind different compounds together. They’re also prized for the ability to make plastics and rubbers more flexible – a desirable quality in many sex toys.

Most truly high-end, trustworthy toy manufacturers pride themselves on selling only phthalate-free, fully body-safe toys. Phthalates and other harmful compounds can still sometimes be found in cheaper bargain toys, though, so always make sure the item you’re considering is body-safe before buying it or using it.

Porous vs. Non-Porous: Which Is Better?

If you’ve read much about sex toy materials so far, then you’ve probably heard some materials described as porous and others described as non-porous. You’ll want to be aware of the difference between the two, as it will affect how you should go about using and taking care of your toys.

Porous materials are substances like rubber jelly or vinyl with surfaces that feature microscopic pores. Such surfaces make it very easy for bacteria, viruses, and organisms to multiply, which isn’t great for your health. They can also break down or deteriorate over time, quite possibly exposing you to dangerous chemicals. Porous surfaces are also more or less impossible to sanitize thoroughly, so if you do choose to own one, use a condom with it to ensure your play stays safe and hygienic.

Non-porous materials feature smooth, slick surfaces that are water-resistant. Such materials can be fully sanitized via hot water or appropriate cleaning products, making them a lot safer. Examples include medical-grade silicone, plastic, metal, glass, and stone.

Which Toy Material Is Best for You?

Beyond making sure the toys you choose are both body-safe and non-porous, which material you decide on is a matter of taste. Here’s a closer look at the unique perks and benefits of the most popular picks.

Silicone: Silicone is one of the most popular options on the market for some excellent reasons. It can be remarkably silky, smooth, and appealing to the touch. It also conveys vibrations like an absolute dream. It’s also long-lasting and a cinch to take care of and clean. Silicone comes in many different styles and firmness levels, so there’s a silicone toy out there to suit just about anyone.

Plastic: Plastic is slick and quite hard, which can be very appealing if that’s what you’re into. It makes vibrations feel “buzzier” and more intense in a unique way, so the experience of using a plastic vibrator is going to be a departure from what you’d get with silicone. Plastic should be carefully monitored for integrity issues and replaced if cracks or chips develop. However, plastic is inexpensive and easy to care for – perfect for people looking to get off on a budget.

Stainless Steel: If you like rock-hard toy materials but want to take a step up from plastic, stainless steel is a great pick. It’s virtually indestructible and can take a licking, so it’s perfect for people who like to play rough. When it’s time to clean up after the fun’s over, you can toss a toy made entirely out of steel straight into your dishwasher or a pot of boiling water. It’s truly gorgeous to look at, as well.

Glass: Tempered glass is a lot like steel in that it’s hard, tough, and stunningly gorgeous to look at. It’s just as easy to clean and take care of. It’s ideal for people who love to experiment with concepts like temperature play, as well.

Many toy lovers enjoy mixing and matching when it comes to the materials they choose, so there’s no need to limit yourself to just one unless you want to. Each is incredible in its own way, so explore the possibilities all you like.

4 Must-Know Tips for Taking Care of Your Sex Toys

Although most people technically realize they should have a care and cleaning routine for their sex toys, some are more proactive about following one than others. Learning how to maintain your collection correctly is one of the best possible things you can do for both your health and the lifespan of your toys, though.

After all, your toys do get up close and personal with your most intimate regions. Ensuring you sanitize them thoroughly makes it a lot less likely that you’ll unwittingly give yourself an infection. Wise care, cleaning, and storage will help your toys last a lot longer, as well, meaning you’ll have a lot more quality time with your favorites to look forward to. Here are some great tips to start with.

1.      Clean your toy every time you use it.

If you only take one tip on this entire list to heart, make sure it’s this one. It’s more than just a good idea. It’s absolutely essential to keep harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes from breeding on your toy or contaminating other toys you own. Even if you only use your toys on yourself or a spouse, it’s still essential for that reason. Make sure you dry them thoroughly before putting them away, as lingering moisture can harm your toy.

If you want to be really diligent about cleaning, consider giving your toys a quick wash before each use, as well. Even if you’re careful about storage, many toys still tend to pick up lint, animal hair, dust, and all sorts of debris. A nice pre-wash prevents all of those things from coming into contact with your body.

2.      Keep an excellent spray-on toy cleaner around.

Naturally, it’s not always convenient to jump straight up and race to the sink to wash your sex toy immediately after orgasm. A spray-on, wipe-off toy cleaner is a great option to keep on hand for times like those. It’s just as good for sanitizing your toys as a thorough wash with soap and water but infinitely more convenient.

Spray-on toy cleaners can come in handy during your enjoyment of your sex toys, as well. It makes it much easier to quickly clean a toy before switching from anal play to vaginal or before passing the toy to anyone else who may be present. Condoms are also great in a pinch for keeping your play sanitary in every way it needs to be.

3.      Invest in some silk bags to keep on hand.

Once your sex toys are cleaned and dried, don’t just chuck them into your goodie drawer and call it a day. Not only are your toys more likely to pick up dirt and debris that way, but it’s generally not good for your toys to sit while in contact with one another. They can warp, become discolored, or otherwise lose their integrity.

If you don’t keep your sex toy in the original box it came in or use a storage bag that came with it, you might want to consider purchasing a silk bag or a nice case for it instead. Your toy will stay clean, safe, and out of contact with anything that could damage it. If you tend to maintain an entire collection of toys, consider keeping a variety of bags on hand. Then there’s always one ready and available when you add a new plaything to your repertoire.

4.      Thoroughly inspect your toys regularly.

A really high-quality sex toy from a trusted brand like FemmeFunn can last you for years, but even the best options out there won’t last forever. It’s essential to replace your toys on time, as some forms of wear and tear can render them unsafe to use. Performing a thorough inspection on your entire collection once every month or two should be enough to keep on top of things. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Pockmarks, tears, or split seams in silicone toys, as these mean your toy can’t be considered non-porous anymore
  • Cracks or chips in hard materials like plastic or glass, as they can easily catch delicate skin or otherwise injure you
  • Compromised rubber plugs, O-rings, or battery compartments in waterproof toys, as they can no longer be considered waterproof
  • Motors that seem to be getting louder, as this can be a sign a toy is getting ready to go completely kaput
  • Frayed cords, batteries that no longer hold a charge well, and other signs that your toy’s power source is no longer what it used to be
  • Discoloration, warping, and any other type of physical integrity loss

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved vibrator or other toy, but it’s crucial for your sexual health to retire older toys promptly. Think of it as a good reason to fall madly in love with something new or add to your collection!

5 Vibrator Concerns Nearly Every Toy Lover Can Relate To

If you’re a diehard toy lover, then you don’t need to be told how world-changing vibrators can be. The right option can teach you things you could never have guessed about your body or how it experiences pleasure. It can add oomph to your solo sessions and take even sex with a partner to an entirely new level.

A buzzworthy life with a vibrator you absolutely love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. For instance, everyone has some concerns at one time or another when it comes to their favorite toy. How many of the following can you relate to?

1.      Exploring new territory can be daunting.

Vibrators are like potato chips. When you love them, it’s pretty tough to stop at just one, and why should you? Just as potato chips come in every flavor under the sun, vibrators come in an incredible array of styles and configurations these days. Sooner or later, every sex toy lover starts thinking outside the box and wanting to add to their collection, but choosing can be tricky.

It gets more straightforward when you keep the right priorities in mind, though. Whether you’re in the market for a new rabbit or have been thinking about giving a vibrating anal plug a try, always buy from top brands and vendors you trust. Don’t underestimate the convenience of buying online, either. It’s easier to comparison shop, you have more options, and you can take all the time you need to make a decision.

2.      You wonder how failsafe that waterproof feature really is.

The notion that water and electronics just don’t mix is pretty deeply ingrained in most people, so a lot of people are skittish about using their vibrator in the shower, even if they know it’s waterproof. It’s certainly common to wonder whether “waterproof” really does mean waterproof in the case of their particular toy.

In most cases, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, especially if you buy quality sex toys that are well-made, hardy, and reliable. Taking care of your toys makes a difference, as well. Make sure you’re cleaning and storing your toy correctly. Get into the habit of regularly checking for damage or signs of wear and tear, as well. This includes checking its waterproof seals, O-rings, and so forth for signs that they’re not what they used to be.

3.      You wonder if it’s possible to be addicted to a sex toy.

Although people are a lot more educated than they used to be when it comes to vibrator use, there are still those who worry vibrator use can ruin a person for old-school sex with a partner. This quite simply isn’t true. If anything, a vibrator can make partnered sex better by making a person more aware of what kinds of stimulation really do it for them.

Using a vibrator also tends to raise a person’s standards when it comes to what they expect to get out of their sex life. People go from settling for lackluster, unsatisfying sex because they think that’s just how it is to wanting better for themselves. That doesn’t mean you’re addicted to your sex toy. It means you’re finally demanding the sex life you deserve and aren’t willing to settle for less.

4.      You worry absolutely everyone can hear it.

Everyone’s thought about it – the telltale buzzing noise their favorite sex toy makes when it’s going to town – and they’ve asked themselves a million questions. Is this thing really that loud, or is it just my imagination? Can my roommate hear it, or my kid? Should I think twice about taking this with me on vacation?

The good news is that most of that perceived noise is all in your head. Most vibrators these days, especially good-quality options from vendors like FemmeFunn, are designed to be very quiet despite also being pretty powerful. In other words, you’re good to go, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.

5.      You’re concerned about what your partner thinks.

Everyone who loves getting down and dirty with their vibrator has probably wondered a time or two what their partner would think if they knew. They picture the person freaking out, getting offended, or being super hurt, but most of those fears are relatively groundless. Most folks are pretty open-minded when it comes to sex toy use these days, including men.

In fact, your partner might well be open to playing with your vibrator together sometime, so don’t be afraid to bring the idea up if it’s something you’ve been thinking about. It’s fine if you want to keep your vibrator use just between you and your toy, but never just assume that your partner would be disgusted with you for taking responsibility for your own pleasure the way that you have. They just might surprise you!

What Every Beginner Should Know About Their First Sex Toy

Even the most experienced pleasure connoisseur had to start somewhere when it came to their impressive sex toy collection, but that’s easier said than done for most beginners. It doesn’t exactly help that today’s consumer has hundreds of different options to choose from. As exciting as having choices can be, it’s naturally confusing, as well.

Then there are all the myths, misconceptions, and wrong ideas those who aren’t in the know still have about sex toys. The more you know about how to choose, use, and take care of your sex toy before you even pick it out, the more you’ll get out of the experience. Here are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind about your first sex toy.

Sex toys are right for everyone.

Although society’s more knowledgeable and sex-positive than it was years ago, many people still think sex toys are solely for specific people when they’re for everyone. You don’t need to be a woman to benefit from a sex toy, nor do you have to be single. People of every gender and every relationship status can and do use sex toys regularly, couples included.

Sex toys don’t have to be phallic.

If you’re into representational sex toys that look (and feel) exactly like penises, you have options out there and shouldn’t shy away from exploring them. That’s not a requirement, though. Many of today’s most popular toys are designed with various unique aspects of a person’s anatomy in mind and don’t look anything like penises. A sex toy doesn’t even have to be insertable to be pleasurable to use and bring a lot to your sex life.

Body-safety is a must.

Whatever sex toy you choose, keep in mind that it’s going to get up close and personal with some of your most sensitive areas. That makes body-safety a key concern, but not all toys are equal in this regard. Cheaper bargain toys are the most likely to come with safety concerns, so it’s worth investing in a high-end toy from a brand with a great reputation. Read the packaging on the toys you’re considering and do your research, as well.

Do as much homework as you need to.

Speaking of research, there’s no such thing as too much when you’re in the market for your first sex toy. There’s absolutely no reason to go with the first option you see unless you genuinely want to. Take your time and see what’s out there first. Google your little heart out. Have a good look through some of the many toy review blogs out there. Ask your friends what they recommend if you’re comfortable doing so. Remember, this is about you and what gets you excited.

Proper care is so important.

Your vibrator is an investment in your pleasure, and it deserves to be treated that way. Don’t simply toss it in your nightstand drawer or stuff it between your mattress and your box spring for safekeeping. If your toy came with a storage bag, make sure you store it in that, separately from any other toys or accessories. Get into the habit of washing your sex toy after every single use, as well. Plain, unscented soap and water work just fine in many cases, but a good spray-on, wipe-off toy cleaner is an excellent alternative in a pinch. The better you are at taking care of your sex toy, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy everything it brings to your life.

The right lube is your friend.

Just as the right sex toy can be an absolute game changer when it comes to your sex life, so can the right lube. Don’t just think of it as something to keep on hand in case it’s needed, either. A little lube goes a long way when it comes to reducing friction and maximizing sensation. Just make sure your lube of choice is safe to use with your toy before you start playing. When in doubt, go with a water-based lube, as it will be compatible with just about anything.

Sex toys aren’t dirty little secrets.

Although some people are more comfortable being open about their sex toys than others, there’s no reason to hide that you use a toy, especially from a partner. Quality solo sex is a healthy part of absolutely anyone’s life, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And toys can be such huge game changers in the bedroom, so it’s well worth using one with your partner at some point. If you like how it goes, consider shopping for additional options to add to your collection together. It’s a beautiful way to nurture intimacy and expand your horizons as a couple.

If you’ve never used a toy before and are getting ready to buy your first one, you’re in for a real treat. In fact, your sex life may never be quite the same, but in the best possible way. Get excited!

4 Reasons Your Vibrators Aren’t Lasting as Long as They Should

Finding the right vibrator for you might take a while, but once you’ve done it, you know it. A really good vibrator can teach you so much about your body and how it best responds to pleasure. It can completely change the way you approach sex in general, as well. Over time, you come to count on it as a treasured part of your self-care routine – exactly why it’s so devastating to realize your trusty vibrating friend is going kaput a lot more quickly than you’d hoped.

If this happens to you way too often for it to be a fluke, it might be time to take a look at a few things. The following are some of the most common reasons even a newer vibrator might wind up ready for the trash bin long before its time.

1.      You’re using the wrong lube.

This is one of the most common reasons a vibrator might start losing its integrity sooner rather than later. Many people assume that any intimate lube is a safe fit for any toy when nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, reaching for the wrong product to lube up with when it’s time to get down and dirty with your vibrator can go spectacularly wrong.

For instance, silicone lubricants are among the best choices on the market for using with your partner to make intercourse feel amazing. However, it can spell disaster for many types of adult toys (and condoms, too) as they can easily cause deterioration. Always double-check to make sure a lube is compatible with your vibrator before bringing it along for the ride. When in doubt, stick to water-based lubes, as they’re a safe bet for almost any toy.

2.      You’re not cleaning your vibrator often enough.

Make no mistake about it. Proper care and cleaning isn’t just a good idea when it comes to vibrators. It’s an absolute must and not just because you can wind up with a nasty bacterial infection otherwise. If you’re not cleaning your vibrators often enough, well enough, or at all, they’re not going to last as long as they otherwise would.

Dust, dirt, and various bodily fluids can quickly build up on your vibrator’s surface, especially over time. If all that residue is allowed to sit there for any length of time, it can corrode, discolor, or otherwise damage even an excellent quality vibrator. At the bare minimum, your vibrator should be washed after every use. However, cleaning them before each use as well is never a bad idea.

3.      You’re not handling your vibrator with enough care.

Most vibrators are designed with relatively passionate use in mind, so they’re not exactly fragile. However, you should keep in mind that your vibrator is an electronic device. It contains a motor and various moving parts. For that reason, you should treat your vibrator with care and caution like you would your cell phone or any similar investment.

Avoid throwing your vibrator around, including tossing it unceremoniously into a nightstand drawer when you’re done using it. Instead, store it carefully in the soft bag it came with, separately from other toys. Don’t be too rough with any caps, switches, or closures it might have. If you use a corded vibrator, such as a wand, don’t use the cord to yank the plug out of the wall or to pull the toy itself around. You get the picture.

4.      You don’t inspect your toys often enough (or at all.)

Even the best, most carefully used vibrators are going to experience some wear and tear over time. For that reason, all sex toys – vibrators included – should be carefully and regularly checked. (Once a month should suffice.) Here are some examples of what to look for.

  • Glass toys can chip, crack, or develop uncomfortably rough edges.
  • Plastics tend to split or fracture as they grow older.
  • Rubber, jelly, or even silicone toys can discolor, rip, warp, or develop surface imperfections like pockmarks.
  • Waterproof toys come with watertight seals that can lose their integrity over time.

In most cases, a sex toy showing visible signs of wear and tear – like cracks, chips, or warpage – is unsafe to use from that point on and should be replaced ASAP. If all that’s wrong with your toy is a waterproof seal that is no longer functional, you can still use it. However, it should no longer be considered waterproof.

You may also have trouble getting your vibrators to last the way they should if you gravitate toward cheaper brands. Not all vibrators brands are created equally, and you get what you pay for, so consider upgrading to a high-quality vibrator, like the Essenza, from FemmeFunn. Not only will your vibe last longer, but you’ll enjoy a better, more stimulating experience every time.

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Vibrator

Saying good-bye to a favorite sex toy is super difficult for lots of reasons. Not only does a sex toy become a valued part of your intimate routine, but you come to count on it as a reliable, effective way to experience pleasure. Plus, you worry that its replacement won’t be anywhere near as awesome.

Even the best things don’t last forever, though, so it’s essential to replace your vibrators and other sex toys on time. Otherwise, you could be jeopardizing your safety and sexual health. Here are some signs it’s time to retire your current toy and upgrade your vibrator to something new.

1.      The motor isn’t what it used to be.

It can happen to even the best vibrators. When they’re brand new, their motors are so robust and powerful. Then after a while, you could swear that yours doesn’t have the same oomph that it used to. It’s probably not your imagination.

When it becomes clear that your vibrator’s motor is losing its intensity, that’s a sign that it’s on its way out. While it’s not dangerous to use a vibrator with a weak motor, you’re running the risk of it quitting on you at the most inconvenient possible time. It’s probably been a while since it really got you off the way it used to, anyway.

2.      Your toy looks discolored.

Many people assume that the vibrant hues their favorite toys come in are pretty but ultimately insignificant. For that reason, they ignore it if a favorite toy’s color starts fading or growing dull over time.

Keep in mind that if the material of your toy is fading visually, it might be deteriorating in other ways, too. Dullness or discoloration is a sign that your toy is losing its integrity. That means it could be developing microscopic cracks, pockmarks, or fissures that can harbor harmful bacteria, which means it’s definitely time to upgrade your vibrator.

3.      The shape seems off.

Shape is, of course, fundamental when it comes to how good a sex toy can make you feel. Whether or not your toy is holding its form can also tell you whether it’s still everything it should be, as well. If your toy seems to be shape-shifting lately, pay attention.

Some toy materials – like jelly rubber, to name just one example – can warp or change. This can happen if they get too hot or if they’re exposed to a chemical that doesn’t agree with them. (This can happen when you use an incompatible type of lube, to name just one possible scenario.) Toys that are losing their shape should no longer be considered safe to use, so upgrade your vibe as soon as possible.

4.      You notice visible cracks or damage.

There’s no such thing as too safe or too clean when it comes to your genitals. That’s exactly why keeping your vibrator spic and span at all times is such a big deal. However, you should also continually monitor your toys for signs of damage or integrity loss.

Know that it’s not normal for vibrators to develop cracks, pits, openings, or similar issues as they age. Not only can those little imperfections harbor nasty bacteria that could cause an infection, but it’s all too easy for a fold of sensitive skin to get caught. Again, your sexual health is too important to risk, so always replace damaged toys promptly.

5.      You’re just plain ready for something new.

It’s normal for your tastes and preferences to change over time, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve noticed this happening with your trusty vibrator. Many people enter the wide, wonderful world of vibrator-assisted pleasure with something inexpensive, basic, and limited. As they learn more about their body and the types of sensations they enjoy, they start craving something a little more sophisticated.

You don’t have to have a “good” reason to want to replace your old vibrator with something more powerful or versatile. Remember, this is your pleasure we’re talking about. Your choice in vibrators should be all about you and what feels good to your body.

Make your next replacement vibrator a proper upgrade.

Regardless of the reason you’re replacing your vibrator, this is an excellent opportunity to trade up. A luxury vibrator from a top manufacturer like FemmeFunn will be made of better materials and hold up much better over time. This means you can switch from replacing your vibrators to building a toy collection you can grow with over time.

Plus, if it’s been a while since your last toy purchase, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the phenomenal options out there on the market these days. Today’s toys feature fantastic shapes, innovative designs, and fascinating features that help you take your pleasure sessions to new levels. Start exploring the possibilities today! You’ll be glad you did.

4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Vibrator

There are two types of women in the world – those who have no idea how they ever got along without a vibrator and those who’ve simply never tried one before. Vibrators are nothing short of life-changing when it comes to the quality of a person’s sex life, but even a good thing always has the potential to be better. Here are a few tips for getting the absolute most out of your favorite toy in every possible way.

1.      Establish a thorough care routine.

Your vibrator has more in common with your cell phone or your car than you might think. The better you are at taking care of it, the longer it will last, and the better it will perform. Start with the barest essential – basic cleaning and sanitation. Like all sex toys, your vibrator needs to be properly and thoroughly cleaned after every use to keep it hygienic and preserve its integrity.

A simple, thorough wash with gentle soap and water in the bathroom sink is fine for most toys. However, a good spray-on, wipe-off toy cleaner is well worth keeping around for those times it’s just not practical to hop right up after orgasm.

Make sure you’re checking your toys regularly for damage as well. Plastics can crack, glass can chip, and silicone can tear or develop other integrity issues. The seals on waterproof toys can deteriorate and cords can fray. Look your sex toy collection over thoroughly at least once every couple of months and replace anything with issues right away.

2.      Add some lube to the mix.

Never make the mistake of thinking lube is only useful if you suffer from vaginal dryness. It can add so much to any encounter, whether you’re enjoying yourself with a partner, with your vibrator, or even with your fingers. It’s phenomenal for transferring sensation and making sure you’re working with just the right amount of friction.

Plus, lubes can turn your play into a multisensory experience. They can be flavored or scented. They can be extra thick or pillowy – perfect for experimenting with anal play or oversized toys. They can even warm, cool, or tingle on contact for some seriously interesting sensations.

Just make sure you’re using a lube that’s compatible with your vibrator of choice. For instance, silicone-based lubes will not be friendly to any real-skin toys you own, and oil-based lubes can ruin the integrity of many toys. When in doubt, stick to a good water-based lube, as they’re compatible with just about everything.

3.      Treat yourself to an upgrade.

Some women assume that if they’ve used one vibrator, they’ve used them all when nothing could be further from the truth. If you can’t imagine life without a fully-charged vibrator in your nightstand – and really, who can – then you owe it to yourself to try a luxury upgrade ASAP. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner for reasons like the following:

  • Luxury vibrators are made of truly next-level materials that convey vibrations like a dream. Think buttery smooth silicone that glides over your skin and ergonomic designs that feel like they were made just for your body!
  • Powerful motors mean better quality vibrations and stronger orgasms every time. These are vibrations that rumble and penetrate, as opposed to simply buzzing across the surface of your favorite hot spots. Every last nerve ending – including many you didn’t even know you had – winds up stimulated and satisfied.
  • Innovative shapes and unusual functions bring a lot to the table that’s new – perfect for women who know variety is the spice of life. Some of today’s most intriguing vibes thrust and throb while others twirl and undulate. Add a wealth of next-level vibration settings to the mix and it’s not hard to see why toy connoisseurs go nuts for vibes from top manufacturers like FemmeFunn.

4.      Share it with a partner.

Your vibrator only has to remain your naughty little secret if you want it to. It’s just as capable of adding some oomph to encounters with your partner if you’re both on board with the idea. Deep, rumbling vibrations feel good to everyone’s sensitive nerve endings, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little and figure out what works for both of you.

Start with one of your favorite go-to vibes like the Ultra Wand. Then add to your growing collection by shopping for new options together. Great vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Some are insertive while others are bullet-shaped or egg-shaped so that they glide across eager skin with ease. There are anal vibrators to experiment with, as well as Kegel vibrators like Momenta, and more.

Consider starting a toy chest and filling it with delicious options from luxury toy labels like FemmeFunn for experiences that are always guaranteed to satisfy. You’ll never find yourself unprepared for a toe-curling orgasm again.

5 Essential Care Tips Every Sex Toy Lover Should Know

If you’re the proud (and satisfied) owner of a luxury vibrator or other sex toy from FemmeFunn or elsewhere, then it only makes sense that you’d want to protect your investment. Proper care, cleaning, and maintenance are the keys to keeping your toys in tip-top condition for many years to come, so it really pays to do things properly. The following are just a few tips to keep in mind as you continue to build and enjoy your collection.

1.      Wash your sex toys after every use.

Since vibrators and other sex toys get seriously up close and personal with the most sensitive parts of your body, you’d think it would be second nature to wash them often. In actuality though, way too many people either forget or just plain don’t bother, which is bad for your body and for the toy.

All sex toys should be washed after every single use. (Ideally, they’d also be washed before each use.) In many cases, gentle soap and water is effective enough. However, it’s worth your while to invest in a special cleaner designed just for sex toys. It’s the best way to protect the toy’s integrity and prolong its life.

2.      Give some thought to how you store your toys.

As with cleaning, quite a few sex toy owners don’t really think much about how they store their toys. They simply toss them in the drawer of their nightstand or stash them underneath their mattress and call it a day. The problem with that is many sex toy materials (e.g. silicone, synthetic skin, or jelly rubber) attract lint, dust, and other debris that you don’t want sitting on your toy or coming into contact with your body.

Keep your sex toy in a bag or a box so that there’s always a barrier between its surface and any foreign material or grime it might come into contact with in your storage spot of choice. (Many toys come with one of their own.) If you have battery-operated toys that you only use once in a while, consider storing them with the batteries removed.

3.      Make sure you’re using the right lube.

There are two types of people in the world – those that have never used lube before and those that know what an absolute essential it is for any intimate experience. Lube doesn’t just make the going easier when it’s time to get down and dirty with your partner or a sex toy. It can really enhance sensation and help your toy do the job of satisfying you.

Just make sure you really know your lubes and pay attention to whether a particular one is compatible with your sex toys. For instance, silicone-based lubes can damage certain types of toys (e.g. real-skin options), and anything oil based is harmful to toys and condoms alike. When in doubt opt for a water-based product, as they’re compatible with the great majority of the sex toys out there on the market. Pay attention to labels when shopping for new lubes to try as well.

4.      Inspect your toys for damage.

Even the best sex toys don’t last forever, so it’s important to keep an eye on your toys so you’re aware of any damage right away. The cheaper the toy, the more likely it is to show damage sooner rather than later, so definitely consider investing in a luxury toy if possible.

  • Plastic toys should be examined for hairline cracks or signs of splintering.
  • If you use glass dildos, plugs, or probes, keep an eye out for chips.
  • Rubber, jelly, or real-skin toys can develop rips or pockmarks that signal the material is losing its integrity.
  • Waterproof toys should be inspected for all of the above, as well as issues with any of the waterproof seals.

Do an inspection of each toy in your collection at least once every couple of months. Be sure to replace any that just aren’t up to snuff anymore in a timely manner.

5.      Share with caution.

Of course, there’s no reason to keep your sex toy stash all to yourself unless you really want to. Just make sure you’re exercising caution when using a toy on someone else. Non-porous materials like glass, stainless steel, plastic, and most silicones can be thoroughly sanitized in between uses, but porous alternatives like jellies can’t. Use a condom when sharing porous toys just to be on the safe side.

Keeping a spray-on/wipe-off toy cleaner handy when playing with a partner (or multiple partners) can come in handy as well. Use it to sanitize toys when switching from one person’s body to another, as well as when switching from anal stimulation to vaginal.

Getting more out of your sex toys really is about taking the best possible care of them. Start being more mindful about it today, and your favorites will serve you well for many years to come.

Toy Care 101: Maximize the Life of Your Sex Toy

Your favorite rabbit vibe has more in common with the other electronics and motorized devices in your home than you think. Just like the hairdryer you can’t live without and the trusty face buffer you owe your glowing complexion to, your adult toys rely on motors and moving parts to work their magic. Eventually those parts will wear out and you’ll have to replace the entire device, but there’s plenty you can do to protect your investment and extend the life of your toys in the meantime. It’s all about proper care, cleaning, and maintenance.

Understanding the Life Span of Your Toys

So, if that expensive new vibrator with all the bells and whistles isn’t actually meant to last forever, how long should it last? As with other types of personal equipment, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys. However, even the best toy money can buy won’t last indefinitely. Vibrators are powered by tiny but powerful motors that run hot and can burn out easily, meaning they may not last as long as you’d hope.

That said, you can expect an average, mid-priced vibrator to last between three and six months. The more meticulous you are about really taking care of it, the longer you can expect it to last. A lot depends on how frequently you use your vibe as well. A toy that’s only used occasionally or alternated with other toys will naturally last a lot longer than one that’s used every single day.

Make sure you know whether your toy is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or a guarantee that it will last a certain length of time. That will give you a pretty good idea of when you should have to replace it, as well as how you can go about getting a refund if it fails to meet expectations for any reason.

Using Your Toys Properly

Don’t worry. You don’t have to force yourself to use your toy less often if it’s truly an essential part of your regular routine. However, there are definitely some things you can do differently that can drastically extend your toy’s life.

  • Consider not running your vibrator continuously for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time. This will help lower the likelihood that its motor will overheat. If you’re a big fan of indulgent marathon love sessions though, no worries. You can still have your fun! Just try alternating your time between several different toys so each one’s motor has ample time to cool down in between uses.
  • Get in the habit of taking the batteries out of your toys when they’re not in use, especially if you only use certain toys occasionally. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of the toy switching on accidentally and running until it burns out without your knowledge, but batteries can sometimes corrode, spelling the end of even a brand-new toy.
  • Protect the integrity of porous toy materials like blended rubber, real-feel silicone, or jelly with condoms. Unlike stainless steel, hard silicone, glass, or plastic, porous materials are pretty much impossible to thoroughly disinfect in between uses. However, condoms can ensure they stay good as new. You need to make absolutely sure any lube you use is compatible with your sex toy as well.
  • You should also be gentle in general with your toys. Avoid throwing them around, being too rough with their twist caps, or pulling them around by their cords (if they have them). It would be a shame to have to retire a favorite toy early because of something avoidable like a cord that’s frayed from abuse or misuse.

Sex Toy Care and Cleaning

Saying your favorite sex toys get up close and personal with some of the most sensitive areas of your body is a massive understatement. However, most people don’t clean theirs anywhere near often enough, giving bacteria and debris a chance to collect. Not only does this jeopardize your own health and well-being, but it shortens the life of your toys as well.

Sex toys should be washed after each use, even if you’re the only one who uses them. It’s not a bad idea to give them a quick once over before you use them either, especially if you store them anywhere, they could come in contact with dust or debris of any kind. You don’t necessarily need to give them a thorough soap and water scrubbing every time though.

Keeping a bottle of spray-on/wipe-off toy cleaner in your night stand can be a real game changer. It couldn’t be easier and more convenient to use, so it definitely simplifies the process of cleaning your toys often enough and thoroughly enough.

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to regularly inspect your toys for damage, signs of wear and tear, or other indicators that you might be due for a replacement. Check hard materials like plastics for cracks, chips, or dings. Inspect softer, more porous materials for pock marks and rips. Waterproof toys should have their seals and O-rings checked for loss of integrity as well. Once a month is a good goal to shoot for frequency-wise.

While it would be wonderful if we could somehow make our favorite sex toys last forever, proper care and maintenance can make a huge degree of difference. Establish a solid routine, stick to it, and you won’t be able to believe the difference in the lifespan of your toys!

Sex Toy Materials: Making Sense of Your Options and Choosing the Right One for You

Naturally, no two people are going to be exactly the same when it comes to what they like and need in a sex toy. What feels amazing for one person may just not do it at all for someone else. Plus, many people have practical concerns to consider. They might need their toys to be hypoallergenic because of allergies or easy to care for, the better to fit into their busy lifestyles.

For those reasons and many more, material is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new sex toy. But what makes one material a better fit than another? Are some materials better than others when it comes to actual stimulation? Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to make a choice you’re sure to be happy with, including the pros and cons of each possibility.

Jelly Rubber

Jelly rubber has been among the most popular sex toys materials for many years and with good reason. It’s flexible and pleasant to use. It’s also easy for manufacturers to mold and work with, so it’s perfect for creating toys in just about any shape or color you can imagine. However, some jelly rubbers contain added phthalates – chemical compounds that help make them more flexible, but can irritate sensitive skin or cause health problems. Pay careful attention to the specifications of a given jelly toy, as they’ll tell you whether it contains phthalates or not. 

Jelly rubber toys can be porous and hard to keep clean, so using them with a condom is probably your best bet for keeping them hygienic, especially if you like to share your toys with your partners. Also, jelly rubber toys can sometimes react chemically with one another, so be sure to store yours separately so that they retain their integrity.


If you’re looking for a user-friendly material that’s durable, hypoallergenic, easy to care for, and as hygienic as can be, plastic is well worth considering. Its hard, non-porous surface makes it a snap to clean and take care of. It also does an incredible job of transferring vibrations, so it’s perfect for toy users that like firm, strong, targeted stimulation. It’s compatible with every type of lube as well, so you don’t have to agonize over picking one that’s compatible.

If you love the firmness and user-friendliness of plastic but wish it felt a little silkier against your sensitive skin, look for options made of smooth-coated plastic. Smooth-coated toys contain cores made of the same tough ABS plastic you love, but are coated with ultra-smooth rubber or polyurethane for a pleasant, velvety surface feel.


Looking for something that’s as durable and easy to take care of as plastic, but not as hard and unyielding? You’ll definitely want to consider silicone sex toys. The silicone used in sex toys is medical-grade, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your sensitive skin. It’s also non-porous, so hygiene and cleanliness aren’t a problem either. It lasts a long time as well, so you can trust that your new silicone toy will likely be curling your toes for many years to come.

Best of all, silicone is beautifully smooth, velvety to the touch, and firm without actually being hard. Just make sure you choose your lubricants with care when it’s time for some quality time with your favorite silicone playthings. Silicone-based or oil-based lubricants can chemically interact with your toy and ruin its integrity, so always use water-based or silicone-safe options.

Liquid Silicone

Much like silicone, liquid silicone is durable and easy to take care. It provides the most realistic feel out of sex toy materials. Both silicone, and liquid silicone offer similar yet uniquely different sensations. If you’re looking for the real deal, look no further… For the most authentic intimate experience, get familiar with the variety of “real feel” dildos available, and choose the best one (or more than one) for you!


If you like your toys to be as beautiful as they are pleasurable, you might want to take a second look at glass as a material. Glass sex toys are becoming more and more popular because of their elegant, beautiful good looks. They come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are representational while others are not. Those that love glass toys often enjoy collecting different options on the same level they might enjoy collecting anything else made of glass.

And if you’re worried that glass is a fragile, impractical, or  potentially unsafe material for a sex toy, don’t be. Toys are made from special tempered glass that’s astonishing durable. It won’t shatter, chip, or crack even if dropped. It can be heated or cooled, the better to help you experiment with different sensations. Glass can easily be cleaned with plain soap and water as well.


Like glass, metal is a super user-friendly material that’s perfect for sex toys. It’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean, completely waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing. You naturally don’t have to worry about the lubricant you use with a metal toy either, so definitely feel free to reach for your favorite. Metal is odorless and tasteless, as well as perfect for experimenting with temperature play.

However, metal is very rigid – a quality you probably either really like in a sex toy material or really don’t. Many people find it too unyielding for their personal tastes, but others absolutely adore the satisfying feel of a heavy, metal toy in their hands. They love how easy metal makes it to apply firm, pointed pressure to their favorite pleasure points as well. 


Latex isn’t just for condoms! This versatile, highly flexible type of rubber is a great fit for a wide range of creatively designed sex toys including numerous inflatable options. Many latex toys are also coated or polished to feature a beautiful high surface shine, so they can be incredible pleasing when it comes to aesthetics. Its sheer flexibility makes it a great fit for a wide range of rubber clothing, bedsheets, wearable sex gear such as masks, and much more.

Latex toys do require some special care though, so they may not be right for people that prefer “wash and go” materials like glass or plastic. Make sure you use a compatible lubricant to ensure your toy’s long life. Clean your latex toys and gear options by spraying them down with antibacterial toy cleaner and wiping them gently after each use. Then sprinkle them with a cornstarch-based renewal powder to keep them flexible and soft.

Hard Rubber

If you like the general idea of owning a rubber sex toy, but have allergies or preferences that put latex or jelly out of the running, you might want to try a toy made of hard, skin-safe rubber. Unlike other rubbers used in adult toys, this type of rubber hasn’t been softened for flexibility, so there’s zero chance of it containing phthalates. (Look for toys and gear made of TPE or TPR.)

Hard, skin-safe rubber is commonly used in rabbit vibes or other specialty vibrators because of its firmness. It’s ideal for targeting sensitive, but hard to reach hot spots like the female G-spot or male P-spot, so it’s especially well worth considering if that’s your goal. 

Ultimately, the best toy material for you is the one that’s best at delivering the type of stimulation you like most. However, there’s no need to stick to just one unless you want to. Many toy lovers experiment with different types of toys and keep a variety around to suit all of their possible moods, preferences, and desires. Start exploring today!

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