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How to Get Your Vibrator Through Airport Security

Whether you’re planning on braving the airports to be with family over the holidays or simply want a more reliable plan to fall back on the next time you have to travel for business, making security checks as hassle-free as possible is a significant priority for everyone. That’s precisely why so many toy lovers elect to leave their sex toys at home – persistent nightmares about being asked to explain their king-sized vibrating dildo in front of the entire airport.

It’s well worth learning the ins and outs of successfully traveling with a sex toy, though. There’s no time like a vacation to indulge in a few extra orgasms, solo or otherwise. More than half of all adults say traveling gives their sex drive a boost and report being more likely to have sex with their partners while away from home. Take full advantage of that vacation state of mind next time you travel with these pointers on how to get your sex toy through airport security without the hassle or embarrassment.

Stay calm, relaxed, and collected.

Sex and intimacy are private matters for most people, so it’s common to feel a little anxious when imagining a perfect stranger handling your vibrator or asking you about it in front of a crowd of other strangers. But keep in mind that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning and using a sex toy. There’s no shame in traveling with one, either.

Remind yourself of these facts as often as necessary to stay calm and relaxed when going through security checkpoints. Airport security staff are specially trained to spot people who are anxious, jumpy, or otherwise acting like something’s wrong. You’re far from the first person to bring a vibrator along for the ride, and you certainly won’t be the last, so don’t sweat it.

Choose a smaller toy with compact dimensions.

“Travel light” isn’t just great advice to keep in mind when packing items like clothing or shoes. Being on the go is infinitely more manageable when you’re not dragging the biggest, heftiest corded wand massager in your toy collection along with you. The smaller the toy, the less likely it is to cause a fuss when you’re making your way through a security checkpoint.

Try an option that’s small, portable, and super-convenient despite packing a powerful punch in the pleasure department. Any one of the options you’ll find in FemmeFunn’s Buddies collection is a perfect fit. Each Buddy is built to please and is compact enough to tuck discreetly into an inner suitcase pocket or carry-on bag.

Put a stop to any accidental buzzing.

Accidental activation is the most likely reason for a sex toy to cause a stir when making its way through airport security. Suppose a bag or suitcase suddenly starts vibrating. In that case, the airport’s security team will have no choice but to investigate, so it’s a good idea to think ahead and eliminate the chances of that happening.

If your toy is battery-operated, simply take the batteries out and pack them separately. If you use a rechargeable toy, you can plan ahead and let the charge run all the way out before it’s time to hit the road. If you’re in the market for a new toy and want to make sure it’s as travel friendly as possible, choose one that comes with a travel lock feature, the easiest and most failsafe way to make sure your vibrator doesn’t accidentally switch on in transit.

Plan as much as possible.

If you’re traveling outside of the country, it pays to do a little quick research before flying to make sure there aren’t any restrictions on toys where you’re going. Some countries – including India and the United Arab Emirates – may confiscate your toy on arrival due to such restrictions, which naturally defeats the purpose of bringing it with you in the first place.

It’s also worth placing your toy inside a clear plastic bag before packing it into your suitcase. That way, in the event your bag is opened by security personnel, they can see they’re dealing with an ordinary harmless vibrator without having to handle it too much. Do the same with any lubes or cleaners you also decide to pack and double-check to make sure they’re under three ounces in size to comply with TSA guidelines.

Just own it.

So, what if that recurring nightmare does come true? What if a security agent does decide to open your bag, goes through your stuff, finds your trusty vibrator, holds it up for all to see, and asks you what it is? You calmly and coolly tell them it’s your vibrator, that’s what. Don’t act nervous, and definitely don’t pretend it’s not yours.

Remember, taking ownership of your sexuality and being comfortable enough to travel with your vibrator are commendable things. Carry yourself that way, and act that way should the subject come up, and everything will be fine.

Orgasms on the Go: Your Guide to Traveling Discreetly with a Sex Toy

It’s completely understandable if the mere thought of traveling with a sex toy fills you with anxiety, especially if you’ve never done it before. To begin with, it’s definitely a tricky process. Not only are sex toys not actually legal everywhere you might want to go, but we’ve all had nightmares about suspicious TSA agents whipping out our favorite vibrating dildo right in front of everyone.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resign yourself to going through your next vacation or weekend getaway toyless. You just need a little know-how in your corner. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to take your favorite adult toys on the go safely and discreetly. You’ll be traveling with yours like an absolute pro in no time.

Is a Problem Really That Likely?

“What if airport security mistakes my toy for a bomb?” “What if that super-expensive vibrator I got for Christmas gets confiscated and I never see it again?” “What if the security agent takes my vibrator out of my bag and asks me about it in front of everyone?” All of these are common concerns people have about traveling with their toys, but we have good news for you. Major problems are actually really unlikely.

The great majority of TSA agents have seriously seen it all when it comes to the things people travel with. Your favorite rabbit vibe, butt plug, or strap-on doesn’t even come close to being the strangest or most scandalous. It’s also highly unlikely that a sex toy would cause a problem big enough to actually ground a plane or land you in jail. If you’re still worried though, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Know your destination
    Here in the 21st century, it’s perfectly legally and acceptable to own a sex toy almost everywhere, especially within the United States. However, some destinations (like Saudi Arabia and India) have restrictions in place that you’ll want to be aware of before you pack your bags. Otherwise, you risk having your toy confiscated once you’ve arrived. Make sure all your bases are covered in advance with some quick research on your destination of choice.
  2. Know when to carry on and when to check
    If you’re thinking of packing your toy in your carry-on bag, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with TSA rules on what’s appropriate. Small, discreet toys are unlikely to raise any red flags or even draw any notice. (The same goes for items like rope or leather harnesses.) However, anything longer than 7 inches, anything pointed, or anything that could possibly be considered weapon-esque should be checked just in case.
  3. Plastic bags are your friends
    Regardless of whether you’re going to check the bag that contains your toy, it’s a good idea to prepare for the possibility of an inspection. Plastic bags are perfect when it comes to that, as they allow the inspecting agent to get a decent look at your items without actually having to touch them directly. Remember, they’re used to seeing toys in people’s luggage, so they won’t bat an eye. If you’re worried the agent won’t actually recognize your item as a sex toy, you can always include a brief note explaining it.
  4. Play it cool  
    Do your best to avoid appearing anxious or nervous. Otherwise, you might make TSA agents suspicious and increase the chances of having to undergo an inspection. Just stay cool, calm, and collected instead. There’s nothing wrong with being an empowered woman who’s taken control of her own pleasure by making sex toys a part of her life. In the event anyone does ask you about yours directly, just say “that’s my sex toy” as if it’s the most normal thing in the world (because it is).
  5. Make sure your toy stays off
    If your toy of choice is something electric and battery operated, you’ll want to prevent the possibility of it switching itself on accidentally. If it contains removable batteries, take them out before packing your toy. If the battery isn’t removable, you can let the charge run all the way down before traveling if you’re worried. Many modern toys come equipped with on/off locks that really simplify this process, so consider investing in a toy that has this feature for taking on the go.
  6. Know the 3-ounce rule
    Now you know you can totally travel with your favorite vibrator or dildo, but what about your lubes, massage oils, and other liquid goodies? You actually can take those with you, but the same 3-ounce rule that applies to items like shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries applies, meaning the container can’t be any bigger than that in volume. Stocking up on travel-sized portions of your favorite products is an easy way to make sure you’re good to go.

Of course, if you have specific questions or are concerned about anything in particular, you can always contact the airport and ask just to be on the safe side. They’ll be more than happy to help.

What Else Should I Consider?

Of course, getting your toys past a curious TSA agent may not be your only concern when it comes to taking your sex toy on the go. The following scenarios cover some of these other possibilities.

  1. “I want to be extra discreet”
    Maybe you’re going away on a business trip and really want to eliminate the possibility of your sex toy being spotted by a nosy coworker. Maybe you’re off to visit your parents for the weekend and really want to keep your intimate habits hush-hush. Consider purchasing a toy that’s cleverly designed to look exactly like an everyday item no one would think twice about (e.g. a tube of mascara or a lipstick). That way you’re covered even if someone comes into direct contact with it.
  2. “I’m not comfortable bringing expensive toys with me”
    Lots of people dislike even the possibility of a valuable, favorite item winding up lost, confiscated, or damaged. If that sounds like you, consider bringing a couple of disposable toys along for the ride instead (or picking up a couple at the drugstore once you arrive). Options include mini finger vibes, vibrating cock rings, and more. You’ll still get to enjoy a little buzzworthy fun while you’re away, but with zero worry about losing a pet item you consider irreplaceable.
  3. “I want to surprise my partner with a new toy once we get there” Planning a romantic getaway that involves something special, but don’t want to pack it in your luggage and risk spoiling the surprise? Consider putting together a parcel with your items in it and shipping it straight to your hotel, beach house, or resort. Alternatively, you can shop for something new at your favorite online toy emporium and have the vendor ship it straight to your hotel in an unmarked package. (Most toy stores use discreet packaging anyway to protect the customer’s privacy.)

As you can see, discreetly and confidently traveling with a sex toy is a lot less nerve wracking than you’d think. The key to a great sexual experience with toys that goes smoothly for everyone is preparedness. Where will you be traveling to with your favorite toys this year?

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