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The TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive

Named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, Aphrodisiacs are foods said to boost sexual desire. While it’s tempting to believe that biting into something gooey and delectable can instantly boost your libido, is there evidence to back up the claim? 

The answer isn’t particularly straightforward and lies in somewhat of a gray area. The energy contained in a certain food, its cultural legacy and connotations, and the fragrance, texture, shape, and color of a dish may all contribute to arousal (remember, your largest sexual organ lies between your ears!) 

The bottom line is that experts recommend including aphrodisiac foods in a diet that supports healthy blood circulation, hormone balance, and vitality, all of which are necessary for higher libido.

You’d be astonished at the variety of natural foods available to jumpstart your sex drive, from leafy greens to fruits with high water content. 

While you’ve probably heard that oysters are aphrodisiacs in passing, there are many other less exotic foods (that you undoubtedly consume regularly) that also possess aphrodisiac properties. For some, it’s all about the chemical interactions occurring within the body. For others, it’s more of a placebo effect. Regardless, it’s essential to keep in mind that not everyone will react the same way to aphrodisiac foods. 

And while there is no concrete scientific evidence that any diet stimulates the human sex organs, it surely doesn’t hurt to stack the sexual odds in your favor by eating meals that both you and your lover find hot AF!

The 5 Types of Aphrodisiacs

Historically, the majority of aphrodisiacs have been classified into five broad categories, all based on unverified theories:

Keeping you hot and wet

Foods that generate warmth and moisture (such as chili or curry) were considered to evoke “heated” passion, whilst cool foods (such as lettuce and purslane leaves) were thought to induce “chilled” desire.

If it looks like a sex organ, it’s probably great for sex organs

It was believed that foods that resembled male or female genitalia increased desire. One such example is the legendary oyster, as are several fruits and root vegetables.

The remarkable reproduction hypothesis 

Sexual desire and potency were considered to be boosted by the consumption of reproductive organs and eggs (fish roe and bird eggs, animal genitals).

Exotic = Sexy 

Rare (and hence expensive) foods were believed to be sexually arousing. When several rare items became more easily obtainable, such as potatoes and cocoa, their reputations as sexual stimulants diminished.

Awaken the senses and awaken desire

Foods that pleasurably stimulate the senses (sight, smell, taste, and touch) were considered to arouse desire.

Our Top 20 Aphrodisiac Foods

Eat a varied diet, including a few of the foods mentioned below, and might just find yourself in the mood for some extra luvin!

1. Truffles

There are several reasons why truffles are one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs. They are uncommon and pricey for starters, which only adds to their allure. 

Plus, they contain a high protein content, which aids in stamina. However, and perhaps most intriguingly, their odor is thought to mirror male pheromones, subconsciously making individuals want to devour them.

TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - Truffels

2. Ginger

Apart from its fabulous fragrance, ginger can help increase blood flow and circulation (two of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction) and has been utilized as a stimulant for desire in many cultures.

3. Sweet potatoes

You’re probably aware of sweet potatoes (also known as “yams”) sex-enhancing qualities due to Sex and the City 2. Samantha consumed them in an attempt to obtain a “natural” dosage of hormones at a period when she was unable to take her menopausal tablets. Vitamin A, which is found in the root vegetable, has a role in testosterone production and arousal.

4. Maca

According to Jenni Skyler, a certified sex therapist, sexologist, and licensed marriage and family therapist, Maca, the Incan root made into a popular tea, is also known as Peru’s ‘natural Viagra‘ and is believed to boost energy, stamina, fertility, and libido. 

The plant’s roots are rich in magnesium and fiber, beneficial for stamina and overall well-being.

TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - Maca

5. Arugula

Arugula is one of the world’s oldest aphrodisiacs, and its dark, leafy greens are necessary for sexual wellness. According to research conducted at Al-Nahrain University, arugula can help block out environmental pollutants that can wreak havoc on our libidos.

6. Honey

TBT to ancient Greece, when Hippocrates used to prescribe honey for sexual stamina.  This “liquid gold”  includes boron, which aids in hormone regulation, and nitric oxide (which helps increase blood flow during arousal). 

Nitric oxide also promotes the dilation of blood vessels involved in erections and clitoral engorgement.

7. Pine nuts

If a man lacks zinc, pine nuts might help boost his libido. Additionally, pine nuts include a range of other beneficial oils and phytochemicals that support general health and increase libido.

TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - Pine Nuts

8. Ginseng

Asian and American versions of the Ginseng plant have been shown to improve libido and sexual performance in studies. Ginseng most certainly affects the central nervous system, modifying hormones in the process.

9. Extra virgin olive oil

While the thought of dipping fresh bread or pita into olive oil is enough to turn anyone on, there are legitimate reasons for the oil’s seductiveness. Olive oil is antioxidant-rich, which helps keep the skin smooth and the body working smoothly. But, this isn’t new knowledge! In fact, from ancient Egyptian times, olive oil has been used for erotic massages.

10. Chocolate

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a stimulant that induces feelings of exhilaration and well-being. Natural caffeine is also beneficial. Make sure to get dark chocolate that has at least 75% cacao to reap the cardiac benefits.

TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - Chocolate

11. Asparagus

Do yourself a favor — stock up on a handful of these nutrient-dense spears! Asparagus is high in vitamins A and C, which helps maintain healthy skin and hair. 

Often, looking good makes you feel good. And if you’re feeling good, you never know what kind of spontaneous fun might follow. 

In addition to being abundant in potassium and B vitamins, asparagus provides the body with a boost of histamine, promoting bigger orgasms.

12. Saffron

There is some compelling evidence supporting saffron’s sexual drive-enhancing properties. Saffron’s reputation as an aphrodisiac dates back to Cleopatra, who is said to have bathed in saffron-infused milk for its aphrodisiac properties. 

Saffron has also been demonstrated in recent research to boost sperm motility and mitigate some of the sexual adverse effects associated with using some antidepressants.

13. Chili peppers

Capsaicin is purported to activate nerve endings on the tongue, releasing epinephrine (adrenaline), the chemical responsible for increasing your heart rate, and releasing endorphins (natural opiates found in your body). Just make sure that you are eating them and not placing chili peppers anywhere near your partner’s body!

TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - Chili Peppers

14. Avocados

A seductive, fascinating tidbit about your favorite nacho add-on: Avocado is referred to in Aztec as ahuacatl, which translates as “testicle.” 

Apart from their sexual attraction, avocados are abundant in folic acid, vitamin B9 (which gives the body more energy), and vitamin B6 (which aids in testosterone synthesis)

15. Pomegranates

Poms are packed with antioxidants, which are critical for preventing inflammation and plaque buildup in your arteries and assisting in delivering increased blood flow to all regions of your body, including your genitals. 

Research shows that pomegranate juice may be beneficial for erectile dysfunction. 

16. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which helps contribute to healthy testosterone levels. While pumpkin seeds are high in antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium, and other beneficial nutrients, zinc also inhibits the enzyme responsible for testosterone conversion to estrogen. 

Not only is this beneficial for males, but studies have shown that women with elevated testosterone levels have a greater sex drive.  

TOP 20 Aphrodisiac Foods to Rev Up Your Sex Drive - Pumpkin seeds

17. Red grapes

Red grapes are a rich source of boron, a mineral that aids in the stimulation of estrogen and testosterone production. 

Increased estrogen and testosterone levels can revitalize your sex organs and put you in a great mood.

18. Bananas

Bananas are an excellent supply of potassium, a necessary nutrient for muscular contraction, and vital for having high-quality sex

Also, bananas contain bromelain, which assists in the production of testosterone. This sweet and smooth fruit is worth incorporating into your diet to boost your sexual drive. 

19. Soybeans 

Soybeans are well-known for their isoflavone compounds, which behave similarly to estrogen. Estrogen lubricates the vaginal region, enhancing sexual pleasure. If you’re not too keen on tofu’s texture or taste, try adding soy milk to your next smoothie.

20. Oysters

Last but not least, the king of aphrodisiacs – the oyster! 

Oysters have been known to help stimulate libido for years – but why? Not only is Casanova’s favorite food high in zinc, it also includes D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which are two amino acids that have been shown to raise both male and female sex hormone levels.

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, and organizing the perfect Valentine’s Day— isn’t always easy to do! In other words, Valentine’s Day can involve a lot of fuss and a stack of pressure, regardless of your relationship status. But this really doesn’t need to be the case!  

While the day of love is essentially the hallmark of Hallmark holidays, there are many non-cliché ways to celebrate and express your love—romantic or otherwise. 

While virtually every company on earth will attempt to sell you something cheesy to commemorate the day, you (and your person) deserve a genuinely delightful experience, not just some red plastic junk that you’ll forget by March. 

And while gimmicky Valentine’s Day gifts are enjoyable in their own right, they are oh-so-much better when they’re meaningful. (While we’re on the subject, have a squiz of our not-so-lame list of the Seven Sexy Sex Toys You Should Buy this Valentine’s Day)

To help spread the love this year, we’ve compiled 10 Valentine’s Day ideas to make it the magical day you deserve.

1. Create a list of your fantasies

As seductive as it can be to have your S.O. whisper their desires to you, the fact is that expressing those fantasies out loud may be a little nerve-wracking! 

Putting pen to paper can help you regain your sexual confidence. Schedule a time to write letters detailing your deepest desires in advance and then exchange them with one another. 

You can trade on Valentine’s Day or before if you require additional props. Or, instead, go for the major reveal on Valentine’s Day and focus only on reading the sensual erotica you’ve written, rather than putting yourself on the spot.

2. Share the fun with a new sex toy

Sex toys used by couples are an excellent way to deepen intimacy, explore sexuality, and discover what works for you. If you’ve never tried partnered play with sex toys before, things may seem a little strange at first, and you’re bound to have some questions about how to get started. 

Fortunately, there is little distinction between solo play and using a toy with a partner (and to be frank, you could use most of the toys you use during partnered play as well!) 

Incorporating sex toys into your playtime opens up a plethora of exciting opportunities and, if both partners are keen, may prove to be a great complement to any sex life.

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day - Sign up for Tantra Classes FemmeFunn

3. Take a virtual tantra lesson as a couple

In fact, any workshop or class will suffice, but tantra would be ideal for a steamy Valentine’s Day sex session since you and your lover will enjoy the benefits long after the program has ended. 

These sessions are geared at teaching proper touch, intimacy, and massage skills in a fun and seductive manner. Expect to learn new moves, participate in bonding exercises, and master new sensuous touching skills to keep the sexual energy running high.

4. Incorporate some role-play during sex

Prepare a “bar” in your kitchen for your meeting. Then, when your significant other sit next to you, introduce yourself. From there, you and your partner can act out a scenario using entirely different vocations and names. 

The options are virtually limitless! Take it to your bedroom and conclude your role-play fantasy with a fantastic finale. 

5. Create a playlist on Spotify

Combine your favorite sexy songs into a special Valentine’s Day playlist. Add your favorite tunes, making sure that there’s a variety of beats and tempos to ensure all kinds of rides during your numerous sex sessions.

6. Include your favorite meals

Feed your lover ice cream, chocolate mousse, or other favorite sweet treats while in bed. Whoever stated dessert had to be served at the dinner table was severely mistaken. Dessert never tasted better!

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentines day

7. Recreate your first date

Return to where it all began, and recreate your first date, this time from home. Whether you’re preparing your first cocktails together or recreating the atmosphere of a messy college bar in your own house, this is a great way to reignite those first sparks, laugh about the embarrassing times, and relish how far you’ve come together.

8. Get massaging

Romantic date ideas don’t need to be complicated! Let the sensual power of touch take over and give your partner a seductive massage. 

Get your massage oil ready, warm the towels, and create some ambiance by lighting some candles and playing some music to set the tone.

9. Sext up a storm

Over the course of the day, send each other brief, sexually explicit texts outlining your plans for each other that evening.  Besides having a hot script to act out, the buildup of anticipation will definitely drive them wild!


Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentines day give them a gift card

10. Give them a gift card for you

Yes, we know…this sounds a bit weird and confusing, but hear us out! If you’re genuinely committed to the Sex Holiday vibe, purchase a gift card to a lingerie store of your choice, and write down your sizes with a message that reads, “You choose!” It’s basically a win-win for both parties – they get to see you in sexy lingerie, and you get to keep it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, don’t feel bad about wanting to give it a miss altogether.  However, if you wish to participate in the celebrations, there is plenty of fun to be had that doesn’t entail a lot of fanfare. 

Valentine’s Day activities should focus on spending quality time with your favorite people celebrating the love in your life. 


Treat Yourself! Seven Sexy Sex Toys You Need This Valentine’s Day

Most women love receiving a stunning bouquet of Valentine’s flowers or a box of chocolate, but the novelty soon wears off after the flowers die and the chocolates are eaten. 

However, while this may seem sad, the same can’t be said for the good ol’ sex toy, aka the gift that keeps on giving. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon — don’t you want to make sure that you’re coming too? 

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect excuse to splurge on some new sex toys whether you’re single or in a relationship. Be it for yourself, your crush, SO, or you could decide to celebrate Galentine’s Day and shower your besties with some extra love.

If you’re unsure where to start, don’t be concerned; you’ve come to the best place. Understandably, with such a wide variety of sex toys on the market, most people may feel a bit overwhelmed. 

So, here are our pick of 7 Sexy Sex Toys and some hot tips to get you started: 

If you have a partner, consider a couple’s sex toy that you can use together during foreplay, or you could treat yourself to a for-one style that can be used as a gift for both of you. 

For instance, if you know you enjoy wand vibes, get one and ask your partner whether they’d be interested in using it on you or seeing you use it on yourself. 


February 14 may also present as the perfect day for singles to embrace solo sex by experimenting with a new toy (such as a rabbit) or leveling up with a fancier version of your preferred technique (like a silicone bullet vibe instead of a plastic one). 

There are no limits when it comes to self-love! 

If you’re still puzzled about what to add to your shopping cart, don’t stress we’ve made it simple for you! 

Here’s our guide to seven incredibly sexy sex toys you’ll need for a banging Valentine’s Day.

The Wand You WANT

Diamond Wand

What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than with a wand guaranteed to make your wishes come true? With a pointed yet rounded tip, textured and flexible body, and flared base, this waterproof vibe offers enough power and va-va-voom to take your pleasure to new dimensions. 

Together, its 21 powerful vibration modes and silky silicone allow its lucky user to experience targeted stimulation of the G-spot and other erogenous zones. Besides being 100% waterproof, this versatile little vibe is super cute, USB rechargeable, and guaranteed to make all your fantasies a reality.


Get your Diamond Wand

The dynamic finger vibe 


If you prefer the sensation of your partner’s fingers to that of a sex toy, slide Dioni over your finger, transforming it into a vibration conduit. 

Dioni delivers exceptional performance thanks to a super powerful motor exclusive to FemmeFunn. The 20 vibrating modes and the boost function amp up the pleasure and tantalize all your erogenous zones. 

Waterproof and wireless, there’s an amazing amount of versatility in its functions. You could, for example, use it to take a hand job from being vanilla to chocolate fudge flavor (metaphorically speaking!) 

Other fun options may include teasing the entrance of the vagina or anus while doing oral. 


Get your Dioni 

Sophisticated sensations

Bougie Bullet

You could toss this into your makeup bag, and no one would look twice (and the best thing is that only little old you knows that this is no lipstick, but rather a package of pure delight!) 

The Bougie Bullet offers 20 vibration settings, a memory function to resume where you left off, and a boost button to rock your world. The sexy little bullet’s sleek anodized aluminum body oozes elegance and is 100% waterproof.

And just when you thought this dynamo couldn’t get any better, you’ll be pleased to know that this is whisper quiet and comes with a magnetic charging case.


Get your Bougie Bullet

Pulsating Pleasures


Due to its silky liquid quality silicone texture, this rabbit vibrator is simply luxe. But it gets better. 

A patented thrusting mechanism produces real-feel motion with exceptional power, and with seven thrust speeds and three external vibration settings, you’ll never be bored. This is definitely one of the best ways to treat yourself this V-Day.

Get your Essenza

Vortex of Ecstacy

Wireless Turbo Rabbit

Turbo Rabbit, part of our Vortex collection, is one of the most innovative and spectacular toys on the market today! 

This wireless rabbit vibrator, which has been designed to replicate the human body, is equipped with dual-stimulating heads for external stimulation and our Super Turbo technology, which allows the item to circulate in a full 360-degree motion at a powerful speed. 

A realistic vibrator, with eight different vibration settings and sculpted G-spot accuracy, this toy will bring you to the brink of climax and satisfy all your carnal cravings.


Get your Wireless Turbo Rabbit

The Sweetest Anal Play

Honey Dipper Plug

Take your anal play to a new level of excitement with this fun Honey Dipper Plug! The Forto F-83 Honey Dipper Plug boasts a series of smooth ridges, adding a fun new feel to your anal play. 

The stout contour of the Honey Dipper Plug transitions into a small neck for comfortable use and an anchor base that fits securely between the butt cheeks. Just add some lube to this three-inch anal plug, and you’re all set to experience the ultimate backdoor pleasure.


Get your Honey Dipper Plug

Snug Yet Sexy

Liquid Silicone Cock Ring

Since it’s made of silicone, this cock ring is soft and comfy while remaining adjustable and snug. 

In comparison to metal penis rings, silicone rings are better for newbies because there is more leeway with the fit. The Liquid Silicone cock ring stretches up to 3x in size.

Liquid Silicone Cock Ring

Get your Liquid Silicone Cock Ring

Give a lil love

It can be easy to put pressure on yourself to make Valentine’s Day extra special with a grand gesture or big present. 

Still, we’re here to remind you that the most important Valentine’s Day gift is the time you spend sharing and expressing your love (either for yourself, your partner, or your gal pals). That being said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with “receiving gifts” being your love language

That being said, however you decide to spend Valentine’s Day this year, you can’t go wrong with a little something something that’ll leave you on Cloud #9. 


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