If you are browsing discreet small bullet toy online for some new thrilling play, FemmeFunn has a handful of best-selling items that you will love. Our adult shop has only top-quality pleasure toys whether you are alone in the bedroom, or playing with your partner. One of our most popular items is the powerful and enchanting Ultra Bullet. The Ultra Bullet can give you feelings you might have never felt before, which is what makes it so unique. FemmeFunn also provides ultra bullet charging cable, so you can have endless nights of fun. Continue reading to find out why this toy is desired by so many.

The Ultra Bullet & Its Features

Let’s start with size. The Ultra Bullet may look large in photos, but it is a small compact size that fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to grip. Having a little toy that is extremely powerful can be a significant game-changer. Larger toys may be slightly heavier and more complex to use, so this adult toy is of perfect size and very simple. Its size makes the Ultra Bullet easy to fit in more places, such as your handbag, your nightstand drawer, your car console, etc.

Next, this toy is 100% waterproof. It is crucial to purchase a sex toy that is waterproof because if not, it can easily get damaged and destroyed. Toys tend to get wet after playtime, and knowing that yours is waterproof should be comforting and stress-free. However, it is not recommended to take the Ultra Bullet into a bath or shower with you, because it may not work as efficiently as it would when dry. Lastly, being waterproof makes it easy to clean after use. Merely use room-temperature or warm water and some light soap to wash and rinse off the product once finished to ensure there is no dirt or bacteria on it.

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The Ultra Bullet has 20 powerful vibration modes. Imagine having 20 different options to select from every time you play with this product. Having a wide variety of vibrations can help you figure out which one you love, and which one gives you the most extreme orgasms. One of the best features of this toy aside from the numerous vibration modes is its memory function. Let’s say you loved a specific vibration mode but forgot which one it was in your next play session. Not to worry- the Ultra Bullet will remember which it was, as it starts off where you last left off! With this, you will always start off with the most powerful of feelings. Alone with these three main features, the Ultra Bullet is also made of 100% premium quality silicone inside and out, is flexible, very quiet, and discrete. You can play safely without worrying about harming your body in any way. You can also enjoy playing without the toy making a sound, which won’t disturb your roommate in the room next door. Feel free to purchase this item with our ultra bullet charging cable for full function.

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