Sex Toys for Men

5 Incredible Adult Toys Designed With His Needs in Mind

By FemmeFunn

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys are NOT just for women!  Kicking pleasure experiences up a notch, these devices can make incredible additions to any couple’s bedroom repertoire.


collection offers a terrific selection of male sex toys.

Whether you’re wanting to enhance your sex life or find the perfect naughty gift,

1.  Thruster

Powered by our trademark motor for profound, penetrating sensations, the Thruster’s design features a realistic head, robust ridging, and a wickedly curved shaft that perfectly activates your sensitive P-spot.

2.  Vibrating Ribbed Plug

The Vibrating Ribbed Plug features a stimulating ribbed design and ten different vibration modes for you to explore.

3.  3-Piece C-Ring Set

Stay hard, last longer, and experience more powerful orgasms right from your first play session with our three-piece C-ring set which, quite literally, comes equipped with something for everyone.

4.  F-19 Curved Plug with Pull Ring

A toy with a little more versatility than your average anal plug, this beautifully curved silicone option features a classic phallic head offering you that lifelike experience you crave.

5.  Rattler Spade

Bringing extra sensation to the party, the Rattler Spade utilizes a rattling ball for a stimulation boost, while remaining comfortable enough to wear as long as you like.

Check out our current catalog to explore other Forto toys on offer.  You’ll be sure to find the perfect little something to add to your toy chest!