Why Every Man Should Have a Prostate Orgasm Once in Their Lifetime

By FemmeFunn

Did you know that by stimulating the prostate, you may intensify and prolong the pleasure for a guy? 

A prostate orgasm or "prostate milking" is a form of prostate stimulation or massage for sexual pleasure; however, this massage may have other advantages!

Who can have a prostate orgasm? 



How do you find the prostate?

Externally - gently push the perineum (the region between the anus and the testicles) until you feel a solid protrusion.

Or if you’re going through the backdoor - the prostate feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining. 

Communication is KEY when it comes to prostate play! 

And so is relaxation and preparation!  Don’t forget the LUBE.

Up your prostate game by trying our terrific techniques using your finger or toys.


Give prostate play a go … you never know, you may just be rewarded with a taste of  prostate nirvana! 

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