Anal 101: Exploring your back passage a hole new way 

Did you know that you can have mind-blowing orgasms during anal sex?


anal often gets a bad rap - this often keeps women apprehensive of the act. Contrary to these myths, anal sex feels terrific and can result in intense orgasmic experiences! 

Question: Why does anal feel so darn amazing?  

Answer: The P-spot (males) and G-spot (females) get all the credit!  

You can locate the prostate internally by going via his backdoor or externally by massaging his perineum. 

Receiver on top, facing front or back; doggy-style; missionary; receiver flat on back with legs closed. 

Popular positions for anal sex:

Did you know that a rim job is when one partner licks the other person's rectum?

Communication is KEY! Talk to your partner about what you want, how you feel, what you're looking forward to, and what is off-limits! 

Spicy meals, beans, cheese etc. are all foods to avoid if you plan to use the backdoor later in the day. 

After you become more comfortable, experiment with butt plugs and dildos!

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