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Which Female Sex Toys Are Best For You?

November 16, 2022


The stigma surrounding sex toys is finally disappearing. That is why you see them popping up everywhere, from TV shows to magazines and websites. The positive transformation toward female pleasure and orgasms is impressive.

The vastness of female sex toys can make selecting the perfect female sex toy very confusing. This article will share a few types of sex toys available on the market and tips on choosing the perfect one for yourself.

Types of Female Sex Toys

Different types of female sex toys are available to stimulate different parts of the body. There are many different styles to choose from, but you first need to discover which area of your body feels best when stimulated. That is the first step in finding a suitable toy for yourself. Let’s explore the top types:


A dildo is one of the most popular options for female sex toys. Some prefer dildos over other toys because of their simplicity. They are designed primarily for penetration. You can find two main varieties in them: anatomical and non-anatomical. You can select the one based on whether you want it to look like a penis. There are many different options available regarding sizing, shape, and material.


No bedroom is complete without a vibrator of some kind. If you want or need help with orgasming, a vibrator is a must-have. Start with this if it is your first time purchasing female sex toys. It isn’t meant for your vagina only; you or your partner can use it on all other erogenous zones of the body. The choice of the vibrator comes down to the area(s) of the body you would like to be stimulated. A vibrator stimulating the vaginal shaft will be very different from a vibrator stimulating your nipples.

Clitoral Massager

Again, another hugely popular option when it comes to female sex toys. Did you know that most women need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm? That is precisely what a clitoral massager is designed to do for you. You can find anything and everything, from a large, powerful vibrator to a smaller, gentler one. You can use them alone or with a partner to enhance your sexual experience.

Butt Plug

Contrary to popular belief, female sex toys don’t only stimulate your clit and vagina. Butt plugs are another popular toy of choice. They also come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to give you a complete anal experience. You can wear them while masturbating or having sex with a partner to give you a whole-body experience as sphincter muscles tighten around the plug.

Anal Beads

If butt plugs feel more intimidating, anal beads are your next best option. They are essentially a chain of spheres that increase in size gradually: from small to large. Beads work their magic by stimulating the nerve ending at the end of the anus to create the utmost pleasure. Essentially, it works as per your comfort. You can go as far as you like.

Nipple Clamps

Nipples are hands down the most erogenous zones of the body, regardless of gender—most people associate nipple clamps with pain rather than pleasure. The key to pleasure is to find the right kind of clamp. Nipple clamps restrict the blood flow to the area. Once removed, the blood flow returns to the nipple, creating a rush of sensation and pleasure.

Please note that once the clamps are removed, your nipples will be very responsive to touch. If you are a beginner, explore alligator, butterfly, and tweezer clamps. They might not be an ideal choice if you are purchasing your first sex toy, but we recommend adding them to your collection once you get more comfortable with using female sex toys.


You can use most toys alone without the need for a partner. This one, however, is very different. Handcuffs are a great option if you want a sex toy to enhance your sexual experience with your partner. They work amazingly well if you are new to sex toys or bondage play. You can use them to tie your partner’s wrists together or with a bed/chair. The key is to restrain the movement of the wearer. It is a great way to ease into powerplay and enjoy the respective dom and sub roles in a relationship.

Other Options for Female Sex Toys

Sticking with the list mentioned above is great if you are starting out. If you want to go wild, other options are also available. Kegel balls are another great option to use. Bonus, they are great for your pelvic floor’s health and pleasure. Vibrating panty vibes are a fun addition, and so is the finger vibe. The key is to find something you are comfortable with. When you purchase a new toy, get comfortable with it and then bring up the idea of using it with a partner.

Best Beginner Female Sex Toys?

I know you want me to give you a specific name and link so you can purchase it and start having fun. It isn’t possible as each of us is very different and has different erogenous zones. If you are entirely new to using toys, start with something small, as it makes the usage easier. A clitoral stimulator will work great for someone who gets the most pleasure from clitoral stimulation. On the other hand, a dildo works well for someone who prefers penetration over stimulation.

You can choose based on the information presented in this article or use our advanced filtering in the shop. Contact us if you need more help with the selection.

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