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6 Amazing Things That Happen When You’re Having Orgasms Regularly

October 28, 2020

Sexual Health|

While it’s true that sex doesn’t have to be all about chasing an orgasm, going over the edge in style is much too good to miss out on. It’s not just because they feel amazing, either. Orgasms are exceptionally good for you, inside and out, so you’re justified in wanting to have as many of them as you can get. Here are just a few of the neat things that start happening when you’re enjoying those big finishes regularly.

1.      You’ll start sleeping a lot better.

While there are a lucky few out there who never have trouble sleeping like a baby every night, a good night’s sleep is more elusive for others. A good, intense orgasm can be a real gamechanger in that department.

When you orgasm, your body experiences a delightful rush of multiple feelgood hormones. These include prolactin, vasopressin, and oxytocin. Not only do these enhance feelings of calm and wellbeing, but they help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Better sleep, in turn, leads to better health, improved productivity, and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

2.      You’ll get sick a lot less often.

Don’t stop at stocking up on Vitamin C the next time you’re preparing to survive cold season. Good-quality sex is one of the best (and most fun) ways to strengthen your immune system and keep it going strong perpetually. It’s excellent for building strong bones, healing more quickly after an injury, and more, as well.

Of course, great sex means having orgasms and plenty of them. Again, you don’t need a partner to reap the benefits. A nice, indulgent solo session with your favorite sex toy (or even just your own two hands) does the job just as well, so go ahead. Let your hands wander where they may.

3.      You’ll always look your best.

Have you ever noticed how very sexually active people have this glow about them? It’s not your imagination. Having an abundance of orgasms regularly comes with some very noticeable beauty perks.

To begin with, the oxytocin your body releases when you orgasm helps control the effects of stress, including breakouts and other skin problems. Sex and orgasm help improve circulation, as well, especially over time. Among other benefits, you may notice your hair and nails are stronger, grow faster, and look healthier.

4.      Your relationships will be stronger.

It’s hardly a secret that good sex works wonders for a relationship, but sex that’s so great, it includes lots of orgasms, is ideal. The act of sharing something so intimate with another person, combined with the multitude of feelgood hormones your body releases, helps you bond with your partner. Couples that know how to please each other in bed really do stay together longer!

Great sex goes hand in hand with benefits like solid communication skills, enhanced creativity, and a well-developed sense of adventure, as well. The more good feelings you associate with your relationship, the stronger the two of you will be as a couple, and orgasms can help you get there.

5.      Orgasms can lead to improved confidence.

Whether you’re currently getting it on with another person or not, the level of sexual satisfaction that comes along with frequent orgasm is a huge confidence booster. Getting to know your body, learning what it likes, and discovering new ways to make it feel pleasure help promote body positivity in spades. Plus, while it’s nice to hand the controls over to your partner occasionally, knowing how to give yourself an orgasm on demand is plain empowering.

Getting to know your body on this level also makes you a better lover. Pleasure seekers who know what they want in bed and what it takes to get them there can communicate that info to a partner, leading to better sex for both people.

6.      More orgasms lead to higher libido.

Orgasms are like potato chips. The more of them you have, the more you’ll want to have – good news for those who occasionally struggle with low libido. The next time you find yourself dealing with a dry spell, try grabbing your vibrator and getting to work. It’s likely to lead you back to a place where sexual thoughts and urges come a lot more naturally, just like they used to.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to keep the good vibrations all to yourself unless you want to. Consider introducing sex toys into your sexual routine with your partner for some fun new ways to enhance lovemaking and experience some incredible new sensations together.

There are lots of good things in life that it’s possible to have too much of, but orgasms (thankfully) aren’t among them. Orgasms can help you feel better, look better, stay healthier, and have better relationships – all excellent benefits anyone can appreciate. Go ahead and treat yourself to as many as you like!

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