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Sex Toy Materials: Making Sense of Your Options and Choosing the Right One for You

Naturally, no two people will be exactly the same regarding what they like and need in a sex toy. What feels amazing for one person may not do it for someone else. Plus, many people have practical concerns to consider. They might need their toys to be hypoallergenic because of allergies or easy to care for, the better to fit into their busy lifestyles.

For those reasons and many more, material is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new sex toy. But what makes one material a better fit than another? Are some materials better than others when it comes to actual stimulation? Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to make a choice you’re sure to be happy with, including the pros and cons of each possibility.

Jelly Rubber

Jelly rubber has been among the most popular sex toys materials for many years and with good reason. It’s flexible and pleasant to use. It’s also easy for manufacturers to mold and work with, so it’s perfect for creating toys in just about any shape or color you can imagine. However, some jelly rubbers contain added phthalates – chemical compounds that help make them more flexible, but can irritate sensitive skin or cause health problems. Pay careful attention to the specifications of a given jelly toy, as they’ll tell you whether it contains phthalates or not. 

Jelly rubber toys can be porous and hard to keep clean, so using them with a condom is probably your best bet for keeping them hygienic, especially if you like to share your toys with your partners. Also, jelly rubber toys can sometimes react chemically with one another, so be sure to store yours separately so that they retain their integrity.


If you’re looking for a user-friendly material that’s durable, hypoallergenic, easy to care for, and as hygienic as can be, plastic is well worth considering. Its hard, non-porous surface makes it a snap to clean and take care of. It also does an incredible job of transferring vibrations, so it’s perfect for toy users that like firm, strong, targeted stimulation. It’s compatible with every type of lube as well, so you don’t have to agonize over picking one that’s compatible.

If you love the firmness and user-friendliness of plastic but wish it felt a little silkier against your sensitive skin, look for options made of smooth-coated plastic. Smooth-coated toys contain cores made of the same tough ABS plastic you love but are coated with ultra-smooth rubber or polyurethane for a pleasant, velvety surface feel.


Looking for something as durable and easy to take care of as plastic but not as hard and unyielding? You’ll definitely want to consider a silicone sex toy. The silicone used in a silicone sex toy is medical-grade, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your sensitive skin. It’s also non-porous, so hygiene and cleanliness aren’t a problem either. It also lasts a long time, so you can trust that your new silicone toy will likely be curling your toes for many years to come.

Best of all, silicone is beautifully smooth, velvety to the touch, and firm without actually being hard. Just make sure you choose your lubricants with care when it’s time for some quality time with your favorite silicone playthings. Silicone-based or oil-based lubricants can chemically interact with your toy and ruin its integrity, so always use water-based or silicone-safe options.

Liquid Silicone

Much like silicone, liquid silicone is durable and easy to take care. It provides the most realistic feel out of sex toy materials. Both silicone, and liquid silicone offer similar yet uniquely different sensations. If you’re looking for the real deal, look no further… For the most authentic, intimate experience, get familiar with the variety of “real feel” dildos available, and choose the best one (or more than one) for you!


If you like your toys to be as beautiful as they are pleasurable, you might want to take a second look at glass as a material. Glass sex toys are becoming more and more popular because of their elegant, beautiful good looks. They come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are representational while others are not. Those that love glass toys often enjoy collecting different options on the same level they might enjoy collecting anything else made of glass.

And if you’re worried that glass is a fragile, impractical, or potentially unsafe material for a sex toy, don’t be. Toys are made from special tempered glass that’s astonishingly durable. It won’t shatter, chip, or crack even if dropped. It can be heated or cooled to help you experiment with different sensations. Glass can easily be cleaned with plain soap and water as well.


Like glass, metal is a super user-friendly material that’s perfect for sex toys. It’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean, completely waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing. You naturally don’t have to worry about the lubricant you use with a metal toy, so feel free to reach for your favorite. Metal is odorless, tasteless, and perfect for experimenting with temperature play.

However, metal is very rigid – a quality you probably either really like in a sex toy material or really don’t. Many people find it too unyielding for their personal tastes, but others absolutely adore the satisfying feel of a heavy metal toy in their hands. They love how easy metal makes it to apply firm, pointed pressure to their favorite pleasure points as well. 


Latex isn’t just for condoms! This versatile, highly flexible type of rubber is a great fit for a wide range of creatively designed sex toys including numerous inflatable options. Many latex toys are also coated or polished to feature a beautiful high surface shine, so they can be incredibly pleasing in aesthetics. Its sheer flexibility makes it a great fit for a wide range of rubber clothing, bedsheets, wearable sex gear such as masks, and much more.

Latex toys require special care, though, so they may not be right for people who prefer “wash and go” materials like glass or plastic. Make sure you use a compatible lubricant to ensure your toy’s long life. Clean your latex toys and gear options by spraying them down with an antibacterial toy cleaner and wiping them gently after each use. Then sprinkle them with a cornstarch-based renewal powder to keep them flexible and soft.

Hard Rubber

If you like the general idea of owning a rubber sex toy, but have allergies or preferences that put latex or jelly out of the running, you might want to try a toy made of hard, skin-safe rubber. Unlike other rubbers used in adult toys, this type of rubber hasn’t been softened for flexibility, so there’s zero chance of it containing phthalates. (Look for toys and gear made of TPE or TPR.)

Hard, skin-safe rubber is commonly used in rabbit vibes or other specialty vibrators because of its firmness. It’s ideal for targeting sensitive but hard-to-reach hot spots like the female G-spot or male P-spot, so it’s especially well worth considering if that’s your goal. 

Ultimately, the best toy material for you is the one that delivers the type of stimulation you like most. However, there’s no need to stick to just one unless you want to. Many toy lovers experiment with different toys and keep a variety around to suit all possible moods, preferences, and desires. Start exploring today!

Orgasms 101: Everything You Need to Know for Better Orgasms

While there’s really no such thing as a bad orgasm, even a good thing can always be a little bit better, right? Fierce, fabulous women that hustle hard all day deserve nights filled with toe-curling, life-changing orgasms – the kind of screaming O’s we’re all familiar with from the movies – and they’re easier to achieve than you think. All it takes is a little know-how, some practice, and some experimentation.

Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to start having the crazy-intense orgasms you’ve been fantasizing about, either on your own or with a partner. Where will you be starting your journey to the O of your dreams?

Workouts for Your Sex Life

Sex has more in common with every other active pastime you might enjoy than you think. It’s definitely exercise and that being the case, it pays to get yourself into fighting shape and stay that way. Naturally, we’re talking about Kegels, the exercises designed to strengthen and tone the muscles of your pelvic floor. If you’re not already doing them, it’s definitely time to start. The stronger the muscles in your pelvic floor become, the more intensely they’ll contract when you do go over the edge into orgasm.

Since no one can tell when you’re doing them, you can squeeze a Kegel workout into your agenda absolutely any time. To do one, simply contract the same set of muscles you’d engage to control your urine stream, hold for 3-5 seconds, and release. For best results, do three sets of ten reps throughout your day. When you’re ready, you can also try making things more challenging by adding a set of Kegel balls to your routine.

The Right Tools for the Job

As anyone who’s ever owned a vibrator can tell you, sex toys can be world-changing when it comes to the quality of your orgasms. Spending plenty of time playing with your toys is a great way to experiment with different sensations and learn which types really make you scream as well. 

Block off a nice chunk of time sometime you won’t be disturbed and work on intensifying your orgasm by extending the experience. Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, but hold off before you actually go over the edge. Repeat this process as many times as you can stand it. Then prepare for the ride of your life when you finally do allow yourself that release. You can recreate this experience with a partner during foreplay as well.

Never underestimate the oomph the right lube can bring to the table either. Even the most basic lube can work wonders when it comes to conveying sensation, but when you’re ready, you can turn up the dial even further with warming or cooling formulas, ultra-glide silicone lubes, and more. Also keep in mind that it’s a common misconception that lube is for making up the difference on days your natural lubrication just isn’t doing the job. In actuality, lube is always a good fit – for everyone and all the time. Embrace it!

Turn Up the Temp

What would you say if we told you temperature may have a lot to do with how intense your orgasms are or aren’t? According to a one Dutch study, the temperature of a woman’s feet actually had a lot to do with her likelihood of reaching orgasm in the first place. In fact, those whose feet were warm as opposed to cold while they engaged in sexual activity were actually 30% more likely to finish with a bang, so to speak. They reported having orgasms that were more intense as well.

Now that you have that information, it’s up to you what you do with it. Try wearing socks while you make love or getting it on while enjoying a warm bubble bath. Ask your partner to treat you to a foot massage with a sensual heating massage oil as part of foreplay. Experiment to your heart’s content and be sure to take notes on how each approach effects the intensity of your orgasm.

Wake Up Those Nerve Endings

You already know how important the clitoris and the G-spot are when it comes to achieving powerful orgasms with any consistency. If that’s where your efforts stop though, there’s a chance your orgasms still aren’t as intense as they otherwise could be. Your body is full of forgotten (or untapped) erogenous zones that are well worth getting to know a little better.

Try starting with a little nipple action. Chances are you or your partner already enjoy stimulating those during foreplay or even during intercourse, but it’s high time you understood their potential. Not only does nipple stimulation release the feel-good hormone oxytocin, but some women are actually able to reach orgasm via that alone. Stimulation for your nerve-rich anal area is also worth exploring as a way to intensify your orgasm or help you get there faster. 

Feel free to explore to your heart’s content though. Many women find being touched, kissed, or otherwise stimulated on their inner thighs, ears, stomachs, or necks to be a great way to pursue or amplify their orgasms as well.

The Mind Has It

We already know how visual men are when it comes to sexual stimulation. While women can definitely be the same way, most ladies are more about what’s going on upstairs mentally. That said, a woman’s mind is arguably her most important (and overlooked) erogenous zone, so keep this in mind while chasing the perfect orgasm. Having an emotional connection to a partner definitely helps, but you may want to try the following ideas as well:

  • Take a little time before your rendezvous to relax, unwind, and clear your mind. Meditation works wonders, but so does a nice bubble bath or a nice, peaceful walk. 
  • Read a little erotica, watch some sensual porn, or listen to some music you find sexy to prepare for the upcoming festivities.
  • Have your partner treat you to a romantic sensual massage complete with scented massage oil, candles, and the whole nine yards. (Feel free to return the favor if you’re in the mood too.)
  • Don’t underestimate how powerful fantasy can be. If you know you’ll be getting down and dirty later, spend some time during the day fantasizing about your partner or about something extra sexy you’re hoping to try soon. It’s like foreplay for your mind!

Activate Your Senses

Sensation play is well worth adding to your sexual repertoire for a lot of reasons as well. It’s a  wonderful way to activate underutilized nerve endings and experiment with different types of arousal. It’s also a terrific way to take foreplay to the next level and prepare your body for some truly next-level orgasms.

Try heightening your sense of touch by donning a sexy blindfold or having your lover treat you to a little light, playful spanking and/or some soft teasing with a feather tickler. If you like that, you may want to consider adding additional sex toys to your repertoire and experimenting further. (Think floggers, paddles, and so forth!) Temperature play can be a great way to activate your senses as well, so don’t be afraid to break out the ice cubes and the warm honey if you’re in the mood. Try it and see for yourself!

Using Sex Toys Together: 7 Tips for Having a Stellar First Experience

Your favorite vibrator can do a lot more than add oomph to your alone time, you know. Sex toys of all kinds, vibrators included, are among the most popular ways to have truly mind-blowing experiences with your partner as well. Even so, knowing you’re ready to take the next step and integrate toys into your shared bedroom repertoire is one thing. Truly understanding how to make sure your first experience is everything you’d like it to be is another. Keep the following pointers in mind and it’s sure to be a night to remember!

  1. Shop for your new toy as a team.

If you’ve either never shopped for a sex toy before or it’s been quite a while since you picked out something new, you might be surprised at the sheer number of options you have to choose from these days. Yes, your standard classic vibrator or dildo is still a popular pick, but there are also toys made specifically for couples to use together. These include high-tech modern picks like remote controlled toys and wi-fi compatible toys you can use together even when you’re apart, so definitely consider all your options.

Why not turn the process of making a choice into a proper couple’s bonding experience by shopping together? Start with some frank dialogue about what you each like and would be open to exploring. Then spend some quality time browsing online at a site like FemmeFunn. Pick out a couple of products you both like the sounds of and start getting excited!

  1. Don’t skimp on the lube.

When it comes to sex play of any kind, lube quite simply makes everything better. In fact, if you’re only using lube when you absolutely need it, you’re probably not making the most of it. Yes, lube is great for keeping things moving right along when you’re getting busy with your partner the old-fashioned way. However, it’s also out of this world when used during a solo session or during any type of play that involves toys.

Just make absolutely certain your lube of choice is compatible with your toys before you get started. Some of the ultra-slick silicone lubes and love oils you swear by for intercourse can harm toys that are also made of silicone. Water-based alternatives, on the other hand, are safe to use for just about anything you like, including play that involves your toys.

  1. Get started with a vibrator.

Not quite ready to shop for a brand new sex toy to use together, but not really sure where else to start? No worries. If you already own a vibrator for elevating your solo sessions, you have everything you need to get started. It’s a lot more versatile than you may think it is, as vibrations can be used to stimulate absolutely anyone’s sensitive nerve endings, erogenous zones, and hot spots.

Start by adding it to the mix the next time you have intercourse. Just position the vibe between the two of you as you make love and enjoy the way those good vibrations make you both feel. Not only is this a great way to virtually guarantee at least one orgasm for you, but it’s going to add a lot of oomph to your partner’s big O when they have one as well. 

  1. Or you can start with a naughty lesson.

Is your partner curious about the idea of bringing a sex toy into the bedroom, but also a little gun-shy about having one used on them? It’s totally acceptable (and just as sexy) to start with a naughty little crash course on sex toys instead. If you have a collection of toys you like to use on your own, invite your partner on a tour of your personal toy chest. Show them each of your goodies, explain how you like to use them, and finish by asking them to pick an item they’d like to see in action.

Begin the lesson by having them watch you use the toy yourself. Show them exactly how you move it to stimulate yourself and explain in detail how each of your favorite moves makes you feel. When they’re ready, have your partner take the reins. Not only is this a great way to help them learn their way around your toy chest and get comfortable with toys in general, but it will be a smoking hot experience for both of you.

  1. When in doubt, go with a vibrating couple’s toy.

No matter where the two of you start when it comes to using sex toys together, the day will eventually come when you will want to try an actual couple’s toy. If you already have something specific in mind, more power to you, but if you don’t? You absolutely cannot go wrong with a good couples vibrator.

Couple’s vibrators come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. For instance, there are couples vibrators that are designed to be worn during intercourse for an exquisite degree of hands-free stimulation. Standalone vibrating bullets and magic wands are super-versatile and open the door to endless possibilities when it comes to your play. There are even toys out there that can be controlled remotely, providing creative couples with a clever way to stay connected while apart or even experiment with a little naughty fun in public.

  1. Make your next oral love session more buzzworthy.

If you really want to get your partner excited about using a vibrating toy together, tell them you know how to use it to give them some amazing oral action they’ll have to experience to believe. Hold the vibrator against your cheek as you do your thing to add a pleasant element of additional sensation to the mix.. They’ll simultaneously experience both the familiar feeling of your mouth on them and the exciting, new sensation of the vibration all at once.

If you both like that experience, you may want to try giving a wearable oral vibrator a try as well. It’s designed to be worn comfortably and securely on your tongue as you pleasure your partner. (Some models have additional texturing to make things even more pleasurable.) You can wear your oral vibrator around a finger if you like as well.

  1. Try mutual masturbation.

Last but definitely not least, you might want to try using toys to masturbate together. (You can use your trusty vibrator while your partner plays with a toy of their choice.) Watching and listening to your partner enjoy themselves while you enjoy yourself is one of the hottest experiences there is. It’s also a great way to teach each other a thing or two about how you each like to touch yourselves when you’re on your own. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways you can integrate toys into your existing sex life with your partner, but the possibilities are truly limitless. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and think outside the box! You’ll wind up wondering why you didn’t start exploring toys together a lot sooner. 

7 Sex-Positive Goals Everyone Should Have on Their Bucket List

Sex – we love it, we crave it, we need it. Those of us that can’t imagine our lives without it are pretty much always looking for ways to take our sensuality to the next level as well. That said, sex isn’t just a fantastic way to get to know your own body or grow closer to a partner. It’s a valuable skill that can be learned, perfected, and expanded with a little creativity and curiosity.

That said, there are just some possibilities pretty much everyone ought to have on their sexual bucket list if they’re truly interested in having a well-rounded sex-positive collection of sexual experiences. The following are a few examples to start with but feel free to expand the list to include your own sexual goals.

  1. Master the art of self-love.

Just about everyone indulges in a little solo action once in a while, but far too few people ever fully embrace masturbation for the wonderful thing that it is. Instead, they see it as a lesser substitute for the real thing, a mindset most develop as teenagers and never quite grow out of.

In actuality, self-love is an important part of a rich, full intimate life for many reasons. Masturbating helps you discover yourself and learn what turns you on, and can even uncover how you like to be touched – valuable information you can then pass on to a lover.

It’s a great way to relieve tension, manage stress, or deal with sexual dry spells. Self-love is an incredibly empowering way to take responsibility for your own pleasure as well.

  1. Enjoy erotic media with a partner.

Haven’t you heard? Porn and erotica aren’t just for solo enjoyment on the down-low anymore. They can be amazing sources of inspiration and stimulation for you and your partner to enjoy together as well. Erotic media can certainly help get things going in the foreplay department. It’s also a great way to facilitate open, frank conversation about personal turn-ons, kinks, and fantasies – something just about every relationship could use more of.

Try challenging yourselves by putting on your favorite porn video and acting out everything you see on the screen, just for fun. You can turn to porn for inspiration when it comes to costumes, positions, sexy activities, and scenarios if you feel things are getting a little too routine as well.

  1. Start a sex toy collection.

Don’t assume that a skilled set of hands and a hungry mouth are the only suitable alternatives to good, old-fashioned intercourse. Sex toys are an absolute must-try if you’re serious about expanding your sexual horizons. Yes, they’re terrific for adding some extra oomph to your solo sessions, but they’re incredible ways to kick things up a notch with your partner as well. (Think couple’s vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and more!)

If you’re new to sex toys, start with something basic and fairly approachable (e.g. a moderately sized vibrator). When you’re ready, try adding more toys to the mix and exploring a variety of different ways to use them. A well-stocked naughty toy chest full of fun options is an investment well worth making!

  1. Pick a day and spend it in bed.

Everyone needs a delicious, self-indulgent, “treat yourself” kind of day once in a while. That said, if you’ve never given yourself permission to spend an entire day (or weekend) all wrapped up in your partner, it’s really time you fixed that. Stay naked the entire time. Go crazy on each other as often as you like and for as long at a time as you please. Then fill the spaces in between love sessions with some serious cuddling or a couple of restorative cat naps.

Not exactly paired up at the moment? Happy, sex-loving singles can totally do something similar all by themselves if they like. Splurge on that brand new rabbit vibrator you’ve been dreaming about for months, snag a new lube to go with it, and devote an entire afternoon to exploring both.

Definitely don’t skimp on little touches like ultra-silky bed sheets, candles, or soft music if you’re into those things. You don’t need a partner to justify pampering yourself a little and going the extra mile to make your day special!

  1. Explore your back door.

You don’t necessarily have to get a lot of pleasure from that same set of nerve endings. Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings that absolutely love to be touched, teased, and stimulated, so if you haven’t given backdoor play, in general, a chance yet, you could really be missing out. If you like the idea of being anally penetrated by a toy, a finger, or a penis, then by all means go for it, but you don’t have to take things that far unless you want to.

Start slow with some light, gentle touching, or try stimulating the outside of your anal area with your favorite vibrating sex toy. If you’re comfortable with it, you can continue exploring with toys like anal beads, butt plugs, or extra-thick lube made especially for anal play lovers. If back door play turns out to totally be your jam, you’ll be forever grateful that you tried it. If not, you can say in all honesty that you actually know what you’re missing, right?

  1. Get it on in public.

As with anal play, the idea of public sex either really gets your engine going or it doesn’t. It’s the type of experience that’s well worth considering though. You don’t necessarily have to have full-on intercourse in the riskiest spot in town in order to experience the sweet thrill of possible detection either. You can totally start small with a hand job on your balcony under the cover of darkness or some sneaky groping in the back row of an otherwise empty movie theater.

Are you and your beloved already into public nookie, but looking for a way to take things to the next level? Try adding a discreet remote-controlled vibrator to the mix. One partner wears the vibrating component while the other controls it via a handy remote, a smartphone app, or both. Perfect for enjoying a little clandestine fun anytime and anywhere without anyone being the wiser!

  1. Live out one of your fantasies.

Everyone has a pet fantasy or two that they like to entertain from time to time, but most simply keep theirs to themselves. Some might tell a trusted partner or close friend about theirs, but that’s often as far as they go for any number of reasons. Why not consider going one step further and taking the necessary steps to bring your fantasy (or your partner’s) to life? So long as it’s safe and everyone involved consents, anything goes.

Start by sitting down with your partner for a little judgment-free fantasy trade. Choose one or two options from each person’s list that spark interest in both of you. Then commit to acting out those fantasies in real life. (You can either plan things out together or one of you can surprise the other on a special night.) Trust us when we say it’ll be an amazing sex-positive bonding experience for both of you.

Let your imagination run wild and explore the possibilities to the fullest together!

Sex Toys as Gifts: When It’s a Good Idea and How to Do It Right

Whether you’re looking for the perfect naughty gift for your bestie’s bachelorette party or simply want to give your partner something extra special for the holidays this year, a sex toy can seem like a wonderful idea, and with good reason. To begin with, it’s literally everything the experts say a perfect gift should be – fun, thoughtful, and useful. Plus, if you’re giving it to your partner, it’s the type of gift you’re likely to benefit from as well. (Hotter foreplay and more orgasmic intercourse for the win!)

However, knowing you like the idea of giving a sex toy as a gift is one thing. Being sure it’s actually a good idea in practice is another. So can you gift someone a sex toy? And should you? And what about gifting one to someone that isn’t your partner – great idea or serious faux pas to be avoided at all costs? Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to do things properly and find out what’d be the best sex toys you could offer as gifts!

Should You Gift a Sex Toy?

Before you consider anything else, you’ll naturally want to figure out whether gifting a sex toy to the person you have in mind is actually a good idea or not. Make sure you contemplate points like the following before deciding a sex toy as a gift should be a go.

Who You’re Buying For

These days, it seems like everyone is comfortable talking openly about a multitude of sexual topics, up to and including sex toy use. In fact, you may even have had sexually frank conversations with close friends or family members before. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’d appreciate your giving them a sex toy as a gift though.

Sex toys are best when gifted to a spouse, a partner, or a current sex partner. (To sidestep any awkwardness, avoid gifting toys to people you’re no longer sexually involved with, even if you’re still friendly. No exes or former booty calls allowed!) Spouses, long-term relationship partners, and friends with benefits are all fine. It’s usually best not to give a toy to anyone you haven’t slept with yet either, even if you’re in a relationship and absolutely plan to take them to bed at some point.

Your Gut Instincts

Of course, this isn’t to say you absolutely can’t buy a toy for a friend or a family member, especially if you regularly talk very openly about sex and masturbation. Just trust your gut instincts and err on the side of caution if you’re even the least little bit unsure. While sex toys can be awesome gifts for the right person and occasion, they can create an unbelievable amount of awkwardness for the wrong one.

Their Likes and Dislikes

In case you were wondering, the wide, wonderful world of sex toys doesn’t start and stop at vibrators or dildos anymore. That said, take a moment to stop and consider what the recipient of your gift needs or would appreciate in a new toy.

Will this be the first toy for them or will they be adding to an ample collection they’ve been working on for years? If they’re brand new to toys, have they mentioned wanting to try a particular kind or type? What do you know about the types of stimulation they prefer? If you don’t actually know the answers to questions like these, gifting a toy may not be the right move.

How Do You Choose the Right Toy?

So let’s say you’ve decided a sex toy would make the ideal gift for the person you have in mind. Now what? How can you be absolutely certain they’ll love what you picked out? Make sure you consider the following while you’re shopping around and your gift is sure to be a hit.


As mentioned above, sex toys come in lots of different types, shapes, sizes, and functions. How does this person like to be touched and treated in bed? Are they into being penetrated or are they all about being pleasured orally and/or manually instead? Would they appreciate a toy they can use with their partner or would they be using it solo? Keep in mind that you can always just ask if you’re not really sure.


Don’t simply assume that bigger is always better when it comes to sex toys. Unless you know for a fact the person you’re buying for prefers huge sex toys, it’s better to go smaller or more average-sized. This is doubly the case if you’re buying a toy for someone who’s never used one before or only has limited experience. You don’t want to buy them something so intimidating that they never actually use it.


Naturally, the functionality of the sex toy you choose is the most important thing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean looks don’t matter. Modern sex toys come in a varied selection of different colors, styles, shapes, and designs, so you’ll want to have an idea of what the recipient tends to prefer from an aesthetic standpoint. Do they like their insertive toys to be as lifelike as possible or do they prefer non-representational options? What colors and patterns do they like – neutrals, neon, animal print, or something else altogether?

You’ll also want to ask yourself if the person you’re shopping for would prefer a sex toy designed with discretion in mind. Do they have children, roommates, or an overly nosy grandmother? Will they potentially be traveling with their toy? Today’s market is filled with clever mini vibes that look indistinguishable from everyday objects like lipstick, mascara, or even jewelry — perfect for those that want to be able to take a sex toy on the go or keep one around without having to worry about the wrong person seeing it.

What Occasions Are Best for Gifting a Sex Toy?

So at this point, you’ve determined who you can gift a sex toy to, as well as how to make a choice they’ll love… but what about the occasion? Sex toys and erotic gifts in general are much better fits for some gift-giving opportunities than others. For instance, they’re really never appropriate for Mother’s Day or as baby shower gifts. With the possible exception of a bachelorette party or naughty birthday party, they shouldn’t be gifted on occasions that will find the recipient opening their gift in front of a lot of other people either (especially family).

On the other hand, sex toys make amazing gifts for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion that’s about romance, love, or sex. They’re also excellent options for bachelorette parties or private Christmas gift exchanges between yourself and your partner. They’re great parting gifts to give right before an extended period of time the two of you will be spending apart too. (Synched or remote-controlled toys are especially great options for that!)

In other words, sex toys as gifts have a lot in common with any other clever gift idea you might come up with. The key to success is to know your recipient well, to make sure your choice meets all of their preferences, and to time the actual gifting properly so as not to cause any awkwardness or embarrassment. Happy shopping!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Sex Toy

Thankfully, a lot has changed about how people view and use sex toys since our parents were young. Instead of being seen as a lesser substitute for a sexual relationship with another person, using and owning a sex toy is now thought of as an empowering way to take ownership of your own sexuality. Sex toys aren’t just for women anymore either. Men and couples are making them part of their sexual routines as well.

For that reason, there are now more options out there to choose from than ever, making it quite the challenge to settle on the right toy for you, especially if you’re shopping for your very first toy. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to make a decision you’ll be happy with for some time to come.

Do I Really Need a Sex Toy?

An adult toy is to your sex life what dessert is to a meal. It’s technically not essential. You may not even be in the mood to partake every single time you feel like enjoying yourself. It sure is pleasant when you do though! Popular sex toys aren’t replacements for a sexual relationship with your partner or even with yourself. They’re cleverly designed ways to enhance and elevate something that’s already great on its own.

New sex toys can also be awesome ways to get to know yourself or a partner sexually. Having trouble reaching orgasm either on your own or when you’re with someone else? Looking to explore some fun new sensations you’ve never experimented with before? Ready to take control of your pleasure and make your sex life everything you’ve always wanted it to be? Sex toys can help you with all of those things.

Know Your Sex Toys

If you’ve never been to a online adult toy store like FemmeFunn that sells sex toys, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices you have. Most sex toys tend to fall into one of six basic categories though. They are as follows.

  1. Vibrators: Perhaps the most popular type of sex toy, vibrators bring you pleasure via intense, targeted vibrations. Some vibrators are insertive, while others are meant to target other pleasure centers like the clitoris or your back door. There are mutual use vibrators made for couples to consider as well. 
  1. Dildos: Dildos are insertive toys that are phallic in nature. Some are designed to look and feel like erect penises while others are less representational. Many dildos can be used on their own or added to a harness for partnered play. 
  1. Nipple Toys: Nipple toys are designed to stimulate and activate the sensitive nerve endings in the nipples. Clamps are a popular type of nipple toy for sure, but there are also nipple toys that incorporate suction or even electrostimulation into the mix. 
  1. Sexercise Toys: This category includes toys like Kegel balls. They’re options that can definitely be pleasurable to use or wear in and of themselves, but that also enhance your ability to have phenomenal sex with your partner. 
  1. Cock Rings: The most basic cock rings are flexible silicone rings designed to be worn around the erect penis to maintain an erection. Cock rings are also prized for their ability to help a man last and achieve larger, harder erections than he might otherwise. Some cock rings come equipped with tiny vibrators to enhance intercourse for both partners. 
  1. Strokers: Strokers are male sex toys that are most often used as masturbation aids. At their simplest, they’re textured silicone or rubber sleeves that can greatly enhance a hand job. However, there are strokers that vibrate, pulsate, apply suction, mimic the look or feel of various openings, and more.

What to Consider

Which of the above general options is right for you depends largely on what you’re hoping to gain by adding a fun new sex toy to your repertoire. Those looking to increase the frequency or intensity of their orgasms can hardly go wrong with a classic vibrator (for women) or a stroker (for men) as far as trying a first toy. Picks like couple’s vibrators or remote control sex toys are great picks for enhancing intercourse or foreplay. Keep the following tips in mind as you shop as well.

Start Simple

If you’ve never used a sex toy before, it’s best to start simple with something that can be put to multiple uses (e.g. a classic vibrator that can be inserted, used clitorally, used with a partner, and so forth). Once you’ve been using it a while, you’ll find you’ve discovered a thing or two as far as what feels good and how you like to use your toys.

Use those discoveries as a guideline to explore your next couple of items. Have you been wishing you could take your vibrating toy into the tub or shower on occasion? Go waterproof next time. Want a vibe capable of giving you blended orgasms? Upgrade your simpler vibe to a rabbit-style alternative. Have you discovered you like to use your toy to stimulate your back door? Look into different types of anal toys. You get the picture!

Start Small Too

Even if you’re all about size when it comes to your flesh and blood lovers, resist the urge to snap up the biggest dildo or vibrator you can find right off the bat. It’s easier than you think to wind up with something that’s really more toy than you can handle as an absolute beginner. There’s plenty of room to size up later on once you’re sure that’s what you really want and need.

Don’t Overlook Discreet Toys

One of the most common reservations people have when buying a first sex toy is the possibility of someone else seeing it or finding it. If that sounds like you, consider looking into a sex toy that’s smaller than you’d expect, discreetly designed to not look like a sex toy, or both.

Bullet vibrators are worth their weight in gold for the way they’re super versatile, not to mention portable. Not only do they work wonderfully for standard self-service purposes, but they’re easy to integrate into partnered play as well. Plus, you can easily stash them in your purse, nightstand, or pocket without anyone being the wiser.

There are small, clever vibes that are designed to be indistinguishable from everyday objects like lipstick, mascara, and so forth as well. There are also wand massagers that technically double as muscle massage options, so the only one that will know you have a sex toy is you.

Last but not least, you’ll want to give some thought to practical concerns like material. Hardy, versatile materials like plastic or silicone are not only affordable and durable, but easy to clean and take care of. Designer sex toys made of jelly rubber or specialized materials like RealSkin require special care in order to maintain their integrity over time, so keep this in mind as you shop.

At the end of the day, the best first sex toy for you is the one that’s best able to meet your needs. Start exploring the possibilities today! You’re sure to be left wondering why you didn’t take the plunge a whole lot sooner when you discover how well toys enhance your sex life.

Use Femme Funn’s Adult Toys With These Sex Positions

If you thought adult toys were solely used for personal pleasure, there is a whole new world you have yet to discover. The best part about adult toys is you can practically use them in any sexual situation, like having intercourse with your partner. Femme Funn’s anal waterproof flexible plugs make it easy to choose your favorite sex position and feel ultimate sensations. If you were looking for a toy that pleases both parties, a vibrator with powerful vibration modes could assist with multiple orgasms. Want to find out which sex positions can work best with our toys? Continue reading to find out!

3 Sex Positions That Are Adult Toy-Friendly

1. The Classic Missionary Position: Since this position is one of the most intimates, adding a pleasure toy into the mix can make it even more magical. Regardless of who is on top or bottom, you both should still feel maximum pleasure from your sex toys. If you use a toy that vibrates, you can ride up and down to feel the sensation rubbing against your clitoris. Missionary position also gives both parties more control over the toy and its movements, so it stays in place.

2. The Cuddly Spooning Position: Let’s face it, we all love to spoon in bed. Once you take it from behind during spooning sex, your partner will need to lift your leg up for more comfort. Since this position could often time use an extra kick to it, grab your vibrator and start massaging your clit while your partner thrusts. You can pleasure yourself and your partner at the same time with the vibrator, as the adult toy operator has complete control. Adding the toy to your spooning sex can ensure multiple orgasms and uncontrollable pleasure.

3. The Reverse Cowgirl Position: Both females and males love this position equally. For women, you feel that the penis is inserted deeply and you have full control of the ride. For men, you get a great view of your partners behind, while they do all the work on top. Adding a pleasure toy to the reverse cowgirl can stimulate more intense feelings in the clit, the penis, and balls. Inserting a butt plug while riding on top can give you more intense feelings, and your partner can push it inside you for more fullness & tightness.

If you haven’t jumped on the anal waterproof flexible plug bandwagon, it might be time to reconsider. Using an adult toy during intercourse can result in extra pleasure and even multiple orgasms for both parties. Femme Funn has a vast selection of different toys to pick from, that will be sure to rock your world in the bedroom!

Couples Guide to Adult play

Sex lives in relationships don’t have to fizzle out; couples have the opportunity to please each other using highly stimulating sex toys for them both to enjoy, such as our Funn Buddies collection. Sex toys are commonly thought to be used for solo entertainment; this guide will explain how to spice up the “we” time with your person. Submit to your partner entirely by handing them our vortex remote controller and all the power of your pleasure.

Have fun with it

Step 1: Speak with your partner before taking the sex toy couple dive. This should be enjoyable for both parties involved to make sure your significant other is comfortable and excited to add sexual accessories to the fun.

Step 2: Start with the basics, such as taking a look into our Funn Buddies collection, which offers a wide array of massagers for her, and can be used to give the male partner pleasure delivering vibrations to the shaft or scrotum. Our Funn Buddies collection focuses on three core ideas – Power. Funn. Ease of use. Each buddy stimulates different sensations, fulfilling your every fantasy. Starting with simple gadgets such as massagers and vibrators offers a less intimidating start to experiment with sex toys.

Step 3: Give your partner the control, allow them to control the functions of your vibrator for a tantalizing experience of submission. By using our vortex remote controller, you see what it feels like to give up control. Allow yourself to indulge in the moment as your partner picks the setting and levels of your pleasure.

Keep things spicy in your relationship by incorporating sex toys for the enjoyment of both parties. We offer the perfect products to make every encounter pleasurable. Shop these products and more now.

Shopping For Adult Toys? Stick With Silicone

While shopping for adult toys, you can find thousands of different adult toys with many shapes, sizes, and materials. A big mistake that many pleasure toy beginners make is purchasing a product of the wrong material. Femme Funn’s products, like the 360-degree motion adult toy is 100% silicone, as are all of the other items.

As experts in this field, we believe that silicone material is what you should be using. If you’re looking to buy a discreet waterproof massager, our website has tons of items to shop for. Continue reading to find out the benefits of silicone toys over other materials.

Why Silicone?

There is a reason why all of our products at Femme Funn are made of pure silicone. First, silicone toys are more enjoyable during sex or playtime because they are hypoallergenic and safe against dirt and infections. For women and men who are sensitive to what goes inside of them, silicone won’t harm or hurt you in any way.

It is also great for people with multiple allergies or adverse reactions to products.

Silicone sex toys have the most realistic look and feel. Your new dildo with memory function and vibration modes will allow you to feel like a partner is holding you and is inside you.

This material provides for each toy to be molded and created into the closest shapes and detail of a real human body part. The feelings and sensations you will get with silicone will be on a whole new level of greatness.

Toys with silicone material are extremely easy to clean. It is crucial to clean and disinfect your 360-degree motion adult toy after every use, to ensure there is no bacteria or dirt build-up. Just wash under room temperature water with a dab of dish soap for the best results.

Rather than purchasing a toy that is made of plastic, latex, glass, etc., you could stay safe and secure with all of Femme Funn’s wonderful products. Looking to fulfill all of your fantasies and desires? Click here to buy discreet waterproof massagers.

Where Do I Find Anal Sex Toys For Sale?

Anal toys have several wonderful benefits for the human body that give you ultimate pleasure. If you are curious whether to buy FemmeFunn butt plugs, this blog may help you figure out if it is right for you. Discovering anal waterproof flexible plugs is like discovering a whole different world. In this post, we will help explain exactly how these special toys work, how they will give you uttermost satisfaction, and some safety tips.

Why Buy Anal Waterproof Flexible Plugs?

Let’s start with the basics- butt plugs give you a whole new level of play. If you have never used a butt plug before, we definitely suggest starting off with a small one, and moving up once you are ready. This may hurt you in the beginning if you start off right away with a larger-sized toy, which is why we provide a variety of sizes. Whether you are using these toys for anal intercourse preparation or just for foreplay, both ways will definitely improve bedroom experience. If you are kinky and curious, butt toys are definitely something we suggest experimenting with, either alone or with a partner.

silicone anal toy

One of the great benefits of a butt plug is that you are able to be hands-free, while still feeling pleasure and heavy sensation. Meaning, this toy can be left inside while you are playing in other ways. The main feeling that anal toys provide is that full feeling down there. The pressure that you will feel from the insertion of this toy will be phenomenal. Many people enjoy the extra pressure because it allows more individuals to feel the climax quicker than normal.  Feel free to have intercourse or please your partner while the butt plug is working and in action.

FemmeFunn’s butt toys are made of either stainless steel or silicone. The silicone plugs are our most popular, because of the smooth and silky feeling it gives off when in use. They come in different shapes, including anal bead plugs with vibration modes, pointer silicone plugs, cone-shaped plugs, and more. Plus, they come with safety handles so you do not need to worry about your toy getting stuck in your buttocks.

buy cheap anal toys

Last but not least, since your purchased toy will most likely be made of silicone, it is important to keep it clean. Our products are always 100% waterproof, so washing them with lukewarm water after use and gentle soap or our cleansing products is necessary. You do not want to risk not taking care of the toys because you are inserting them into your body. Dirt and bacteria can build up and eventually give you infections or other types of illnesses if not taken care of.

Are you curious about anal sex toys for sale? FemmeFunn has a huge selection of anal toys that you will love to play with! Shop FemmeFunn butt plugs here.

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