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New Year’s Eve (Kegel) Ball Drop: Start Using Kegel Weights in 2023

Hey there! Are you ready to kick off 2023 with some seriously strong pelvic floor muscles? Well, you’re in luck because Kegel weights might be just the thing you need.

Not familiar with Kegel exercises? No problem! Kegel weights are all about strengthening the muscles that support your uterus, bladder, rectum, and intestine. These muscles, called the pelvic floor, can become weakened by things like childbirth, aging, obesity, and heavy lifting, but Kegels can help you get them back in shape.

So, are you ready to give Kegel weights a try? Your pelvic floor muscles will thank you!

How Do These Weights Work?

Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, essentially offering support for your uterus, intestine, rectum, and bladder. The pelvic floor is a layer of tissue and muscles that extend from the pubic bone to the tailbone, which is responsible for tightening the vagina. Kegel weights strengthen the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. The great part about these exercises is that they can be done anywhere and anytime.

How to Effectively Do Kegel Workouts?

So, how do you actually do Kegel exercises with weights? It’s easy! Pay attention to the muscles you use to control your pee flow next time you go to the bathroom. Those are the muscles you want to work on. Once you understand how to tighten them, you’ll be amazed at how much tighter and more enjoyable sex can be with a strong pelvic floor. Plus, Kegels can also help reduce the risk of urinary incontinence.

Once the correct muscles are identified and you know how to tighten them, start practicing the technique. Tighten the muscles for five seconds and relax them for five seconds. Repeat these steps a minimum of five times. Gradually increase the duration and number of times exercises are done per day.

You might/may notice that the vagina is becoming tighter, and the sex becomes more enjoyable. Doing ten sets of Kegel exercises ten times per day for consecutively eight weeks will show significant improvement.

Using Kegel Weights to Your Advantage

Once you have mastered the art of basic Kegel workouts, you can add multiple devices to your exercise routine to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These will tighten the vagina as well. The most popular weight options are Kegel balls and weights. There are even vibrating options available, such as Femme Funn’s Momenta. Here is how to use them properly:

Prepare Kegel Balls and Weights

Before using Kegel balls, wash them with a toy cleaner or warm water and antibacterial soap. Next, add a liberal amount of lubricant. Using a water-based lubricant is the best option. It is easy to clean, won’t result in stains on your clothing, and safe to use with all sex toy materials. The choice of the Kegel is up to you. There are certain types specially made for beginners.

How to Insert Kegel Balls and Weights?

Once the lubricant is applied to Kegel balls/weights, you may lie down, sit, or stand up comfortably. If it is your first time, inserting them while lying down is easier. In a standing position, keeping one foot on the chair or a stair helps. Slowly insert the Kegel ball into your vagina when lying on the back.

Look for Kegel balls that are connected. Once the first ball is inserted, tuck the connector between the two balls into the vagina. Insert the second ball. Keep the removal string outside the vagina. Once these get inserted in your vagina, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and go about your day-to-day activities. They can last in your body for up to six hours.

Using Kegel Weights

You can try different exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles:

Basic Kegel Exercises

Like other muscles, the pelvic floor can also become fatigued. Suppose it is tough to hold the Kegel weights in check. Drop down to a lower weight and practice the technique for a few more days. The exercises can make you feel a little sore. If soreness bothers you, give your body a break and try again. Even if the lightest weight feels super heavy, the following exercises might help:

Exercise 1

Keep your knees bent and keep your feet flat on the floor. In this position, insert the lubricated ball into your vagina. Once you insert it, practice your pelvic floor muscles and gently tug the string. It will do two things: identify the right muscles to tighten your vagina and strengthen them simultaneously. The goal is to keep your weight in place.

Exercise 2

Lie on your back and begin tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. Relax the muscles upon inhalation and exhale while tightening the muscles. Do this multiple times. Repeat these exercises twice in a row before moving on to further exercises.

Exercise 3

These exercises are done on your hands and feet. Keep your hands and feet about shoulder width apart from each other. There is no pelvic movement involved with the exercise. Take due time in practicing the technique. Inhale and exhale while tightening your pelvic floor muscles several times, and then try this in a standing position.

Removing Kegel Balls and Weights

The easiest way to remove Kegel balls and weights is to stick with the same process while taking them out as you did upon insertion. You can do this while lying down or standing up. Apply lubricant to your vaginal opening, and gently pull the attached stem to remove the weight.

If using individual Kegel balls, use a lubricant for the vaginal opening and squat. While squatting, use your muscles to push out the Kegel walls from your vagina. Always make it a point to wash your Kegel weights and dry them thoroughly. Then store them in a clean, dry place after cleaning.

Kegel weights aren’t just great tools for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles but also work wonders to increase sexual pleasure. It can be a great addition to your sex routine and enhances foreplay pleasure. Why do you intend to use it?

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