Discover your Zen with Mindful Masturbation

By FemmeFunn | Nov 08, 2021

We all masturbate

Firstly, we need to point out that WE ALL masturbate.  Or, to be more accurate, an overwhelming 78 percent of people do, according to the Tenga Global Self-Pleasure  Report. 

Masturbation is clearly no longer (and should never be) a sordid sexual secret. It’s an imperative component of one’s emotional and physical well-being, which is why people are excited about a new masturbation fad. 

masturbation is important for one's well-being

Mindful masturbation is being hailed as the next self-love and self-care trend, which allows you to have more sensual and intense orgasms rather than fast bursts of pleasure. 

Mindful masturbation is precisely what it sounds like: adopting a state of attention and awareness while having sex with yourself 

Some of the benefits of mindful masturbation include:

– Assists you in unwinding and     de-stressing  – Increases your sexual      confidence  – Reduces anxiety  – Deepens your pleasure  – Nurtures desire 

Starting with your hands is the best way to set things off. The next phase is to explore your body more holistically, so instead of focusing just on your vulva and clit, begin to explore other erogenous zones from head to toe.  

How do you do it?

Mindful masturbation is intended to help you better understand your body, discover new emotions, and experiment with new ways of pleasing yourself. 

Focus solely on discovery and pleasure

Believe it or not, the quickest way to ruin a good mood is having someone bang on your door because you’re a bit (ahem) loud or worse, walk in on you 

Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted 

That way, once you’re in the zone, you won’t have to stop and go find supplies. 

Make a point of preparing everything you’ll need ahead of time.

Savor the moment by focussing on the present

Often, being focused and present at the moment is sometimes easier said than done, so take a few minutes before you begin to bring any anxious or stressed thoughts under control. 

Since the whole idea here is to figure out what you enjoy and how your body reacts to it, porn defeats the object

Resist the lure of porn in favor of fantasy 

Explore all of your erogenous zones

You might think of it as foreplay to get yourself turned on, but you may also realize that you receive a lot of pleasure from places of your body you don't regularly stimulate, such as your nipples or stomach.

As you explore, visualize your body in your mind, envision each touch or experience as a different color on your skin.  

Color your skin

When you're finished — after an orgasm or whenever you choose — take some time to think about what you've learned about your body.

Reflect on the experience

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