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5 Red Hot Erogenous Zones You (and Your Partner) Might Be Overlooking

March 27, 2019

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Variety is more than just the spice of life. It’s also the very best way to keep your sex life with your partner or with yourself fresh, exciting, and satisfying. After all, experimentation and discovery are hardly just for the inexperienced. The hottest, sexiest women out there are always looking for new ways to experience pleasure and take their pleasure sessions to the next level.

Making sure you’re aware of and in touch with your major erogenous zones is key. We’re not just talking about the ones pretty much everyone is aware of either (e.g. the clitoris or the G-spot). A surprising number of women (and their partners) are routinely overlooking some of their most sensitive sweet spots. The following are just a few examples.

1. Lips

Your lips aren’t just a huge part of how you express yourself on an everyday basis. They’re also incredibly sensitive, as they contain more than 100 times the number of nerve endings found in your fingertips. As is the case with any part of the body that’s that sensitive, stimulating those nerve endings results in a sweet rush of endorphins that make us feel wonderful, as well as aid in sexual arousal. (Why do you think a soft, sensual kiss is such a turn-on?)

Lips can be activated as erogenous zones in lots of ways. Yes, kissing is a start, but lips also respond well to being licked, gently nibbled, or even just tenderly touched. Try it on your partner and encourage them to do the same to you.

2. Nipples

You already know your nipples are sensitive, but did you know nipple stimulation and stimulation to your genitals are actually processed in the same part of your brain? For this reason, nipples are extremely powerful erogenous zones for many women and ought to be treated as such.

Kissing, touching, pinching, and gentle nibbling are just a few of the ways you or your partner can stimulate your nipples, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Sex toys designed to focus intense stimulation on one small area at a time — like clitoral vibrators — can be used to bring interesting new sensations to the table as well.

3. Inner Thighs

It’s not just their proximity to your genitals that makes a caress to your inner thighs such a sensual turn-on. Like your lips, this is an area packed with sensitive nerve endings that respond very well to touch, especially of the gentle variety.

Try including this erogenous zone in your play the next time you’re due for a little solo time. Dial the horsepower on your favorite vibrating egg or vibrating bullet down to its lowest setting. Run it up and down your inner thigh for a few minutes before you go straight to the main event. It helps stimulate blood flow to your genitals and aid in arousal. You might also want to encourage your lover to stroke, kiss, or lick this area right before they go down on you for the same reason.

4. Stomach

The stomach isn’t just a sensitive, vulnerable area on pretty much anyone. Your abdominal muscles are actually connected to the muscles in your pelvic floor, so stimulating the stomach area is a great way to take foreplay to the next level. There are also plenty of sensitive nerve endings there, so it’s an area that’s just begging to be stroked and kissed.

Again, you can try stimulating this erogenous area yourself during an exploratory solo session or encouraging your lover to do it during foreplay. Pay special attention to the expanse of skin that runs between your bellybutton and your pubic area.

5. Back Door

Of course, “butt stuff” isn’t everyone’s jam, but you might not want to knock it until you try it. The sheer amount of nerve endings in and around your anal area alone make it a major hot spot that’s just aching to be activated. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be into actual penetration to reap the potential benefits of anal stimulation (unless that’s something you’re into, of course).

Try experimenting with plenty of lube and either your fingers or a small, slim toy that’s safe for back door use at first. Some people find they do enjoy at least light anal penetration. Others find light, tender stimulation like touching or licking is much more their speed. Just play around either on your own or with your lover until you hit on what does it for you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of erogenous areas you might want to play around with when it comes to foreplay or solo exploration, but it’s definitely a great place to start. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other parts of your body as well. Anyplace sensitive is a great place to pay attention to. Try it and see!

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