Incredible Sex Products Online: The Diamond Wand

FemmeFunn, an adult store that offers 360 degree waterproof adult toy is proud to present one of our most popular and innovative items, the Diamond Wand. If you are looking for a toy that can provide multiple orgasms, then this wand may be the right fit for you. The features of this toy are numerous, including 21 different vibration options! We are excited to share why vibrating wands are so popular, as we have great diamond wand FemmeFunn reviews.

Perks of the Diamond Wand

Significant for both females and males, wand massagers are essential for bedroom play and relaxation. Imagine you are having a stressful day at work, and just want to come home and take it easy. You can relax anywhere in the home when you have your diamond wand at hand. Rest on the couch watching your favorite movie while playing with your diamond wand, or invite your partner over for some kinky time together. There are 21 vibrating options, which is extremely exciting. You will never run out of different modes to pick from, and each one will leave you with a different experience.

One of the main reasons that the Diamond Wand is such a hit is because of its power. This extremely powerful sex toy will surprise you. Because of their strength and durability, you will be sure to have an intense orgasm, if not several in one usage. The Diamond Wand’s power should not scare you, as you can start off slow and move to faster modes once you are ready. The potential is there, but the speed choice is all up to you!

Another reason why people love the Diamond Wand is that it is small and lightweight. Weight and size are significant to note when buying sex toys because the more lightweight a product is, the more comfortable it will be when you grip it. This way, you and your partner can trade off using the toy, unless you are both using it on one another for extra pleasure and play.

Having a smaller wand is also beneficial because it will not hurt which is the potential when inserting a bigger one. 

Third, this toy is completely waterproof and made of 100% silicone. Since the Diamond Wand is waterproof, you don’t need to worry about it getting wet while you are playing. You can even put lubricant on the toy without damaging it in any way.

Oils can make it slide in much more naturally than if it were to be inserted dry. Waterproof also means you can clean it as much as you want with water, soap, and product-specific cleaning supplies.

The made of silicone material it will keep it in great shape for many years down the line. Silicone is right for your body and will not give you infections or rashes from playing.

FemmeFunn’s Diamond Wand is available in three different colors– teal, purple, and black for just $89.99.

  • Diamond Wand
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