Meet the Essenza: Your New Favorite Way to Unwind

If you’re like most women, you can very clearly remember the day you powered up your first vibrator and took it for a test run, right? It was probably a life-changing experience, and not just because it made it easier to actually have an orgasm when it came to your intimate alone time. A woman’s first vibrator tends to be her first real sexual teacher. It’s a great tool for fully exploring her body and really unlocking the secrets of how it likes to be touched.

However, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she feels like she’s tried it all when it comes to what the average vibrator can bring to the table. She graduated from your most basic beginner’s vibrator a long time ago. She’s tried the vibrating bullets, the rabbits, and all. Now she’s ready to take things to the next level. If you can relate, then the incredible Essenza vibrator from FemmeFunn definitely deserves a place in your collection. Here’s why.

What Makes the Essenza So Special?

Like every vibrator in the FemmeFunn catalog, the Essenza is considered a luxury vibrator. Yes, it will set you back slightly more than your average, garden variety option, but it’s also capable of delivering a next level experience you won’t get anywhere else. The FemmeFunn design team is second to none when it comes to creating truly innovative, game-changing toys that treat the seasoned toy user to an experience unlike any other they’ve had, and the Essenza definitely lives up to that standard.

The Essenza is named what it is because it was created to embody the very essence of female pleasure at its peak. Think deep, penetrating orgasms that make you rethink what you thought you knew about how you like to be pleasured. That’s what happens when you add an Essenza to your repertoire and really put it through its paces.

Blended Orgasms Done Right

Any woman who knows her way around her own body knows that orgasms come in many forms, but blended orgasms are by far the strongest and most satisfying. Multiple stimulation points are the key to blended orgasms that really rock your world, as they combine the clitoral stimulation most women need with other key types of stimulation that greatly enhance the experience.

This is exactly why rabbit vibrators made such a huge impression when they first hit the scene years ago. They took the guesswork out of pairing accurate G-spot stimulation with targeted, intense clitoral stimulation for what felt like the first time to many women. The Essenza takes that concept to an entirely new place. Here’s how:

  • A pinpoint accurate insertive shaft gets straight to the heart of the matter by treating your G-spot to the firm, constant stimulation and pressure it needs to reach its full pleasure potential.
  • Meanwhile, an external clitoral arm keeps your clit activated and stimulated throughout your experience.
  • The Essenza doesn’t just vibrate either. It also thrusts inside you the way a flesh and blood lover would for an even greater degree of stimulation.

The texture of the Essenza is second to none as well. Top-tier medical-grade silicone is enhanced by real-feel liquid technology so it feels like the real thing in a way your body will definitely respond to. The overall shape of the Essenza features strategically placed ridges as well, the better to make sure every last nerve ending is awakened and stimulated to perfection.

User-Friendly to the Max

The Essenza doesn’t just make absolute magic out of your sensual experiences. Like many of the products in the FemmeFunn collection, it’s also expertly designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

  • It’s splash-proof, so getting a little creative with your play won’t put your Essenza out of commission. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite toy-safe lubes and any other special touches you like to add to your play.
  • Easy magnetic charging feature makes it easier than ever to juice your Essenza back up whenever and wherever happens to be convenient for you.
  • Standby mode helps make it easy to ensure each charge lasts as long as possible for your Essenza.
  • Compact, portable dimensions make it easy to take your next orgasm wherever life is sending you next. Slip it comfortably into your purse, your suitcase, your overnight bag, and more.
  • A sleek, modern design comes in two delectable colors, one of which is bound to be perfect for you.

You’ve been looking for the next great pleasure experience. You’ve been wondering what else is out there as far as innovative ways to have the powerful orgasms your body craves. The Essenza is the answer to your prayers when it comes to all things sensual. Add it to your collection today, and experience the difference firsthand.