Meet the Lola G: Deep, Penetrating Stimulation You’ll Love

By now, most of us know the female G-spot is no myth. However, some of us are better acquainted with ours than others. Contrary to what some people believe, G-spot orgasms are not somehow more legitimate or essential than the clitoral orgasms more women are familiar with. However, they can be incredibly satisfying, as can the blended orgasms that become possible when you combine internal and external stimulation.

Although it’s possible to locate and adequately stimulate your G-spot using nothing but your fingers (or your partner’s), the right tool for the job makes it a lot easier. It takes the guesswork out of making sure you’re hitting the right spot, as well as brings incredible sensations to the table you’ll have to experience to believe. FemmeFunn’s fresh, fun Lola G is one of the best G-spot vibrators on the market. Here’s a closer look at why it’s precisely what your G-spot’s been waiting for.

Foolproof Ergonomic Design

The G-spot isn’t so much a spot as it is an area and it’s different for every woman – exactly the reason why so many people thought its mere existence was a myth for so long. Here are a few facts about this elusive pleasure center and how to activate it.

  • It’s located approximately two inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall.
  • It’s a generalized area, as opposed to one super-specific spot.
  • Those who know they’ve found theirs generally describe it as feeling rougher to the touch or merely different in general than the rest of their vaginal wall.
  • Most people have the best luck stimulating theirs by inserting a finger or two and curling their fingers upward toward the belly button using a “come hither” motion.
  • The G-spot responds better to pointed, consistent pressure than it does friction.

The Lola G was specially designed with all of the above in mind. A curved, angled head makes finding and stimulating your G-spot a cinch — no more fumbling, guessing, and searching. Instead, you can simply lay back, relax, and let the Lola G do the navigating.

Multiple Settings to Explore

The Lola G comes equipped with one of FemmeFunn’s famously powerful motors for deep, penetrating vibrations that ensure every last one of your sensitive nerve endings is thoroughly stimulated. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you only have a few different settings to play and experiment with, though.

The Lola G features eight different vibration settings, each one more powerful than the last. Get to know each one separately or cycle through them in sequence throughout a single play session. Intuitive touch-button controls make switching from one to the other easy and effortless, even when you’re otherwise completely lost in the moment.

And there’s one more special surprise the Lola G has in store for you for when it really counts – a boost button. All you need to do is click the boost button once, and it automatically propels the vibration intensity past the highest setting for ten precious, toe-curling seconds. It’s perfect for sending yourself over the edge in style and intensifying that big finish or teasing yourself periodically over the course of your play session. Experiment, explore, and let your creativity run wild! The Lola G makes it oh so easy.

Incredible Real-Feel Silicone

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to possible sex toy materials, but premium silicone is second to none. It’s body-safe and hypoallergenic. It’s durable, user-friendly, hygienic, and easy to take care of. It also conveys vibrations like a dream, resulting in the deep, penetrating stimulation you’re generally looking for when you invest in a luxury vibrator like the ones you’ll find in FemmeFunn’s celebrated catalog.

The FemmeFunn team take the potential of silicone and maximize it to new heights with the Lola G. Thrill to the incredibly realistic feel of silky, buttery, sculpted liquid silicone that responds to your body in all the right ways. Its outer layers are soft and yielding while its core is hard and firm – just the thing to wake your G-spot up and send your nerve endings soaring.

Pleasure That Fits Seamlessly into Your Life

Of course, finding a vibrator that’s capable of pleasing you in all the right ways is only half the battle. The other half is all about how versatile it really is. How well does your current vibrator fit into your current lifestyle? Is it splash-proof? Is it cordless, rechargeable, and easy to take on the go? Does it let you push your limits the way you want to? The Lola G is all of those things, making it easy to play the way you want to play.

Splash-proof construction, a cordless design, approachable dimensions, and easy magnetic recharging make it easy to invite your Lola G to the party whenever it suits you. Try it for yourself and see!