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Best Beginner Anal Toy: Funn Plug vs Beads

May 9, 2018

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Discrete silicone anal plugs are used by many people all over the world, whether alone or with a partner at your side. Since they come in many different styles and sizes, it may be confusing to know which one is the best beginner anal toy for you. At FemmeFunn, our anal toys will cater to all of your cravings and desires. Our two leading anal toys, the Funn Beads & the Funn Plug both offer different features that have similar feelings with memory function. If you want to know which unique toy is more applicable to you in the bedroom, continue reading to find out!

Best Beginner Anal Toy: Comparing/Contrasting

To determine the best beginner anal toy, we’ll evaluate two of the most common products: anal beads and butt plugs. Let’s start with anal beads, and what they’re all about. The beads have different-sized circle “beads” on the toy that are flexible as you insert. It is suggested to start with these if you are a complete beginner, or even intermediate. The good thing about the Funn Beads is that you can start off with the smallest size bead, and work your way up. Inserting the entire toy is not ideal for the first few times, as you need to let your anus get used to the feeling. Beads help stretch out your hole so that you can handle bigger toys and bigger beads later on. Once your hole is more stretched, anal sex should be fun, painless, and a game changer for orgasms. The anal toy can be used by you on yourself, or on your partner too.

To insert anal beads, we recommend being laid down in bed or on the couch where you are completely relaxed. Lubricants are required, as it will make the process smooth and easy. Taking your lube, rub it on the Funn Beads and yourself for extra pleasure. Once the lube is on and in place, pop in each anal bead until you are most comfortable with the size.

The Funn Plug offers a similar feeling, as it helps stretch the anus for more intense play time. The good thing about this adult toy is that it won’t slip out unless you lightly tug it out. Meaning, you can wear this comfortably while you are having intercourse with your partner for extra pleasure and satisfaction.

Having the Funn Plug inserted while having sex can even give you multiple orgasms, discovering feelings you may have never felt before! Some people walk around with the plug for hours at a time, just to feel the fullness while attaining daily activities. You can wear it for a walk with your dog, while cleaning your house, working on your laptop, etc.

Beads VS. Plug Comparison

  • Both made of 100% silicone
  • Both are 100% waterproof
  • Both have 20 powerful vibration modes
  • Flexible
  • Quiet
  • Discreet
  • Small & lightweight

Beads VS. Plug Contrast

  • Plug: $89.99, Beads: $99.99
  • Plug: shorter Beads: longer
  • Beads: more stretching sizes

Are you ready to get your playtime on in the bedroom and decide which is the best beginner anal toy for you? Our Funn Plug will help get you started, and give you ultimate satisfaction!

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