Meet the Nubby Massager: Your New Favorite All-Purpose Toy

Naturally, you love your trusty rabbit vibrator, but sometimes life calls for something a bit more versatile. That’s when it’s nice to have an excellent all-purpose massager on hand – exactly why the FemmeFunn Buddies collection exists. Each buddy brings its own set of irresistible sensations to the table, so you may well want to add more than one to your pleasure chest.

However, even the most well-rounded collection needs to start somewhere. The Nubby Massager is one of the most popular of the FemmeFunn Buddies for several good reasons. Here’s a closer look at what makes it unique and unlike anything you’ve ever used before.

Rediscover All Your External Sweet Spots

If you’re a sucker for powerful, satisfying external stimulation, you’ll fall in love at first use with the Nubby Massager. Its exquisite design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Plus, one end features a subtly angled, textured bulb that’s ideal for awakening all those sensitive nerve endings that are just aching to be touched.

The nubby texture is ideal for stimulating hot spots like your clitoris or your nipples, but don’t be afraid to experiment and explore. Try running the Nubby Massager over every inch of your most intimate areas to discover new erogenous zones and ways to pleasure yourself.

Powerful Multi-Functional Motor

Shape and texture are only part of what makes a vibrator a keeper. You also need a powerful motor that comes complete with plenty of incredible settings to explore. Rest easy in the knowledge that the Nubby Massager’s motor is every bit as powerful as you could want. (It’s is a FemmeFunn vibe, after all.) Cycle through seven different vibration settings, each one more powerful and intense than the last.

Plus, the Nubby features some of the smoothest, most velvety ultra-premium silicone on the market – perfect for conveying vibrations unlike anything else. It feels like a dream against your sensitive skin. It’s body-safe to boot, so it’s guaranteed not to harm your health or irritate your system.

Portable and Discreet

Sure, you’ll probably spend most of your quality time with your Nubby Massager rocking and rolling in the privacy of your bedroom, but wouldn’t it be nice to leave your options open? At just 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, the Nubby couldn’t be easier to take on the go and enjoy wherever you like. Slip it into your overnight bag or your suitcase for easy access to pleasure wherever life might take you next. Stash it in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment, so it’s at the ready should that familiar naughty mood strike you out of the blue.

The Nubby Massager may be powerful, but it’s also whisper-quiet, so you can shamelessly enjoy your next orgasm anywhere you like. Treat yourself to a quick pleasure session anytime without your roommates or children being any the wiser. They won’t hear you going to town on yourself, even if your walls are paper-thin. Be a little naughty whenever you can steal a moment away at any point during your day. With the Nubby Massager in your corner, no one will know (so long as you can stifle your moans of pleasure, that is).

Get a Little Creative With a Partner

A versatile vibe like the Nubby Massager is too good to keep to yourself. Vibrators are becoming increasingly popular ways to take sex with a partner to entirely new levels. However, not everyone is comfortable with toy designs that are insertive or phallic, especially if they’re new to playing with toys in general.

The appealing curves and contours of the Nubby Massager glide effortlessly over every dip, peak, and valley of any person’s sensitive anatomy. You can start reasonably innocently with a soothing muscle massage and let things drift naturally into more intimate territory once you’ve got your partner all warmed up. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, though! The Nubby Massager makes unlocking your innermost desires fun and straightforward.

Enjoy Your Next Orgasm Anywhere

Not only is the Nubby Massager cordless and easy to recharge thanks to a handy charging pod, but it’s waterproof as well. Keep it juiced up to capacity, and it’s always ready to take with you wherever your fantasies lead you next, including into wet and wild territory. Take it with you into the shower in the morning to start your day with a bang. Make your next hot tub hang-out with your partner extra buzzworthy with a little surprise play.

With the Nubby Massager at the ready, absolutely anything goes. Put it through its paces on your own or add it to a shared pleasure chest with your partner. Like all the toys in the FemmeFunn collection, The Nubby is for pleasure seekers who love feeling good on their own terms. Make it part of your sensual repertoire today.