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5 Adventurous Sex Ideas Best Approached with Caution

March 11, 2020

Sexual Health|

While movies, television, and popular culture can be great sources of inspiration when it comes to your bedroom repertoire, some adventurous sex ideas translate into real life a lot better than others. There’s no need to remove them from your sexual bucket list just yet though. Just think them through thoroughly before you try them for best results.

1.      Having a One-Nighter

When you’re happily single or in between relationships, casual sex can be a terrific way to scratch that all-too-familiar itch without taking on a commitment you’re not ready for. If you’re new to going casual though, don’t just impulsively have a one-night stand on a whim. As sexy as they sound, one-nighters aren’t for everyone.

Have a one-nighter because the idea of casual sex sounds truly exciting to you. Don’t do it just to prove a point to yourself or someone else. Be prepared to be responsible about your sexual health as well. Don’t simply hope the other person will have protection on hand. Always carry your own on you and insist on using it.

2.      Getting Naughty in Public

If you’ve ever considered getting down and dirty with your partner (or even yourself) in public, you’re far from alone. Most people have at least fantasized about it at one time or another, but there’s a fine art to actually getting away with it. People can and do wind up with lasting sex offender records for public sex, so you don’t want to get caught.

The good news is you don’t have to get naughty in a super-conspicuous location to experience the rush public sex can bring to the table. Pick a place and time that carries a low risk of being spotted, like your enclosed back yard or patio late at night or early in the morning when your neighbors are almost surely in bed.

3.      Sexting

If it feels like most of your friends are into sexting these days, it’s probably because they are. It’s estimated that around half of all people at least occasionally use their trusty smartphones to send naughty IMs, spicy text, and even racy nudes. Sexting can be super-hot, not to mention a great way to keep sparks flying between you and someone special when you’re apart, but it’s always a good idea to proceed with caution any time you’re sending intimate information or images.

While it might not be the most adventurous sex idea, always consider the possible consequences if you accidentally sent a naughty text to the wrong person or it otherwise fell into the wrong hands. One person’s “a little embarrassing” could easily be another’s “life-ruining”, so choose your sexting partners with care as well. Unless you’re completely unbothered by the idea of your sexts or nudes possibly being shared around, it might be best to limit sexting to a long-time partner or really close friend-with-benefits.

4.      Indulging in a Three-Way

Like public sex, threesomes are common fantasy fuel for millions of people. Just don’t let the movies fool you into thinking they’re best experienced spontaneously in the heat of the moment. A threesome can be a wonderful way to experiment and push your sexual boundaries, but you may be putting your relationship at risk if you don’t thoroughly plan and discuss things first.

Make sure this is something you both want to do, because it’s sure to spell trouble for your relationship otherwise. Go over things like what’s off-limits for each of you and how you each want the event to go down. Choose a partner together. Agree that either of you can simply shut down what’s going on at any time if you’re uncomfortable as well.

5.      Shower Sex

As adventurous sex ideas goes, shower sex is unlikely to carry harmful repercussions for your relationship or social life if things don’t go as planned, it can find someone getting hurt if you’re not careful enough. Keep in mind that most showers mean working within pretty close quarters, so it’s a good idea to be limber enough to make it work. Don’t let the hot, wet circumstances cause a bad fall or any unfortunate slipping either.

Add some traction to the floor of your tub with some well-placed appliques or a removable grip mat. Handrails in strategic places can be real godsends as well. (Just make sure they’re securely installed.) Last but not least, double check that any adult toys you’d like to add to the mix are fully waterproof and that all seals are intact before bringing them along for the ride.

Although the movies never make it seem that way, a little planning and preparedness are the keys to outside-the-box thinking that takes adventurous sex over the top. Put it into play for yourself the next time you’re thinking of mixing things up!

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