Think Outside Your Bedroom: 7 Great Places to Get Naughty ASAP

If you and your partner are like most people, you’re probably in bed the great majority of the times you have sex. It’s really not hard to understand why either. A couple’s bed is someplace comfortable, safe, and relatively private. Since it’s where the two of you both end and begin your days, it’s definitely convenient as well.

It also gets pretty boring after a while, so it pays to think outside the bed every so often. The following are just a few great places to get frisky that not only aren’t your bedroom but bring their own benefits and perks to the table as well. We highly recommend trying all of these at some point or another (if you haven’t already)!

1. The Car

If you’re new to having sex outside of a classic bedroom setting, the car is an ideal location to start with. It’s kind of public, so it definitely delivers when it comes to that “naughty” feeling. However, it also offers you a pretty high degree of privacy, especially if you’re careful about where you park it first. It opens the door to some serious spontaneity as well. Keep some blankets in the trunk and perhaps a small sex toy or some lube in the glove compartment so you’re always ready to get down and dirty should the mood strike unexpectedly.

2. A Party

Some parties definitely offer a lot more opportunity to possibly get dirty than others, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open and exercise some caution. Party sex is totally hot though, so it’s well worth trying if you get the chance. If you’re the guests, look for a chance to sneak away unnoticed into the corner of the garden or an empty room to enjoy a quickie. If you’re the hosts, try getting it on in the kitchen or on the sofa mere minutes before your guests arrive instead. Nothing puts you in the mood to have fun quite like a naughty little secret the two of you can reflect on all night!

3. The Office

As with party settings, the feasibility of this option may vary according to circumstance. It probably wouldn’t be a fit if you work in a cramped cubicle or an open office setting, but if you have a private office all to yourself? Game on! A little creativity also goes a very long way, so keep that in mind. Try enticing your partner into an all-day sexting session to enjoy in between meetings or investing in an ultra-discreet sex toy to keep in your bag should you need to relieve a little tension when your lunch hour rolls around. You’ll definitely leave the office with a little more pep in your step.

4. The Great Outdoors

There’s something primal about the feeling of fresh air on your skin as you’re making love that just can’t be paralleled. Don’t assume that the beach at night is your only option when it comes to getting down and dirty au naturel though. The woods can be just as terrific a place to get your groove on should you get the chance. To begin with, trees provide plenty of leverage for getting creative with your positions. They can offer you lots of coverage just in case someone else happens along as well. Plus, there’s nothing like sex to give you a second wind during a hike or make a weekend camping trip a little more memorable.

5. A Fancy Hotel Room

Spending a night or two in the lap of luxury isn’t just good for the soul once in a while. It can be a pretty sexy way to enjoy each other in the flesh as well. A beautiful, posh hotel room is the ultimate place to spend a honeymoon, a Valentine’s Day, or a special anniversary. Not only will you have a lush, comfy high-end bed to crash in at the end of the day, but with a little forethought, you could also be getting busy in a Jacuzzi, a private pool, or a luxury balcony now and again. Order in some room service, pop a bottle of champagne, and see where the night takes you!

6. A Seedy Motel

On the other hand, there’s also something to be said for a cheap motel. Cheap motels are classic places to come together if you enjoy that naughty, “we shouldn’t be doing this” feeling. They’re inexpensive and convenient places to crash for the night if you’re on the road, as well as great places to pass a passionate lunch hour now and again. Sleazy motels are also great settings to explore roleplay scenarios or even just enjoy a refreshing change of pace for no particular reason.

7. The Stairs

In the mood to switch up the setting, but don’t necessarily feel like leaving the house? Try looking at your trusty staircase with fresh eyes. The stairs are a great place to experiment with challenging new positions, especially if the two of you have a large height difference between you. They’re perfect places to enjoy that super-hot, “got to have you right now” type of sex as well. And just so you know, any staircase will do the trick, just in case you do want to take things to the next level and get more risqué someday. Let your imagination wander a bit and see where it takes you!