Flirting 101: How to Make Sure They Can’t Get You Off Their Mind

If you’re like most people who like to flirt, it’s not just the witty, sexy banter you love. You also like the idea of staying on that person’s mind long after you and that other person have gone your separate ways for the day. Whether you’re looking to make a serious impression on someone new you’re dating or just want to be better at chatting up hot strangers, it’s easier than you think to make sure that person just can’t stop thinking about you.

Making a Great First Impression

Whether or not you want a chance encounter to turn into more, it’s true what they say about first impressions. You only have one chance to make a really good one, and the key to doing that without fail is confidence. Here’s how to make sure yours is dialed up to the max in the most appealing possible way.

  • Eye Contact

So many of the hottest flirtations start with a positively electric gaze from opposite sides of a crowded space. That can’t happen unless you’re comfortable with eye contact. The next time you spot someone you like, do your best to lock eyes with them. Flash a sexy, but casual smile right before slowly looking away. If they’re interested, they’ll see it as the “in” they need to make the next move.

  • Compliments

Despite how simple and easy it is to pay another person a compliment, people really don’t do it often enough. That means most people don’t receive compliments anywhere near as often as they’d like, so making sure you’re different in this regard is a great flirting strategy. What you compliment the person on is up to you. Just make sure to say something sincere that you truly mean.

  • Physical Contact

Touch is a subtle but very powerful way to let someone know you’re thoroughly enjoying your interaction with them. It doesn’t have to be anything weird. A fleeting but cleverly timed touch on the arm will do. So will “accidentally on purpose” allowing your knee or shoulder to graze against theirs as you stand or sit together. If there’s already some seriously sizzling conversation flying back and forth, you can even gently touch the person’s neck, face, or hand if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Be Forward

It’s 2019, so strength and empowerment are among the sexiest characteristics a woman can have. That said, you don’t have to wait for the other person to make the first move unless you want to. If you notice someone sexy checking you out from the other side of a bar or club, go ahead and send a drink their way. If you’re chatting someone up and really want it to continue some other time, ask for their number (or find a slick way to give them yours).

Taking Things to the Next Level

So, let’s say you’re already made your first impressions a while ago, but you’d really like to kick things up a notch. Maybe you’d like to get a more regular flirtation started with an acquaintance, or perhaps you’re hoping for an eventual date or hookup. Try the following moves to make sure your attempts to interact more often aren’t mistaken for mere friendly conversation.

  • Single Them Out

Flirting tends to be a lot more powerful (and harder to mistake for mere friendly banter) when it’s done one on one. Find a way to pull your target away from the rest of a group or crowd so the two of you have a chance to focus only on each other for a moment or two. It’s a lot easier to make the impression you want to without all those other distractions in play.

  • Be Thoughtful

People like to be around people who make them feel good (meaning seen, considered, and appreciated). They also can’t help but think about such people when they’re not around. Making sure you’re on your target’s mind can be as simple as demonstrating a little thoughtfulness. Did they mention an upcoming job interview or doctor’s appointment the last time you chatted? Ask them how it went. Do they seem a little down today? Offer to take them out for a burger or a couple of drinks.

  • Get Your Text On

If you’ve exchanged phone numbers or added each other on social media, definitely use the power of texting or instant messaging to your advantage. Settle on a conversation starter and open your dialogue. Always end with a question to prompt them to text back. Once you’re chatting, feel free to turn up the flirt factor. Emoji can be a fun, sexy way to make sure the other person totally gets your point.

At the end of the day, people that stay on your mind are people that make you feel good and leave you wanting more of that feeling. Make them feel sexy, funny, smart, or alluring and the rest will take care of itself.