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9 Amazing Tips on How to Use Sex Toys for Couples

Whether you are familiar with using sex toys while masturbating or want to try them for the first time, using them with a partner is an entirely different experience. While there isn’t any exact science involved, it is good to have some basic knowledge of the subject before getting started on this exciting venture. If you’ve ever wondered how to use sex toys for couples, continue reading.

How to Use Sex Toys for Couples

Introducing sex toys in the bedroom can be exciting, but understanding your partner’s desires and boundaries is essential. Coming to the bedroom with techniques already in mind will allow for a seamless experience. And remember: communication with your partner is crucial throughout this intimate process.

1. Ensure That Your Partner Is on Board

The first step is to ensure that your partner is on board with the idea of using sex toys in the first place. They might be pretty excited or might need a little convincing. Regardless, it all begins with a conversation. An excellent way to start the conversation is to let your partner know that they are enough and that you are merely introducing the idea of sex toys to have a different kind of experience for both of you.

If you both are pro-toys, it is essential to employ safe sex practices when sharing toys. Sometimes, it involves putting on a new condom or washing the toy before switching. Try to have a clear conversation before diving into the action.

2. Purchase the Toy Together

If you two are complete beginners, it could be a good idea to purchase sex toys together. This practice will allow you to follow your curiosities. Familiarize yourself with all the different options available on the internet. Take this opportunity to talk with your partner about your fantasies and interests. You can begin by telling them your choice of toys and asking them about their preferences. It all depends on how comfortable you two are.

You can purchase sex toys online or even go to shops in person. Online purchases are more discreet, while an actual shop will give you a chance to get a recommendation from a salesperson and then make an informed decision.

3. Try Using Toys All Over Your Body

Try to use toys on places other than your genitals. We recommend using the toy on your body and then on your genitals. Think out of the box and explore your body and your partner’s body with a toy’s help. The sense of vibration on the nipples and the smooth silicone vibrator against the skin will feel amazing. It will give you a general idea about the feel before you jump on to the actual thing.

4. Use It to Stimulate Yourself or Your Partner Upon Penetration

Many women have trouble orgasming during penetration due to a lack of clitoral stimulation. If you are a woman, you can use a sex toy to stimulate yourself while your partner penetrates you. Your partner can also do it for you. It is vital to select an unobtrusive clit vibrator and figure out what settings suit you best. Trying different positions also offers excellent help. Try the toy on your hands or knees first and then use it on the clit (if it is your first time).

5. Try Edging

Toys work wonders when you want to try edging. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, edging is the act of bringing yourself or your partner close to having an orgasm but stopping before it happens. It is equally teasing and sexy. As a bonus, you’ll get to the tune of what it takes to make your partner orgasm.

6. Go Remote

Many toys come with a remote, which can be very handy. First, it awkwardly saves the hassle of fiddling with the toy and gives you more control over your and your partner’s pleasure. You, with your partner, can choose the intensity and the speed to truly up your experience. It is super fun to give control of your pleasure to your partner sometimes.

We live in the 21st century; gone are the days when long distances are boring. Certain toys work long distances with the help of phone apps. This can work wonders if you and your significant other have different homes and are having some long-distance fun.

7. Play With All Your Senses

There are many creative ways to revive your senses while having sex with the help of your toys. We briefly mentioned using the toy on other body parts, but the subject is worth expanding. Consider purchasing a toy suitable for temperature play, such as the Bougie Bullet. Try putting it in the fridge before use or run it under hot water and see how these feel against your skin. You can try the same practices with blindfolds on. Incorporating all five senses into play will genuinely enhance your experience.

8. Reverse Roles When You Can

Toys allow you to play in many ways that you usually wouldn’t. They can serve as an aid for role reversals while having sex. It sometimes means gender roles or genital roles. Consider strapping on to penetrate your partner if they usually penetrate you. Similarly, your partner can perform oral sex on a strap-on or vice versa. You can also go ahead and have fun wearing specific outfits for each other. Role reversal can mean anything you want it to. You can reverse the dominant and submissive roles. A partner typically gentle can try to be more aggressive or work the other way around. Whatever floats your boat is perfect.

9. Masturbate Together

Using a sex toy with your partner doesn’t always mean using it on each other. It sometimes means masturbating together. It can be equally fun and spicy. Moreover, it will allow you and your partner to see what you are into. Maybe one of you can watch the other masturbate and then have sex.

We hope you have some ideas on using sex toys with your partner. This can be incredibly fun and a sure-shot way to spice up your sex life. If you or your significant other are new to the subject, it is important to begin with a conversation and move ahead with mutual understanding and the desire to have fun.