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Angela’s Delightful Funn Plug Experience

May 11, 2018

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Angela has always been a fan of anal plugs with multiple vibration modes. Using these pleasure toys were her absolute favorite, and needed a change from her regularly used toys.  She asked for professional recommendations as to where to buy funn plugs. A sex toy expert recommended FemmeFunn, as they offer an exciting and compelling toy- the Funn Plug. The Funn Plug has 20 powerful vibration modes to pick from, and this intrigued Angela even more.

Anal Plugs with Multiple Vibration Modes

The sex toy expert told Angela all of the reasons to consider a vibrating butt plug. Here is what she mentioned:

  1. Angela would get orgasms that are mind-blowing. Since there are many different vibrating options, each orgasm Angela would feel should be exciting and thrilling. Who doesn’t love having orgasms that are mind-blowing? The expert continued by saying that some users of the butt plug get multiple orgasms at once, which is intense and satisfying.
  • Angela would have the most potent play time in the bedroom. With all the different vibrating options, this is no regular anal plug toy. Each mode offers a new sense of pleasure, and you can play around with each option until you find one that gives you utmost satisfaction. Every time you use the vibrating Funn Plug, you will be able to withstand some of the more intense and powerful options.


  1. Angela would have an easy time using the Funn Plug. This toy is small, lightweight, and fully submersible. This plug was built on three main ideas: being easy, being powerful, and being convenient to use. Angela will not have to worry about the product being heavy or weighing her down. She could travel with the plug, take it in her purse, or tuck it away at home without taking up too much space.


  1. Angela could experience a heating sensation from her anus while using the vibrating butt plug. She explained that because the plug has a tight and comfortable fit, the vibrating modes will help you feel the heat, which could result in a quicker and more powerful orgasm.


Once Angela purchased the Funn Plug, she put the pleasure toy to the test. The next day, the sex toy expert gave Angela a call to see what she thought of it. Angela explained that the plug was incredible and everything she had hoped it would be. Although she used this product alone in the bedroom, she does plan on bringing a friend over to use it during intercourse. Using the product during sex will offer Angela double penetration and extra pleasure. The material of the Funn Plug was soft, smooth, and comfortable on her skin. The small and lightweight product made it easy for her to insert it and remove whenever she pleased.

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