Friends with Benefits: Empowered Choice or Emotional Nightmare?

It’s a common misconception that men are the only ones who are into casual, no-strings-attached sex. A modern, empowered women has every reason in the world to go after the same thing. That said, maybe you’re way too busy with work right now to even think about another relationship. Perhaps you’re too in love with the single life to give it up completely, but occasionally still want a warm body to cozy up to at night.

Whatever the case may be, a “friends with benefits” situation can definitely seem appealing under the right circumstances. Is the FWB life everything it’s cracked up to be though, or are you better off flying solo with your favorite FemmeFunn vibrator instead? Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons.

Friendship… With Benefits

Whether you decide to hook up with an ex you’re still on good terms with or take a friendship with someone attractive to the next level, one of the biggest potential benefits is the friendship itself. It’s everything you already like about spending time with that person, only sexier.

PRO: Since you already know this person and you both already know the shot from the get-go, you don’t have to deal with the stress of the usual games involved in other forms of dating.

CON: If things go sour, there’s always the chance that your friendship wouldn’t be the same afterwards. You may even wind up losing the person altogether, which is a shame if they mean a lot to you.

License to Explore

One of the best things about living the sweet single life is you can explore yourself sexually to your little heart’s content without any drama. This is the case whether that means filling a pleasure chest with lots of new toys, exploring with someone else, or both.

PRO: A friend with benefits is the perfect person with whom to push a few sexual boundaries. You’re comfortable enough to trust them, but emotionally detached enough to really let yourself go hog wild.

CON: Not everyone can handle the experience of having sex with the same person on the regular without catching feelings. Can you? Can your friend? If the answer to either question turns out to be no, you could wind up with a mess on your hands.

Taking the Pressure Off

Whether or not you’re ultimately open to a committed relationship should the right person come along, you don’t want to come across as desperate to anyone who may be admiring you from afar. A friends with benefits relationship can help relieve some pressure in more ways than one.

PRO: Have you ever noticed how when you’re getting properly laid on the regular, something magical happens? Something about the glow you give off just seems to make you that much more attractive to anyone promising you might happen to cross paths with.

CON: Unless you’re doing your FWB completely on the downlow, their presence in your life could have the opposite effect. Some potential suitors may assume you’re already in a relationship no matter what you say. Others may just plain not want to get involved with someone who’s already getting busy with someone else.

Leaving Your Options Open

Having a friend with benefits is such a popular alternative to true singlehood because it’s seen as the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the companionship and constant sex on tap that you’d get if you were in a relationship, but you don’t have the restrictions that come with making a lasting commitment to the person.

PRO: A friend with benefits can be a great way to keep your bed warm and your urges satisfied while you keep your eyes peeled for someone better. You can even date someone at the same time with no obligation whatsoever to even mention it.

CON: Your sex buddy will likely be doing the exact same thing. This means there’s always the possibility that they could cut things off without warning or explanation. Even if you’re OK with that emotionally, it can still be tough on the old ego.

So Should You or Shouldn’t You?

After all is said and done, are the benefits of having an FWB of your very own worth the potential pitfalls? Ultimately, it depends on how mature the both of you are, as well as whether you’re actually cut out for the no-strings-attached life. Some people take to it like a duck to water, occasionally even preferring it to a traditional relationship. Others just find it too hard emotionally.

If there’s any doubt in your mind at all, you’re probably better off just staying single until you feel ready to change your status. In the meantime, you’ll have no trouble staying satisfied and maintaining that ever important glow with your favorite luxury toys from FemmeFunn!