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How to Have the Strongest Orgasms of Your Life

December 9, 2020

Sexual Health|

So, you’ve finally mastered the fine art of having an orgasm whenever you want one. Now it’s officially time to raise the bar when it comes to their quality. Toe-curling, earth-shattering orgasms that make you swear your life just changed aren’t flukes the way you might think.

You can enjoy stronger orgasms any time you like if you know how to go about it, both on your own or with your partner. Here are some tips and techniques to try that will help you get there. The explosive orgasms you’re after will be regular occurrences before you know it.

Get serious about those Kegels.

Your pelvic floor muscles play a critical role in the overall strength of your orgasms, so Kegels aren’t just a good idea. Getting into the habit of doing them regularly will give your sex life a serious boost on several levels. You’ll be tighter and more toned down there, so you’ll really feel your partner, vibrator, or fingers inside you. When it’s orgasm time, you’ll also climax a lot harder. Using a Kegel exerciser like the Momenta is a great way to tone those muscles.

If you enjoy penetrative sex or play with a partner, you won’t exactly be hearing any complaints from them, either. Not only will they be thrilled to see how thoroughly you’re enjoying yourself, but you’ll feel incredible from their end of things.

Pay attention to your breathing.

Your breathing may not seem like something that would make a massive difference in the quality of your orgasm, but it does. It can also make the process of getting aroused in the first place easier, quicker, and more effective.

Try experimenting with different breathing patterns the next few times you’re chasing an orgasm. See what happens with your body when you switch from short, quick breaths to long, deep ones and back again. You may well find that specific breathing techniques make you orgasm harder or get you to that point a lot more quickly.

Consider a vibrator upgrade.

Many women assume one vibrator is just as good as another, so they consistently go for the cheapest, most basic options. They’re also doing themselves a serious disservice when it comes to the quality of their orgasms. Better vibrators have motors that are more powerful and are made of materials that convey the vibrations better. That alone is enough to lead to orgasms that are noticeably more powerful and satisfying.

Better-quality vibrators (like the ones you’ll find in the FemmeFunn catalog) often involve designs that are more innovative and thoughtful, as well. Many come equipped with unique features that stimulate you better or help you unlock hidden sweet spots, as well. FemmeFunn toys, in particular, are especially good at elevating the quality of your average orgasm, so it’s well worth taking one for a spin.

Hit the gym more often.

Staying on top of your exercise regimen is about more than looking good and being responsible for your health. It makes you better and more efficient at just about anything physical, as well. This totally includes sex of all kinds, partnered and otherwise. To begin with, it makes you stronger, more flexible, and capable of really going the distance when it’s time to get down and dirty.

It also improves your circulation quality by leaps and bounds – something that’s directly related to how often and how powerfully you climax. How you stay fit is entirely up to you, so don’t sweat it if morning jogs or traditional gyms aren’t your things. Dancing, walking, and just about anything else that gets you moving counts, so go ahead and think outside the box.

Experiment with new approaches.

Sex is most satisfying when it’s fresh, fun, and exciting, so staying out of ruts is essential if you’re serious about keeping those orgasms healthy and robust. If you have a partner, make it a point to switch things up regularly. Experiment with different positions. Change things up when it comes to location. Take turns sharing fantasies and looking for new ways to push your boundaries, both individually and as a couple.

You’re not off the hook when it comes to your solo sessions, either. Getting to know your body and discovering how it likes to be touched isn’t something you do once, and then you’re done. Keep experimenting and trying different things. Take different lubes for a spin, dabble in temperature play, actively look for new erogenous zones, and try different types of toys. The variety will keep things exciting and ensure your orgasms keep on curling your toes.

Having the ultimate orgasm is something that can happen anytime you like. It’s all about discovering which techniques and approaches work best for you. The best way to do that is to practice, practice, and practice some more – something you no doubt won’t mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today, and upgrade your orgasms for good.


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