How to Have the Most Powerful Orgasms of Your Life

Although any orgasm is pretty much always a win, they aren’t all necessarily equal. Some orgasms can fizzle out without ever bringing that wow factor to the table. Others leave you shaking, gasping for breath, and seeing stars. It’s that second type of powerful orgasms that most people are after when they’re in the mood to come.

Thankfully, you can drastically increase your likelihood of having those super-intense orgasms with a little practice and know-how. (Go big or go home, right?) Here’s a look at how to go about it.

Pay attention to your health.

If you’re not the type of person who thinks of exercise as fun, then it’s probably easy to forget sex is exercise. In other words, you’ll get a lot more out of sex – including the orgasms you have – with a healthy, well-cared-for body in your corner. So, if you’ve been looking for some motivation to get back into your workouts, consider this it.

Yes, exercise leads to higher self-esteem and confidence in spades, but that’s not all. It builds strength, flexibility, and stamina – all significant pluses in the sex department. Exercise improves circulation, as well, which is essential for those powerful orgasms you crave. And don’t forget to support your workouts with a healthy, balanced diet! You can’t expect your body to be its best without high-quality fuel in the tank.

Don’t neglect your pelvic floor.

There are only advantages to taking care of your pelvic floor by staying on top of your Kegels. For the uninitiated, you do a Kegel by clenching the same muscles you would use to hold in a urine stream or a bowel movement. Aim for 2-3 sets of 10-15 Kegels every day, and it won’t be long before you’re noticing a huge difference down below. Use Kegel balls like the Momenta for added benefits.

Keeping your pelvic floor strong leads to better, more powerful orgasms, as well as makes it easier to prolong or delay orgasm should you wish to. A strong pelvic floor also means you’re less likely to develop incontinence later in life, that you’ll recover from childbirth more quickly, and more.

Experiment with different self-pleasure techniques.

Variety is more than just the spice of life. It’s also the key to maximizing your body’s orgasm potential. If you masturbate the same way every time, your body gets used to it and learns what to expect. Keeping your body surprised, on the other hand, teaches you how to orgasm in lots of new and different ways. It helps you explore new techniques for intensifying your orgasms, as well.

Experiment with going au naturel and using fingers only versus masturbating with a vibrator or other sex toy. Don’t assume you have to stop at owning just one sex toy, either. Consider maintaining an entire collection filled with toys that all bring a different type of sensation or stimulation to the table.

Don’t rush through foreplay.

Most sex-loving folks understand foreplay is important, but they also tend to underestimate how awesome it can be in and of itself. When you do it right and allow yourself to get lost in it, foreplay’s a blast. Plus, indulging in enough of it practically guarantees a killer orgasm when it is eventually time to get off.

Don’t assume that foreplay has to start right before you’re about to get down and dirty, either. Try treating yourself and your partner to an all-day teasing session to really get the fires burning. Take turns sending spicy texts or sexy selfies all day. Enjoy some banter as to what you’d like to do to each other later on. You won’t believe how hot it’ll make the sex later.

Pay attention to how you breathe.

Believe it or not, the way you breathe can affect a lot about the intensity of the orgasms you have, so it’s well worth experimenting a little. Start by becoming aware of the way you breathe when you’re at different levels of arousal. Then observe how the pleasure you’re feeling changes when you switch up your breathing.

Some people find shorter, quicker breaths help heighten the arousal process. Others swear by slower, more languid breathing to make an orgasm sing. Still, more people enjoy holding their breath altogether for short periods, especially when they’re focused on getting close to orgasm. Find out what works for you to give you that all powerful orgasm.

Use edging to your advantage.

Just like foreplay gives your body plenty of time to reach peak arousal, edging can practically guarantee you a world-changing orgasm when the time comes. Try it. Bring yourself right to the brink of cumming before backing off and letting the tension subside. Then do it again.

Continue for as long as you can stand it. Then prepare to have your world rocked. Edging is a great way to tease your partner and make their orgasm more satisfying, as well. Play to your heart’s content. It won’t be long before you’ve hit your stride and are an expert at having record-breaking powerful orgasms.