Lily’s New Boyfriend: The Stubby 2

Lily, a newly-single and sexy woman from Los Angeles, needed some extra attention in the bedroom. Since she ended her long distance relationship of many years, she wanted to feel good again and had constant fantasies about playing with new toys. She went on the internet to look for a quiet compact clit stimulator, to see what’s out there for her. The most eye-catching site was FemmeFunn, is where to buy the stubby 2 massager.

The Quiet Compact Clit Stimulator

There was no way that Lily wasn’t going to order a massaging toy from FemmeFunn. She purchased the Stubby 2, which had great reviews and wonderful features that would make her feel good and confident about herself. She made sure to have the item shipped for her fun weekend sleepover party with her girlfriends so that Lily can show off the toy. Of course, Lily had to see what the Stubby 2 was all about before she brought it to her girls, so she used it the day before. She was ready to feel sexy and powerful and relied heavily on this adult toy to make her orgasm, just like a partner would do for her. This buddy is small and compact, as she tested it out in her purse. Lily had big plans to travel everywhere with her new toy so that she can feel great anywhere she was.

Later on that day, she was sitting at her desk at work fantasizing about multiple orgasms and hitting her G-spot. She decided to be rebellious and take out the toy at work and put it to use. Quickly locking the door to her office, Lily grabbed the lightweight toy from her purse and turned it on. The first thing she noticed is that it hardly made a sound, and was super quiet. Having a quiet toy at work is ideal, in which she could often use when she is feeling stressed out or lonely.

There was a straightforward button to turn it on, so it is effortless for anyone to use this product (it’s not too technical). She started using the toy under her desk, so no one can see as they pass by in the hall. Lily wanted to be as discreet as possible and did not want anyone to notice what she was doing in her office. Pushing the seven different modes, each one got more powerful and intense than the one before. The Stubby 2 was rubbing all over her G-spot and clit, and she just could not control herself. She started to make noises because of the feelings she was receiving from the massager! After 5 minutes of playing around with the toy, she orgasmed multiple times, which was rare in the bedroom for her.

The Stubby 2 made her feel better than she did her entire relationship with her partner! With this massager, she realized she does not need any sexual intercourse with an individual because this gives her the same if not better pleasure. Lily was excited to bring this to her sleepover party with the girls, to show off the toy.

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