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Sex toys for couples – 5 Adult toys to spice things up

October 6, 2021

Sex Toys|

Sex toys aren’t just for solo fun! Using sex toys for couples is a great way to increase intimacy, explore your sexuality, and see what works for both of you. 

Most people are comfortable using sex toys while masturbating, but when it comes to whipping out toys with partners — well, that can feel like a whole different ball game! 

If you’ve never ventured into the realm of partnered play with sex toys, things may initially feel slightly awkward and, of course, you’re going to have some questions about how to get started. 

Fortunately, there isn’t much of a huge difference between solo play and using a toy with your partner (to be fair, you could utilize most of the toys you masturbate with during partnered play, too!) 

Yet having a partner in the mix opens a slew of new possibilities — both in terms of partner-specific toys and techniques that require an extra pair of hands. In any case, if all partners are curious, sex toys may be a powerful complement to any sex life.

Why use sex toys with a partner?

Perhaps you’re not convinced … and that’s also fine! Understandably, not everyone will be up for sex toys. However, if you’re unsure, there are a few compelling reasons worth mentioning why you should use adult toys with a partner. 

The most obvious answer? They’re fun! “Sex is the adult version of the playground,” says sex therapist Dr Rosara Torrisi, “It’s where we’re allowed to let go and be playful. 

And with that in mind, you can use anything you want on the playground, including toys.” Regardless, many people require very specific types of stimulation to have an orgasm. This is especially true for individuals with vaginas.

Even if orgasms are taken off the table, some sex toys provide sensations and pleasure that you can’t experience without using them. So, the question remains, why not play with sex toys? Even more, why not share the experience with a significant other?

What should couples keep in mind when shopping for sex toys?

Although certain toys are marketed towards couples, it is imperative not to be misled. In couple sex play, any toy can be used! However, it is generally better to focus on finding toys that serve a specific function, whether it is for additional clitoral stimulation during sex, greater anal sensations, or something totally different.

It’s also critical to have an honest discussion with your spouse or partner about what you’re looking for and what you want to accomplish. A sex store, whether physical or online, might appear intimidating. 

Make the task easier by talking about it ahead of time so you’re both on the same page about what kinds of toys you desire.

As irrelevant as it may seem, do your research on toy materials because some are of better quality than others. Broadly speaking you should try avoiding translucent or transparent toys since these tend to be made of PVC or jelly – these are materials you don’t really want inside of you. 

Despite being generally cheaper, you’ll likely replace these types of toys in the long term. Overall, toys made of materials such as stainless steel, silicone, ABS plastic, sealed ceramic, and glass are body-safe, will be the easiest to clean, more comfortable to use, and the most durable. 

If you’ve never used a sex toy before, it’s better to begin with one that can be utilized for a variety of purposes (for example, a classic vibrator that can be inserted, used clitorally, used with a partner, and so forth). 

After a while, you’ll soon realize that you’ve learned a thing or two about what feels great and how you prefer to use your toys.

Use adult toys to experiment with sensations

Although sex toys such as dildos and vibrators are commonly used on your genitals, it may be worthwhile thinking outside the box. 

Experimenting with these gadgets may open a whole new world as you explore each other’s bodies, whether it’s the feeling of a dildo’s smooth silicone sliding down your back or toying with the sensation of vibration on your nipples. If you’re using a toy for the first time with your partner, don’t just dive right in and head for their genitals. Rather, start playing with it on each other’s skin and just see how it feels. 

Foreplay is the key, and these naughty gadgets can assist you in exploring a multitude of erogenous zones.

However, there is an obvious caveat here. When utilizing a toy for a function other than its intended purpose, be sure it is safe. This is mostly applicable to anal play since anything you insert in your butt should have a flared base; else, it will get caught up there. Take precautions. Be safe and use common sense. 

Whether you’re new to sex toys or an expert in the art of stimulation, treat your partner to some earth-shattering orgasms with our top picks for couples from FemmeFunn (you can thank us later!)

Top Picks of Sex Toys For Couples from Femme Funn

1. Ultra Bullet Vibrator

Stimulate yourself during penetration. 

Did you know that a lack of clitoral stimulation is one of the primary reasons why people with vaginas may have trouble orgasming? Well, according to a 2017 study, approximately 37% of women need clitoral stimulation (not just penetration) to reach the summit of Mt. Orgasm.

Take the reins with FemmeFunn’s unobtrusive Ultra Bullet and while your partner penetrates you, you’ll be able to figure out what feels good for you. This little pocket rocket is tiny and discreet in appearance but oh-so-powerful in delivery.

Offering precise stimulation and fitting in most harnesses, the Ultra Bullet offers a perfect option for a starter couple’s sex toy. It comes equipped with 20 powerful intensity and vibration modes and a memory function that allows you to start where you last left off. 

2. PYRA Vibrating plug

Vibe together. 

Some toys come with a remote control, which may prove handy in several situations. 

For one, it can spare you and your partner from having to fiddle with awkwardly placed buttons in the middle of sex. It also offers you or your lover more control over the other person’s pleasure by allowing you to select the intensity and pattern of the vibrations. 

For some out-of-this-world anal stimulation during sex, consider FemmeFunn’s PYRA Vibrating Plug. The appeal of this toy stems from its ability to simulate analingus while also delivering a sense of fullness.

This gadget allows for the user to wear the vibrating plug while having penetrative intercourse or giving and receiving oral sex. It’s also waterproof, making it ideal for the bath, shower, or pool. 

While a supercharged motor features ten different vibration modes, you (or your partner) can control the experience by selecting the setting and intensity with a handy remote.

A reminder though – the anus is not self-lubricating – so don’t forget the lube!

3. Ultra Wand

Play with all your senses.

As previously mentioned, there are various techniques you can use during sensation play. With that being said, there is certainly no better way to do this than with a wand. 

Marvelously magical, but not in the Hogwarts sense! Suction vibes are great, and dildos are fun, but the magic of wand vibes, according to sexologist Megan Stubbs, resides in their flexibility.

Femme Funn’s Ultra Wand is ergonomically designed to provide earth-shattering ecstasy while not shattering your hand in the process. Designed to hold most of its power in its extremely flexible head, the Ultra Wand will bend at your will and have you bending with bliss. 

Multifunctional, you can place the wand on a cushion for a homemade version of a rideable toy or use it to massage your partner as you run it over their tense muscles. 

Alternatively, you could also choose to give a penis the ride of its life (or try it on testicles, too, if you dare). As a bonus, it’s waterproof, so you can tease all your partner’s erogenous zones while in the shower or bathtub.

4. Booster Rabbit

Masturbate together.

Mutual masturbation is an equally valid way to explore your bodies, show each other what you’re into, and get off together. Showing your partner what you’re into by doing it on yourself may make all the difference – a picture (of you touching yourself) is worth a thousand words.

Showing your lover how you prefer ringing your own doorbell may be hot AF, especially if you include dirty talk, sex toys, sensual touch, or whatever else your heart and vag crave.

According to Dr Jill McDevitt, a resident sexologist at CalExotics, the benefits of mutual masturbation can be felt in the present as well as in future sexual encounters. Dr McDevitt says, “As humans, we are inclined to get aroused by seeing and hearing other people have sex, which is why porn exists. Watching your partner having sex with themself taps into that.”

Get the good vibes going with the Booster Rabbit, which has a dual stimulator with two motors. One is in the shaft, while the other is in the rabbit ears. The shaft rotates 360 degrees and has three speeds, while the rabbit ears offer seven vibration patterns. 

The shaft has a unique feature that, when combined with the booster button, transforms this rabbit into an erotic whirlwind. The result? An explosive blended orgasm that you’ll be thinking about for days.

5. F-25: 23MM Textured C-Ring 

Make the simple things count.

Since a one-size-fits-all sex toy doesn’t really exist, it’s always a good idea to spend some time understanding what types of sensations you prefer and would most enjoy experiencing together via a toy. 

 Do you prefer oral or mutual masturbation? Is penetrating sex the norm when you’re intimate together? If you’re into penetrative sex, a small, wearable toy like the F-25: 23MM Textured C-Ring could be a suitable choice. 

Cock rings are awesome masturbatory aids for anybody with a penis and can support an erection by maintaining blood flow in the genital region. It’s simple: slower blood flow and prolonged sensation equal greater orgasms, making masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse far more pleasurable. Um … yes, please!

 The textured C-ring from Forto is flexible, with its body-safe liquid silicone expanding up to three times its original size to suit even the amplest anatomy.


Hot tip! While we all know that a cock ring can be worn while getting a blow job, that’s not the only way to enjoy one during oral. A flexible cock ring can also be slipped over the tongue comfortably to wear while sliding your tongue up and down the shaft.

Go on, we know you want to …

It’s easy to see why sex toy usage, for both solo users and couples, surged during the pandemic. The best sex toys can bring some hot sauce to a bland sex life, kick start some seriously sexy sensations, and even help you to feel a deeper connection to your partner (very apropos, we know!)

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