Couples Guide to Adult play

Sex lives in relationships don’t have to fizzle out; couples have the opportunity to please each other using highly stimulating sex toys for them both to enjoy, such as our Funn Buddies collection. Sex toys are commonly thought to be used for solo entertainment; this guide will explain how to spice up the “we” time with your person. Submit to your partner entirely by handing them our vortex remote controller and all the power of your pleasure.

Have fun with it

Step 1: Speak with your partner before taking the sex toy couple dive. This should be enjoyable for both parties involved to make sure your significant other is comfortable and excited to add sexual accessories to the fun.

Step 2: Start with the basics, such as taking a look into our Funn Buddies collection, which offers a wide array of massagers for her, and can be used to give the male partner pleasure delivering vibrations to the shaft or scrotum. Our Funn Buddies collection focuses on three core ideas – Power. Funn. Ease of use. Each buddy stimulates different sensations, fulfilling your every fantasy. Starting with simple gadgets such as massagers and vibrators offers a less intimidating start to experiment with sex toys.

Step 3: Give your partner the control, allow them to control the functions of your vibrator for a tantalizing experience of submission. By using our vortex remote controller, you see what it feels like to give up control. Allow yourself to indulge in the moment as your partner picks the setting and levels of your pleasure.

Keep things spicy in your relationship by incorporating sex toys for the enjoyment of both parties. We offer the perfect products to make every encounter pleasurable. Shop these products and more now.