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Take Your Daily Kegels to the Next Level with the Momenta

February 26, 2020

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With people becoming increasingly comfortable talking about their bodies and about sex, it’s not surprising that Kegels are relatively common knowledge these days. Consisting of simple clenching exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere, Kegels come attached to multiple benefits for women who make them a regular part of their routines.

Even better, the right adult toy – like the incredible Momenta from FemmeFunn – can turn your daily Kegels into the habit they should be satisfying and effective. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of doing Kegels regularly and how the Momenta can ensure you get the most out of yours.

What Are the Benefits of Daily Kegels?

Think of Kegels as a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. They may not be as visible as your biceps or your traps, but they’re no less important for that fact. In fact, Kegels come attached to multiple unique benefits like the following:

  • They help counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting, repetitive movements, and inactivity on the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • They help you recover from childbirth and pregnancy faster.
  • They reduce your risk of developing conditions like urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic hip pain, and lower back pain.
  • They can make sex positively fantastic for both you and your partner by making your vaginal canal feel tighter and intensifying orgasm.

For best results, shoot for performing three sets of 10-15 Kegel clenches daily. And of course, since no one can tell you’re doing them, they can be done literally anywhere and anytime.

How Can Kegel Balls Help?

Also known as Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls can be a wonderful way to make your daily Kegels more effective, not to mention a lot more fun. In their purest form, they’re pairs of weighted balls that are placed inside the vagina and held there using the pelvic floor muscles. However, there are many alternative types you can try as well.

Some Kegel balls contain smaller balls inside of them that are designed to roll around as you go about your day, causing a pleasant rattling sensation, as well as elevating the positive muscle-building effects of wearing them in the first place. Others come attached to a vibrator function to bring even more pleasure to the table.

Kegel balls as a collective can make the exercises more effective, as well as encourage the muscles to activate in different ways as they work to keep the balls in place. The pleasure factor attached to certain models can add an incentive to do them regularly as well – perfect for those who have trouble remembering.

What Sets the Momenta Apart from the Pack?

If you’ve been in the market for a set of Kegel balls long, then you don’t need to be told there are all almost too many options out there on the market to choose from. However, the toy geniuses of FemmeFunn outdid themselves when they came up with the Momenta. Here’s a closer look at why the Momenta deserves to be your choice.

Incredible Stimulation

The Momenta is an absolute must for those who like the pleasure possibilities the right Kegel toys bring to the table. It features ten different vibration functions to enjoy, each more intensely toe-curling than the last. Best of all, the Momenta combines those vibrations with the useful rattling feature many Kegel balls have to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Handy Remote Control

Controlling your Momenta experience couldn’t possibly be easier thanks to a handy ergonomic wireless remote. An easy one-touch button design makes activating and adjusting the vibration feature super simple and intuitive. Try wearing your Momenta all day and activating the vibrations when you could use a naughty little jolt. Alternatively, you can hand the controls to a partner and let them take a turn in the driver’s seat.

Portable and Discreet

Kegels are like any other type of exercise in that the more often you do them, the greater the benefits. Momenta is lightweight, compact, and totally portable, so it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go. It’s also wonderfully quiet and discreet for something so powerful. That means there’s nothing stopping you from wearing your Momenta as you go about your day and even treating yourself to some discreet pleasure should the mood strike you right. It’s waterproof too, so you can even wear it in the shower.

Like all of the toys in FemmeFunn’s luxury toy catalog, the Momenta is made from premium materials that not only convey sensation like a charm, but are completely body-safe. In other words, there are few limits to the many ways the Momenta can benefit you should decide to add it to your collection. Make it part of your personal self-care routine today!

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