Woman holding her breasts - Simply the Breast! Ten (HOT) Ways to Enjoy Breast Play

Simply the Breast! Ten (HOT) Ways to Enjoy Breast Play

Funn Fact of the Day: Did you know that the breasts (particularly the nipples) constitute a humongous erogenous zone? Caressing the nipples affects the same brain region as stimulating the vagina, clitoris, and cervix!

It’s pretty neat that breast play in the form of breast massage and nipple stimulation can also increase vaginal lubrication and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Discovering what feels good for your and your partner’s breasts is a process—no one approach will feel good for everyone. 

While each person experiences the sensation of breast stimulation differently, it can be fun for everyone. And since fun is what we’re all about, we’ve compiled a list of breast play ideas so you can show your tatas some extra love during foreplay and beyond. 

(Also, in case you were wondering, these techniques can feel sensational for people of all genders, sexualities, and body types, regardless of whether they have bee stings or voluptuous fleshy mounds!)

Keep things interesting

Kissing, stroking, and licking your partner’s breast while purposefully avoiding the areola and nipple can be a massive turn-on if your partner is craving nipple stimulation. 

If your partner is really into nipple play, use your free hand to mirror your mouth’s motions, with your lips on one nipple and your hand on the other. But, if your partner is not too keen on direct nipple contact, caressing the rest of the breast can also be uber pleasurable.

beautiful woman with blindfold - Breast play - keep things interesting

Discover other sensations

Get the nipple wet with saliva by kissing and sucking the nipple, then blowing softly to trigger tingles. Experimenting with various sensations (like cold water or an ice cube) on the breast can feel fabulous.

Another option is to experiment with sensory play. Sensory play is the technique of reducing one or more of your senses in the bedroom to intensify the experience of the remaining senses.  

When you remove sight and sound from an intimate experience, your sense of touch becomes more acute. Blindfolds or headphones can block out noise and light while your partner caresses your body.  

Add a drop of lube (or two)

Lube is a gift from the sex gods to all of us—and not just for our genitals! A drop of lubricant used before intense nipple-rubbing or massage can provide the perfect amount of glide.

Try some teeth (but ask first!)

Nipple biting should begin slowly and gently. That being said, always ask your partner to help you uncover what they enjoy. If you’re given the green light, start slowly. Ask your partner how they feel and if the pressure is comfortable. 

You can then gradually raise the pressure if they choose. Ask that your partner tell you when you’ve hit their limit. This can give you an idea of what feels good so you know how much is too much in the future.

Don’t forget the rest of the chest

While the nipples often garner the most attention, the entire breast can also provide a bit of sensory overload. Explore the crease on the underside of the breast. Try kissing your partner on the sides of their rib cage. You could even give their clavicle, cleavage, (and even the top of their armpit) some love.

Experiment with two different touches or strokes and ask your spouse which one feels best. Touch two distinct parts of their body and ask which one they prefer.

Spice things up with lingerie

You don’t have to have curves like Kim Kardashian to wear lingerie! That’s right—people of all genders and body types can leverage the power of lingerie to get their sexy on. 

Besides making your boobs look oh-so-bootiful, some fabrics, such as satins and silks, can feel tantalizing on your skin. There are millions of different bra designs, but some of the sexiest include strategic cutouts, open cups, or sheer designs to make you feel hot and confident.

Have some fun!

Think vibrators are just for genital sensation? 

Nope. Vibrating sex toys aren’t only for below-the-belt!  A buzz on the nipples may be a terrific warm-up for sex. 

As previously mentioned, nipples are formed of erectile tissue, precisely like the places sex toys often target, making them ideal for the nipples and areola. Grab your ultra wand, bullet vibrator, or any other buzzing pleasure toy and offer your sex toys a second wind.

The gap between the arms of two-armed vibes (like Volea) makes them ideal for indirect stimulation and “stroking” motions. The sensation can be pretty powerful because they usually have motors in each “arm.” So, if you desire a massage experience and vibrations, this toy may be worth a try. 

Display them in a harness

Feeling confident increases sexual arousal and pleasure, so wearing something that makes you happy is paramount. Chest harnesses can be very sexy, and like lingerie, they enhance what you have. 

While many people associate harnesses with strap-on sex, there are several harnesses intended for chests of different shapes and sizes.

Make use of nipple clamps

Nipple clamps may look intimidating, but they’re simply tools used to heighten sensation in the nipples. Of course, you can get a little kinky and use them as part of consensual BDSM pain play, but nipple clamps don’t have to be painful. 

Choose an adjustable pair to change the pressure and adjust to your preference. Just don’t keep nipple clamps on for a super long period; instead, a 10-minute on, 5 minutes off routine.

Get some inspo from the clit

As bizarre as it may sound, sometimes how a person wants their clitoris stimulated is similar to how they enjoy their nipples played with. Try gentle, broad touches around the areola if someone has a super-sensitive clit that doesn’t prefer direct contact. 

If you’re dealing with a clit that only an Ultra Wand can adequately service, nibbling and sucking the nipple may very well be on the menu.

The ultimate juggernaut orgasm

Breast and nipple play, like clitoral stimulation, can trigger orgasms. Nipple orgasms are not only for real but can also boost the likelihood of other orgasms. Stimulating two erogenous zones, such as the breast and clitoral regions simultaneously, can induce a sensational blended orgasm by increasing arousal, engaging more nerves, and making orgasm easier and stronger.

So what are you waiting for? Get your breast partitty started!