Use Femme Funn’s Adult Toys With These Sex Positions

If you thought adult toys were solely used for personal pleasure, there is a whole new world you have yet to discover. The best part about adult toys is you can practically use them in any sexual situation, like having intercourse with your partner. Femme Funn’s anal waterproof flexible plugs make it easy to choose your favorite sex position and feel ultimate sensations. If you were looking for a toy that pleases both parties, a vibrator with powerful vibration modes could assist with multiple orgasms. Want to find out which sex positions can work best with our toys? Continue reading to find out!

3 Sex Positions That Are Adult Toy-Friendly

1. The Classic Missionary Position: Since this position is one of the most intimates, adding a pleasure toy into the mix can make it even more magical. Regardless of who is on top or bottom, you both should still feel maximum pleasure from your sex toys. If you use a toy that vibrates, you can ride up and down to feel the sensation rubbing against your clitoris. Missionary position also gives both parties more control over the toy and its movements, so it stays in place.

2. The Cuddly Spooning Position: Let’s face it, we all love to spoon in bed. Once you take it from behind during spooning sex, your partner will need to lift your leg up for more comfort. Since this position could often time use an extra kick to it, grab your vibrator and start massaging your clit while your partner thrusts. You can pleasure yourself and your partner at the same time with the vibrator, as the adult toy operator has complete control. Adding the toy to your spooning sex can ensure multiple orgasms and uncontrollable pleasure.

3. The Reverse Cowgirl Position: Both females and males love this position equally. For women, you feel that the penis is inserted deeply and you have full control of the ride. For men, you get a great view of your partners behind, while they do all the work on top. Adding a pleasure toy to the reverse cowgirl can stimulate more intense feelings in the clit, the penis, and balls. Inserting a butt plug while riding on top can give you more intense feelings, and your partner can push it inside you for more fullness & tightness.

If you haven’t jumped on the anal waterproof flexible plug bandwagon, it might be time to reconsider. Using an adult toy during intercourse can result in extra pleasure and even multiple orgasms for both parties. Femme Funn has a vast selection of different toys to pick from, that will be sure to rock your world in the bedroom!