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Using Sex Toys Together: 7 Tips for Having a Stellar First Experience

December 2, 2018

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Your favorite vibrator can do a lot more than add oomph to your alone time, you know. Sex toys of all kinds, vibrators included, are among the most popular ways to have truly mind-blowing experiences with your partner as well. Even so, knowing you’re ready to take the next step and integrate toys into your shared bedroom repertoire is one thing. Truly understanding how to make sure your first experience is everything you’d like it to be is another. Keep the following pointers in mind and it’s sure to be a night to remember!

  1. Shop for your new toy as a team.

If you’ve either never shopped for a sex toy before or it’s been quite a while since you picked out something new, you might be surprised at the sheer number of options you have to choose from these days. Yes, your standard classic vibrator or dildo is still a popular pick, but there are also toys made specifically for couples to use together. These include high-tech modern picks like remote controlled toys and wi-fi compatible toys you can use together even when you’re apart, so definitely consider all your options.

Why not turn the process of making a choice into a proper couple’s bonding experience by shopping together? Start with some frank dialogue about what you each like and would be open to exploring. Then spend some quality time browsing online at a site like FemmeFunn. Pick out a couple of products you both like the sounds of and start getting excited!

  1. Don’t skimp on the lube.

When it comes to sex play of any kind, lube quite simply makes everything better. In fact, if you’re only using lube when you absolutely need it, you’re probably not making the most of it. Yes, lube is great for keeping things moving right along when you’re getting busy with your partner the old-fashioned way. However, it’s also out of this world when used during a solo session or during any type of play that involves toys.

Just make absolutely certain your lube of choice is compatible with your toys before you get started. Some of the ultra-slick silicone lubes and love oils you swear by for intercourse can harm toys that are also made of silicone. Water-based alternatives, on the other hand, are safe to use for just about anything you like, including play that involves your toys.

  1. Get started with a vibrator.

Not quite ready to shop for a brand new sex toy to use together, but not really sure where else to start? No worries. If you already own a vibrator for elevating your solo sessions, you have everything you need to get started. It’s a lot more versatile than you may think it is, as vibrations can be used to stimulate absolutely anyone’s sensitive nerve endings, erogenous zones, and hot spots.

Start by adding it to the mix the next time you have intercourse. Just position the vibe between the two of you as you make love and enjoy the way those good vibrations make you both feel. Not only is this a great way to virtually guarantee at least one orgasm for you, but it’s going to add a lot of oomph to your partner’s big O when they have one as well. 

  1. Or you can start with a naughty lesson.

Is your partner curious about the idea of bringing a sex toy into the bedroom, but also a little gun-shy about having one used on them? It’s totally acceptable (and just as sexy) to start with a naughty little crash course on sex toys instead. If you have a collection of toys you like to use on your own, invite your partner on a tour of your personal toy chest. Show them each of your goodies, explain how you like to use them, and finish by asking them to pick an item they’d like to see in action.

Begin the lesson by having them watch you use the toy yourself. Show them exactly how you move it to stimulate yourself and explain in detail how each of your favorite moves makes you feel. When they’re ready, have your partner take the reins. Not only is this a great way to help them learn their way around your toy chest and get comfortable with toys in general, but it will be a smoking hot experience for both of you.

  1. When in doubt, go with a vibrating couple’s toy.

No matter where the two of you start when it comes to using sex toys together, the day will eventually come when you will want to try an actual couple’s toy. If you already have something specific in mind, more power to you, but if you don’t? You absolutely cannot go wrong with a good couples vibrator.

Couple’s vibrators come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. For instance, there are couples vibrators that are designed to be worn during intercourse for an exquisite degree of hands-free stimulation. Standalone vibrating bullets and magic wands are super-versatile and open the door to endless possibilities when it comes to your play. There are even toys out there that can be controlled remotely, providing creative couples with a clever way to stay connected while apart or even experiment with a little naughty fun in public.

  1. Make your next oral love session more buzzworthy.

If you really want to get your partner excited about using a vibrating toy together, tell them you know how to use it to give them some amazing oral action they’ll have to experience to believe. Hold the vibrator against your cheek as you do your thing to add a pleasant element of additional sensation to the mix.. They’ll simultaneously experience both the familiar feeling of your mouth on them and the exciting, new sensation of the vibration all at once.

If you both like that experience, you may want to try giving a wearable oral vibrator a try as well. It’s designed to be worn comfortably and securely on your tongue as you pleasure your partner. (Some models have additional texturing to make things even more pleasurable.) You can wear your oral vibrator around a finger if you like as well.

  1. Try mutual masturbation.

Last but definitely not least, you might want to try using toys to masturbate together. (You can use your trusty vibrator while your partner plays with a toy of their choice.) Watching and listening to your partner enjoy themselves while you enjoy yourself is one of the hottest experiences there is. It’s also a great way to teach each other a thing or two about how you each like to touch yourselves when you’re on your own. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways you can integrate toys into your existing sex life with your partner, but the possibilities are truly limitless. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and think outside the box! You’ll wind up wondering why you didn’t start exploring toys together a lot sooner. 

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