Find Your Ideal Sex Toy According To Your Zodiac Sign

Find Your Ideal Sex Toy According To Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the ideal sex toy is a complex undertaking. There are loads of factors to consider before you spend money on something you can’t always return if it’s not a good fit.

While using zodiac signs to pick sex toys may seem a little kooky at first, if you believe in the powers of the zodiac—or just relate to your sun, moon, or rising sign—it’s actually a terrific place to start your sex toy search. 

Typically, each zodiac sign is associated with specific personality traits that make it simpler to guess what someone is like (or likes) in bed. 

Alas, (in the name of good fun) we’ve taken things a step further… We’ve whittled down the best sex toys for every zodiac sign. Think of it as a selection of sex toys for a more personalized approach to some starry-eyed pleasure!

Whether you believe in the power of the stars or just think that it’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo, taking notes on these toys can provide you with an excellent blueprint for future gift-giving ideas and help decode the character traits of your orgasm. 

There’s a lot to learn from the joyful eclecticism of Aquarius, or Taurus’ taste for the finer things in life. From the luxury-loving and stubborn Taurus to the super sexual Scorpio, there’s a sex toy for every zodiac sign!

And, if you’re feeling hesitant about trying something new, just remember: It’s written in the stars.


The battering ram of the zodiac—the sign that leaps first and looks second! Aries seek to maximize their pleasure in the most efficient but also exhilarating way possible; fanning their fire through direct and precise touch directed toward their pleasure centers. 

This thrill-seeking fire sign, known for its energy, enthusiasm, and impulsivity, desires to be the greatest at everything, including self-pleasure. Aries people don’t have the time or inclination to be bogged down by elaborate fantasy scenarios or clumsy gadgets when masturbating.

When it comes to their ideal sex toy, Aries craves something powerful—in fact, the larger and more powerful, the better! The Essenza Thrusting Vibrator is a dual stimulation vibrator that targets the clit and the sensitive front wall of the vagina, often known as the G-spot. 


Made from body-safe silicone and 100% waterproof, the 7 thrust speeds and 3 external vibration modes will keep passionate Aries coming back for more!

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Taurus is considered to be the zodiac’s most epicurean sign. This alluring earth sign adores tactile encounters that titillate the senses via touch, taste, sight, and sound. 

Taureans are exceptionally turned on by physical manifestations of romance since they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Tauruses demand an utterly sumptuous experience when it comes to self-gratification. 

Lighting candles, taking a warm bath, or applying a sensually scented moisturizer (or lube) is a pleasure-seeking Taurus’ idea of creating the mood for perfect foreplay.

Never one to shy away from anything luxurious, the oh-so-stylish Bougie Bullet is right up Taurus’ alley. 

Sleek and sophisticated, this bullet offers 20 vibration settings and a memory function so that you can pick up from where you last left off. 

Bougie Bullet Gift

Guaranteed to bring a piece of heaven to earth, this beautiful little bullet is 100% waterproof, whisper-quiet, and comes with a gorgeous magnetic charging case

Trust us, for a Taurean…it will be love at first sight.

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Wild in bed and always down to broaden their sex lives in new and creative ways, Geminis often hunt for toys that will tickle their fancy in different and exciting ways. 

A sex toy with dual stimulation is theeee perfect match for this twin sign.

Providing ultimate pleasure to the G-spot with its curved tip and the clitoris with the rabbit ears, the Pirouette is the pleasure partner every Gemini needs in their life. 


Made from premium liquid silicone, the Pirouette is beautifully designed and features 8 powerful rabbit modes and 360 rotation technology. 

And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a turbo button, is whisper-quiet, and is easily chargeable. So, while it may be hard to keep a Gemini interested for very long, the Pirouette is sure to do the trick!

Get your Pirouette Here


Ruled by the intuitive, emotional moon, Cancerians are heartfelt, sentimental, and big on caring for their loved ones. Cancerians yearn to be needed and love intimacy, so the super-powerful Versa bullet vibrator is a welcome addition to any sort of solo or couple’s play.

It’s small but powerful and, when combined with the curved tip of the S sleeve, creates a seriously intimate moment between a Cancerian and their partner. The suction base is harness-compatible and sturdy, empowering you to explore various positions, deep stimulation, and G-spot orgasms. 


Spending time in good old H2O is a must for this sign, and for that reason, the Versa vibe is one Cancerians are sure to adore since it’s 100% waterproof and can easily be used in the bath or shower.

Get your Versa Bullet Here


Luxury is at the top of this fire sign’s list for romance, sex, and self-pleasure. Lion people, who are ruled by the vitality-bringing luminous sun, will spare no expense to enjoy themselves in bed. 

Naturally, they’d gravitate towards a powerful, rumbling wand vibrator that can work out every kink in their bodies, from the back of their necks to… well, you know where. 

As such, there’s no better toy for that job than the Ultra Wand, a perfect addition to the confident Leo’s bedside drawer! 


Compact and ergonomically designed, this wand brings magic into the lives of this fire sign. And since luxury is typically at the top of a Leo’s list, the hexagonal texture of premium, silky-smooth silicone (exclusive to FemmeFunn) adds to the pleasure, while using the boost button is sure to knock their socks off. 

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A mutable earth sign, Virgos are super-cerebral, so it can be hard for them to get out of their heads. They’re also stereotyped as fussy, but they’re really more detail-oriented. 

Virgos aren’t actually ruled by a staid virgin, but the harvest goddesses who pulled abundant goodness from the earth. 

Our super-efficient Virgo queens love natural goods and dedication. For these rather serious perfectionists, consider Momenta for toning Kegels as part of the morning routine. 


Waterproof, discreet, and wirelessly controlled, Momenta provides a sensual combination of vibrations & rattling, making for harmonious strength and stimulation and orgasms on demand.

Get your Momenta Here


Libras, who are ruled by the Goddess Aphrodite, are at their best when surrounded by beauty, and establishing perfect balance is their ultimate objective. 

Although Libras, as rulers of the seventh house of relationship, favor couples’ time over solo play, they would generally enjoy any toy that is aesthetically pleasing, discreet, and fun for all parties involved. 

With 20 arousing vibration modes and soft-to-the-touch silicone, the Booster Bullet checks all these boxes. 

The Booster Bullet’s pulse-pounding pleasure and excitement are balanced with the perfect amount of discretion—it comes with a magnetic charging case that can be used as a travel accessory and sleek, stealthy storage. 


Waterproof and travel-friendly, it’s ready for every intimate Libran adventure!

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Ruled by karmic Pluto, the planet of transformation and god of the underworld, Scorpio is an elusive sign hiding rawness under a cloak of profound mystery. 

Both a curse and blessing, Scorpios are born with a hypnotic aura and intense psychic abilities. 

Connecting body, mind, and soul, this water sign throbs with carnal desire and blood-red passion when in love. 

For Scorpio, it’s all about reaching those hard-to-reach places. Lola G is specifically designed with a curved head to help you reach your G-Spot (or if you have a penis, it’s perfect for prostate stimulation). 

And with 8 vibration modes and a boost mode to choose from, how could you go wrong?

Get your Lola G Here


Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is by far the most adventurous sign in the zodiac. Enthusiastic and optimistic, those born under the sign of the Archer long for travel and new experiences. 

Fire sign Sagittarius launches its many pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after intellectual and spiritual adventures. 

Dioni is sure to do the trick and turn the Archer on, especially since it can be used in different ways to satisfy this curious yet passionate sign. 


As one of the best finger vibrators on the market, Dioni is easy to use in both partnered and solo play and is both waterproof and wireless. 

It delivers exceptional performance thanks to a super powerful motor, 20 vibrating modes, and the boost function amp that are sure to rev any Sag’s engine and tantalize all their erogenous zones.

Get your Dioni Here


Ruled by serious Saturn, those born under the sign of the goat are naturally cautious and reserved. Known for being cool, calm yet driven AF, once Capricorn sets their sights on a goal, they’ll take steady steps to reach the top of that mountain. 

Practical and precise, things that make sense (and a tad more traditional) will sexually excite a Capricorn…And let’s face it, you can’t really get much more straightforward than the Wireless Turbo Rabbit.

The Vortex Series is FemmeFunn’s most traditional pleasure set and is perfectly crafted to replicate the human body. 


Featuring 8 vibration modes, 360-degree motion, and a realistic shape and feel, this wireless rabbit vibrator is sure to get the job done (in the best possible and pleasurable way!) 

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Innovative, progressive, and shamelessly revolutionary, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. 

They are ruled by the revolutionary Uranus and are natural-born visionaries and intellectuals. And yet, as they are logical and detached, Aquarius is frequently misunderstood. They love experimenting and acting on their wild, free-spirited wishes. 

Sex with an Aquarian is passionate, fun, and at times, a bit messy! With that being said, there’s a pretty good chance that our Aquarian friends might prefer anal play…and no toy does anal play quite like the Funn Beads.


Made from body-safe silicone, these anal beads are super flexible and are perfect for first-time anal play since they’re equipped with a safety handle and are easy to remove. 

For a sign who hates to feel constrained, slowly pulling out a string of 4 graduated anal beads allows for a terrific feeling of freedom and an awesome release that no Aquarian will forget in a hurry.

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Ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams, Pisces is the most intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic sign of the entire zodiac. 

To Piscerians, partnered lovemaking and solo play is an opportunity to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. 

What better way for a Piscean fish to ride the waves of pleasure than with Delola, a dual-density rabbit vibe made to tease and please. 


Delola’s firm silky silicone body and wavy textures feature 8 internal and external vibration modes, which produce deep, pleasurable sensations that are totally in tune with Piscean energy.

Get your Delola Here

Your star-studded conclusion about your ideal sex toy

Whether you buy into astrology or not, you’ve got to admit that pairing your ideal sex toy with your particular star sign is fun. 

So while your zodiac may reveal a lot about your personality and sexual preferences, every single toy listed here is fantastic, and if you do happen to try them, you’ll definitely won’t have anything to lose!

In fact, you may just land up having the best sex of your life… and for that, you can thank the stars.