Anal Toys

Pleasure isn’t limited to just one area of the body; neither are our toys. At Femme Funn, we encourage our customers to explore and embrace their sexuality by trying new things, being adventurous, and opening themselves up to new experiences.

With our collection of anal toys, including our oh-so-popular Funn Beads, you can experiment with new sensations and discover new levels of pleasure — just remember to use lube and lots of it!

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  • Versa S - Bullet + Best Suction Vibrator Sleeve - FemmeFunn
    Versa S (Bullet Vibrator + S Sleeve)
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  • Best Vibrating Dildo - Wireless Turbo Baller - FemmeFunn
    Wireless Turbo Baller
    $139.99 Select Color
  • Versa P - Best Bullet Sex Toy + P Sleeve - FemmeFunn
    Versa P (Bullet Vibrator + P Sleeve)
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  • Funn Beads - Vibrating Anal Beads - FemmeFunn
    Funn Beads
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  • vortex turbo baller dildo realistic
    Wireless Turbo Shaft
    $129.99 Select Color
  • Pyra vibrating butt plug by Femme Funn
    $107.99$113.99 Select Size
  • Funn Plug - Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug - FemmeFunn
    Funn Plug
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  • Poly Massager - Mini Massager Wand - FemmeFunn
    Poly Massager
    $74.99 Select Color
  • Diamond Wand - Versatile Vibrator Wand - FemmeFunn
    Diamond Wand
    $89.99 Select Color
  • Plua - Vibrating Remote Control Butt Plug - FemmeFunn
    $104.99 Select Color